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Dragon Order Of Flame - Volume 2 - Chapter 6.9


Chapter 6 Part 9

’’There must be a compelling reason why he's so desperate, but I don't know what. It's making me quite uncomfortable. Good thing he raised the reward money himself.’’

After speaking such words, Luke stopped moving. The reason was because he was able to see the thieves that he had been chasing.

’’These guys, they're preparing themselves so thoroughly.’’

Mumbled Luke, as he stared at the thieves that were 70 meters away. There were about 30 thieves at the location, and half of them were already hiding behind thickets or beneath patches of grass. However, they were unable to fool Luke's senses.

<What are they doing? What are they planning on using that net for?>

’’Of course, they're planning on throwing it over our heads in order to capture us.’’

The thieves were currently preparing a net above the trees. If the guy behind the thickets were to pull a rope that was connected to the net, it would drop on the passersby and immobilize them. If it was to succeed in disorienting the subjugation force, the thieves that were lying in ambush would shoot arrows, and use spears to kill them off from afar. This by itself would cause major damage to the party.

Hearing Luke's predictions, Volkar was in awe.

<Hoh, Humans fight in this way. Is this what they call tactics?>

’’We also used tactics in our fights with you?’’

<I can't recall. And, I don't think tactics would work in front of me. Did it have any significance?>

’’......No, in all honesty, it had no significance on you.’’

Being at a loss of words, Luke mumbled. Even his last fight against Volkar, Luke had prepared a trap for him, but Volkar didn't even get a scratch. With that type of absolute power, there was no way for any type of tactics to work on him.

’’By the way, these guys, no matter how much I look at them, they're very similar to the Paluka Bandits. There must be some sort of connection between them.’’

<The 4 leaders that you spoke of before, there might be 1 of them here.>

’’Or, these guys can run away from here and end up joining the Paluka Bandits. There are many possibilities. There aren't any familiar faces as of yet, so I can't be certain.’’

<Do you remember their faces well enough to be able to even recognize them?>


Luke's brows furrowed with Volkar's question.

Thinking about it, he wasn't able to recognize their faces that well, because they had only come across each other during a punitive expedition. Although he could remember a ginormous build, a unique weapon, and their particular use of gangchesul, it would be difficult to know their faces from 15 years prior.

’’Yeah, I don't think I would be able to tell. How pointless.’’

<To think that you wouldn't be able to remember some faces from a mere 15 years prior, a human's memory is quite useless. It's the to the point where I'm suspicious of whether you guys have brains or a bundle of nerves inside your heads.>

’’Shut your mouth. You don't even remember what happened in the last 100 years. But, what do you mean by bundle of nerves instead of a brain?’’

<You really don't know anything. It means you humans are on the same level as bugs.>

’’Why do you compare us to such things that piss us off? Ah, either way, I should be able to identify one of them.’’

<Hoh, there's a guy that you can identify?>

’’Zaire Negurson, the top leader of the Paluka Bandits, I can recognize him. His hair was a deep red color, and his eyes were half-closed. Although he was pretty strong, he wasn't the type to participate in battles and was more well known for using his head. He later on became a big player in the underworld......’’

Luke had met Zaire a few times, even after the subjugation quest for the Palula Bandits. Some of them were intimidating moments, while others were just clean business.

’’Anyways, although they're just thieves, they're smart and have tenacity. Seeing how natural their preparations are, they must have done this many times over.’’

Luke clicked his tongue. He had heard that the Batlan Bandits had defeated several subjugation parties, and raised their reputation. But, now he was able to see why.

’’The amount of people here is already at 30. These guys, I wonder how many people they have? I don't think it's a mere 70-80 people. At the least, they've got to have 100 people.’’

Seeing the way they were, Luke could tell that they wouldn't suffer any damage, and would be able to run away after hurting the subjugation group. If they were wanting to finish things here, the main body would have been waiting behind the ambush group, yet Luke couldn't find them within the vicinity.

’’I don't know who's instructing these guys, but he's really prudent. To be so stingy with the number of casualties, I should tell them to learn from Viscount Nadal.’’

After mumbling such words, Luke stopped speaking and began to move forward. During that time, the thieves were almost finished with setting up their trap, and would soon be restricting their movements. This was the time that Luke was waiting on.

Chapter 6 Part 9 Completed.


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