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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1253


Chapter 1253

’’Jiang Chen, you really want to kill me?’’ Sir Liu could already feel Jiang Chen's killing intent and spoke coldly .

’’Don't you want to kill me? Since you want to kill me, I, too, can also kill you,’’ replied Jiang Chen flatly .

What he said was an irrefutable fact . The Evil Abyss was originally a very ferocious place, a place where it was either you or your opponent die . So when Sir Liu decided to take his opponent's life, his opponent too could also take his life .

’’Jiang Chen, don't you get too presumptuous . I'm an expert of a major power in the middle region . A person that you can't afford to offend . Even if you don't put the Evil Lord in your eyes, the major powers of the middle region aren't someone to be trifled with . The number of Golden Immortals in the middle region is beyond your imagination . If you kill me today, you are surely going to feel the wrath of the major powers of the middle region . ’’

Sir Liu felt reluctant . He had intended to flee but the powerful demonic devil had already locked onto his Qi, making it extremely difficult for him to leave .

’’You are really talkative even in the face of death . Let Master Monk help you release your soul from your sinful body . ’’

Tyrant shook his head;then said to the demonic devil: ’’Da Kuaitou, kill him now, if you can't do that, then I will flay you alive . ’’


After receiving Tyrant's command, Da Kuaitou immediately let out a roar . Clouds of devil waves soared up to the sky . Then, the demonic devil charged at his target like a mad creature, carrying boundless destructive Qi waves with him . After being edified by Tyrant, he had already become Tyrant's slave that obeyed all the instructions of his master .


Without putting much thought on it, Sir Liu flew from the battlefield the instant the demonic devil launched itself forward . As a man who had great understanding of the Evil Clan, he knew all too well how powerful this demonic devil was . Although they were both half-step Golden Immortal experts, he wouldn't be able to gain the upper hand should the battle continue and would eventually end up in a tragic death . If he fled now, he might still have a chance . As for the others, he was no longer in the position to care for their safety .

’’Humph! If you were to run away, where should Master Monk put his face at?’’

Tyrant had already anticipated that this would happen . Promptly, his body flashed . He moved at his maximum speed, blocking the path of Sir Liu in a blink .

’’Stupid bald head! Get lost!’’

Sir Liu clamoured furiously, he did not put a monk in his eyes . There was no way that this late divine Immortal monk could match his half-step Golden Immortal strength .


Sir Liu swung his Immortal Sword, slashing out a brilliant light at Tyrant .


Calmness was the only thing that could be seen on Tyrant's face . He He was also a fighting maniac . Although he was only a late divine Immortal expert, he wouldn't have a problem fighting against a half-step Golden Immortal opponent . He waved to strike out a palm, sending out a gale that condensed into Wisdom King's face . This was the formidable Acala Seal of Buddha Sect with a power that was far stronger than any ordinary combat technique .

Under the suppression of the Acala Seal, Sir Liu could feel the irresistible and endless pressure before being sent flying away by attack . Coincidentally, the direction he was heading was where the demonic devil was flying over .

*Ka Cha!*

The demonic devil clasped both of Sir Liu's arms with its terrifyingly huge claws, it then roared deafeningly and tore him to pieces .


The scene was startling . Everyone's facial expression darkened incredibly as it was just too violent . A half-step Golden Immortal expert was killed just like that . Sir Liu was certainly no match against Tyrant and the demonic devil . The whole process was horrifying and bloody .

’’Over...It's over... . ’’

The city lord of Yi Mo City shuddered while feeling the ultimate despair . It was an unbearable cycle when a person's despair was turned into hope then to despair again .

The most depressed individuals were the two late divine Immortal experts who had come together with Sir Liu . The both of them had the impulse to cough up blood . They were secretly scolding themselves, asking themselves why they chose to come here . Wasn't it a lot better if they if they stayed in the middle region? It was too late for them to escape now . They were no fools . They could already see Jiang Chen's ferociousness and dominance;and given the norm in Evil Abyss, all of their hopes had now been destroyed .

’’You two, submit to me now and I will let you live . ’’

Just as the two of them were in their deepest despair, Jiang Chen spoke and offered them a chance all of a sudden .

After listening to this, the both of them were stupefied for a moment before delight took over their emotion . Compared to death, surrendering was definitely a better choice . And the last thing anyone wanted in Evil Abyss was death .

’’We agree . ’’

The two of them didn't dare show any neglect . They immediately approached Jiang Chen and saluted deeply . Although they had never thought that they would be subdued by a Heaven Immortal one day, they weren't reluctant to comply with it .

’’Jiang Chen, we will surrender as well . ’’

The city lord of Yi Mo City and the other city lords spoke . The sight of Jiang Chen offering the two late divine Immortal experts the choice of surrendering made them see a glimmer of hope .

’’Kill them . ’’ Jiang Chen gave out the order without even looking at them .

’’Jiang Chen, why did you offer them the chance to live but not us?’’ The city lord of Yi Mo City paled .

’’Because I have already given you all the chance . I will never give my enemy give my enemy a second chance . They are the same . I will only give them one chance . So if they refused to submit themselves to me, they will end up just like the lot of you,’’ said Jiang Chen plainly, totally ignoring the despair of his enemies .


Da Kuaitou roared and struck out a palm, crushing the two city lords to meat paste on the spot . As they were both merely late divine Immortal experts, they couldn't withstand the demonic devil's attack .

At this point, all 36 cities in the outer region had already been taken by Jiang Chen, and they were now all named Fragrant Sky City .

Tyrant and Jiang Chen were standing next to each other, everyone was staring in fear at the monk . The monk didn't only have the ability to subdue the mighty half-step Golden Immortal demonic devil, but also had an amazing combat strength . This could be seen when he confronted Sir Liu .

’’Little Chen, there is always chaos everywhere you go . I have been in Evil Abyss for a long time . When I came to check the situation of the outer region out, I was surprised to discover that you were the source of the chaos . Haha! But this is what I call exhilarating . We can't be living in an overly quiet and boring life even if we have already ascended to the Immortal World . ’’

Tyrant laughed loudly . His passion for fighting was awakened after he reunited with Jiang Chen and went through an intense fight .


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