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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Evil Ceremony

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

After the call with Chu Zhao, Su Bai asked Liu He: ’’Do you remember where Chen Chu's rented apartment is?’’

Liu He seemed to have noticed something was wrong. He hesitated, but with Su Bai staring at him, he finally nodded, ’’Yes. I helped when he moved in.’’

Su Bai was indeed kind of isolated, therefore when Chen Chu had moved out, he had just told Su Bai but didn't ask for help seeing that Su Bai just simply nodded.

’’Let's get going. Something bad might have happened to Chen Chu.’’

’’What's up?’’ Liu He started to get dressed in a hurry.

Su Bai frowned, picked up his cellphone and went through his contacts. Finally, he found Chen Chu's number and immediately dialed:

’’Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is switched off, please try later...’’

It was switched off.

Su Bai sighed. Normally, a modern young man would seldom turn his cellphone off. With the guess before, Chen Chu really seemed to be in great danger. No one would know what happened to Chen Chu;if he had been cooked and sliced into thousands of pieces and scattered in the campus just like his girlfriend or something else.

After Liu He was dressed, Su Bai ran out of the dorm with him. Outside, a team of cops had arrived, including Chu Zhao. And they seemed to be of higher ranks.

Chu Zhao immediately pointed to Su Bai as soon as he saw Su Bai:

’’It's him. His name is Su Bai, and he offered us the identity of the victim, along with other information.’’

Such a scene caused Su Bai a toothache. In a trance, it sounded as if Chu Zhao was shouting: It's him! His name is Su Bai and he had killed several people in the club!

Luckily though, the club was managed in a casual way and the four members were unconstrained;these four people were all from noble families, so they would not start a desperate fight. Besides, everyone was more or less involved in some parts of every case, and none of them was clean.

A cop with a rather aged face came to Su Bai and stared at him. ’’You mean the victim had a boyfriend, and they lived together outside the campus?’’

’’Yes. The victim's boyfriend was one of my former roommates;the empty bed in my dormitory room belonged to him. He couldn't be the killer because he was not capable of murder. Besides, he had not come to class for three days.’’

’’How did you recognize the victim?’’ The aged cop asked.

’’Director Wang, he was there when the head was found, so he had seen it.’’ Chu Zhao interrupted.

Director Wang nodded. He seemed to be much nicer to Chu Zhao. It appeared that though Chu Zhao was not hard-working at all, his family was indeed powerful enough;his brother-in-law might be the only one who dare to teach him lessons.

’’Sun, you take some people to check their rented place. I'll stay here and keep others looking for the body.’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

Captain Sun nodded immediately, then walked to Su Bai and asked: ’’Do you know where their rented place is?’’

’’Yeah. I'll show you there.’’

’’Good. You, you, you and you, come with me.’’ Captain Sun pointed to Chu Zhao at last.

The seven or eight of them left school in two police cars. This was merely a fact-finding trip;if there was something wrong in the rented apartment, more cops and professional staff would be sent there right away.

In the car, Su Bai was sitting next to Chu Zhao. Su Bai asked in a low voice: ’’Did you find anything in the surveillance tape?’’

Normally, how come such a massive dumping left no trace in the surveillance tape? The criminal dared to dump the body in the school and it was more than just one or two pieces;hundreds of pieces were already found, and as long as you looked carefully enough, flesh could be found everywhere- in gardens, classrooms, toilets and so on.

But Chu Zhao sighed and smiled bitterly: ’’It's so absurd. A team had already been assigned to the surveillance, but they found nothing particular... The body was obviously just dumped less than 24 hours ago or in an even shorter time, but there was nothing in the surveillance. There was even a classroom;no one had entered it since yesterday, but two pieces of flesh were found there too.’’

Hearing this, Su Bai fell silent. It would be super weird if even the surveillance cameras couldn't pick up any trace.

Suddenly, Su Bai remembered his experience yesterday, and he couldn't help looking at the radio in the car. Luckily, the voice didn't come again.

Now Su Bai had grown a fear towards radios, which was an instinctive fear towards unknown super-natural stuff.

The car stopped at a block outside the school. This was an old residential area and everything seemed so old-fashioned. However, for a college couple, it was much better living here than the dormitory. .

With Liu He leading the way, they soon arrived at the second floor in the first unit of a building.


Captain Sun knocked on the door for quite a while, but no one answered.

Su Bai was standing by the door. He covered his nose with his palm as he smelt blood.

At this time, Captain Sun suddenly fixed his eyes on Su Bai and then sniffed. He seemed to have realized something, and the look in his eyes immediately changed.

But Su Bai's look remained the same. He said straightforwardly: ’’There's a smell of blood. My nose is sensitive and won't make a mistake.’’

It was better to let it out than being suspected.

With Su Bai being so honest, Captain Sun's suspicion disappeared. He nodded, backed away, then rushed forward and kicked down the door.


Almost everyone leaned over and began to retch, including the senior policeman Captain Sun. As the door was just kicked down, it was like opening the cap of a dustbin, everything inside appeared along with the smell.

It was a small apartment of 60 square meters with two bedrooms and one living room. The living room was so negligibly small that one might have to sidle after merely putting a table in it.

Just in this small living room, there was a chair;a young man was sitting on that chair with his arms and legs nailed to the chair with long nails. Moreover, the man's chest and stomach had been emptied and then re-filled with something to make it bulge.

’’Protect the scene. Don't go in unless it's necessary. Call for backup and tell the Head Office that we've found the second murder scene here.’’

Captain Sun gave orders after he managed to hold his sickness.

’’Yes, sir.’’

A cop hurriedly ran down the stairs to make a phone call, as if he was spared from some punishment.

Su Bai and Chu Zhao were somehow normal again pretty soon. After all, apart from the gruesome small and twisted image, there was nothing too special. After the discomfort at the beginning, they were now capable of taking a closer look.

’’This guy's stomach is impressive. What's in it? A pillow? Cotton?’’ Chu Zhao asked.

Su Bai pointed to the boxes on the ground in the living room: ’’If I'm right, those would be condoms filled with water, like water balloons.’’


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