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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1242


Chapter 1242

*Chi La!*

Regardless of what condition their adversaries were in, the two barbaric bulls only had one thing in their mind, that was to obey Jiang Chen's command . They had to obey any command given by Jiang Chen unconditionally . If Jiang Chen wanted them to kill all the people in the city, no being in the city should stay alive .

The death of the third city lord paralyzed the rest of the experts . How much fighting spirit was left in them now? Everyone including those early divine Immortal experts were trembling in fear . Their faces had already turned pale .

’’No more fighting . No more! We will surrender! We'll surrender!’’

’’Let's stop fighting and surrender now!’’

The last three city lords broke down;immediately, they threw away their combat weapons and surrendered unconditionally . If they didn't do this at this time and continued fighting, it was imaginable what outcome would befall them .

The scene made Chen Hui, Li Si and the allied early divine Immortal experts incomparably delighted . Their faces were brimming with exhilaration, as it was their first time experiencing such an intoxicating battle . They had been gaining the upper hand during the whole process . Now, they had to admit in their hearts that following Jiang Chen to the battlefield was truly a privilege and pleasure .

Ah Da and Ah Er stopped attacking and turned to Jiang Chen, waiting for his next order .

’’What are the two of you looking at? Did the two you already forgot the command I gave you earlier?’’

Jiang Chen darted the two bulls a glare as he didn't have any intention of letting any city lord go . When doing things in the Evil Abyss, one had to be ruthless and decisive, so that his power would be widely known and his prestige be established . Therefore, whenever someone talked about him, it would instantly draw fear out of their innermost soul .

Ah Da and Ah Er didn't dare to show any sign of neglect . Immediately, they rushed towards frenziedly at those three city lords .

’’Argh!’’ ’’Argh!’’ ’’Argh!’’

Accompanied by three shrill screams, the sky was filled with mists of blood . The remaining three mid divine Immortal experts died in the hands of Ah Da and Ah Er . The scene left all of Jiang Chen's enemies dumbfounded and so scared that they didn't even dared to breath . Every one of their bodies shuddered with fear .

It was too ferocious . Jiang Chen truly was a savage being that showed no mercy to his preys .

This was the result of confronting Jiang Chen . It was unfortunate that they didn't cherish the chance he had given them . If they headed over to Fragrant Sky City and surrendered within the acceptable time period, they wouldn't have faced today's outcome . ’’

’’City Lord, what should we do to these people?’’ asked Chen Hui .

’’Don't-don't kill us . We will yield to you and are willing to work for you . ’’

’’Yes . I hope that City Lord understands our situation . We We were only following their orders before this, otherwise, we wouldn't have fought in this battle . ’’

’’We beg for mercy, City Lord . We are willing to be your followers . ’’


These people were completely horrified . Jiang Chen's methods were just too scary and frightening . They had no room for resistance unless they wanted death, but nobody wanted that, especially in a place like Evil Abyss, staying alive was too difficult and everybody who was alive wouldn't miss any chance that could help them to survive .

’’Allow them to surrender . I want these people to head over to the other cities and replace the existing plaques with 'Fragrant Sky City',’’ ordered Jiang Chen .

’’Thank you, City Lord . We are willing to follow City Lord and will do anything for City Lord . ’’

These people were overwhelmed by emotions as if they had never felt so delighted in their lives, they had never thought that they would be subdued by a Heaven Immortal one day, but after surrendering to this young devil master, they felt incomparably relieved, as if a big rock had been removed from their hearts .

’’Chen Hui, let's go to the other city,’’ said Jiang Chen to Chen Hui .

’’Yes, City Lord . ’’

Chen Hui's face was filled with anticipation . Today's battle was just too exciting to him . It was something that he had never experienced in his life . After living in Evil Abyss for quite some time, he had already gained a deep understanding about everything in here . Jiang Jiang Chen was the second person to create chaos besides the Evil Lord . The lawless, arrogant and domineering aura that Jiang Chen was exuding could subdue anyone .

Under the lead of Chen Hui, Jiang Chen and the others continued to move forward to another city . By now, of the 36 cities, 10 cities had already been fully controlled by Jiang Chen . The fate of the remaining 26 cities including the four cities that had late divine Immortal experts would never change .

Jiang Chen's objective was rather simple, that was to complete the unification of the whole outer region in one day . They were afraid that only Jiang Chen had the guts and ability to accomplish such a magnificent feat . No other individual would even dare to think about it .

While Ah Da and Ah Er and the rest were fighting, Big Yellow and Lu Sheng had arrived above a city . This city seemed incredibly serene, like any ordinary city before the war . No guards could be found and there were no signs of alliances .

’’What the hell?! There isn't any single defence around? They are totally not putting us in their eyes . Master Dog isn't going to stand such a situation . ’’

Big Yellow was so angry his nose almost became crooked . He always liked it when someone feared him, but this city was acting so calmly despite knowing that they would strike . How arrogant!

’’Calm down, Master Dog . The city lord of this city must have thought that have thought that we don't dare launch a large-scale attack and offend the Evil Lord, which is why they seemed so serene . Of course, now that Master Dog has arrived, it will be their end,’’ said Lu Sheng with utmost respect .

He wasn't any different from the other experts that submitted themselves to Jiang Chen . For instance, although Chen Hui and Li Si had surrendered to Jiang Chen, they had a free body and mind . Oppositely, Lu Sheng didn't have all that as Jiang Chen had planted a divine sense seed in his Sea of Consciousness and this made him a permanent slave to Jiang Chen . He knew how well the relationship between Big Yellow and his master was, so he wouldn't dare show any sign of disrespect to Big Yellow, unless he wanted death .

’’Humph! Since they are seeking death, I will fulfil their wishes . Lu, go and call them out . ’’

Big Yellow shook his sturdy tail and said proudly .

’’Yes, Master Dog . ’’

With a flash, Lu Sheng emerged above the city and shouted with all his might: ’’Everyone who's in the city, listen closely! Anyone who doesn't come out at once will die now . ’’

Being a mid divine Immortal expert, his aura was overwhelming . By using all of his might to shout, his voice reverberated within the city, making it impossible for anyone to miss .

In the prefecture, the city lord was inattentively enjoying his wine with a few underlings, but when he heard the sudden loud voice, his facial expression changed drastically .


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