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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: White Hair

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

Just when they were staring at each other, the woman waved her kitchen knife towards him.

Su Bai leaned back and jumped backward from where he stood. The kitchen knife scratched Su Bai's clothes with a crisp sound;the air pushed by it hit Su Bai's skin and cause a harsh pain.

’’You can see my real appearance!’’

The woman screamed in astonishment. However, she didn't waste any time;she waved her knife again and again, coming after Su Bai.

Su Bai picked up a random vase from a cupboard nearby. He found that the vase was filled up with a baby' feet, which made the vase extremely heavy.

He was planning to throw this vase over, but he wasn't prepared for all this and couldn't do that. The woman's knife was already slashing down at him. Su Bai had no choice but to meet the knife with this vase.


Su Bai was surprised that the vase in his hands could actually take the woman's hit with her knife. The knife stabbed into the vase and got stuck. That was totally irrational.

He could see that, to his surprise, the feet in the vase were trying hard to clamp the knife. This was the key reason why the knife got stuck!

Su Bai immediately let go of the vase, stepped forward, leaned to his side and kicked heavily on the waist of the woman.

Su Bai had put all his strength into this kick;however, to Su Bai's astonishment, his leg directly went through the woman's belly because the rotten flesh on her belly totally loosened at this moment and let his leg through.

Next, Su Bai got close to that woman.

The woman stared at Su Bai with a savage look, opened her mouth, showed her stained teeth with a strong smell of blood and tried to bite him.

Su Bai suddenly felt so ridiculous. This looked so familiar;he himself seemed to enjoy biting people a lot, but he wanted to drink blood while this woman wanted to eat flesh.

His hands were hauling the woman's neck thus keeping her mouth from pressing down. Even the constant stink from her mouth became endurable to Su Bai at this moment.


Lucky meowed and started to clean its fur. It seemed to care nothing about what was going on in front of it, as if it was just a watcher. It brought Su Bai to this place and now it seemed to have nothing to do with all this.

The woman was twisting her body like crazy. Pieces of her rotten flesh and drops of her dirty blood were splashed around onto Su Bai's body. He kept holding her neck, then made up his mind and pressed down his leg which was already through the woman's belly. Then he started running with the woman over his shoulder.

’’Ah ah ahhhhhhh!!!’’

The woman was forced to move in Su Bai's grasp. She was actually not very strong: this was what Su Bai felt. Although the woman was almost as strong as an adult man, Su Bai was a lot stronger than any ordinary man;he could eat this woman alive with his strength.

This woman...

... was actually just a paper tiger?

Su Bai had finally come to his senses. No wonder this woman had to depend on hallucination or so called sorcery as disguise or deception. She was not as tough as he had imagined!

What she was counting on was her sorcery;she used it to let people indulge in romantic thoughts and put down their guards, then she could make the critical strike when they were the most relaxed.

But Su Bai was prepared for that after Lucky's meow revealed her real appearance. So her tricks wouldn't have so much effect or meaning left. Especially, when Su Bai started to fight against her, he realized the real reason why Lucky kept cleaning itself so calmly on that couch the cat knew Su Bai would be really hopeless if, even under such circumstances, he could still lose to such a woman or even got killed by her.


The woman was pushed against the wall with a dumb noise. Su Bai's hands turned from supporting her neck into clutching her neck, and his attitude turned from facing something horrible into facing a slightly tough rival.

Attitude would determine actions!

Su Bai pressed the woman's body against the wall, held her neck and smashed her head against the glass tiles heavily, again and again, without stopping.

The woman was making sounds with her messy breath, but she felt no pain and bore no harm. She was still staring at Su Bai with extreme craziness and that creepy cold smile.

She couldn't be killed?

Su Bai realized that the women might be already dead;she had a lot in common with him right now, and she had a strangely strong vitality.

If only he had an electric saw! But all he could do was merely to imagine.

Just then, the vase rolled to Su Bai's feet by itself. That large wide kitchen knife was still stuck in the vase. It was a sharp knife, because the woman had been sharpening it just now.

The woman was like a cockroach;she couldn't die even after Su Bai had beaten her so badly.

Su Bai made up his mind, lifted his feet, stepped on the wall and then kicked against the wall. With this counterforce, he got rid of that woman. After a roll on the ground, he grabbed the handle of the knife.

This time, the knife came out easily. The woman got free as well;then she came at Su Bai, screaming again. Su Bai held the knife, got up with one hand against the floor and grabbed the woman's shoulder with the other hand;he managed to hold the impact force of that woman, waved the knife and cut her neck.


With dirty blood splashing around, the woman's head fell off.

Just when Su Bai was about to take a breath and think everything was solved, the woman's headless body held Su Bai from behind. Her ten sharp fingernails were sticking into Su Bai's flesh, and he shivered due to the pain. The woman's head fell onto the ground;her hair moved and her only eye was looking at Su Bai as if she was laughing at his naivety.

Su Bai leaned over, managed to roll on the floor and pressed her headless body under him. Then he struggled to get away. But just at this moment, the woman's head jumped up, opened her mouth and tried to bite him.


Su Bai finally got rid of the woman and caught the flying head with both hands. The woman was biting with hysteria, her teeth knocking hard rapidly.

Before he could get up, the woman's body jumped and rose like a zombie with her arms stretching horizontally in the air, and she started to grow out white hair.

She was turning into a zombie!

Su Bai's look became severe;he knew she should be handled as soon as possible. The headless zombie was jumping towards him with a cold wind. She was fast and violent;her feet hit the ground with sounds like a hummer beating.

With a swift turn and fast draw-back, Su Bai escaped an attack of the headless zombie. But the zombie managed to turn her body in the air and came at Su Bai again.

Su Bai had no choice but to keep stepping back into the kitchen.

The woman's head was still in Su Bai's hands. Different from the zombified body which had turned into white-haired zombie, the woman's face still felt so soft in Su Bai's palm;however, of course, a lump of rotten flesh in his hands felt really disgusting.

Then, from the large pressure cooker there came a flopping sound. The boiled baby was supporting itself with both arms above the edge of the cooker and looking over towards him with melted eyes. Its skin was swollen, and it had became a bloated cadaver, but its body was struggling in the hot water as if it were an infant asking for hugs in the baby carriage.

Su Bai knew it was not asking for hugs;the feet in that vase had made some explanation. When the headless zombie came to the kitchen, Su Bai rushed to the cooker without hesitation and pressed the woman's head into the cooker.

’’Ah Ah Ah Ah Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!’’

From inside the cooker there came a harsh scream. Next, stinking green water began to emerge, and the head was melting.

The white hair on the zombie's body immediately disappeared. The body fell onto the ground softly like a balloon without gas and then became a pool of melted rotten flesh.

Su Bai wiped his sweat and went out of the kitchen. Lucky was still sitting on that couch.

For this cat, Su Bai had nothing to say. He just picked up the red box on the floor. There was dozens of read beads in it;it was more effective and attractive than blood bags!

So now he could go to Chengdu without concerns.

However, just at this moment, there came a knock on the door:

’’Mom, I'm hungry. Open the door, I wanna eat.’’

’’Honey, I'm hungry. Open the door, I wanna eat.’’

’’Sister, I'm hungry. Open the door, I wanna eat.’’

’’Sister, I'm hungry. Open the door, I wanna eat.’’


Outside, there was a bunch of creatures like that woman, and they came home at this moment?

Su Bai's breath ceased.


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