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Empress With No Virtue - Chapter 101.1


Chapter 101.1

Chapter 101 (Part 1)

He saw his white, delicate and soft hands.

He panicked, then put his hands in front of him and inspected them carefully, and repeatedly touched his face. Finally, both hands stopped in front of the chest and pressed.

In any case, the chest can't fool people...

So he realized... he had entered Zhen Zhen's body...

At this time, Feng Youde saw that the emperor did not get up on time, so he let Su Feng who was on duty, to come to wake him. Su Feng gently opened the bed curtains and saw that the emperor was still not awake. The Empress was sitting next to him, holding her chest in a wretched manner.

Su Feng: ’’...’’

Ji Wu Jiu coughed and said, ’’You leave first.’’

’’Your majesty, the emperor should be up and heading to court.’’ Su Feng could not help but remind.

’’Oh... Don't worry,’’ Ji Wu Jiu replied. ’’I'll wake him up.’’

After Su Feng was sent away, Ji Wuyi woke Ye Zhen Zhen up.

Ye Zhen Zhen opened her eyes and saw another her, but the reaction was much calmer than Ji Wu Jiu anticipated - turning her head, closing her eyes and continued sleeping.

This was such a bizarre dream, the muddled Ye Zhen Zhen thought.

’’Hey, get up, something serious happened.’’ Ji Wu Jiu had to shake her again and again.

Ye Zhen Zhen finally woke up, and after discovering the truth of the matter, she was shocked to the extent that her eyes rolled till the whites could be seen.

Ji Wu Jiu took her into his arms. ’’Don't be afraid, there must be a way to get back to our own bodies.’’

Just then, Su Feng came back to see the situation. The bed curtains have been opened up. She saw that the empress was boldly hugging the emperor in her arms, while the emperor docilely leaned his head on her shoulder and looked sad.

Su Feng: ’’...’’

Ji Wu Jiu saw Su Feng, and and lowered his head to Ye Zhen Zhen's ear. ’’Go to court in my stead, I will stay behind to find a solution.’’

’’I... how can I go to court...’’

You can make decisions directly for small matters, just ask those cabinet ministers if you are unsure about larger matters. ’’

Ye Zhen Zhen nodded and was helped off the bed by Ji Wu Jiu. Su Feng called several palace ladies to dress her with the emperor's robes.

From Kunning Palace to Huangjimen, there were always royal carriages carrying them to and fro. The emperor was sitting in the carriage. His face was very pale, looking like a frightened bunny who had been defeated by a big enemy.

Feng Youde sneaked a peek at the emperor's expression thinking, probably the emperor was disciplined by the empress again last night.

As for how the disciplining went, ahh it just can't be said. Feng Youde lowered his head and started conjuring many versions in his mind, each more exciting more exciting than the last.

In Kunning Palace, the empress actually got up with the emperor. It was a rare sight. The servants all felt it was very strange. Of course, their thoughts remained unspoken.

After breakfast, the empress sat next to the flower garden in the courtyard.

Ji Wu Jiu carefully recalled any abnormality before going to sleep last night, the answer is no abnormality.

He and Zhen Zhen, just... was 'exercising' a little too intensely last night...

This was also understandable, because the past few days Zhen Zhen had been taking care of Ji Zheng, and there was no chance to have any intimacy between husband and wife.

The secret to undo this is to do that kind of thing?

Ji Wu Jiu's thoughts went deeper, his face full of black lines. Although he knew that the other person's soul is Zhen Zhen, but still physically, he was a man. He was not interested in having a man who looked exactly the same as himself kissing him. himself kissing him. Just thinking about it made him disgusted.

Besides, Zhen Zhen must also have some psychological barriers, who knew if she could get little him to rise...

Ji Wu Jiu rubbed his nose and couldn't think about it anymore...

In morning court, Ye Zhen Zhen was considered quite successful.

Although everyone felt the emperor was a bit unusual today, a little... jumpy.

But no one dared to ask, all of them including Feng Youde, thought the reason was attributed to the husband and wife life, after all, the emperor just came out of Kunning Palace.

After court ended, Feng Youde reminded the emperor: You have asked Fang Daren to meet at Yangxin Hall after court to discuss matters.

By this time, Yu Zhen Zhen has already adapted to Ji Wu Jiu's body. She was heartless afterall, with no feelings of nervousness, she proudly strolled to Yangxin Hall.

After getting over her nervousness, a small conclusion emerged.

That conclusion: Very convenient.

Ye Zhen Zhen quite liked this body.


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