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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Out of the Blue

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

Su Bai bit the tip of his tongue and leaned backwards. If he hadn't buckled up, he would have fallen off from the driving seat.

The black cat lifted one of its paws and then started licking and cleaning its fur, as if Su Bai was nothing. But Su Bai knew that just a moment ago, there was images emerging in his mind when he and the black cat were looking at each other: it was a styx and there were numerous suffering souls roaring and screaming in it. It was a shocking, desperate image;an ordinary person or even someone with strong mentality like Su Bai would be astonished at the sight of it.

What cat was that?

Su Bai tried his best to calm his mind.

Just then, his phone rang. He didn't care about that, but the black cat meowed, jumped onto the passenger seat and stretched out its fluffy paw to touch his cell phone in the groove below the gears.

A lot of ideas came to Su Bai. Should he take out his dagger and kill this cat? Or should he just open the door and run away? But after he saw what the cat was doing, Su Bai took a deep breath and picked up his cell phone.

There was a friend request on WeChat, and it was weird:

’’Friend Request from Official Account: kongbu66.’’

When did WeChat offer such a function? Add a friend directly through an official account?

The avatar of this ’’friend’’ was a black cat.

Su Bai got surprised. He clicked the avatar, looked at the larger image and then looked at the black cat cleaning its fur on the passenger seat. The avatar of this account was exactly this black cat.

This cat was friending him on WeChat?

Su Bai licked his lips. It was not possible. This cat was licking its paw and there was no cell phone in its paws...

He was surprised, but he still chose ’’accept’’.

The alias of this account was ’’Dark Litchi’’.

Soon after they became WeChat friends, a voice message was sent to Su Bai. He opened it while keeping an eye on the black cat:

’’Hi, please take Lucky back to Chengdu, thank you.’’


What's Lucky?

This black cat?

Su Bai couldn't relate ’’Lucky’’ to all the images this black cat had just brought to his mind. Does it have anything to do with good luck?

’’Who are you?’’ Su Bai replied with a voice message.

’’You're not allowed to ask who I am. I'm just asking you to bring Lucky back to Chengdu for me. Didn't you just buy an air ticket to Chengdu? Just a little favor.’’

It was stiff, but apparently, it was a voice of a woman, with an unarguable attitude.

’’This cat?’’

’’Of course, take it back to Chengdu by air.’’

Su Bai didn't ask ’’What if I refuse?’’ or ’’What can I get from doing so’’, and he didn't ask more about her identity. Instead, he just answered:


And Dark Litchi immediately replied with an emoji of a smile;it seemed undemonstrative and reserved.

Su Bai put his cell phone back to where it was;the black cat seemed to have finished cleaning himself up, and it just sat there, looking outside calmly.

That person could friend him through the official account of Dreadful Radio?

That person could know that he was going to Chengdu?

Who the hell was that person?

Although there was a lot of doubts in his mind, Su Bai knew one thing for sure: no matter how many questions he had got, he should continue to do what he should do. But, how could he bring such a cat onto a plane?

Well, never mind, he would go trade blood first.

She will come to him for the cat after he got to Chengdu anyway;he would find out who she was by then.

Su Bai started the engine and drove calmly. He was 40 minutes earlier than he had planned when he got to the appointed location in the park.

He got off. Just before he closed the door, the black cat jumped out and yawned with its tail raised up, as if it was tired because of the long ride.

Su Bai watched the cat for a while. Seeing it was not going to run about, he allowed it to stay outside. After all, this was not an ordinary cat, not a husky that would disappear as soon as it got free.

Then he walked into the park. The cat followed.

However, when Su Bai was about to enter the appointed cafe, the black cat meowed, walked to Su Bai and put its front paws onto Su Bai's feet.

’’What?’’ Su Bai asked.

After asking that, even Su Bai himself felt it was ridiculous: he was talking to a cat! But soon, the cat proved that it could actually understand human language.

It scratched Su Bai's trousers and then walked to an alley on the other side. It seemed to be leading the way.

It's still early, so... let's check it out.

The park was not very large, but these alleys were pretty long with all those twists and turns.

Su Bai followed the black cat for five minutes and found an administration office of the park. It was a house that was painted green;it was designed to protect the beautiful green scenery of the park to the greatest extent.


Just then, there came the cough of a man. Then the window opened, a man poked out his head and spitted.

’’Captain, you are coughing again.’’ A woman handed a cup of water to that man.

’’An old problem.’’

A man and a woman the man was coughing and the woman offered him water, nothing special, except... both of them were wearing police uniform!

There were cops!

And, there were more than just two cops... there were a lot of cops!

Su Bai would be an idiot if he still couldn't get it: the provider who was going to offer him blood had been caught, and the police was waiting for him with a set-up.

Just then, the policeman noticed Su Bai in front of his window and started looking him up and down.

Su Bai squatted and put his hand onto the black cat's head.


The black cat moved closer to Su Bai's hand and rubbed against his palm comfortably.

It was cooperating...

Really cooperating...

’’Lucky, come on, a little further and we are going home, okay?’’ Su Bai said to that black cat.

The black cat stretched itself slowly and then walked forward. Su Bai followed it.

The policeman looked at them and then lowered his head to drink his water.

They got to the pond in the park;Su Bai sat down on the bench and the black cat sat by his side with a indifferent look on its face.

’’Thank you, Lucky.’’

The black cat ignored him. No more cute look like before when it was rubbing against Su Bai pretending to be a pet.

The blood trade must be called off, otherwise it would cause him a lot of trouble. Su Bai didn't want to bother his ’’family’’ with his own stuff;he was not close to that Su Family after all.

But he could not survive without blood;if he got hurt or felt hungry someday, he might end up hunting people madly on the streets.

It was already one p.m., and he was leaving by air this night. If he couldn't get blood as soon as possible, he would have to go to Chengdu with empty hands.

Just at this moment, the black cat suddenly looked at Su Bai, jumped off the bench with its indifferent look and started to walk towards the east gate of the park.

Su Bai had to follow it.

They left the park;soon, they went across a road and the black cat went directly into a residential quarter. It was an ordinary residential area;Su Bai followed the cat and went in with it.

The black cat entered through an entrance of a building and waited by the elevator looking at Su Bai.

Su Bai walked to it. It drew ’’7’’ on the floor with its paw.

So Su Bai pressed the up button, got in the elevator and pressed seven.

Then when the elevator door opened again, the black cat went out and led the way. Su Bai continued following it. Soon, the cat stopped in front of a door.

Su Bai pointed to the door, but the cat was indifferent and didn't respond.

’’Knock knock knock...’’

Su Bai had to knock on the door because the doorbell was broken.

’’Who is it?’’

’’Me.’’ Su Bai answered vaguely.


The door opened and there was a woman in the room. She was wearing an apron and perfume, and holding a spatula in her hand. She was a little plump, not very tall, looked like a typical housewife, but she had a flirtatious expression that couldn't be hidden.

’’Who are you?’’

The woman cast a glance at him and asked.

’’I......’’ Su Bai was trying to think of some excuse, but just at this moment, Lucky meowed again.


After the meow, Su Bai was surprised to find that the woman in front of him had changed: her spatula had turned into a kitchen knife with blood, her apron had turned into a gown covered with dirt and blood, and she herself was covered with blood. Her eyes were plumped out and there were two big lumps of blood in them. Her face was full of bleeding holes, and half of her tongue was hanging out of her mouth.

All of a sudden...

...there came a strong smell of blood...




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