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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 34


Chapter 34: You Can See My Real Appearance

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

The woman didn't know Su Bai.


She couldn't even be called a woman. As for what she was, Su Bai had no idea. But he knew one thing for sure, Lucky's meow had revealed her true appearance.

Now Su Bai had no time to admire the capability of this black cat ’’Lucky’’, or to think of the mysterious woman who friended him directly through the official account of ’’Dreadful Radio’’. Anyone who saw such a thing with such a terrible appearance in front of him would ignore everything else.

’’Oh, you must be Zhang. Wang talked about you all the time. You are here for a friendly visit, right? Come on in! Have a seat! Wang is on a business trip and won't come home until next week. Since you're here, I can at least serve you a nice meal.’’

The woman even ogled Su Bai with obvious tease and allure, like the spray of red apricot blossom reaching over the neighbor's wall[1];she even licked her lips, which was a quite obvious suggestion.

She was willing, and he should be willing...

... so let's do this!

However, the woman seemed to have no idea that her disguise was totally exposed after Lucky's meow. For the moment, she was ogling and luring and pretending to be charming with such a horrible appearance that no man would have any se*ual desire no matter how impulsive he was.

’’Come on, what are you waiting for? Come on in, I've almost finished cooking.’’

Su Bai looked at Lucky and then the woman. For what on earth did this cat bring him here? And what the hell was this woman?

Just then, Su Bai noticed that the woman's body was level with the door, even her hair couldn't reach out of the door for even an inch, which meant the woman couldn't get out even a tiniest bit.

But Lucky sneaked into the room.

Su Bai looked at that black cat, then at the horrible woman and finally nodded. In fact, Su Bai didn't show any surprise on his face from the beginning to the end. He had his emotions under control.

’’So... thank you.’’

Su Bai greeted casually and walked in after the woman stepped away from the door.

The moment he got in, the woman became normal again. The room was clean;the woman was about 40 years old, mature and still with some charm.

Nowadays, there were different tastes towards women in this society. Quite a few were into this kind of women in their middle age. Besides, they usually were well-experienced, skillful and good at serving their partners, especially in beds.

’’Have a seat on the couch. I'll go finish the rest of the meal.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Su Bai nodded smilingly and sit down on the couch in the living room. The woman walked into the kitchen, intentionally waving her huge buttocks.

Soon, there came from the kitchen the sounds of pots and pans knocking against each other.

Lucky jumped onto the couch and sat next to Su Bai.

All the time, the woman had only seen Su Bai and hadn't even noticed that there was a black cat in her room.

Su Bai looked at Lucky. So Lucky was invisible to that woman?

Lucky turned its head around and looked at Su Bai as well. Then it stretched its hand and touched Su Bai's shirt. There was a pocket containing a ring, the one Liu He had left.

Su Bai understood and took the ring out.

These days, Su Bai had been troubled by the side effects of his Broken Vampire Blood and had no time to work on this ring. Now judging by the cat's action, should he put on this ring now?

Does it have any special effect?

Su Bai had somehow become used to the cat's performance. Now he didn't care whether this ring would bring him any other influences and decided to put it on first.

Once the ring was put on, Su bai felt a cold current run throughout his entire body. He couldn't help shivering.

Next, Su Bai was astonished to find the couch underneath had become rotten with cockroaches running about and messes of maggots worming in and out.

The clean room was now covered with filth and blood;floor, ceiling, refrigerator, TV... everything was covered by dark blood.

This was not a normal apartment. It was a haunted place, a real purgatory!

’’Come on, have some water first, the soup's almost ready.’’

The woman came with a glass of water. Because of the ring, the woman was again looking the way she was after Lucky's meow: her rotten flesh was shaking with her steps, her arms were full of bleeding holes;it was creepy enough to make a man's toes curl.

’’Have some water and make yourself at home.’’

The woman handed the glass to Su Bai amiably.

Su Bai looked at the glass. There was no clean water in it but worming maggots and even earthworms. In a word, gross.

But he still choked back that sickness and accepted the glass.


One of her eyeballs fell from her eyeholes into the glass, but it was still staring at Su Bai.

’’Drink it. You must be thirsty.’’

Such a view and such a visual stimulation would scare an ordinary person to death. Now Su Bai suddenly felt like an ordinary person, because he felt fear, enormous fear.

’’No, I'm not thirsty at all. I've just had a bottle of soft drink downstairs;my stomach's still full.’’

’’Oh, okay. Wait for the meal then, I'll check on the soup.’’

The woman went back to the kitchen and the knocking sounds continued. But there was something wrong.

Even then, in the glass that Su Bai was holding the eyeball was still staring at him with a kind of sinister look.

Su Bai looked at Lucky in the corner of his eyes. He really wanted to splash this glass of ’’water’’ onto Lucky.

’’Let me help you, sister.’’

Su Bai said, stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

’’Oh, no, I can handle this. You can take a bath. We'll have a nice chat after the meal.’’

The woman's voice was filled with seduction;apparently, she was trying to lead Su Bai's mind into that sort of affair.

But Su Bai walked into the kitchen anyway.

The woman was indeed making soup in the kitchen, boiling something in a large pressure cooker. It was steaming;Su Bai took a careful look and found that it was a baby! The baby's head was already well boiled and had a fascinating smell of meat.

Disgusting, but also really fascinating.

The woman was sitting on the floor and sharpening a big kitchen knife.

Seemingly noticing Su Bai's arrival, the woman looked up.

’’I said you can enjoy a good bath;I can handle all this. Alas, you young people really know how to take care of others;Wang never entered my kitchen.’’

The woman seemed to have finished sharpening her knife. She stood up, picked a large spoon, scooped up some soup from the pressure cooker, moved it close to her lips and tasted it. Then she smiled:

’’It's ready now. So tasty.’’

Then the woman started to scoop the soup into a large bowl.

Su Bai's right fist tightened and loosened. Finally, he decided not to move recklessly, went out of the kitchen and got back to the living room.

Lucky was still sitting on the couch calmly.

Su Bai looked around and found something red under the TV stand. He walked there, opened the small glass door and took out a red box. He opened the box;there were dozens of scarlet beads like jelly beans.

The moment he opened the box, a strong, pure smell of blood came out. Even under such circumstances, Su Bai couldn't help indulging in such smell.

How sweet was the smell of blood...

How pure was the smell of blood!

As a vampire, Su Bai was quite sensitive to blood. However, he suddenly realized that the sounds from the kitchen had stopped.

All of a sudden, Su Bai broke away from his original addiction to blood, raised his head and found a woman's frightful face close to his shoulder. The woman turned her face around just at the moment he turned his face, and they started to stare at each other.


The woman forced a weird smile coldly.

’’So, you can see my real appearance.’’


[1] The spray of red apricot blossom reaching over the neighbor's wall: There is a traditional Chinese poem ’’With so much spring in the garden, how can it be contained? A spray of red apricot blossom has already reached over the wall.’’ It is used as a metaphor of being unfaithful to her husband.


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