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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 4


Chapter 4: The Murder Club

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

After getting to three different locations and changing cars several times, Su Bai arrived at the dormitory of his school. The dormitory for the students of his major was located in an old building;the gatekeeper was an aunt that who had recently divorced. Usually, she would not pay too much attention to the gate or lock the door. Every evening, she just went to bed after having dinner and students could just open the door by themselves if they wanted to go out or come in.

There was also no camera here. It seemed that ever since his first kill, Su Bai had grown an instinctive dislike towards cameras and hated everything that could record his tracks.

He entered the dormitory and directly went to the public toilet. He had jammed the inner door in advance with iron wires. He climbed up directly and picked up the clothes that he had left in a basin in advance. Then he took off the clothes and shoes he was wearing and put them in the basin. After that, Su Bai took a shower at the tap, and walked out all wet.

His towel was covering the basin so the clothes and sport shoes could not be seen. Now he wore a shirt and pants, with his hair wet and showing strong uncovered muscles but his slow breathing showed a little tiredness.

Then he pushed the door of his room, walked in and sat on the first bed. Some water was sprinkled deliberately onto the fair face of the boy who was sleeping on that bed. The boy opened his sleepy eyes and looked at him for quite a while before he recognized Su Bai.

’’Su Bai, did you take a shower?’’

’’Yep. It's too hot and I couldn't sleep. So I took a shower.’’

He gave an excuse in an attempt to make his roommate aware of his presence so that he could serve as the perfect alibi. Then he went to the fourth bed. In this room, there were four people;the beds marked with odd numbers were the lower beds, and those with even numbers were the upper ones.

Over his own bed, Su Bai had put up a non-transparent dark brown curtain.

Lying in his bed, Su Bai was not thinking of the murder he did today but the Dreadful Radio. Compared to it, his murder seemed to be nothing.

Due to his absence of mind, Su Bai had not been careful when he woke up his roommate, which made him feel dispirited. He had insisted on going through the process of creating an alibi, though Chu Zhao kept saying that such an action was too much and as long as the cops were not suspicious, everything would be okay.

Lying there, he couldn't fall asleep at all. Usually, when the short excitement after killing finally passed, he would become so tired that he could have a sound sleep. But this time, it didn't work.

After lying for half an hour, Su Bai got up. On his bed, there was a small desk;he unfolded it, started his PC and directly opened a hidden file. It was a hidden file named ’’X’’, containing 7 files of his murder data. Seven targets in total.

From one to six, they were either thieves or fugitives. To kill these people, he just had needed to choose a proper place, a proper chance and a proper alibi. They were easy jobs.

Although there were a lot of documentaries on TV telling stories of cops solving cases, only those solved cases would be presented to the public and that was why people believed that criminals would always be caught.

In fact, there were still many more cases that the cops had no clue about. Su Bai knew well that any murder would become difficult to solve as long as the several major counter-reconnaissance factors were handled properly. In the meantime, the murders he did were motiveless, with no subjective goal, so the police could never track him down via the victims' social life. He would be even more secure.

After all, cops in reality were not Holmes.

This white-collar lady was the first non-fugitive and non-thief target of Su Bai. Because his mental addiction had became greater and greater, he had started turning to a higher level.

Su Bai opened the 7th file. It was the data of the white-collar lady. Her name was Liu Shanshan, 28 years old and she was a secretary in a company.

After that, it was all kind of information that Su Bai had found. This lady used to participate in many projects including illegal fund-raising, which was kind of a financial fraud. For example, she would lie to some people, tell them that a finance platform from Taiwan or Hong Kong was about to launch in the mainland and how much money would be rewarded if they invested now. Many people had believed and invested with all their family properties but in the end, all their money were gone. Because of this, many people had lost their wealth or even lives.

However, this lady had somehow found a way to escape from punishment after the other engaged people were all put in jail. But she was definitely one of them because the nanny of Chu Zhao's family had been convinced by this lady to invest all her savings. Of course, due to uncontrollable greed, seeing her money grow more and more day by day, the nanny became even more craving and she talked her son and daughter-in-law into mortgaging their apartment to invest.

When everything came to light, the nanny couldn't take it and killed herself by taking a lot of sleeping pills in Chu Zhao's house. This time, Chu Zhao had helped Su Bai a lot in choosing the target but different from him, Chu Zhao was merely looking for excitement while he suffered from an addiction to murder.

Going through the data, Su Bai's pupils suddenly contracted: he saw a picture in which a group of people were holding banners to present their petition in front of a governmental agency's gate.

And among them, there was an old couple holding a banner that read: Evil Developer Defrauded Us of Our Hard-earned Money, Government Shall Offer Us Justice!

They were exactly the old couple that he had met in the unfinished building and who had burnt down along with the white-collar lady.

No wonder he felt so familiar about them.

But while searching for information about this target, he had only focused on the lady's previous sins or the most obvious sins close to himself;the other information was just hastily read.

It turned out that this lady was also involved in some unfinished building projects.

’’Dreadful Radio’’ said at the end that good and evil would always be rewarded.

Su Bai suddenly felt a chill running over his spine. What the hack was that ’’Dreadful Radio’’? Was it merely a paranormal story?


His cellphone rang.

Su Bai took a quick glimpse of the caller. It was Chu Zhao.

’’Yep.’’ Su Bai answered.

But on the cellphone, Chu Zhao was quiet for a short moment and it seemed that he was trying to find a right way to say something. At last, he started to talk.

’’Su Bai, did you carry out our plan today?’’ asked Chu Zhao.

Su Bai felt that his heart had missed a beat. Was there any mistake in their plan? Was he about to be exposed?

Chu Zhao was born into a family of policemen and Chu Zhao himself was a cop. Therefore, whenever he was helping Su Bai making a plan, he felt a unique delight, which made him more and more obsessed.

’’Is there something wrong?’’ Su Bai asked tentatively and started to record this phone call at the same time.

’’Just f*king answer me! Did you do it?’’ Chu Zhao was almost yelling.

’’Did she die?’’ Su Bai asked.

’’Yeah.’’ Chu Zhao took a deep breath. ’’She died of a heart attack, with no injury on her body. The nightclub owner called the police. And the M.E. came and checked and said that her COD was an accident. Homicide was ruled out.’’

Hearing this answer, Su Bai involuntarily held his knife on the head of his bed. Sensing the old feeling from the knife, his emotions were troubled even more.

He had stabbed this knife into the lady's chest and stirred it for 180°! How come she died of a heart attack?

’’Did you scare her to death before you started?’’ Chu Zhao continued, ’’Ha ha, that is the perfectest alibi in the world! Bro, you have achieved a perfect crime.’’


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