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Dragon Order Of Flame - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.10


Volume 1

Chapter 4 Part 10

Seemingly amazed, Volkar asked.

<Your arms didn't break, how surprising. How did you do that?>

’’Do I look like I have nothing else better to do than to answer that question?’’

Luke angrily retorted back and stared at the Giant Lizard. While whipping its tail around, the Giant Lizard stood up.

’’That guy's tail is a real pain in the ass.’’

Just before, Luke saved his own life with his trump card. By utilizing the power of gangchesul at the 4th level, he empowered his arms to become stronger than steel. As the tail rushed in for the attack, Luke jumped back to mitigate as much damage as possible.

The 4th level of gangchesul can't be reached until the body reaches a certain level of rigidity. However, in the past, Luke had reached the 5th stage of gangchesul, making it possible to use the strength of the 4th level through a sophisticated technique. In essence, the 4th level of gangchesul was invoked to be used continuously, but it was also usable if it was perfectly timed to be used for short spurts.

Shweet. Shwee shweet.

The Giant Lizard did not rush in and instead stared at Luke. It seemed to be cautious of Luke, because he was able to block the attack of its tail and was still unharmed.

Suddenly, Volkar spoke.

<A plan has come to mind.>

’’What is it?’’

<You just need to awaken your powers as a dragon controller. Since you have my soul, the soul of a dragon and the apex of all dragon species, you will be able to exert control that is incomparable to a mere Orc.>

’’There hasn't been any evidence of me having the powers of a dragon controller, so how am I supposed to awake its powers?’’

<Have faith. You have the soul of a dragon, and you are destined to kill one as well. Believe in the infinite possibilities that sleep within you. Having unshakable faith will awaken your powers.>

’’You know that I don't have the time to be reflecting on myself, right?’’

<You're in a situation where death is near, so having faith in yourself will be of great value. Believe me. And pray that the words of faith will become a magic incantation. Now, repeat after me. The power of the dragon controller within me, awaken!>

’’The incantation is too embarrassing. Just thinking about is making me feel ashamed.’’

<There is no one to hear you anyway. Luke, believe in yourself. And believe in the power of the incantation.>

’’....The power of the dragon controller sleeping within me, awaken.’’

Luke said it in a low, forced out tone. Volkar groaned.

<I don't feel any faith at all! Without faith there is no meaning! Strengthen your faith and cry out louder!>

No one was here to see Luke anyways, so there was no reason for him to be embarrassed. He wasn't in a situation where he could even care about being ashamed. He had to believe. In order to get through this situation, Luke had to believe in the dragon's transcendent wisdom and magic incantation, and awaken the power sleeping within himself. The determined Luke said in a loud voice.

’’The power of the dragon controller sleeping within me, awaken!’’


’’The power of the dragon controller sleeping within me, awaken!’’

<I can feel your faith growing. Louder!>

’’The power of the dragon controller sleeping within........!’’

The moment Luke threw away his embarrassment and started concentrating, a warm feeling could be felt within his heart. And the Giant Lizard, being unable to understand Luke's actions, decided to rush in.

Even as Luke watched the Giant Lizard rushing towards him, he did not stop his incantation. He gazed straight at its eyes and shouted with assurance.



A heartbeat rang throughout Luke's body. At that moment, Luke was convinced that something had awakened from within him. He did not know what that something was, but if it was exactly what Volkar had stated, then it was the power of a dragon controller. If it really did awaken, then he would be able to dominate the Giant Lizard that was right in front of him!

The Giant Lizard aimed a fireball at Luke without hesitation.


’’It's not working!’’

Luke screamed as he hurriedly avoided the flames. At that moment, the hot sensation rising from his chest disappeared and the feeling of disappointment took its place. As Luke continued to dodge the onslaught of attacks coming from the Giant Lizard, he decided to quibble with Volkar.

’’Volkar, what happened? Are we unable to control that thing if we don't know how to apply the powers of a dragon controller?’’

<Your dragon controlling powers have not awakened.>

’’What? You told me that my powers as a dragon controller would awaken if I firmly believed in myself and continued to shout out that incantation?! I definitely felt something hot within my chest!’’

<I think you just felt that way because you were too fascinated with the incantation. As I thought, the powers of a dragon controller and magic go hand in hand. You're unable to awaken with just faith if you don't have any magic.>

’’Hey! Then it was meaningless from the start! Why did you make me do it?’’

<Because, on the contrary, if your dragon controlling powers were to awaken, I assumed there would be a possibility for your magic powers to awaken as well. It was a plan I came up with on a whim, but I didn't think you would follow it so seriously. I'm sorry.>

’’Did you give me a half-assed incantation too?!’’

<By all means, remember today's shame and I hope your aspiration for magic grows.>

’’You piece of shit dragon, I'll definitely kill you one day!’’

<That's a wonderful resolution. I hope that resolution will follow you till the end.>


Luke's face turned red with embarrassment as he continued to avoid the Giant Lizard's attacks. This was the first time that he really wanted to take Volkar out from inside him and kill him.

Kwa Jik!

Is it because he was distracted? Luke's movements as he was dodging the Giant Lizard's attacks got disrupted, allowing a gap for an attack to appear.

The Giant Lizard did not miss that gap. As soon as a tree fell in front of its eyes, it opened its mouth and shot out a ball of flames.


There was no way to avoid or defend against it. As soon as Luke's eyes grew wide with surprise, the Giant Lizard's flames had wrapped around him.


Luke screamed. A Giant Lizard's flames were not enough to burn people to ashes, but they were still strong enough to burn one to death. Luke threw his arms up on reflex to try and cover his face, but it was difficult to avoid a fatal injury, and if the Giant Lizard was to use the gap to send in an additional attack, there was nothing Luke could do but to face death.


At that moment, Luke's heart throbbed again. Suddenly realizing that something was strange, the screaming Luke opened his eyes.


Unlike what was expected, it was not painful at all. He could clearly feel the fire hugging him, yet there was no pain.

’’What is this?’’

With an absurd expression, Luke lifted his arms to stare at them. The amber flame was burning strongly around his body. Unable to believe what was happening, Luke muttered to himself.

’’No way, is this.....’’

Luke remembered one possibility and his eyes grew wide. Simultaneously, he continued to stare at the flame's movements and decided to concentrate his mind. As he did, the flames that were dancing on his arms suddenly moved, clearing a small space.

’’What the? Have I become able to use the power of an attribute?’’

It was hard to believe, but it seemed that way. Although he was wrapped in flames, he was not hurt, and he was also able to move the flames according to his wishes. There was no other possibility.


Volkar was also shocked. He quickly calmed himself and spoke.

<Th, this is just as I intended. Getting hit by those flames, I knew there was a high possibility that you would be able to awaken my fire attribute powers.>

’’......If you want to scam me, you should do it after you cut off our mental connection. I can feel how shocked you are, you 3rd rate con artist.’’


Volkar closed his mouth.

With a snort, Luke continued to stare at the flames in wonder. As he concentrated his mind on the fire and controlling its movements, he could feel a force that was different from his gangchesul wriggling inside his body.

’’I can figure out what happened later in the future.....’’

Luke smiled and glanced at the Giant Lizard. Seeing that Luke was unscathed, even with its flames wrapped around him, the Giant Lizard was shocked and unable to attack.

’’You can say that you're dead now. Your fire is useless against me, but if my fire is effective against you, it would be way too simple to kill you.’’

Luke raised his fist wrapped with flames, and after he spoke, he kicked off the ground and rushed forward.


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