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Emperor Of The Cosmos - Chapter 117.2


School Mates Part 2

Mu Shang suddenly twisted his hand making a dragon shape. It was [Dragon Claw Subjugation]! His five fingers were like hooks. With his iron bones and steel tendons, he could rip a person's whole arm off.

Seeing that Guo Meng was about to be hurt, there was a sudden gush of power that pulled Guo Meng back. It was Jiang Li.

’’Oh?’’ Mu Shang stopped and looked in surprise at this Jiang Fire who didn't seem to be very outstanding. Then he stared again at Guo Meng: ’’Your life force is only at 0.8. you are no match for me. The consequence for an impulsive decision is very serious. Leave Xiao Feng and I won't give you a hard time. I'll say this again, you can't give Xiao Feng a happy life.’’

’’your life force is at 1 right?’’ Jiang Li pressed Guo Meng's shoulder and talked.

’’Oh? You want to stand up for him?’’ Mu Shang didn't care and held Xiao Feng's hands tightly.

’’No.’’ Jiang Li smiled: ’’Your life force is 1 and Guo Meng's life force is only 0.8. Normally, ten of Guo Meng wouldn't be a match for you. But with all of this that has happened today, why don't you guys try to fight it out? It's a romantic to fight for the girls hearts .’’

’’Fight?’’ Mu Shang laughed: ’’You must really be an idiot, dogging your friend into this. Sigh...’’

’’Jiang Li, I'm no match for him!’’ Guo Meng's face looked really bad.

’’Go on, you will win.’’ Jiang Li patted his best friend's shoulder: ’’Send out the invitation to battle, young man!’’

’’Okay!’’ Guo Meng's body shook and he took a large step forward: ’’Mu Shang, you have the right to pursue Xiao Feng and I also have the right to protect her. Now, I challenge you to a fight! The losing side leaves, how does that sound?’’

’’This is what you say?’’ Mu Shang released Xiao Feng's hand and walked in front of Guo meng: ’’I accept! Of course, your life force is low, I'll let you attack me 3 times!’’

’’I don't need you to do that, begin!’’


Guo Meng suddenly dashed like a fierce tiger attacking towards Mu Shang's head.

’’Why bother?’’ Mu Shang dodged to the side and reached out with a claw. It was the [Green Dragon Reaching out of Water]! This was a move that could break Guo Meng's arm.

But, as he attacked, he swore he grabbed Guo Meng's arm but then he missed. It was as though it was just seeing an illusion.


A huge pulse of pain came from his face. Guo Meng's fists had already struck him on the face cracking his nose. Even his mouth was bleeding. In that very instant, a handsome man became something like a hysterical demon.


Mu Shang attacked Guo Meng with another fist but he missed again. Then, Guo Meng kicked him brutally on the leg. The man spun and fell to the ground.


Some students had been watching and then they saw this scene. They all thought it was something incomprehensible. They knew Mu Shang, he was a popular person who stood at the top. He was actually beaten into such a state by the normal student in a fight?

’’Guo Meng, you....’’ Xiao Feng and her two roommates couldn't say anything. They all clearly saw the battle that was happening between Guo Meng and Mu Shang. The victory was decided immediately. Mu Shang hadn't landed even a single blow.

’’You're a hypnotist!’’ Mu Shang clenched his teeth, cleaning the blood from his face. He crawled up and stared at Jiang Li: ’’You're making me have illusions.’’

’’You have decent eyes.’’ Jiang Li smiled. Mu Shang immediately knew that he was ambushed by a hypnotist.

’’You don't know that this has caused injuries to the body. The laws of humanity states that hypnosis must not be casted so recklessly!’’ Mu Shang laughed sinisterly: ’’I have already called the police, you just have to wait and get locked behind bars!’’

Wuwuwuw... as they spoke, the police sirens sounded.

The school itself had its own police station. If a problem occured, they could deal with it immediately. Humanity focused heavily on the safety of schools.

The police car stopped and a few police got off. Mu Shang walked up and talked with them. Then, the few policemen walked towards Jiang Li: ’’Who are you? You're not a student of Xing Hua University? Why did you use hypnosis? Do you know that you have committed a violation against the laws of humanity.

’’Take out your id, who are you?’’ Another police said bleakly.

Jiang Li took out his golden id. The police hadn't seen an id like this before. He took it dubiously from him and immediately, a golden light flashed, displaying a lot of information.

Looking at the information, his body shook and he hurried to return the id to Jiang Li: ’’You're Jiang Li, according to the laws of humanity, even if you have violated the law, we can only report this to Astral University and let them deal with it. You are outside the authority of our management. Please don't cause too much trouble for us, or it'd will hard on us as well.’’

’’It's just a battle between my friend and him for a girl. It's only something small.’’ Jiang Li explained things and the policemen nodded seriously.

’’I'll pay for the medical bills of this injured student, and I'll also pay him 30,000 for the mental damages.’’ Jiang Li said to the policeman: ’’Although I'm a student of Astral University, I must also abide by the laws of humanity. I'll compensate for what I need to.’’

Ding dong, Jiang Li transferred the money to the police and the police then transferred it to Mu Shang.

After a few minutes, the policemen had finished with their business. Then, Jiang Li patted the shoulder of Guo Meng: ’’Brother, I transferred a million over to you. Live well! You and I chose different paths but I hope you will be happy.’’

Guo Meng saw the extra zeros on his account and was dumbfounded.

But Jiang Li had already left by then.

’’He's a student of Astral University? Jiang Li?’’ Suddenly, Youyou screamed: ’’he's my idol!’’

’’What? He's the Jiang Li who got into Astral University last year? Where, how could he come to our Xing Hua University?’’ Another girl exclaimed.

Sensation was created.

This was why Jiang Li left immediately, he was really famous right now.

’’Student of Astral University, Jiang Li...’’ Mu Shang was going to complain about the policemen's abstaining to act but when he heard this news, he was almost scared stupid. He immediately stopped what he was going to say and fled to his car.

He didn't dare to take revenge or even be angry at Guo Meng. He had to suck it up.

At this time, Jiang Li had already left Xing Hua university and sighed a long sigh of relief. After helping his best friend Guo Meng, he felt he had accomplished a wish of his. And that there were less things that were tying him to the mortal world now.


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