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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Good and Evil Will Always Be Rewarded

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

Such a twisted and smashed face was Su Bai's own work. But at this time, in such a close range, it provided a visual impact that no one could imagine unless experienced in person. It made Su Bai's flesh creep, as if he had fallen into an icehouse. Even the boldest man would not escape from his instinctive reaction facing such a scare.

’’Ho ho... Here you are... Ho ho... Here you are...’’

The lady's lips were all destroyed but she managed to grin. There was a constant stink like that of a brined fish coming out of her mouth;it was so smelly that it could suffocate people.


The lady grabbed the bed from the opposite side with both her hands, and then the bed was tossed over. Su Bai immediately got up, but the lady was already throwing herself towards him.


There came a loud scream.

But instead of Su Bai, it was the lady who screamed.

At this very moment, that woman unexpectedly returned with an old man. They held the lady up high, each holding one of her feet hanging in the air.

The woman and the old man were not just common people. When Su Bai turned on his flashlight, he saw both the woman and the old man had livid faces and their bodies were giving off an awful steam, like a refrigerator with open doors.

They were all ghosts.

They were all from hell.

Su Bai took a deep breath as he tried to control his messy emotions. He was a person of calmness;whether in exams, or in love, or during murder, he had always been calm. However, facing such stuff beyond common knowledge, it seemed impossible to keep that absolute calmness.

Besides, Su Bai indeed had no idea what to do.

The living didn't know what to do with the dead.

But the dead knew.

’’Fire! Fire! Burn her, burn her!’’

The woman shouted to Su Bai while holding one foot of the lady tightly.

Then, as the lady kept struggling, the woman and the old man seemed a little hard-pressed to keep the lady under control. Furthermore, even though the lady could not move because she was held up by her legs so that neither her hands nor her head could touch the floor, she started to bite the woman's body and her hands were scratching the woman's legs.

Right in front of Su Bai, the flesh on the woman's legs was scratched off, a bloody hole was torn open on her stomach, and some dark gut was running out.

The woman was already shaking. Though she was dead, her body had limitations as well. And apparently the lady was overwhelming. Her claws were even covered with black smoke;when they touched the woman's body, the woman seemed to be set on fire.

On the other side, the old man opened his mouth and showed his black teeth. He held the lady's legs and managed to turn her around to face himself.

Apparently, the old man didn't want the woman be killed by the lady like this.

’’Fire, fire, fire!’’

Su Bai looked around in a hurry. The he saw a rough gas stove in a corner. He immediately ran over directly, and turned on the gas.




Su Bai tried to start a fire again and again, but it didn't work. There was no spark on the gas stove either.

He turned around to check on the other side, only to find that the old man was almost bitten to a skeleton and was about to collapse.

’’Damn it!’’

Su Bai crouched, held the gas tank and shook it several times and then tried starting a fire again.


Fire, fire!

The flame was finally rising up!

Su Bai immediately turned around. He remembered that there were many banners and posters under the bed so he ran to them, grabbed them and set them on the fire. Then he directly rushed towards the lady.

Now Su Bai could not care about whether the fire would hurt those two ghosts who were kind of helping him. He just threw those burning banners and posters towards them.

To Su Bai's surprise, though the woman and the old man were apparently afraid of fire and they screamed in pain when they caught on fire, they voluntarily drew those burning banners onto themselves and covered the lady with their own bodies.

They were gonna die together with the white-collar lady!

What kind of hatred was that? They would not let her go even if they were already dead!

The fire flashed on the faces of the woman and the old man. Suddenly Su Bai was shocked. He definitely had met the woman and the old man somewhere before but he couldn't recall.

’’Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!!!!!!!!’’

The white-collar lady was still struggling desperately;she was afraid of fire. But the woman and the old man were holding her so tightly. At last, the three of them burnt together and the flames turned into an odd dark green.


The last scream still lingered, but there were only three heaps of black ash left on the ground.

At this moment, the sound of the radio came again. This time, Su Bai was no longer in the car but in the unfinished building. However the voice was still clear and Su Bai even thought he would not be able to stop this voice even if he covered his ears.

’’Dear audience, at the end of the story, I just want to say that good and evil will always be rewarded. If it's not, then just wait until the right time.

’’Okay, thank you for listening to today's 'Dreadful Radio'. Thank you for your company. Let's meet in the next radio time.

’’For those who want to follow our latest news, you can follow our official account on WeChat. Click 'Add Contacts' on the top right corner in WeChat, and our official account is: kongbu66. Who knows, maybe you will be the hero in our next story.’’

As soon as the radio faded away, Su Bai felt dizzy and then fell down. When he woke up gradually, he was surprised to find himself lying on the ground in front of the Legend Nightclub. He immediately stood up and found no trace of that car around.

’’Di Di Ready to Go! A driver has answered your order. Please hold on.’’

Suddenly a notification tone of the taxi app came from his cellphone. Su Bai immediately picked up his cellphone and focused on the time. He was very sensitive to the time. After all, he was here to kill someone so he had to be sure about his timing, otherwise he would get himself involved.

But, the time on his cellphone was exactly when he had just walked out of Legend Nightclub through the side door and was about to leave in a taxi.

What the heck?

Have I been dreaming?

Su Bai look down at himself. There was no wound and his clothes were undamaged. Looking over himself, he felt as if he was dreaming.

But, was it really a dream?

It was so real!

Was it because he killed that white-collar lady? So he dreamt of her avenging?

Just when Su Bai was thinking wildly, a BYD pulled over right in front of Su Bai. A sleepy driver rolled down his window and asked:

’’Did you call the cab?’’

It was not the driver in the dream. This one looked in his 20s, with a long and thin face. It was not the same person that had hit and killed a girl in the dream.

Su Bai was in a daze for a moment. By now, he had almost come to his senses. Whether it was a dream or not, it would be very dangerous for him to stay here. He got into the car immediately and this time, he chose the back seat.

The driver started the car.

Holding his cellphone, Su Bai suddenly recalled that official account of that radio in the dream. He started his WeChat app, clicked ’’Add Contacts’’ on the top right corner and typed in those letters: kongbu66. Finally, he took a deep breath and clicked ’’Search’’.

Next, Su Bai suddenly felt a suffocation in his chest. A WeChat official account appeared for real.

It was not a dream. It might actually have been real!

Su Bai entered the official account.

[’’Welcome to the WeChat official account of Dreadful Radio Game. As our audience, we sincerely hope you live longer, and contribute more popularity to our radio.’’]

This should be an automatic reply.

Then Su Bai clicked ’’View History’’ where he saw the first historical news, posted 10 minutes ago. He opened the link and immediately, he was dripping cold sweat.

It was a passage with text and pictures telling a ghost story. The people in those pictures were himself and the hit-and-runner. At the bottom, Su Bai saw a picture showing those three ghosts burning into ash together and there were bloody letters written on the picture: ’’Good and Evil will Always be Rewarded’’. The next picture was of the driver lying dead in his car, with his body totally twisted. He had apparently been tortured and killed. In the lower right corner, there was half of the girl's creepy face gleaming.

Once again, Su Bai felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

What just happened was not a dream!

Really, it was not a dream!

Just at that time, a piece of traffic news came from the radio:

’’A car accident just happened in the Qingyang Avenue in central downtown, where an Audi dashed against the bridge pier. Relevant departments have been informed and are heading to the site. Now we would like to remind our friends on the road: At night, be careful. Avoid fatigue driving, and treasure your life.’’

’’Qingyang Avenue? That's not far from here.’’ Su Bai's driver said.

Then, just five minutes later, another piece of news came from Traffic News Radio.

’’It has been verified that the Audi that crashed on Qingyang Avenue is also the hit-and-runner at Hongpu Road. That car had hit and killed a little girl at Hongpu Road, and the driver escaped afterwards. According to the police, the car accident should have been caused by the escaping driver's negligence.’’

’’Retribution! That's retribution!’’ Su Bai's driver sighed and clapped on his thigh.

Little did he know that the passenger sitting behind him was all sweaty after hearing this piece of news.

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