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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: New Story, Prelude!

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

If there really was a whole family of creatures like this woman, Su Bai didn't think he would be able to handle them all. However, he didn't feel very panicked;on the contrary, he was quite calm. He shrugged his shoulders towards Lucky:

’’Are you enjoying the show? I will be killed here.’’

Lucky jumped off the couch leisurely, walked to the door in an elegant indifferent way and began to draw circles with its paw. Gradually, a pale blue light appeared on the ground where the cat's paw had passed.

Then, Lucky stepped back, turned its head to look at Su Bai and then at the door in front of them.

Su Bai understood, came over and stretched his hand to grab the doorknob. Now, there were no more shouts coming from outside the door;he opened it, and there was no one outside.

He walked out;Lucky followed him out and stood by his feet.

Then he closed the door and released a breath heavily. Suddenly he felt a nausea and dizziness as if the whole world was spinning round. He had to step back to the wall.

The dizziness disappeared just as sudden as it came. Su Bai rubbed his forehead, looked up and found that the door was gone.

But there were many wet footprints on the floor adults and children, men and woman... It seemed that just a minute ago, there were a lot of people standing here knocking at the door.

Su Bai looked at the red box in his hands and then at Lucky. He felt so speechless about this cat. It knew what he needed, that was why it brought him here;but it wasn't pretending to be indifferent when he was almost killed here it was indeed indifferent to life.

It despised him in its heart and merely considered him as a transportation facility.

If anything happened to Su Bai, this cat, no, Dark Litchi would always be able to find another person to take it back to Chengdu.

Just then, Su Bai's cell phone rang and a WeChat voice call came in. Su Bai took out his cell phone, checked the caller's name and accepted:

’’Lucky has helped you with what you need. That's your reward for taking Lucky back. So, be quick.’’

Litchi wasn't speaking very fast, but in her voice, there was an attitude as an outranking person looking down upon everything, which made Su Bai uncomfortable.

He hung up the voice call, said nothing, put the cell phone back into his pocket and went downstairs.

Lucky followed him;its black hair blended in the darkness perfectly and its amber-like eyes was shining with an unusual light.

Su Bai returned to his car. The wounds on his body had already healed;he was a little weak but wasn't in need of human blood. It was just as if he had caught a slight cold.

He cleaned his body with wet tissues, put on some new clothes he had bought and drove directly to the airport. Now it was not long before the takeoff time;counting in the time needed to the airport, it was just about time to start off.

Lucky continued to sit on the passenger seat, as quiet as a rock.

After they arrived at the airport, Su Bai parked the car there and texted the rental agency to let them know that the car would be fetched after two days and the cash deposit he paid would be the service fee.

When they walked into the airport, Lucky was following Su Bai all the time, but no security guard seemed to have seen the cat. It walked as if nobody was around.

Seeing this, Su Bai shook his head and bought another ticket for it. When they checked in, Su Bai had this seat arranged right next to his, then they went through the security inspection and went to the waiting area.

When they went aboard, Lucky was still following Su Bai, and it sat on the next seat to him after he had settled down.

None of the passengers, airline stewardesses or other flight attendants had seen this cat.

When the plane took off, Su Bai cast a glance at Lucky intentionally and thought, since this cat was so awesomely capable, what if he skinned it or drank up all its blood? Would he get some extra benefit?

Lucky seemed to have sensed something and looked at Su Bai coldly.

They looked at each other for a moment and then looked away at the same time. Su Bai closed his eyes, lowered his seat and started to have some rest.

When an airline stewardess began to inform the passengers one by one to buckle up and open the window shades, Su Bai gradually woke up. Then he realized that he had been sleeping for the past few hours and the plane was about to land.

Lucky was no longer sitting on the seat indifferently;it was lying on its stomach with its eyes narrowed. It got tired as well.

When they were about to get off, Su Bai took his bag, put Lucky in and walked out with the bag on his back. Lucky didn't fight against that.

Just when they got out of the airport, Su Bai's cell phone rang again. It was an address sent from Dark Litchi.

She was really considering him as a pet deliverer.

Su Bai took a taxi outside the airport and headed to that address directly.

This place was located near the second ring road of Chengdu: Hongpailou, Wuhou District.

After the car approached the housing estate, Su Bai got off and walked to the building. He waited there;when a tenant came and used his key card to open the door, Su Bai followed him in.

He got onto the elevator, arrived in front of the door of that specified room and pressed the doorbell.

The door opened.

Lucky jumped out of Su Bai's bag and walked in lazily.

Pet delivered, Su Bai's mission was accomplished. So he turned around and was about to leave.

After Su Bai got downstairs by the elevator and walked out of the building, he received a message on WeChat from Dark Litchi:

’’You really know how to behave.’’

Su Bai answered:


’’Watch out for people like you.’’

Su Bai frowned. He had no idea what Dark Litchi meant by the last sentence.

Watch out for people like me?

Is there any audience of Dreadful Radio in Chengdu?

And he or she is a vampire as well?

And I must watch out for him or her?

Thinking over these questions, Su Bai stopped a taxi and told the driver the address of his parents' house in Chengdu. The car started;he took out his cell phone and read that message again doubtfully:

Watch out for people like you.

What exactly did that mean?

Just then, the taxi driver said, ’’Here we are.’’


Su Bai was a little confused. According to his memory, his parents' villa was not so close to that place. Was he too absent-minded because of all those thoughts? Was it actually a long drive already?

’’How much?’’ Su Bai asked.

’’For free. Just solve the case asap. Now everyone's terrified, few people dare to hang out these days. You cops, alas!’’

Su Bai frowned. Then something seemed to have occurred to him, so he immediately opened the door and got off. He was surprised to find that he was standing in front of the gate of a police station, and he was wearing a police uniform;everything around him seemed to be so old and outdated, as if it was somewhere in a movie of the 80s or 90s.

’’My third experience task has begun now?’’

A piece of paper suddenly fell in front of him, seemed a little deliberate.

May 26, 1988, around 5 p.m., Bai X, a 23-year old female employee of Silver Company, was killed in her home which was located in Yongfeng Street, Silver District.

According to the police investigation, the victim's ’’neck was cut open, coat pushed to above ***, privates ***, and had 26 knife wound in total in her upper body’’.

July 27, 1994, 2:50 p.m., Shi X, a 19-year old female seasonal worker of Silver Administration of Power Supply, was killed in her bachelor quarter.

The victim's ’’neck was cut open and had 36 knife wounds in total in her upper body’’.

January 16, 1998, around 4 p.m., Yang X, a 29-year-old female was found killed in her home located in Victory Street, Silver District. Investigation showed that she was killed on January 13th. The killer might have been seen or startled during the killing process. The victim's ’’neck was cut open, her whole body was ***, had 16 knife wounds in total in her upper body, and had 13×24 cm skin and flesh missing from her ears to the top of her head.’’

January 19, 1998, 5:45 p.m., Deng X, a 27-year-old female was killed in her home located in Shuichuan Road, Silver District.

The victim's ’’coat was pushed to above ***, trousers stripped to her knees, neck cut open, had 8 knife wounds in her upper body, and 30×24 cm skin and flesh missing from her left *** to her back.’’

July 30, 1998, around 6 p.m., Myo, the 8-year-old daughter of Zeng X, an employee of Silver Administration of Power Supply, was killed in her home.

The victim's ’’privates were ***, neck was tied with a belt, pudendum lacerated and someone's semen was found.’’


It was a detailed time-table of the case.

After he finished reading, he carefully put it into his pocket. Then he took a deep breath and said to himself in his heart:

This is an experience task;this is an experience task...

Childe Hai said that an experience task would not be very difficult;now looking at the surroundings and the time, it must be decades ago, he would never become a key role that ran through the plots like he was in the last experience task. Therefore, as long as he relaxed and kept his head down, it would not be hard to go through.

He took a deep breath and went to the doorkeeper's room in the police station. There was someone on guard;on a desk in the room, there was some newspaper of the day and Su Bai caught sight of the date on top of the newspaper:

’’January 18, 1998.’’

Su Bai suddenly recalled the date of the crime written on that piece of paper it was exactly when the serial murders of Silver District happened again. The killer had committed two murders respectively in '88 and '94. Then this year, January 16 of '98, another murder reminded people in Silver District of their terrible memories which had been concealed for years.

Besides, according to the record on that piece of paper, the killer would soon commit another murder on January 19, which was the very next day. A 27-year-old female named Deng would be killed at home, which was Shuichuan Road in Silver District.

’’Another unsolved case? Like the XX case of mutilation, it was never solved after all these years?’’

Su Bai remembered this case because even in 2016, the time he lived, the killer was still out there.

Just then, a police car came from inside the police station and passed by Su Bai.

In that car there sat five people, four of whom were male and the last one was female. They all looked very serious;when they passed by, Su Bai heard that the young man in the passenger seat jokingly said to the driver:

’’The map's killing me! It's so inconvenient to drive without a mobile navigation.’’

They were all... real audience of this Dreadful Radio story, while Su Bai was the experiencer!


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