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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 27


Chapter 26: Fresh Human Blood

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

After paying for his meal, Su Bai walked out of the restaurant. His steps seemed to falter a little. He turned his head and looked at the glass door of the restaurant;from the reflection, he could find a hint of blood color in his pupils.

It was a thirst of blood, an extreme pursuit of blood.

His hunger needed fresh blood to be satisfied.

Chu Zhao had worried that Su Bai would became a ruthless killer due to his mental illness after he came to Chengdu, but such concern seemed to be unnecessary or to have missed the real point.

Because Su Bai had develop an impulsion that was more creepy than his homicidal mania...

... He needed blood! Fresh blood!

This was a crazed demand like a overwhelming hunger!

In the ancient times, even farmers, who were the most submissive and always working so hard in their farms, would rise in revolt and sweep across the country during famine times;thus, it could be seen how terrible the pressure of hunger was.

In fact, in modern society, there were very few people who actually suffered from real hunger. Normally, someone might have nothing to eat for one day due to business stuff or in order to lose weight;but when that hunger began to torture your body and was madly striking your sanity, a human being might be no different from a beast.

Su Bai leaned against the wall and sat down.

On the narrow road in front of him, there happened to be a mother walking with her little girl.

Su Bai couldn't help licking his lips and looking at that little girl;her delicate legs under that skirt, her cute cheeks and that smell of a young child... Su Bai suddenly shivered. He stood up and was instinctively about to follow that mother and daughter. But in the next moment, he took a deep breath and sat down again with his head buried in his hands.



I should never do that...

Absolutely not!

Su Bai didn't know what he was insisting on. In fact he was gradually losing his mind.

He got up, returned to the hotel and locked himself in his own room.

’’Blood, blood!’’

Su Bai curled up in the bed. He was longing for blood so badly, but he didn't know who could help him with blood in a short time. His first idea was the blood bank in a hospital, but even if he could find someone to help him through illegal ways, it could take quite some time. And killing someone...

Su Bai pictured that little girl in his mind again. He suddenly shook his hand and ground his teeth. No, no, that was not an option.

At this moment, Su Bai was like an addict struck by his drug addiction. He was rolling over in his bed, totally helpless with his tears and sweat, no longer elegant as usual.

At last, Su Bai's face became more and more hideous. He rushed into the washroom, turned on the tap and kept splashing water onto his face desperately. But it was useless. When he looked up, he found his face twisted and two fangs were sticking out of his lips.

A vampire. He was really no different from a vampire.

Then Su Bai's hands dropped helplessly from the edge of the mirror on the wall.


... I give up.

Seemingly making up his mind, Su Bai calmed down instead. That hunger inside his body was thus suppressed because it had become an instinct.

When he opened the door, he lowered his head. Just at that time, someone walked by in the corridor.

Instinctively, Su Bai immediately shut his door again.

’’Here we are. Come in.’’

’’You have to... pay first...’’

’’Do I look like a liar to you? Look at the car I drove today and the watch I wore! Do you really think I would lie to you for that money? As long as you are good and serve me well, I can even keep you as my mistress, understood?

’’Or if you dare to upset me... fine, we don't do anything at all, and you just go back to your school. I'm here for fun;it's all about a good mood. If my mood is destroyed, nobody's gonna have fun!’’

’’Sorry, boss. I'm so sorry.’’

’’That's my girl. I'm telling you, it's your lucky day that you met me.’’


The door next to Su Bai's room was opened. The man walked in with the girl.

Just behind the door, a gloomy smile turned up on Su Bai's face. Now there was still some sanity in his mind because he was very calm, but no personal feelings or moral constraint was left.

This is my prey;this is my blood bag!

Su Bai said to himself.

He didn't break in, because there were cameras in the corridor. He chose the window instead. He climbed out of his window, moved to the window of the next room. Luckily the window was not shut. But there was no sound of intimacy, only a low male voice forcing the girl to tell her bank card number and password for Alipay[1]. Then the girl's mouth must have been sealed;she didn't make any more sound.

Su Bai was interested. He slowly withdrew the curtain and saw what was inside.

The girl was locked in the private bathroom of the hotel suite;her mouth was sealed with tapes, hands and legs were tied up with nylon rope, and even her eyes were covered with black tapes.

While that ’’boss’’ in suit was now sitting on the floor inelegantly and pouring a bottle of beer down his throat.

’’Not bad! More than nine thousand! Seems easy for you to earn money in this business. College girls are much more expensive than those chicks in street hair salons;once in a while you still can pretend to be innocent so some loser boys will miss you... Ha!

’’Wait until I have transferred all your money. I'll take a good set of photos of your naked body, and then I'll do you. I'll only take less than 10k from you;if you dare to call the police, I'll have someone upload all those photos onto the Internet, onto the BBS of your school and send them to all your relatives in your address book. They'll know what a junk you are. Your parents will learn what kind of knowledge you're learning while they're supporting you for education. Ha!’’

He was talking while drinking, seemingly very pleased;but he didn't notice that a dark figure had secretly got down from the window and stood behind the curtain.

Su Bai had entered a king room;that ’’boss’’ was trying to convince that girl for ’’compensated dating’’, so he didn't only rent a suit but also a high-end room. Therefore, there was indeed lots of space for Su Bai to hide himself.

After a bottle of beer, the ’’boss’’ got excited. He got up with one hand rubbing his hair and the other unzipping his pants:

’’Come on, do the blow-job first. If you're good and get my juice out sooner, we can get to a merry goodbye. If you're not a good girl, hum, I've got sulfuric acid to destroy your pretty face!’’

He opened the door of the bathroom;when he was about to walk in, a hand reached out silently from behind, grabbed his neck and threw him onto the floor.

Then, a fist punched him in the face;he was struck dumb by that, but the next moment, he was sober again, because he felt a great pain in his neck. Something had stuck into his neck and was madly sucking up his blood!


...of a living person...

Fresh human blood!


[1] Alipay: is a third-party online payment platform widely used in China and many other parts of the world.


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