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Elqueeness - Chapter 50


Elqueeness - Chapter 50

​’’Hoo hoo hoo. What subject is so entertaining?’’

April, the younger sister of the Marquis, spoke to us, who was bickering. This caused Lapis to immediately change his expression, and he put on a kind smile. It was as if his quarrelling self from moments before never existed. How could someone's facial muscle change in an instant? It made me want to investigate the mysteries of his body.

’’It is nothing. Anyways, it seems the Lord Marquis is quite happy.’’

When we were alone, Lapis treated everyone in a disrespectful manner. I couldn't help, but scoff at him using the title, 'Lord', to curry the favor of a woman.

However, there was no way April would know about Lapis' true self. She put on a shy smile.

’’The Marquis was probably the one who was most worried about his majesty. Of course, he would derive pleasure from seeing his majesty mature. He probably feels as if he is on top of the world.’’

’’I guess there is nothing more enjoyable than watching one's liege mature. It makes me envy the Lord Marquis.’’

’’Uh-muh? Lapis-nim... Do you mind if I call you that? I heard Lapis-nim is a magician. So how could you understand the feeling a knight serving one's liege?’’

’’Ha-haht. It isn't only the knights, who server a liege. Even magician could serve a monarch. In fact, I've been searching for the past several years to find a liege.’’

'My god... Lord~? I can't believe that came out of your mouth. Aren't you truly worried about heaven's wrath, Lapis?'

At my dumbfounded look, the bastard shamelessly ignored me.

I would bet my life that bastard was the type of being where he would rather die than serve someone lese. Maybe it was because he grew up being treated as a genius in his tribe. Lapis couldn't stand someone upstaging him. This kind of being was calling someone a lord? I couldn't help but think he was laying down his coyness a little bit too thick.

’’Uh-muh. It seems I may have given offense. I had no idea... ’’

’’No, my lady. Normally, it is uncommon to see a magician serve a liege. So I can't blame you for not understanding my plight. You don't have to apologize to me.’’

’’Hoo hoo. You are quite dashing. His majesty is lucky to have someone like Lapis-nim next to him.’’

’’Haha. You are giving me too much praise.’’

She was completely fooled by the bastard's act. I could only sigh as I looked at the pitiable woman.

It seemed Mr. Kai's thoughts weren't too different from mine. He couldn't hide his uncomfortable expression, and he kept clearing his throat. It seemed the priest was mortal after all. To reward his effort, I wordlessly gave him a cup of water.

’’Ah. Thank you, El-nim. Moreover... You have managed to maintain a calm visage. Doesn't it upset your stomach to look at such a situation?’’

’’Of course. However, I've experience this several times already. I'm able to tolerate such situations more than I thought. Maybe, I've already formed some immunity.’’

’’I envy you. I hope I'll quickly get used to it by the grace of Elwien-nim.’’

’’Kook kook kook. I guess so. If it was Elwien, he would probably want you to get rid of him instead of getting used to him.’’

However, it wasn't Mr. Kai, who answered my playful words. Suddenly, I felt a clear voice delivered right into my head.

<That is the right answer. This is a request. Please drop that smarmy bastard.>


’’Huk. Are you perhaps receiving Elwien's divine message?’’

Mr. Kai also was taken aback. I hurriedley looked around my surrounding. Fortunately, the Marquis was focused on Isana, so he didn't notice our movements. After letting out a short sight of relief, I responded sharply in a low voice as I ignored Mr. Kai's gaze.

’’What are you doing sending a telepathic message in a place like this!’’

<Ho-oh. Are you rebelling against me? Your father is spending time with you despite having a very busy schedule.>

’’But, your timing is horrible. There are a lot of people here.’’

<It's ok. They'll all think you are mumbling to yourself. In the end, they'll just treat you like a madman, so who cares?>

'That's exactly the problem!'

Whether it was Lapis or Elwien, their personality only allowed the events around them to follow at their own pace. This caused people like me to be continuously victimized.

After seeing my dissatisfied expression, Mr. Kai couldn't overcome his curiosity. He carefully queried me, but I wasn't in a mood to answer his question in a kind manner.

’’What is the content of Elwien-nim's divine message? Is it perhaps bad news?’’

’’He just said I should live on being treated like a crazy person.’’


<I never said such words, son. Why are you complaining about the small stuff? You aren't acting like your usual self. Is this perhaps the so called puberty humans experience?>

What kind of Spirit King experiences puberty? Moreover, I was only born couple month ago, so it wasn't applicable to me. My frown deepened.

’’Now you are making stuff up that is outside the normal concept of a Spirit King?’’

<Not really. I just said it, because you were different from your usual self. It seems you've received a lot of stress recently.>

’’Ah ah. This and that.... ’’

I didn't want to say that a lot of my stress stemmed mainly from Elwien. Even if I said it, it wouldn't make a difference, so instead I decided to act sensibly. I asked him what his business was with me. The best way to escape an awkward conversation was to change the topic.

’’Anyways, what reason did you contact me for?’’

<Is it wrong for a father to contact his son?>

’’No. It isn't like that. I had a hunch you had some business with me.’’

<I don't. I just wanted to see if you've been well. It's already been several days since we've met.>

He spoke in a disinterested manner, but I couldn't help wonder if Elwien was hiding something. Did he perhaps cause some accident, and now he is feigning ignorance? Unless I develop clairvoyance like Tromwell, I didn't have any method of finding out Elwien's true feelings.

I frowned since it felt like I was almost on to something. Elwien clicked his tongue then he continued to speak with an earnest voice.

<Why do you have so much suspicions. Nothing is going on. It's just that you'll probably meet someone soon, so you just have to be on the look out for that person.>


I knew it. Something was definitely afoot.

Elwien was a busy god yet he claimed he was just checking up on me. I knew better than anyone that he wouldn't do something this frivolous. However, he still pretended to nonchalant about this situation. It seemed he was underestimating me now.

<You'll find out the details when you meet the person. Let me ask this of you. Don't tell the person you've received my god's crest. Do you understand, son? Never. Don't do it!>

’’Ah. I understand. You don't have to overemphasize it.’’

Elwien's attitude was too joyous, so I couldn't ask why he was being like this. I could only just nod along. If I jokingly said no, I think he would have made a fuss even if I was his son.

I answered with a fed up expression on my face. It caused Mr. Kai's expression stiffen also. He was worried I was receiving some bad news through his god's divine message. Moreover, I felt everyone's gaze starting to focus on me. I excused myself, then I ended the call with Elwien. I didn't want to be treated like a crazy person.

’’What happened? Did Elwien-nim's angel deliver some bad news?’’

’’It was nothing. He just wanted to say hello, and ask how I was doing.’’

’’Really? Your expression darkened significantly. Are you sure nothing is wrong?’’

’’Yes. So don't worry too much about it, Mr. Kai. Any ways... We have to take care of our current situation first.’’


The situation I was pointing out was the smiling Marquis and Isana.

After laughing for awhile, the Marquis kept looking at us with an awkward expression on his face. It seemed he wanted to speak to Isana privately. We weren't quick to pick up on his cue, and we kept staying by Isana's side. He couldn't end the dinner to disperse the group, so the Marquis was becoming more and more frustrated.

He tried hard to clear his throat several times as he gave us meaningful glances. However, Mr. Kai and I was busy talking to Elwien. Lapis was focused on seducing April, so he also unintentionally ignored the Marquis. They were his majesty's benefactors, so the Marquis couldn't even get mad at us. This made him feel frustrated.

I realized too late, but I couldn't spit on his smiling face. I put on a slightly awkward smile.

’’I'm tired from the long walk today. I would like to rest... Do you mind if I excuse myself?’’

Fortunately, the Marquis didn't find any fault with my words, so he nodded his head with a pleasant expression. For a moment, Lapis gave me an 'are you crazy?' look, but I ignored it.

’’Oh, not at all. I didn't take into account that my guests might be tired. Should we get up now? Would you guide the guests to their rooms, April? ’’

’’Yes. I will do so, big brother.’’

’’Thank you, Lord Marquis. We'll be excusing ourselves now.’’

Lapis spoke with a well-mannered attitude, and he even bowed his head. I finally realized what Lapis was trying to do, so I kept smirking. Unlike me, Lapis elegantly bowed in an impeccable pose as he spoke!

’’Thank you for giving us your precious time, Lord Marquis. Today's dinner was very enjoyable. It is a fine feast I will never find an equal in my lifetime.’’

’’I'm glad you liked it. I also had a very enjoyable dinner.’’

Unlike his casual answer, a strange light shown in the Marquis' eyes as he looked at Lapis. Even I thought his answer was cool. It made the Marquis suspect Lapis was from a noble family.

Magicians accepted apprentices without discriminating one's background. Still, it didn't mean one could completely change one's appearance, and manner to be like a noble. Depending on one's upbringing, those not of noble birth was short on education on courtly manners.

Even if one entered the court at a young age to educated, one's face would become known to the people in higher stations. The chance of that person's face not being known was quite low.

Moreover, the Marquis would have heard of a common born mage being able to use a high rank magic like Polymorph. Still, ut wasn't hard to see why the Marquis thought Lapis was from a noble family.

What did he had to guard against the most? It was being vigilant against unknown nobles. The Marquis' face naturally stiffened.

'Stupid Lapis. What's the advantage of intentionally becoming the center of attention!'

However, when I looked at Lapis' unusually happy smile, I could guess he was intentionally manipulating the situation.

No matter how I thought about it Lapis had a very twisted personality.


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