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Dreadful Radio Game - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Hide Under the Bed

Translator: CatCyan Editor: Zayn

There suddenly came a pungent smell, causing Su Bai to frown. This 31-year-old driver was scared enough to wet himself? Got the balls to hit-and-run but no courage to face the avenging ghost?

But what on earth was all this?

Su Bai knew he was not hallucinating. So, things were really weird.

He subconsciously tried to open the door, but it was locked. The driver was so scared that he had now seemingly lost his mind as he tried to shrink under the seat. The little girl on the windshield was still giggling at him, and it made the driver even more terrified.

In the meantime, Su Bai felt cold over his neck. He looked down;it was the white-collar lady. She had just been sitting in the back seat, but now she was squatting in the gap between the front seat and the back seat while holding his neck tightly with both her hands just as he had done to her in the washroom.

The knife was pulled out, and its sharp blade struck into the lady's wrist. But the next moment, the knife was completely stuck in her wrist and just wouldn't be pulled out.

But the strength of the lady's hands was not reduced at all;it was even stronger than before!

Su Bai's breathing became more and more difficult, and he felt as if his lungs were about to explode. However, Su Bai thought he might be born an incurable psychopath;under such circumstances, instead of fear and panic, he felt absolute calmness and excitement, as if he was back in the act of killing.

His brain was telling him that his entire body was floating in the air, but Su Bai understood this was not because of his excitement;the truth was, he was losing his mind because of suffocation.


Su Bai didn't follow the natural reaction to grasp both wrists of the lady with both hands. He used one hand to stab his knife, but it proved to be meaningless because the lady was nothing but a corpse.

His other hand had pulled the control rod of his seat and, along with his own weight, the seat fell behind to the maximum limit. The white-collar lady was pressed down under the seat, and her hands were forced to let go.

Su Bai took a deep breath, tried to bear the dizziness and then pushed his seat with both hands to throw himself sideways onto the driver so he could press the ’’unlock’’ button. With a crisp click, the doors were unlocked. Su Bai directly rolled over towards the left door and got out of the car.

To his surprise, the car was still moving forward at a speed of approximately 20 miles per hour. But when inside the car, no one could sense that the car was moving. Due to inertia, Su Bai rolled over several times after he fell down, causing many bruises and scratches. But luckily, he held his knees instinctively which saved his key areas from getting hurt.

With an abrupt brake, the driver seemed to suddenly realize what he should have done. He had just stopped the car and leaned out half of his body, wasting no time to care for the hand brake or any other stuff when the girl with the distorted face leaned over the door;her broken legs, which were linked with only a little skin and flesh, swayed in front of his face. In that instant, he burst into a scream and shrunk back into the car. This time, the girl also got in.

Su Bai rapidly stood up. There was no time to check his wounds as he immediately started running away towards the other side of the road.


The rear door opened, and the white-collar lady ran after him, giggling. Her shoes were rubbing against the ground, producing harsh sounds.

While Su Bai was running, he found that the environment on both sides of the road was rapidly changing. There used to be closed banks and convenience stores, but now there were unfinished buildings with uncovered iron bars, raised concrete and overgrowing grass it seemed so desolate. Legend Nightclub was located in the downtown;there was no chance to see such buildings around.

Even the smooth road had turned into a muddy road with broken stones everywhere.

Su Bai slipped;he bent forward and fell into dirty water. Before he could stand up, there came a whoosh, and ten sharp spines stuck into his back.


The pain sent a chill up his spine. At the same time, the weight from behind pressed him down into the dirty water again as he supported himself up with both arms.

With a hissing sound, the lady's ten sharp-pointed fingers went down along Su Bai's back, tearing his flesh and ripping off a layer of skin. While bearing the pain, Su Bai held a nearby iron bar with one hand and managed to lean aside. The iron bar was pulled out and put against the lady's neck.


The lady pressed down with her body trying to crush Su Bai, but luckily, the iron bar between them had shifted the weight and directed the lady to his left. She fell off Su Bai and pounded into dirty water.


Su Bai immediately got up, grabbed a concrete block by the road and hit the lady on the head when she was about to get up.

Honestly, if this happened to someone else, he might not be doing any better than the driver wetting himself in the car. However, Su Bai was not someone else. At this moment, he was sitting on the lady's back with both legs astride, and hitting the lady's head with all his strength with that concrete block.

Her head was so hard.

Suddenly, a word emerged in Su Bai's mind: Zombie!

Luckily, this lady seemed different from those zombies in Hong Kong zombie movies. With his repeated hits, the back of her head was caved in, and her face against the rocky road should have also been destroyed by now.

However, as Su Bai thought he could get rid of this threat by himself, the white-collar lady suddenly lifted her feet and stood upside down in an odd way.

Su Bai, who was astride over the lady, was flung off onto the ground, and the concrete block in his hand was thrown away. Now, the situation became urgent again. Just then, a married woman appeared on the second floor of an unfinished building. She pointed with her flashlight, and the light was shined towards Su Bai's face, making it difficult for him to open his eyes. Then, he heard the woman's shout:

’’Come upstairs! Come here!’’

There was no time for hesitation. The dead lady was becoming creepier by the second. Su Bai directly rushed into the unfinished building and started running upstairs along the naked concrete steps.

When he arrived at the second floor, the woman put the flashlight into Su Bai's hand and said to him: ’’Hurry, get inside and hide under the bed. She won't find you there.’’

Right after that, she ran down the stairs at once in a hurry.

Su Bai suddenly felt the woman was kind of familiar, but with a shaking flashlight in such darkness, he could not see her face clearly. So, he had to continue walking into the room.

The unfinished building was full of holes through which wind was coming in. There were no windows or doors, only square holes.

However, there were some simple furnitures like chairs, wardrobe, and... the bed!

’’Hurry, get inside and hide under the bed. She won't find you there.’’

Su Bai remembered what the woman just said.

In such weird place, it seemed there was no other choice.

’’Rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub...’’

There came a deep sound from the steps outside, and it was getting colder and colder. That white-collar lady was already coming upstairs!

Su Bai crouched, then laid down on his stomach and moved aside under the bed. It was dusty and a little choky, and Su Bai found many banners and big-character posters under the bed.

But the ’’rub-a-dub’’ was so clear as it approached. Su Bai had to turn off the flashlight, wasting no time to look at those banners and posters.

He took a deep breath and held it in.

According to the traditional explanation in movies, zombies could only sense a person through his breath. Although Su Bai was not sure whether it would work if he held his breath now, he thought it was worth a shot.

’’Rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub!’’

The sound was getting clearer and clearer, closer and closer. The white-collar lady had gotten off the stairs and walked into this room.

’’Rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub!’’

Su Bai could feel the vibration of the floor;that dead lady had entered the room and was walking towards the bed.

He clasped his hands.

He was hoping the woman was right.

’’Rub-a-dub, rub-a-dub!’’

Closer and closer...

Su Bai could even feel the cold air from outside coming in and touching his face with wetness.

Next, the white-collar lady seemed to have stopped right in front of the bed.

She stopped moving!

Su Bai felt relieved;it seemed like it actually worked!

However, just when Su Bai began to relax, his sight was lifted a little with his movement. Next, he felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse!

Less than 10 cm away from his face, just at the lower edge of the bed, there was a face a smashed, upside-down face staring at him!

Only then did Su Bai realize, the white-collar lady was standing upside down, and the ’’rub-a-dub’’ coming upstairs just now was not her footsteps, but her head knocking against the floor!


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