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Dungeon Ni Deai O Motomeru No Wa Machigatte Iru Darou Ka - Volume 4 - Chapter Epilogue



Today, in the bustling guild headquarters, there were also numerous Adventurers walking

around in the large hall.

Sounds of footsteps and voices mixed together did not spread to the corner of the large hall's

meeting rooms.

Inside the room that had soundproof equipment, Bell and Eina was sitting on opposite sides of

the table.

’’Crosso? That...If I'm wrong, then I'm sorry? That blacksmith noble......?’’

’’Yes......As expected, he is a famous person?’’

’’Yes, it is like this. Adventurers and people in the vicinity would immediately think of that

family when they hear the word, Crosso.’’

A week after he had obtained the newly created dagger, Bell reported the matter about Welf to

Eina. Including that he had formed a direct contract with this new blacksmith comrade. It is a

problem person with a lot of controversy again. From Eina's face emerged a wry smile.

’’But, it was really surprising.’’


’’The fact that Crosso is at Orario. Normally, his reputation would quickly spread throughout

the city. As a matchless Magic Sword blacksmith.’’


The reason why Welf-san's reputation did not spread is because he continued to reject the

request of his customers to create Magic Swords.

Simply put, Welf would not be recognized as a <Crosso>if he does not make a real Magic

Sword. Regardless if they knew he was in <Hephaestus's Familia>, the customers who did not

know anything would see Welf as a fake Crosso.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

<A Crosso who can't make Magic Sword is a trash>. A portion of the customers who found

Welf would often say it. Thus, his reputation had been buried.

Although I cannot blame Eina......but I have personally recognized the truth about using the

Magic Sword to judge Welf's value. I would also feel slightly depressed about it.

’’Sorry, then about the thing just now.’’

’’Ah, er......Then, can you let me see it today again?’’

Bell changed his thoughts and cut to the chase.

Eina, who seemed to panic slightly, could not hide her stiff expression and stood up from the


Bell also stood up, turned his back towards her and removed the armor and underwear.

Bell Cranel

Lv. 2

Strength: G267 Endurance: H144 Dexterity: G288 Agility: F375 Magic: H189

Luck: I


After confirming Bell's <Status>, Eina opened her petite lips and closed it again.

Ten days had passed since he became a Lv.2. Nevertheless, his highest ability value had already

reached F. It had gone up 3 ranks from I.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

How much do you want to skip the process until you are satisfied?

Bell, who had re-worn his underwear, sat back onto his seat and slightly leaned towards Eina.

’’The team has already become a three-man party. If that's the case, can we go to the Middle


The gaze contains a blazing will. In front of those crimson eyes that would make you gasp, Eina

slowly closed her eyes.

The beginning of the Middle Floors, 13th to 14th Floor's basic ability requirement was I to H. In

other words, Bell had already fulfilled the next floor's safety requirement.

The Lv.1 vanguard-type blacksmith and the poor <Status>Supporter. With Bell's power that

stands out, it was a party filled with irregularities. Although saying that, the 13th Floor monster

encounters did not have a significant gap in strength compared to the 12th floor. With <Hard

Armored>in the lead, monsters like that would also appear at the Middle Floors.

If Bell's support could be put into place, then there will be no danger of being completely


It was a party rating that would just be barely allowed into the Middle Floors.

’’......Wait a while for me.’’

Eina, who widened her eyes, temporarily left the room.

Bell temporarily was by himself for a while, but she soon came back. In her hands, she was

holding three papers that were the length of a train ticket.

’’Bell-kun, take this.’’


’’A coupon for <Salamander's Wool>. If you take this to Babel, you will get some discount.’’

Towards Bell's expression as if he did not understand the situation, Eina explained:

’’I permit you to enter the Middle Floors. But there is a requirement. You must prepare

<Salamander's Wool>for your entire party.’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

’’S...Salamander's Wool?’’

’’It is a Spirit's charm. Listen carefully, if you do not equip this, then you absolutely cannot go!

Do you understand!?’’


Under Eina's pressure as she erected a finger and leaned over the table, Bell frantically replied.

She, as a half-elf, raised her slim eyebrows, exhaled out and returned back to her seat.

’’Bell-kun, being reckless is prohibited. If it is dangerous, then you must return immediately.



As he was being watched by her emerald-colored eyes, Bell nodded.

From Eina, Bell realized that there was tension regarding this uncharted territory, the Middle


It would be good to bear in mind her words.

’’Then good luck.’’

It was once again her usual drooping eyebrows, yet it was a beautiful smile.

Etching that smile into his eyes, Bell and his companions began to embark to the dungeon.



The red-colored slash caused the <Silverback>to enter a state where it could not fight.

What released that slashing attack was the red-colored dagger held by his left hand. The blade

released a burning-like sheen and drew a red trajectory inside the mist of the dungeon.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Heading towards the new monsters that continuously did sneak attacks from the depths of the

mist, Bell, this time, used the <Hestia's Dagger>at his right hand to fight back.

’’Take this!’’


Using a speed surpassing a Lv.1 to obtain the first move: a high speed counterattack.

The <Imp>that was cut down screamed as it rolled on the grasslands.

’’The mist is going to scatter!’’

Inside a mist incomparable to the one on the 10th floor, Bell heard the voice of the nearby Lili.

Their location was their destination on the 12th floor. It is also the stairs that connects to the

13th floor.

Within the square-shaped room, only half of it had mist. Once you pass through the boundary,

things that obscure vision would disappear.

Lili of the Hobbit race, which had good vision, concluded that the destination was near.

While collaborating with Welf in order to make sure that we would not separate, she ran across

the grassland.


Just when the mist seemed to sway like smoke, the line of sight brightened.

In front of Bell's eyes were groups of monsters that dispersed throughout the room and a rocky

wall at the depths of the dungeon.

Although the surrounding walls was a thick wood color, only that place was made up with grey

rocks. In the center of the wall, a huge hole abruptly opened up.

That was it!

The entrance that led to the Middle Floors.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

His heart, badump badump, drummed on his chest.


Bell left Lili and Welf behind and attacked first.

Heading towards the group of mounters that issued threatening sounds, Bell released a

surprise attack using his <Agility>.

’’ !?’’

The red-colored dagger used one attack to turn the <Hard Armored>into ashes.

He aimed for the position slightly lower than its chest, but the impact spread. The Magic Stone

immediately shattered.


A single blade whose blade width was around 15 centimeters. A unique weapon that Welf used

a Minotaur's Horn to create. It was different than <Hestia's Dagger>'s sharpness, which would

easily cut through iron. <Ushiwakamaru>had amazing destructive power.

Violet and Crimson, two types of blade light.

By using these two high-power weapon effectively, Bell continued to pile up corpses of


’’Your appearance when using it seems to be pretty good......!’’


Welf looked at Bell, who was going on a rampage with his own creation, and revealed a smile.

Then he casually used his Long Sword that was on his shoulders to cut the Monsters. And cut

down two Imps simultaneously that Bell had missed.


’’It's coming......!’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

It was a huge body that was rushing over as it shook the ground.

Facing the Orc that was equipped with a natural weapon, dead wood, Welf intended to engage.


But just when Welf planned on running towards the Orc, a severe sharp sound attacked him.

The source of the sound was in the sky, the flying <Bad Bat>.

Due to the highly lethal sound wave from the bat monster, Welf's sense of balance was

instantly destroyed.

Towards him, who had nearly fallen to his knees, the Orc did not care, continued forward, and

picked up the super-thick wooden club.



Hearing Lili's cries, Bell also noticed Welf's crisis.

At the same time he grasped the situation, Bell reacted instantaneously. Because Welf was

blocking the path towards the Orc from him, he cannot use <Fire Bolt>.

Bell quickly made his judgment.

Like a bullet, he ran through the path with the shortest distance.

’’Lili, Large Sword!’’

Bell shouted.

Just by these actions, Lili understood what Bell was planning to do.

At the same time she jumped lightly, Lili placed her hands behind her body and touched the

Large Sword that was outside of the backpack.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

After it was possible to open the button to take out the sword, Lili also operated on the side of

the strap to let the hilt stand out. The petite body and the Large Sword formed a beautiful


After Lili's body entered the predicted route of the boy, she turned so that her back was facing


Then, Bell saw Lili as the sword sheath, Shing, he pulled out the silver-colored Large Sword.

’’ !!’’

A full-powered acceleration.

Towards the Orc that was about to give the final bow to Welf, he attacked with all his strength.



Compared to the monster's sweeping attack, Bell released a diagonal slash.

The thick Large Sword flew at the wooden club and smashed it apart.


A frantic cry.

The Orc's eyes were filled with fear as its prideful strength attack actually failed.

Bell used the acceleration force to release a full-powerd slash and beat the Orc's monster-like


Swiftly, Welf, who had regained freedom of his body, flew above Bell's head and with a

horizontal flash, the Orc's head was cut apart by the Long Sword.

’’......Ah , sorry.’’

’’No......After all, we are companions.’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Looking at Welf scratch his head, Bell could only smile awkwardly.

Welf widened his eyes and broke into a smile.

Then, you could only hear a supa sound.

It was the crisp sound from the arrow that Lili had fired as it hit the Bad Bat.

’’Then, let's do our final meeting.’’

After Bell and the others cleaned up the monsters inside the room, they sat down on the floor

in a small circle.

In front of the fragmented rocky walls on the grassland, Lili drew a simple diagram and began

to speak:

’’Just as usual, we would need to arrange the formation after entering the Middle Floor. First,

the vanguard would be Welf-sama.’’

’’Can I do it?’’

’’It is better to say that aside from this part, there is no other location that Welf-sama would

win at. Ah no, Lili is not saying that she is great......Sorry, I'll continue.’’

There were three circles that were side by side, Lili used a dagger and pierced the center one.

’’Bell-sama will be the middle defender and is responsible for Welf-sama's support. Because it

needs to take into consideration both offensive and defensive situations, so the burden is also

the highest......Is that okay?’’

’’Yes, there's no need to worry.’’

Looking at Bell, who nodded, Lili pointed at the final circle and said: ’’Using the elimination

method, Lili will be the rearguard.’’

’’Although I feel that you should already know, but this small party is extremely unstable.

Because when you select a Supporter as the rearguard, it is inevitable that there will be

insufficient firepower. So please understand that when we are in a difficult situation, it will be

extremely difficult to make a comeback.’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

’’Just a single misjudgment could lose our lives? How strict.’’

’’Do you want to pick up our tails and head back? If it is now, we can still make it?’’

’’What kind of nonsense are you saying? I need to become a high-ranked blacksmith as soon as

possible. Who would turn around and run away when there is a shortcut in front?’’

Bell could only watch dumbfounded at the already accustomed interaction of Lili and Welf.

Listen to this casual conversation, Bell suddenly noticed that the two of them were turning over

to look at him.

’’What are you laughing at?’’

’’Uh......I'm laughing?’’

’’Yes, you are laughing obscenely......Bell-sama, are you lacking a sense of nervousness?’’

Placing my hand onto my cheeks, indeed, my cheeks had relaxed.

Bell hurried to apologize.

’’Just forget about the apology, but why did you laugh? I am curious.’’

’’Uh, about must be because it is great to be lively......It had become similar to a party

so I was happy.’’

Bell, whose face became red, turned his gaze towards the ground and then once again looked at

the interactions of Lili and Welf.

’’And shouldn't you become excited? Everybody working together to go on an Adventure.’’

While his face was still red, Bell excitedly smiled.

This was the finest taste of this career, Adventurer.

Stepping into an uncharted area, working together to constantly discover new things.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

The excitement of unknown, helping each other and share the joy......It was truly something

that was exciting.

Adventurers cannot forget about the teachings of Adventures. The crimson eyes seemed to

match the age of the boy as it shined.

’’......Ku...Hahahahaha! That's right, just like that, it is indeed something exciting! If you are not

excited, then you are not a man!’’

’’Although Lili finds it difficult to agree with......But I understand Bell-sama's feelings.’’

After looking at the others' faces, Welf let out a huge laugh and Lili also revealed a wry smile,

but the corner of her eyes had loosen so it seemed like a slight smile.

Bell, who did not know why he was excited, revealed a smile following his emotions.

’’Then, are you ready?’’

’’Ahhh, no problem. Let's go.’’


The three of them stood side by side and approached the rocky wall with the open hole.

At the pitched-black entrance that headed towards the Middle Floors, the uneven rocky surface

extended to the other side of the path and at the depths, a dim light was quivering.

There was a bit of a rocky smell and moist air. It evoked a terror that could not be dissipated

with just words. In front of this, there are uncovered, violent monsters.

Bell clenched his fists slightly to suppress the sudden goosebumps that appeared and

powerfully gaze towards the depths of the dungeon.

(......There's no problem.)

I am not by myself. Although we are from a different family1, I still have reliable comrades.

Then, sure enough, we can overcome anything.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

Bell thought like this.


Inside the depths of his heart that acted as the source of his thoughts was agolden aspiration.

Bell headed towards the Middle Floor.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]

<Welf Crosso>

Affiliation: <Hephaestus's Familia>

Race: Human

Class: Blacksmith

Achieved Floor: 12th Floor

Weapon: Long Sword

Money: 94000 Varisu


 It is originally the work clothes used while smithing.

Although it has some resistance to fire and heat properties, its defense is low.

 Normally, you would wear other armor on top of these clothes.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [VOLUME 4]


Lv. 1

Strength: C617 Endurance: D521 Dexterity: C645 Agility: D509 Magic: I70



 Anti-Magicpower Magic

 Activation Chant <Burn, Sotonori no go>


[Magic Sword Bloodline (Crosso's Bloodline)]

 Able to create Magic Sword.

 Able to strengthen Magic Sword's ability.

<Long Sword>

 A large-sized sword with a broad blade.

 Welf's own created weapon. Has power exceeding the Upper Floors.

 Because it is the weapon he uses himself, he did not name it.

As long as it is not a weapon made for others, Welf will not name it.

References and Translation Notes

1. Note that it is family, not Familia.

2. For the activation chant, the japanese part is 外法の業, not too sure how to translate it.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]


’’I did it, Kami-sama! I defeated a Goblin!’’


This was during an afternoon when Hestia was currently enjoying reading a book.

With a banging sound, the door was suddenly pushed open with force, a white-haired human

boy proudly said this as he appeared.

<Hestia's Familia>'s Headquarters, Hidden Room inside the Church.

The room that was made from a combination of a square and rectangular space formed a Pshape.

It probably considered the resident's height, as the furniture's' height were all extremely

short. Casually glancing around, you could vaguely see the paint peeling off from some of the

stone walls, and it looked extremely old and tattered everywhere.

While lighting up the only Magic Lamp in the ceiling, Hestia faced her faction's only member

that suddenly opened the door and appeared Bell Cranel revealed a surprised expression

as if he was suddenly hit in the head.

It was probably because he was too happy, the sight of the boy's face with a bit of redness looks

especially dazzling.

’’Goblin......Are you talking about that Goblin? The Monster that is known as the Weakest in the


’’Yes! Actually when I was small, I was nearly killed by that Monster. I was always very

afraid......But today, I finally defeated it!’’

’’That......Is it only one?’’


’’You only defeated one Goblin and you came back from the Dungeon?’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Did you specifically headed down to the Dungeon and only defeated the Weakest Monster and

happily returned, after being inquired like this by Hestia, Bell revealed a dumb expression and

froze at that spot for a few seconds.

Noticing that being proud of his own victories was indeed a bit hollow, his originally dazzling

expression instantly turned into embarrassment. He deeply bowed his head down while using

his back to face Hestia.

’’I'm extremely sorry, I will go challenge the Dungeon once again......’’

’’Wa...Wa...WAAA!? Sorry Bell-kun, the words I said just now didn't mean to blame

you......W...Wait a minute!?’’

Bell, who had his ears turn bright red due to embarrassment, did not even notice Hestia's cries

and ran out from the door of the headquarters.

3 Days after <Hestia's Familia>was formed.

Hestia's encounter with Bell on the street, and recruiting him into her own faction, had only

passed this amount of time.

After forming a contract with Hestia, Bell completed the relevant procedures at the guild, and

officially became a member of Adventurers. There was no doubt that he, who was the main

force of earning money for the Familia, had a burning passion inside of him, and he began to

actively take action at an unfamiliar place far away from his homeland.

Hestia, who was keeping watch of Bell-kun, would occasionally find a new side from him and

together, they slowly deepened their exchange. Through her cheerful personality and her

tolerance as a Goddess, and her slight smile, that made others feel that it was intimate, on her

petite face, it gently melted the walls inside the somewhat cowardly Bell's heart. Although they

had just encountered each other, but it could still be counted as it was completely removed.

In the numerous factions, the <Familia>that has the lowest level of fame would set an easy

target to ensure that their funds for their daily lives would not cause complications while they

slowly strengthen their organization structure and cross the somewhat old-fashion starting


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’I really don't know what to do at that instant. If you were to just go to the dungeon like that

and never came back, even if I am dreaming, it would be terrible.’’

’’V...Very sorry, I made you worry......’’

’’Haha, it isn't much, but this time it was my words that were terrible. The one that should

apologize here is me. Sorry, Bell-kun.’’

Hestia and Bell were sitting beside the table in their headquarters while they were talking.

Bell-kun, who had once again entered the Dungeon, returned safely. Currently, the sun had

already set. The moonlight from the dazzling night sky could not reach inside their

underground base, the two of them were currently having a somewhat late dinner.

The progress of Bell, who had just finished his debut in the dungeon 300 Varisu, was

quickly spent. Placed on the table were hard breads and an egg dish that they struggled with.

Even though it was very little, the Magic Stone creation that ignites fire still exuded a warm

vapor after being used to cook the egg and egg yolk earlier.

’’So how was it, your first time challenging the Dungeon? You finally overcame it, right?’’

’’About this, although I was always nervous and could not properly explore......but with the

monsters, the current me can still fight. The Goblins or Kobolds, after defeating it once, it

becomes very easy.’’

In order to celebrate Bell's first Dungeon exploration, they had prepare this small amount of


Although not being able to prepare celebratory wine was a pity, but bringing the sliced bread

into their mouth, tasting the deliciousness of the hot scrambled eggs, it allowed Hestia and Bell

to smile while they talked.

’’But I'm relieved, Bell-kun actually acted like a proper Adventurer. I was somewhat worried,

thinking whether you would be chasing other girl's butts in the dungeon, and running here and


’’T...There isn't, this kind of thing!?’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Towards Hestia's teasing words, Bell cried out loudly.

Facing the flushed boy who was denying it, Hestia continued to speak, ’’Really’’.

’’Didn't you wish to pursue an encounter with a girl? If you meet a cute Adventurer girl, won't

you leave the Monster and run off the flirt with others?’’

’’F...Flirt......N...No, it is not because of evil intentions that I want to get along with girls......I

only want an encounter! Just like the ones from Hero Stories!’’

’’Didn't you say something about Harem also’’

’’H...Harem is a male's romance. That is something a man will chase after from birth, even the

ancient heroes also......’’

His cheeks were still very red, Bell closed his crimson eyes as he passionately explained it.

Hestia only gently shrugged her shoulders, then leisurely stared at that face. While watching

the remains of the youth and elegant appearance, she was faintly indulged in her thinking.

Bell Cranel, he is a youth that you would feel he was more and more incredible, the more you

understand him.

He obviously matured extremely late, but he likes girls. Not only did he seek an encounter with

the opposite se*, all his words, his stories did not seem to make sense. Whether it was good or

bad intentions, his pure white physique, his abnormal thinking that would often secretly

activate, to the extent where it would affect his words and actions.

The reason why Bell's lifestyle was this unstable was probably because of his relationship with

his <Grandfather>, Hestia believes.

In the various words spoken by Bell, the relative that took care of him would constantly appear

smiling and waving his hands, he had played a key role in forming this boy's personality.

She really did not know what kind of elite education had been placed, Hestia, who had never

met with Bell's grandfather, sighed while thinking that it was amazing. If it was not because of

the wrong upbringing from his own relative, Bell would not have become the incomplete

person he was right now. The roots of Bell, the principle of his actions, there was no doubt that

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

it was excavated by his grandfather. The boy's interest in the opposite se* always stemmed

from his pursuit of the <Fateful Encounter>.

Due to the stories, the boy had gleaming eyes and wishing for a blissful dream.

This was the true face of the boy called Bell Cranel.

Wouldn't it be better if he was born as a girl, Hestia could not help but have such baseless


’’At that time, my grandfather said. Only when men have an encounter with a female, they

would be able to achieve their long-cherished wish. So I......’’


While leisurely looking at Bell's face as he continued to speak lively.

Once again, Hestia increased her knowledge about this boy dependent.


While Bell threw himself into the Dungeon in order to support the livelihood of the <Familia>,

Hestia was also busily working.

Because Hestia had only descended to the Lower World a short period of time, she had also

gone through the days of exploring like Bell, who had just arrived at Orario. Although she

would often feel confused as she was not accustomed to the Lower World, it was a common

stimulus that could not be tasted for the ones that descended down from Heavens. This was

what the other Gods have called <The Pleasure in the Lower World>, she had indeed felt it.

’’Okay, Hestia-chan. This is today's wage.’’

’’Thank you, Auntie.’’

She gratefully accepted the daily wage from the female beastman.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

The place that Hestia works at was located at the North Main Street. Selling mashed potatoes

with seasoning, after adding in the flour, and frying it, it becomes a big mouthful food called

<Potato Croquettes>.

It was probably used to enhance the flavor of the recovery agents slightly, it was extremely hot.

(One, Two, Three......180 Varisu)

Because today she worked 6 hours, so based on a 30 Varisu basis to calculate the wage. Even

though if she understood the results from the very beginning, but Hestia, who was counting the

coins from her palm, still let out a sigh.

Before, she had made a mistake with the ignition device and caused a huge explosion along

with the shop The causalities aside from the completely burnt Hestia was 0 , the loss at

that time was taken out by the majority of her salary. This level of salary would still be difficult

to help share the burden for Bell.

The Lower World, this world was somewhat difficult for the Goddess that had just recently

descended down from the Lower World.

Ignoring her own failure, Hestia thought.

’’Hey Auntie, as expected you should still join my <Familia>? Right now there is an Adventurer

children that joined, everything is going smoothly’’

’’Ahaha, even if you say such words, it is still not acceptable. Really, Hestia-chan is really


’’Why , I beg you ’’

What had become a daily occurrence of <Familia>persuasion was rejected with a smile, Hestia

could only embark on her trip back home.

A reason was also because her faction did not have any fame, but this insufficient height was

also a problem.

While she was heading back, Hestia, who was patted on her head and given a potato croquette

Towards herself who was not treated as a Goddess , sighed once again.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’Today was really long......’’

Placing the potato croquette in her mouth, and moving her bulging cheeks, Hestia headed

forward down the streets which were dyed in the colors of dusk.

Usually, she would have already returned back home before the sun had set, but today her

work time was lengthen. It was possible that Bell had already returned to the headquarters,

this was what Hestia thought as she walked down the streets.

<Hestia's Familia>'s headquarters, the hidden room inside the church was located in the area

between the North-West and West Main Street, she walked from her workplace at North Main

Street towards the West.

Through the lined up high-quality brick houses residential street, after a certain location as the

division, more and more dirty alleys and filthy buildings began to increase. Passing through in

order of the ancient item shop and the lengthwise inns, in front of the wine bar in a small

suburb, then the scene will become clear, arriving at the North-West Main Street.

This large street that did not have a guild headquarters is known as the <Adventurer's Street>,

just like its name, many Adventurers were walking around. On both side of the street, there

were beautiful shops that were incomparable to what was just seen.


As the sun in the west was gradually sinking down below the walls of the city, Hestia, who was

passing through the Main Street, suddenly witnessed this scene.

In front of a certain shop stood a white-haired boy.


Her own <Familia>'s dependent had his back towards the crowd of Adventurer that were

walking in the Main Street, as if he was peeping at something. Bell's motionless posture that

was planted in front of the display window of the shop made Hestia stop.

After a while, Bell would sadly leave the shop. Moving his gaze away from the display window

that he stared for a long period of time, he slowly moved away from there.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’......So that's what happened’’

She also peeked into the display window that Bell was enthusiastically looking at, then she


In the display window, there were many weapons placed there. Inside, there were various

metal swords that were grinded, releasing a powerful and beautiful sheen.

Occasionally he would be attracted by it, and even though he knew that it could not be

achieved, he would still have the thought and continued to visit this shop.

No matter what, Bell had an strong interest in these decorative weapons.

’’Nnnn Mmm......Okay, then here’’

Holding her arms, Hestia began to contemplate. In order to fulfill what the Main God should

do for her cute children, she nodded.

It was also because of the thing that happened earlier so she wanted to advocate that she was

also a little Goddess among the Gods, and decided to generously give Bell a present.

It should be enough if she used all the wealth that she saved up, Hestia closed her eyes and

smiled proudly and decided to enter the shop in front of her eyes.

Thinking about the general direction of Bell's gaze, he probably wanted this dagger. Inside the

display window, there was a pure white blade that was placed in the center of the jewelry box.

Even in Hestia's eyes, it was extremely beautiful.

At this moment, the price of the dagger caught her eye. With a posture of placing her hand on

the door, ’’Eh?’’ Hestia narrowed her eyes.

<8 Million Varisu>

Hestia quietly closed the opened door.

(Forgive me, Bell-kun)

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

This is impossible, while the back of her head continued to let out cold sweat, Hestia cautiously

retreated from the door.

The price is too exaggerated. What about Hestia's entire wealth, it was just like a powerless

Goblin facing a huge dragon.

’’Ah, this is......’’

Looking at the crimson painted shop, she finally noticed that this shop belongs to her Goddess


The elite Blacksmithing faction <Hephaestus's Familia>. At the same time, it was the

<Familia>that took care of Hestia when she first descended down to the Lower World.

Looking at the sign with the world-renown trademark <Ήφαιστος>, it was obvious that she

could not purchase it, so Hestia could only walk away in dismay. Only leaving Bell-kun, who

did not know how high the sky was, this atmosphere of not admitting to defeat.

Losing the opportunity to express the God's might, she faced the dark red stone and sighed

who knows how many times. Then Hestia arrived at the path that headed to her headquarters.

(......My hairband is nearly broken)

While heading forward at the North-West Main Street, Hestia looked at the reflection of her

face projected by the shop's display windows.

Using an hairband that had no distinctive qualities, her beautiful black hair that was tied to

twintails. However, it was worn to the extent that just by looking from the side, you could tell

that its life was about to end.

Hestia gently touched the hairband that was in poor shape, and looked at her own figure that

was reflected by the display window with dolls in it.

The doll wearing a dress was equipped with accessories that were Adventurer's equipment,

which gave protective power. Among the shop items that were placed on its body to attract

customers, they were all wearing a very cute hairband.


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Looking at the observation doll's blue hairband for a few seconds, Hestia shook her head a few

times, reminding her that she can't, she can't, and turned her face away. As a God, how could

she recklessly spend money, this was how she warned herself.

Peek, peek, this kind of wavering sight that glanced at it from the side for a while, had its

obsession cut away from it by turning her body away.

Using both hands to hold the hairband was still enough, she then walked down the small alley

to leave the North-West Main Street.


The crimson eyes that did not honestly go home and was nearby, witnessed the entire event.

However, Hestia was not aware of it.


Then after <Hestia's Familia>had begun for a week.

Hestia, she was looking at the scene with her mouth forming a へ shape.

’’S...Sorry, I came back late......’’

As if you could hear the tiredness in his voice, Bell stepped through the door to the


Looking at the clock, you could see that the clock was pointing at nine in the evening.

’’......Bell-kun, I feel that you are overworking a little recently?’’

’’T...There is no such thing?’’

Facing Hestia's expression of having difficulties to inquiry about it, Bell replied with a wry

smile ’’It is completely fine’’.

These few days, Bell had always been like this.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

He would leave the headquarters early in the morning and desperately explore the dungeon,

then he would come back late at night. The clothes and armor that he was wearing, and also his

body was already in a tattered state.

Although Bell-kun originally held enthusiasm when he selected the Adventurer career, but his

appearance and attitude right now was completely different than from a few days ago.

’’Kami-sama, this is the money I earned from today's exploration’’

’’Ah, Ahhh......’’

Jingle, Bell handed over a linen pouch over.

Bell's income from the dungeon exploration would be kept by Hestia as savings for the

<Familia>. Of course, most of the money was taken for equipment repairs or funds for

exploration, only then a small amount will be kept by Bell as pocket money.

Opening the small pouch and taking a peek inside, she estimated that there was about 500

Varisu. If you consider that the boy had kept 1000 Varisu in preparation for the next

exploration, then he had earned quite a bit the past few days. This can truthfully revealed the

efforts of Bell-kun diving into the dungeon from morning to night.

However, what was the purpose of him saving money.

’’......Hey, Bell-kun’’

’’Ah, yes?’’

’’You, what are you hiding from me?’’

With his face screaming in fatigue, Bell was about to take a shower and change his clothes.

Hesta slowly inquired.

Or rather, it was the God's instincts, even if she was unpromising, but she, as a Goddess, could

still feel that Bell was hiding something from her.

After being questioned, Bell shook for a while. It was apparent that this was a suspicious


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’Ah, ahaha......W...What are you saying, Kami-sama. How could I possibly do such a thing’’


Facing the stiff smile that Bell placed on his face, Hestia stared with half-opened eyes.

Disregarding the unbelievable words and quickly be honest, this sharp glare stabbed into him.

’’K...Kami-sama, I'm going to take a shower!?’’


Bell, who had cold sweat flowing out, quickly took the clothes he planned to change into and

fled into the bathroom. Facing the swift actions, Hestia was stunned and her mood dropped


For Bell-kun to hide something, she felt sad, this was what Hestia was considering in her heart.

Hestia had liked Bell-kun to the extent that it was great that he became a dependent of hers.

The boy had respected the Goddess from the bottom of the heart, and also brought gentleness

and warmth to the <Familia>.

Watching his awkwardness, watching his dangerous posture, she felt that she must protect

him, this kind of protectiveness was stimulated. By the time she noticed it, she had already

placed herself in his back.

He wanted to wholeheartedly help Hestia, who had faced various painful experiences when she

descended to the Lower World.

Hestia liked Bell's smile that could completely melt away everything else.

’’Even though I told him to say it, but he still refused to tell me the truth, right, Bell-kun......’’

Therefore, she could not forgive Bell for lying to her.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Was this the arrogance of the Gods when they felt anger when things don't go the way they

wish it to, or was it because of the loneliness given from her dependent that was about to

become a pillar inside her heart.

Either way, Hestia felt unhappy, extremely unhappy. This kind of feeling became more and

more intense.

(It doesn't matter, since the other side plans on doing this......)

Hestia's eyes that looked up, had a unstable light. Bell, who is secretly planning something, is

currently in the showers inside the bathroom. Just watch me, she muttered and she walked

into the kitchen that was prepared inside the house.

Silently, she quietly began to cook some dishes.

’’Ah, Kami-sama......’’

’’You are tired today, right Bell-kun? I'll make dinner, just wait.’’

Hestia revealed a slight smile to Bell, who walked out of the bathroom with his changed

clothes. Although Bell wanted to say something, he felt relieved facing Kami-sama's smile, who

seem to have completely forgotten the previous incident.

Facing the unprepared Rabbit (Prey), Hestia was grinding the blade (knife) with a beautiful


’’Okay, Bell-kun. Today we will also update your <Status>.’’

’’Ah, okay.’’

During a short break after dinner, Hestia naturally proposed this kind of topic.

The unprepared white rabbit honestly listened to her words.

The hidden blade (Knife) under her smile had already finished grinding.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Bell Cranel

Lv. 1

Strength : I 49 - I 58 Endurance: I 5 Dexterity : I 66 - I 72 Agility: I98 - H 107 Magic: I 0


[ ]


[ ]

Sitting on the waist of Bell, who was lying on the bed, Hestia looked at the <Status>.

It was still <Endurance>and <Agility>that had two extreme Status. In this short period of

time, having <Agility>, this basic ability, surpassing H was a slight surprise. She finished the

rest of the work in one go.

( Okay.)

The update of <Status>had ended, she clapped her hand.

With flashing eyes, Hestia revealed her true nature and launched an attack at the rabbit (Bell)

below her.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

From the posture of sitting on his waist, Pata, it seems like the boy's upper body was pressed



’’ Okay, Bell-kun. You already cannot escape now?’’

Nuoo, Hestia, who issued out this strange sound, placed her face next to Bell's neck.

She let our her breath in the location next to the boy's ears, and changed her deep voice into a

interrogate tone.

Bell seems to be trembling violently, as if an electric current had passed through him. His

entire face turned red.

’’K...Ka...Kami-sama!? What are you doing!?’’

’’Interrogating. Because you seem to be hiding something from me.’’

Bell made a response to the words <Hiding>, but he quickly revealed the embarrassment of

having Hestia's soft body sticking onto his own back.

’’You know right, Bell-kun? You cannot lie to gods, oh?’’

’’Wh...What are you saying......?’’

’’Ooh~ Preparing to act dumb now?’’

Hestia narrowed her eyes.

Bell, who had a red face while shrinking back slightly, had an expression of fear towards his

Main God in front of him.

Then, the next instant.

Hestia used both her hands to tightly wrap about Bell's neck, and tightly held it together.

Ignoring everything and hugged it upwards.

’’Wait!? K...Kami-sama!’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’Okay, you're planning to say it now right, say it now Bell-kun!! If it is right now, I can still

forgive you!?’’

’’D...Don't knowwwwwwww! IIIIIIIIIIII did not hide anything from Kami-sama!’’

’’Stubborn, huh......!’’


Hestia placed her voluptuous twin valleys closely on Bell's back, a sound of something being

pressed down came from between them.

Bell, who was wearing nothing on his upper body, was touching with his bare skin on an

overwhelming thing's ever-changing attack and issued a cry. From his head to toe, his entire

body was dyed red.

Hestia frowned and inserted more strength to her wrist that was around his neck, and pressed

her entire body harder.

That night, everlasting cries continued to come out under the abandoned church.


’’Really now, Bell-kun......!’’

The following day.

In the end, Bell-kun still did not speak, it made Hestia felt unhappy. Even when she finished

her work and was returning, she still did not hide her unhappy expression.

Sitting on the sofa in the headquarters, she violently turned the page of the book she was


(Based on the way he acts, instead of being immersed in dungeon exploration, it seems more

like he wants money......It can't be that he was tricked by some weird girl in the dungeon, and

was forced to spend money......)

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Recalling the expression of Bell-kun, who was immersed in the dungeon, a spicy thought that

she would normally have not thought about emerged. Knowing that her own dependent

couldn't be stupid to that extent, but it still contributed involuntary to her upset behavior.

So, she should let him live his own life. Although she really wanted to say that, but recalling

about Bell being tricked by the Amazon female, she immediately felt more disappointed, and

was angry about her own imagination.


Kacha, Kacha, the sound of someone walking down the stone steps rang out in the

underground base.

He was exceptionally early today, Hestia, thinking that it was Bell who returned, still raised her

head from the book, pouting.

Just when she was waiting for the door of her base to be opened, dondon, there was a dry

knock on the door.

’’Excuse me, Hestia.’’


Betraying Hestia's expectations, who appeared was a God that was more burly and tall than


His blue long hair, and the tattered gray robe. The male God, Miach, ’’Nnn’’ smiled and nodded

at Hestia, who widened her eyes.

’’I heard that you formed a <Familia>. Although it is a bit late, I still came to say hello to you.’’

’’What, did you specially come over?’’

Although she and Miach both descended from Heaven, but they had only formed a relationship

after coming to Orario. Due to the similar circumstances between the two of them, they had

forged a friendly relationship. Facing a God friend, who was also not accustomed to the city life

and was often taken care of, Hestia revealed a slight smile and walked over.

’’Fuhaha, no, I thought about our pride and carefully planned this. There is no need to worry.’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’Haha, there isn't anything to worry about.’’

The primary activity of the <Miach's Familia>was to sell recovery potions. Because its

reputation was low, so they would only have customers that walked past. Today was no

exception, Miach raised his voice and smiled.

Facing towards Hestia, who said ’’Then let's quickly head to the main topic’’, he handed over a

blue recovery potion in tubes over.

’’If it sells well, then there will also be celebratory items. Please pray for our safety and accept


’’Ahah, sorry. It is a big help.’’

’’Speaking of which, Hestia. Did you hand over the report about forming a <Familia>to the


Miach asked Hestia, who was filled with gratitude while accepting the recovery potion.

Eh? She tilted her head, the male God began to explain with a calm attitude.

’’Even if it is not for dungeon exploration, when a <Familia>in the Labyrinth City creates a

faction, they must report it to the guild. At the same time, there is a registration for the


Although nominally it was managing the dungeon, but the guild was already the ruler that had

jurisdiction over the Labyrinth city. The dungeon's management was directly linked to the

safety of the city, at the same time, Orario relied on the profits from the dungeon in order to

develop to such an extent. From <Ancient Times>till now, the guild that had completely

managed the Dungeon was veritably the manager of the city.

Base on the regulations placed by the organization that also manages the city, <Familia>must

also be added.

’’Hey, <Familia>will also have to do similar things as Adventurers. Nnnn, since they let us live

here, it is a matter of course.’’

’’I see. This is also <The Pleasures in the Lower World>.’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’Because Heaven basically did not have any troublesome matters.’’

Nnnnnnn, The two Gods had a common understanding.

’’Then, what should you do? By the looks of it, you still haven't gone yet. Do you want to come

along with me?’’

’’Can I? To tell the truth, it will help me a lot......’’

’’Truthfully, I don't have anything to do later, very free. Compare to having some leisure time, it

would be more interesting to increase an ally's troubles.’’

’’That's a model God.’’

’’Fuhaha, they often say that.’’

While releasing a sense of tiredness that only Gods have, Hestia and Miach left the hidden

room in the church.

’’Do I have to just record everything down?’’

’’Nnnn. Don't forget to sign with <Sacred Text>.’’

In the spacious lobby of the guild headquarters.

Adventurers from different factions were moving by themselves, Hestia was asking Miach to

confirm things while burying herself in the parchment related to registration of a faction. Using

a stool prepared to add to her height, she began to move the quill at the counter.

The window reflected the faint sunset as it approaches night. Because many Adventurers

return at this time, there were many humans and demi-humans mixed together at the guild


The Hobbit team that walked out of the gold exchange, smiled as they talked. The poor female

receptionist who was cold rejected by the male beastman as she tries to sell her services and the

arguing elf and dwarfs. The white marble hall had a variety of different circumstances

happening and it was completely bustling.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Here, the small amount of Gods, Miach and Hestia, would occasionally smile as they look at the


’’Miach. What does the Level of the <Familia>represent?’’

’’The guild will grade the <Familia>'s organizational strength.....It is primarily its rank. It is

basically the faction's size and activities and other relevant content, although it also reflects all

the elements, but it is fine to directly interpreted it as indictors of combat power.’’

Just like the <Status>'s abilities will be ranked from S to I, these ten values. The position of the

<Familia>in Orario is also ranked the same. The higher the rank, the more its performance

was recognized, and it will also increase the reliability from guild and other organizations. Of

course, respect and fear is also included.

A part of the Gods that could not escape from their game senses would care about enhancing

their levels, and fully enjoy it within their hearts.

’’Business type <Familia>also need to show appropriate results to be evaluated. And if their

rank is higher, it will increase the trust to the surroundings. Customers will also increase.’’

’’Incidentally, Miach what is you rank?’’

’’Fuhaha, it's H.’’

The recently established, poor funds and small sized <Hestia's Familia>is obviously the lowest

rank, I.

<Familia>are all targets of taxes, without any exception. However, as the rank increases the

amount will also rise.

’’I'll ask you, Hestia. What kind of person is the child in your <Familia>?’’

’’What now, changing the topic.’’

’’Nono, maybe we will have a lasting relationship. It is also the child you chose, I've always

wanted to know.’’

’’......White hair, crimson- eyed, male human. His name is Bell Cranel.’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’White hair, crimson eyes, is it...... Nnnn, could it be that person?’’


Stopping the quill from moving across the parchment, Hestia looked up.

She stared at the direction where Miach was looking at. In the corner of the hall, a white haired

human boy was stopped by a guild employee.


’’Looks like it is. Hmm......It looks like he handed something over?’’

Under Hestia's gaze, Bell seems to nervously open the small box and revealed it to the other

side. The half elf girl wearing the guild uniform seems to carefully confirm the item inside the

box, then say a few phrases to Bell and laughed.

’’Giving a girl items, huh. Fufu, your child isn't bad.’’


Hestia continued to look at that scene without responding to Miach's words.

Bell, who was blushing, had his nose pressed by the girl and as if he was trying to hide his

embarrassment, he bowed down his head.

(......So that was it.)

The cold gaze she sent out muttered in her heart.

In other words, the reason why he was desperately trying to make money and left for the

dungeon early was to give a present to this beautiful half-elf girl.

Hestia's mood changed dramatically.

Bell waved his hands while his face was flushed red as he was being played around by the girl,

who smiled. The seemingly discontent feelings rapidly built up in Hestia.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]


’’Eh......? Hestia?’’

’’Sorry, Miach. I'll head back first.’’

Hestia violently handed the completed written documents and submitted it to the counter,

apologized to Miach, then she headed out of the guild headquarters by herself. Leaving behind

Bell, who did not notice her, and passed through the yard in front of the headquarters.

(Damn it, it really is unsatisfying......)

While she walked forward at the North West Main Street Area, Hestia thought to herself.

Why she felt unsatisfied, she already understood the reason.

The Goddess was possessive. Not to others, but to Bell.

Facing her first dependent she obtained An existence she had wished for before she

could not help but be clingy. She had a sensitive reaction for him to follow someone else's

words. She can't just love the child. Just look at me, hiding such childishness inside my heart.

Was it because it was Bell so it was like that, Hestia did not know.

Only faintly, if her first contract wasn't Bell...if her initial encounter wasn't with him, she could

imagine herself without her heart being in such a mess.

(Bell-kun, you idiot......)

As the complex and entwining mixed feelings whirled around, Hestia arrived at her base.

Entering the depths of the room, she threw herself onto her own bed. She frowned and

expressed her emotions by covering herself with her blanket, creating a small, round hill.

She forced the matter about Bell away from her head, and in the darkening vision, Hestia

mercilessly closed her eyes.


Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Kacha Kacha.

The sound of the cutlery came from outside.

It gently stimulated the ears and gently woke her up. With her blurry vision, Hestia slowly

opened her eyes.

After blinking a few times, she slowly moved her hands to remove the blanket that was

covering her.

Her face was gently revealed from the blanket and the Magic Lamp illuminated Hestia's face.

She unconsciously narrowed her eyes.


With a groggy mind and blurry vision, she immediately saw a white figure.

It was moving back and forth between the kitchen and dining table, and it was trying not to

make a sound as it gently moved on the ground.

Soon, a faint aroma of soup drifted out.


Removing the other blanket that covered her body, she slowly lifted her upper body.

The white figure immediately noticed and turned his head and approached Hestia.

’’Good morning, Kami-sama.’’


Towards the gently smiling Bell, Hestia nodded her head.

Raising her head, she noticed that it was already 7 o' clock at night. Her consciousness was

shrouded in a dazed-like state for a few seconds, then Hestia attempted to wake it up and

shook her head.

Her hairband on her twintails, patapata, shook left and right.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’......Did you prepare it?’’

’’Yes. Because Kami-sama seems to be tired......Sorry, I did it by myself.’’

A simple salad, peeled potatoes and the recently made soup was on the table.

The soup was placed into a lovely wooden bowl, and exuded a lukewarm heat.

’’Today you came back earlier than ever.’’

Wanting to cover the scene she saw earlier on and due to the small things that warmed and

made her happy, Hestia could not help but use an ironic tone.

’’Did you encounter something good?’’ Towards her, who refused to look at him in the eye, Bell

revealed a shocked expression, then shortly, he began to blush slight and temporarily walked


He had his back towards Hestia as he took something out from the cupboard, then he came in

front of her again.

’’That, this......Kami-sama, please accept it.’’


What was handed out was a small box.

Hestia froze for a moment while widening her eyes, she slowly accepted the small box.

She opened the box, inside there was a pair of hairband.

A hairband with blue petals on top of it was trimmed with tiny silver bells.

’’Bell-kun, this is......’’

’’K...Kami-sama's hairband that she is using now seems to be broken, so about that, how should

I put it......’’

A present......Bell muttered with a tiny voice that was about to disappear.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

Hestia was really stunned his time. She widened her eyes and lowed at the boy, who was gently

bowing his head and had his bangs covering his red face.

The familiar small box that the hairband was in, was the item that Bell had showed to the halfelf

girl in the guild headquarters.

It wasn't for her, but rather to confirm whether the quality was good or bad In the

perspective of the same se*, will they like this present and inquired about this.

Recalling the expression of the girl playing around with Bell, Hestia realized her mistake.

(Speaking of which, so I was seen......)

A few days ago, the matter about her looking at the display window at the North West Main


Looking at the hairband that was similar to the one on the doll she was interested in, Hestia


’’I...I did not plan on hiding it, but I didn't feel that it was something I could say without an

apparent reason, so...s...sorry.’’


Staring at Bell, whose words were becoming incoherent, Hestia quietly smiled.

Both her cheeks turned red, but on the other hand, she felt unsatisfied.

Even though she had easily given up on giving a present to Bell, but he completely did not do it.

Bell's thoughts were larger than hers, and it was gentler as well.

’’So in order to give this to me, you stayed longer in the dungeon exploring?’’

’’About that, yes.....Yes, I did.’’

’’You're really an idiot......’’

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

It must not have been cheap. Hestia thought as she looked at the high-quality hairband.

In order to earn money, he had explored the dungeon every day for numerous days. He would

return with his body filled with fatigue. There must be times when he was even in danger.

Hestia closed her eyes, and slowly relaxed her expression.



’’Help me put that on.’’


’’It is your gift. I want you to help me put it on.’’

Looking at the flustered Bell, Hestia exposed a smile and pulled his hand.

She came up before the mirror and sat down on a chair. Looking directly above her, she spoke

to Bell, who was standing behind her, to hurry up and revealed a smile.

Bell, who was terrifyingly disturbed, finally made up his mind. He nervously picked up the hair

band and carefully extended his hand.

’’Bell-kun, thank you......Also, I'm sorry.’’


’’Ohoh, nothing.’’

Hestia revealed a faint smile towards Bell, who was afraid of touching her hair.

While staring at the boy's expression filled with hardship through the mirror, Hestia heard the

sound of her chest calming down.

The moment his hands touched her dark black hair, Hestia seemed to narrow her eyes just like

a cat and entrusted herself to this comfortable time.

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa

Machigatteiru Darou ka [SHORT STORY 2]

’’......Hey, Bell-kun.’’


’’Meeting you, and you becoming my first dependent......I am very happy.’’

She quietly convey these thoughts, Bell suddenly stopped his hand.

Then slowly, as if he was really happy, he innocently smiled.

’’I also felt that meeting with Kami-sama was really great.’’

The smile reflected by the mirror. Hestia also responded with a faint smile while her cheeks

were slightly red.

She will love this child.

The tiny Goddess understood this point.

No matter what time it is, she will want to watch over him and the story engraved on his back.

Hestia was only looking forward to that time.

Shortly after, above the clumsily tied up twintails.

A small silver bell rang out, playing a clear sound.


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