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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Purpose!

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

That voice was exactly the dead cop girl's voice!

Same pitch, same tone... it was absolutely the same person! Definitely the same person! Completely affirmative!

But the at end of the recording, there was something different about her mood... some sort of disdain or indifference;and there was also something wrong about what she had said: ’’Ha, such a childish girl. If you can catch the killer, what are we doing here...’’

It was the same person, but it wasn't the same person;there was someone else in her body.

It sounded weird, but Su Bai could get it because he himself was another example of that kind of contradiction.

Turning off the recorder with astonishment, Su Bai took a deep breath and felt a little dizzy.

Was that cop girl, Liu Yang's girlfriend, another audience of the radio?

And, judging by her tone, she was not an experiencer but a real audience?

Then, why did she drop by and ask him to prepare noodles before she went to take a shower?

Was it only because she had known that Liu Yang was her boyfriend before he found that out? Or because she wanted to take a shower and she was hungry? So she just wanted the collateral boyfriend of this identity to help her?

Could it be so... easy?

Su Bai rubbed his forehead between his eyebrows. No, there must be something special. She was an audience that had gone through at least three experience tasks;there must be a reason for her to do so. What was her purpose?

To test him? To test about his identity?

But why was she killed?

Killed in the same way of that Silver serial killer?

Su Bai knew clearly that each audience was equipped with his or her own specialty;at least they were much tougher than ordinary people. And they would be very cautious in a story world. However, this cop girl was still killed. Why?

And, the weirdest thing among all this was that when those four men and that woman saw the body of this dead cop girl, there was astonishment on their faces. Was that because of the fear that the plots would be changed, or was there something deeper?

Was it possible that they had known the real identity of this cop girl since long ago, so they were so out of control?

Su Bai closed his eyes and started to recall the image he saw when he was walking into the police station gate: that car, those four men and one woman. The look on their faces and the tone of their conversation were somehow overacted, or even a little dramatic;and they said ’’mobile navigation’’ and so on, which all seemed so... careless! Yes, careless!

And there was hidden audience in here!

Both publicly and secretly, they were all prepared. What were they planning?

Entrapment like fishing!

Yes, they were fishing;and their target might well be experiencers like Su Bai!

He rubbed his chin with his finger. What the heck was going on? It should be a story world based on the Silver serial murders, why had it become so complicated, so confusing?

Su Bai fell onto the bed. He thought it wouldn't be very dangerous as long as he was not in a key role in the plot, just as Childe Hai had told him. But now, there seemed to be a problem, and danger was so close that he could feel it in the air.

Closing his eyes, Su Bai fell asleep with many thoughts. At this moment, he wasn't worried if there could be any danger approaching him during his sleep;if the danger had to come, then just let it come.

He didn't wake up until early noon of the next day. He was in good spirits, but considering the situation he was facing, he still felt a heavy haze in his heart.

Now, the only news worth waiting for was whether the next victim would die as she was supposed to in the original case.

Director Zhou had suspended Su Bai's work and offered him a little vocation, but Su Bai didn't want to stay in the dormitory all the time. He used to think that as long as he played his role, he could at least stay away from danger, but now that idea seemed to be too naive.

He left his room and even the police station which should be rather safe. Of course, the death of that cop girl, who was also an audience, had actually indicated that the police station was not as safe as he had imagined.

In front of the notice board, Su Bai stopped to take a quick look. There were names and photos of all cops;Su Bai found Wang Hongsheng on it and saw that he was a quite comely man. Well, he would never know whether his real face was the same as this photo.

Su Bai took a motorcycle taxi at the gate of the police station. He told the driver a place, the taxi started and brought Su Bai to the entrance of a street. After paying for the ride, Su Bai walked into a noodle restaurant and took a seat.

He ordered a bowl of noodles and a bowl of sweet bean soup. While waiting, his eyes were wandering among a residential area opposite the street.

Su Bai, who was planning to keep a low profile, now had come to the place where the next murder should happen.

Soon, his noodles were served. Su Bai nodded to the restaurant owner, split a pair of disposable chopsticks, added some pepper and vinegar into the noodles and started stirring.

Two men happened to be coming from the opposite of the road at this moment.

Su Bai's attention was attracted, because one of them happened to be Wang Hongsheng.

Wang Hongsheng and the other plainclothes cop went into the noodle restaurant together. Su Bai was sitting towards the other side, and he turned around instinctively when he saw a familiar face among the cops, so the two cops didn't see him. They sat behind Su Bai.

They were really out-going, because they started bragging immediately after sitting down.

Their bragging without restraint attracted others.

Su Bai kept eating his noodles calmly. Actually, that was a way to blend in;after all, not all plainclothes cops were like the ones in the Hong Kong TV series, sitting there with earphones and newspapers. Sometimes, this kind of exaggeration was also a good way of hiding themselves.

In the black-and-white television in the noodle restaurant, there was a show of China Central Television. The host of the show was telling an encouraging story about determination;it was vivid and touching.

But Wang Hongsheng pointed to the television casually and laughed:

’’What? This can be called 'determination'?

’’Ha ha. There was one time, I was swimming in the sea, but suddenly a cramp struck my hands and feet. What should I do? I was gonna get drowned! I was terrified!’’

’’Oh, so you have been to the sea.’’ The other plainclothes cop knew he was bragging, but he also knew that he should cooperate.

’’Yeah. And a cramp struck my hands and feet! So I stirred with my d*ck! And swam back to the shore! That's called real determination!’’




Guests by the tables around them couldn't help bursting into laughter. Even several ladies were smiling with their hands covering their mouths.

But the cop next to Wang Hongsheng shook his head, ’’That's nothing. I'll tell you a better story.’’


’’I went for swimming in the sea as well. And a cramp struck my hands and feet as well. So I relied on the pushing power of constant ejaculation and got on the shore! That's real determination!’’

’’That's nothing! Just a few days ago I went swimming and got a cramp, but this time I didn't choose determination. I tossed out my di*k and hooked it on a tree by the shore, and I got on the shore by pulling it!’’

Even Su Bai was about to laugh when he heard this. These two men were experts in telling dirty jokes.

However, all of a sudden, Su Bai got a glimpse of a man sneaking into the alley in the front.

Something was going on!

Wang Hongsheng's attention was caught. But he didn't do anything and went on bragging with the plainclothes cop next to him.

Su Bai stood up, checked the prices on the tablet, left the money on the desk and walked out.

Nothing could be gained without taking any risk. Now he was already the target whether he chose to hide or to attack. Su Bai would rather choose the latter. Danger was approaching;something was wrong about this story;an experiencer would never feel safe.

Over the wall, on the other side of the alley, was the place where the murder should happen. Su Bai saw a dent on a trash can;apparently that man had stepped on this trash can and climbed over the wall.

Su Bai pursed his lips, stepped on the trash can with a sudden stride and climbed over with his hands grabbing the top of the wall.

After he got down, he got to a residential building. He got up, stepped backwards at once and hid under the wall. He didn't go after the man's traces in a hurry.

Then, about ten seconds later, a big guy jumped down from there.

In the next moment, Su Bai suddenly rushed forward, jumped into the air and hit the person's neck with his elbow!

Su Bai was not here to catch the killer...

... actually, his purpose...

... had never been the killer!


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