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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Inspection

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

Su Bai just lied on the bed, digesting the meal he had. Though that ’’boss’’ was far from good-looking and absolutely not as cute as that little girl Su Bai had seen during daytime, fresh blood of a living person, for Su Bai at this moment, was as good as a luxury feast that was fascinating and irresistible.

He even started to feel as if this was his true destiny he would always automatically get himself involved into some eccentricity that was thrilling or beyond ordinary men's imagination. It seemed that he was just born to be a freak.

For that whole day, Su Bai stayed in the bed. The next room had been cleaned up and new customers had checked in by the evening.

That college girl was good.

As for that ’’boss’’, even though he had disappeared like that, it would take a really long time before someone reported or the police got interested, because he had such complex social relations;it might even disappear forever because Su Bai had noticed while packing up his staff that none of those IDs he carried was authentic, which would cause great difficulty for the police in the future investigation. Maybe, this ’’boss’’ had already got some dirty histories;he might be a fugitive.

As a matter of fact, sometimes, it was not difficult to kill someone without getting involved, especially with such murder without any motive like Su Bai did. The police could not start their investigation from the victim's social network, or start ruling out according to the motive;with no obvious evidence left behind, this would become a big problem for the police. Unless there was an expert detective like Holmes, it would be impossible for them to track back to Su Bai according to their procedures.

The reason why these four young men dared enough to establish that murder club in the first place was that they had no fear for cops or that system like normal people did;besides, due to their special status, they were able to see some of its essences. Therefore, lawlessness appeared.

Su Bai rented a car online with his smart phone and then ordered a large luggage case in a local Taobao[1] shop.

These were all paid online. The driver left after the rented car was parked in the parking lots of the hotel;he didn't ask Su Bai for any certificate or formalities because Su Bai paid extra money through a special channel.

As for the luggage case, Su Bai paid extra 50 yuan as delivery fee and had the seller delivered it directly to him. After two hours or so, the bell rang;Su Bai opened the door and received the luggage case from the seller. He didn't let that man in;after all, there was still a dead body lying in his room.

The internet had indeed made a lot of things much easier.

The body of the ’’boss’’ had withered a lot after his blood was sucked up, so it was not very difficult to stuff it into the luggage case. At last, Su Bai took a shower in the bathroom, lit a cigarette and took the elevator to the ground floor with the luggage case. Then, after throwing the key card to the front desk, he just walked out under the watchful eyes of all the people around with his luggage case containing a dead body and put it into the trunk of his rented car.

Sitting in the car, he started the engine, turned on the AC, picked up his cell phone and called Gu Fan.

’’Yeah. What do you want?’’ Gu Fan seemed to be quite impatient. And there were cracking sounds around his voice, apparently he was in the middle of something.

’’What are you doing? So noisy.’’

’’Type in my application report. I'm going to an institution of medicine in London.’’

’’You are so determined for Aroma. Aren't you afraid that your parents might peel off your skin for that?’’ Su Bai knew his family had arranged him in a key medical school for further education and were planning to force him onto that track. He could imagine the reaction of the Gu family if Gu Fan walked away at this moment.

’’Ha ha.’’ Gu Fan obviously would like no more small talks about this topic.

’’I need some blood. Help me out.’’ Su Bai came to the point.

’’Blood? Are you nuts? Have you involved from a serial killer to a bloodsucking psycho?’’

’’More or less. I've turned into a vampire, well, I'm a blood-sucking vampire.’’

’’I'm buying it.’’ Gu Fan cursed with laughter. ’’Alright, I don't even care what you want blood for. I'll give you the contact information of someone;his business covers both legal and illegal areas, and he's specializing in trafficking such stuff. He can transfer the blood bank in official hospitals, but he charges high... Forget it;you won't care about such money anyway;though you're not valued very much in your family, your parents did leave you a great fortune. Okay, I'll text you his cell phone number later. Tell him that I introduced him to you.’’

’’Good. Thanks.’’

’’You're welcome. By the way, Aroma and I are both going to London, and without Aroma and me, the club won't last long. You take care of yourself and try picking some scumbags when you want to kill. If I learn that you began to kill the innocent, I will turn you in as a tainted witness.’’

’’You're such a good doctor with a big heart.’’ Su Bai scoffed.

’’Come on. If you really can't hold it, come for some treatment after I got settled down in London. There's great studies and treatment for mental illness in London, and the privacy of patients is well protected.’’

’’I will.’’

’’Fine. So, bye then. I hope our next meet will be at the wedding of Aroma and me.’’

’’Go for it, bro.’’

A text came soon after he hung up. It was a cell phone number from Gu Fan.

Su Bai dialed immediately.

’’Hello?’’ It was a hoarse male voice.

’’Gu Fan introduced you. I need blood.’’

’’What type?’’

’’Doesn't matter.’’

’’How much?’’

’’As much as you can get. Money won't be a problem.’’


’’The sooner the better.’’

’’Fine. Tomorrow afternoon?’’

Su Bai checked his watch and hesitated for a moment. If the blood was ready by tomorrow afternoon, he could work out some plan to take it to Chengdu by plane;time would not be the real problem.


’’I'll inform the place. Money...’’

’’Money won't be a problem.’’

’’Okay. I'll keep you posted.’’

After ending the call, Su Bai started driving. There was a body in his truck;he had to get rid of it asap.

Hitting the road, Su Bai had an idea of where to go to dump the body.

However, to his surprise, not long after he had got onto the road, he saw traffic policemen blocking the way and inspecting DUI[2].

Su Bai didn't drink. But he narrowed his eyes;the traffic policemen were not the only ones inspecting cars, there were criminal policemen as well, and they would check the cars while the traffic policemen were inspecting the drivers.

He took out his cell phone and called Chu Zhao.

’’Yeah, what's up?’’

’’I found an inspection. What's going on?’’ Su Bai asked.

’’Oh. A director-general arranged that. Well, sort of a vanity job. Just ordering us about.’’

Su Bai nodded. Just then, a traffic policeman came over;Su Bai rolled down his window and blew to that survey meter.

Then Su Bai noticed that a female criminal police was walking around his vehicle. And she had gone to the back part of his car.

She patted on the trunk and checked his tires.

Just at that time, a male criminal police ran to her.

’’Mrs Liu, what's wrong?’’

’’There's something in his trunk.’’

’’We need to check that?’’

Mrs Liu nodded.

And the guy ran to the front window.

Su Bai found that his hearing seemed to have been enhanced after his physique was changed by that blood he had exchanged. He could hear that soft conversation behind his car clearly.

When the guy walked to him, Su Bai looked out of his window with a smile, but he engaged the reverse gear and kept his foot on the accelerator gently.

Su Bai knew exactly what was in his trunk;if they opened the trunk and saw it... he looked around;with so many policemen here, even he had this special physique he could do nothing in front of so many people and so many guns.

If Childe Hai was here, it would be possible to do something;his fireflies were indeed of great use.

’’Sir, it's a routine check. Please open your trunk.’’

Su Bai nodded and answered quickly:

’’Yeah, sure. No problem.’’


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