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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 25


Chapter 25: Blood! Blood! Blood!

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

’’Su Bai!

’’Su Bai!


’’Let go of me!



’’Ah ah ahhhhhhh!!!!’’

Su Bai just held the umbrella upside down and moved the flames to it. Watching the flames burn down that umbrella and release a stinky dark smoke, Su Bai became deeply fascinated.

In this world, was there anything better than watching your enemy, who was just about to kill you, burn to ashes?

Liu He had become a paper man weak and greatly harmed far less creepy than the one in the story world of Dreadful Radio, who was only was only afraid of blood and could not be destroyed by either fire or water.

Now, fire was his biggest opponent.

He waited until the last sound of Liu He's scream disappeared and the umbrella was burned to a pile of ashes and ribs.

Within it were also the ashes of Liu He the paper was burnt into ashes.

Su Bai stretched out his foot and stepped several times on those umbrella ribs. Then Su Bai clenched his teeth to bear the pain while he pulled out the sticks first the one in his underbelly and then the one in his chest.

It hurt;of course it hurt, because there was no anesthetic. But Su Bai was indeed so harsh on himself that it was beyond any ordinary man's imagination.

Blood was flowing.

Su Bai's face turned pale.

After that, hei leaned against the wall and panted heavily.

He was indeed so tired.

This change caused by Broken Vampire Blood was actually so limited. It was very different from what Su Bai had expected: capable of recovering rapidly even after his body was smashed.

Now, two sticks could already make him exhausted, as if all his vitality was dried out;if there were two more sticks, he would have been utterly doomed.

Su Bai remembered that in those movies, TV series and books he had seen, vampires could recover after they were crushed. Therefore, they were actually immortal and could never be destroyed. Of course, a ’’Broken Vampire Blood’’ could only change his body to something like this, and he couldn't ask for more. After all, one could only get what he had paid for. He was merely an experiencing audience.

However, such feeling of being dead without breathing...

...still made Su Bai a little uncomfortable. He was like a zombie, a...walking dead.

However, he knew the best of his own body. Su Bai felt hungry and tired;he needed to eat and rest for a good time and then he would be alive again. He would be able to have his warmth and breath back.

In a word, after he had accepted and integrated the Broken Vampire Blood, Su Bai had one more state of ’’dead’’ than others, but it was limited, or to put it another way, he was like a character in a game who had an extra small blue bar behind his HP bar;even if he was out of HP[1], he would not die as long as that blue bar wasn't used up at the same time. However, the blue bar was time-limited, he had to refill it as soon as possible, as well as his HP. Otherwise, he would still be dead if he stayed as ’’blue’’.

And that was exactly why Childe Hai despised this exchange he had made. Because it was really of little value it would only take a few more hits before Su Bai was killed, and it could not be upgraded through further exchange;it could not be enhanced through further exchange with the Dreadful Radio.

’’Come here, help me up.’’ Su Bai waved his hand to the ghost lady.

The ghost lady floated to Su Bai's side and supported his arm. The ghost lady was light and soft, merely a little better than nothing.

’’You've made a wise choice.’’ Su Bai smiled to the ghost lady.

The ghost lady didn't say or write down anything. She was a little insensitive but also a little grateful. If Su Bai was just an ordinary human, she would have lured Su Bai here with her enchantment as a ghost or other means, just as Liu He ordered. But when she approached Su Bai, she smelled something different from common people;by such a smell, she knew that Su Bai was special.

Even ghosts were afraid of something.

Anything with intelligence would have an instinct to gain benefit and avoid disadvantages.

So it was, with this ghost lady;she was controlled by Liu He, not very grateful for his kindness.

With the ghost lady's support, Su Bai felt much easier. He opened the black bag, there was an emerald ring, a wooden comb attached to a small paper figure by a red line. And this paper figure was definitely a paper girl.

’’To control a ghost like this? That's impressive.’’ Su Bai looked at the ghost lady by his side. She was looking at the small paper girl with a look of begging.

Su Bai smiled, ’’Easy. You had my word.’’

Then Su Bai picked up that small paper girl and tore it apart with his hands. The ghost lady appeared to be in pain at first, but soon, she seemed relieved. Her look became more gentle when she looked at Su Bai.

In fact, if Su Bai was so capable like Liu He, he would not care to control the ghost lady as Liu He did. But Su Bai was not that good. Therefore it would be better that he did the ghost lady a favor by setting her free. Anyway, she made a choice that was in favor of himself so he was able to prepare for what was coming, and he could finally successfully burn Liu He into ashes.

The ring was sort of weird, so Su Bai didn't dare to wear it onto his fingers, especially when he felt as if he had been starving and sleepless for two days. Under such circumstances, it was inappropriate to take any risk.

After putting the ring into his pocket, Su Bai walked down the stairs with the help of the ghost lady.

Liu He had said before that there were more paper men on the third floor, even a paper man family;Su Bai was not sure if they would remain paper forever since Liu He was already dead, but he had made up his mind to have someone burn this building after he left school, no matter how much it might cost.

These must be burnt no matter what. Paper men should go to their doomed place;there was no need to hold them in this world of living humans.

Before they left this building, the ghost lady hid into Su Bai's clothes in fear of direct sunshine and Su Bai had finally recovered enough to walk. His steps were weak and unsteady, but he was able to stagger along to the school gate, got a pedicab to his hotel and paid the pedicab driver with with tips for bringing him into the room through the hotel elevator.

The pedicab driver was an honest lady;she didn't think too much, just put Su Bai onto the bed and then left.

Su Bai was so tired that he immediately fell asleep after he got onto the bed.

And he slept for a whole day and night.

He was woken up by a great hunger. He felt a spasm in his stomach, and he was sweating due to that pain. He got up at once, took the key card and left the hotel. He went to a noodle restaurant nearby and ordered a dish of beef and a serving of pulled noodles.

When the beef was served, Su Bai took a pair of chopsticks and filled his mouth with beef. Others seemed to be startled by the sight of such a gentleman gorging on food, so they were staring at him from time to time. But Su Bai couldn't pay much attention to them. After the beef and noodles, Su Bai felt he wasn't full at all...


It wasn't right...

He was feeling as if he hadn't eat anything!

His hunger and the void in his stomach didn't decrease at all. Su Bai dropped his chopsticks. He knew... his hunger could not be satisfied by food...

What he need...

...was blood!



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