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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 41


Chapter 41: Found the Murder

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

Su Bai had put all his strength into this elbow-attack. It was not a martial art contest or a practice;once started, it would not end until one of them was dead.

However, the other guy's reaction was beyond Su Bai's expectation. Su Bai saw that his ears quivered and then he leaned aside, twisted his waist and kicked backwards with his leg.

Came like a tornado!

His foot hit Su Bai on his belly. Immediately, Su Bai felt as if all his guts were moving around. But he didn't get kicked off;instead, he stretched one hand down to grab his leg, took the full attack and hit the man's neck with the other elbow as planned. However, due to the man's move in advance, Su Bai's elbow landed on his shoulder instead of his neck.



Next, both of them fell onto the ground.

Wang Hongsheng gasped heavily, staggered up with one hand against the ground the other kneading his shoulder;there was a frightful, ruthless look on his face.

Su Bai had blood running out from his mouth, but he also stood up gradually. He was a little short of breath, but he did not become defenseless after Wang's kick.

Normal people would have to rest in bed for a long time after taking such a strong kick, but Su Bai was different. He was now something between a human and a vampire, and his physical functions and actions were pretty odd, like some kind of inhuman creature. Therefore, after taking the kick, he wasn't hurt as badly as an ordinary person.

’’Aha, I wasn't expecting to find a secret audience here.’’

Wang Hongsheng moved his neck, then he took the horse stance, with his palms stretched out as a commencing gesture. He was obviously a martial artist. Judging from his tone, he had taken Su Bai as an audience, and apparently, he hated audiences.

Su Bai was no martial artist, but he could recognize some simple gestures;these years, movies and other literary works about ’’Wing Chun’’ [1] were quite popular, and this boxing gesture had been showing up a lot on TV and in posters.

He wiped up the blood on his chin, looked at Wang Hongsheng and smiled:

’’I'm an experiencer.’’

’’Not funny at all.’’

An experience who could hardly exchange for anything or even get any story points could turn to something nearly inhuman?

Only audiences who had gone through three experience tasks and possessed a certain amount of story points could be able to remold themselves and enhance their physiques.

Wang Hongsheng knew the power of his kick. No ordinary person could take this hit and stand up immediately as if nothing had happened.

He didn't say anything more, just came at Su Bai again. His moves were indeed fast and fierce. Su Bai had learned some fighting tricks, but those underhanded tricks were not enough to fight against Wang Hongsheng. Luckily, he was quicker and better in reactions than ordinary people. He kept stepping back so Wang Hongsheng missed his vital parts for several times, though he did got hit a lot. Luckily, although he was far from invincible, he was tougher now and could take a little more injuries. He could handle these attacks for now.

In fact, both of them were carrying guns, but neither of them reached out to the guns.

’’Who are you!’’

Just then, a woman showed up in the balcony on the second floor with a plastic basin containing some wet clothes she just picked up from the laundry. She was about to put these clothes up on a line for drying.

Wang Hongsheng and Su Bai stopped at once. They both looked at that woman.

’’I'm calling the police!’’

The woman threatened, then walked into the room. No one would know for sure if she was really going to call the police or just trying to scare them away. Of course, the former was much more likely. After all, with all the Silver serial murders, common people were all on edge with great vigilance;they would see everything as a threat.

However, in Su Bai and Wang Hongsheng's minds, there was a piece of message coming up crazily;it was something from their memory:

’’January 19, 1998, 5:45 p.m., Deng X, a 27-year-old female was killed in her home located in Shuichuan Road, Silver District.’’

This woman who had just walked out and back in was the victim!

’’You really are an experiencer?’’ asked Wang Hongsheng.

’’As true as steel,’’ answered Su Bai.

Less than a minute after the woman had gone in, there suddenly came a crash from inside.

Su Bai and Wang Hongsheng's pupils shrank at once. Wang Hongsheng said nothing;he just rushed up, stepped on the edge of the wall, jumped up and grabbed the lower edge of the balcony, then lifted himself up with the strength of his arms. He was indeed an expert on martial art. No ordinary people would be capable of such moves.

Su Bai didn't choose the balcony after Wang Hongsheng. He got around the building to the back entrance and went to outflank.

He opened the door and saw some stairs. It was not dark, so Su Bai just walked upstairs, took a turn and got to the living room. By that time, Wang Hongsheng was already standing in the living room, and a dead woman was lying on the couch.

Her neck was cut, the long dress she wore was torn down and her private parts were naked with some thick seafood-smelling white liquid on it.

Rooms in this building was designed differently from those in the future. Some parts were cleared for making more space. There was only one passageway in the living room, which was the door on the opposite side of the exit;out of that door were the stairs through which Su Bai had come from.

Wang Hongsheng looked at Su Bai, and Su Bai looked back at him, too. The two of them were in a life-and-death fight, but now they had to give that up. An idea had occurred to Su Bai that maybe in this story world, experiencers and audiences were divided into two groups against each other, and they might have started a war.

The audiences were swaggering about to attract experiencers, or hiding themselves to secretly looking for experiencers, while the experiencers were making their own moves. The cop girl was killed in one of those moves.

However, there was a kind of mindset that audiences were definitely stronger than the experiencers. But after seeing what Wang Hongsheng was capable of, Su Bai had suddenly realized something: if this batch of experiencers were all very tough, all badasses in reality, elites of all trades, then when they came across audiences of low levels, there might not be an absolute gap between their forces.

Wang Hongsheng gestured Su Bai that he would go check the kitchen and washroom while Su Bai should go check the two bedrooms.

Su Bai nodded.

They both walked very slowly. It seemed that both of them were concerned about a sudden strike from the other. Only after they were far enough from each other did they accelerate.

Su Bai entered the master bedroom. It was simply furnished, only a bed with no bedding or mattress. In the files, the victim was referred to by her maiden name, which meant she was unmarried. So she probably lived here alone, and it might be the reason why the killer was onto her.

The bed in the master room was quite low and no person would be able to hide under it. Su Bai turned around and walked toward the guest bedroom. It was much more lively in this room;there was bedding and mattress on the bed and a summer sleeping mat on the floor.

And there were clothes, makeups and other stuff everywhere. This Deng girl must have been fond of the silence here, so she chose to rest here.

Su Bai walked by the bed and found nothing unusual;then he bend over to check under the bed, nothing unusual;there was nothing unusual around the dresser either.

While checking, Su Bai was very careful with his breath. With the lesson he had learned in the paper man issue, he now had a natural caution for the ’’Bosses’’ in the stories.

When Su Bai silently pulled up the curtains, sunshine came in;next, there came a soft breath.

Su Bai felt a surge in his heart!

Behind him!

On the window's reflection, Su Bai could see the wardrobe behind him over the bed. He heard a breath come from that direction!

Yes, it was breath;definitely human breath!

That guy, the killer, was hiding in the wardrobe!

That was the best place for a person to hide. But Su Bai had chosen not to check that place.

Then, Su Bai walked out of the guest bedroom and returned to the living room. Wang Hongsheng had just walked out as well.

’’Nothing.’’ Wang Hongsheng said.

’’Me neither.’’ Su Bai answered.

’’So, we got nothing again.’’ Wang Hongsheng took a look at the body.

’’No, there's one thing for sure.’’ Su Bai said.


’’That killer has prospermia.’’

It was only less than two minutes from the time the woman left the balcony until they arrived;during that time, the killer didn't only kill the victim, he also ejaculated. That was quick.

Wang Hongsheng nodded and walked towards him.

’’You should go to my side over there and check again, while I'll check your side again.’’

Double check?


Su Bai nodded and walked to the washroom.

Wang Hongsheng went towards the master bedroom. There was nothing in the master bedroom, so he went on to the guest bedroom. Just when he had just stepped into the guest bedroom, Su Bai shouted out:

’’Found him! In the wardrobe in the bedroom! You'd better catch him before he runs away!’’

Wang Hongsheng: ’’............’’

Translator's Thoughts

[1] Wing Chun: Wing Chun is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilizing both striking and grappling while specializing in close range combat.


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