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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1239


Chapter 1239

Attack the Cities and Seize the Lands (1)

The turbulent wind swept through the tower, heralding a rising storm in the mountains . This was the situation the outer region had fallen into . The atmosphere in various cities were tense . Every one of the experts was standing in their assigned position, combat-ready to face the attack of Fragrant Sky City . There were also some cities that didn't make any preparations or even allied with the other cities . It had to be said that the likes of these city lords did have a very optimistic view . They still firmly believed that Jiang Chen would never dare launch a large-scale attack in the outer region . Without a doubt, city lords with such optimistic beliefs were more arrogant than Jiang Chen .

Unfortunately, this bunch of people knew too little about Jiang Chen and his methods . Any one of them who had a certain understanding about Jiang Chen would've already made the smartest decision by surrendering to Fragrant Sky City, or else they were only going to face their death .

In Fragrant Sky City, all the experts who had went into seclusion had gone out three days later, except for Big Yellow . He was still refining the soul essence, a treasure left by a Golden Immortal demonic devil, it made his refinement harder than the others . Therefore, more time was needed to complete the refinement .

There was a huge square outside the prefecture . All the experts of Fragrant Sky City were standing opposite of Jiang Chen . Each and every one of them seemed incomparably stirred, especially Chen Hui and Li Si . There was no way that they wouldn't because their cultivation had already improved a lot after getting Jiang Chen's reward, advancing from the peak of early divine Immortal realm to the mid divine Immortal realm, which was something that they hadn't dared dream of .

One should now that every advancement in the divine Immortal stage was incomparably difficult . Furthermore, the both of them had already touched the bottleneck of their cultivation realm, making it even harder for them to break through . Jiang Chen however easily helped them break past this barrier . So they now rejoiced the wise decision that they made early on .

Being mid divine Immortal experts, it meant that they were now qualified to be lord of the city . Of course, that would only happen in the past . Now that Jiang Chen had come to Evil Abyss, mid divine Immortal experts no longer had the ruling power . Even city lords like Lu Sheng had to surrender to Jiang Chen and become his slave, or else death would be his only option .

Not just them, Ah Da and Ah Er had also advanced to the mid divine Immortal realm . The two of them possessed incredible devil nature just like the demonic devils of the Evil Clan . So, this made the Evil Abyss the ideal place for them to cultivate . Plus, both of their minds were interlinked, making their speed of advancement incredibly fast when they cultivate together . Therefore, after refining Jiang Chen's Spiritual Spring, they successfully advanced, reaching the mid divine Immortal realm .

Jiang Chen was quite concerned for development of these two devils because they were different from those ordinary demonic devils . Their degree of of cooperation was flawless . Now that they had advanced to the mid divine Immortal realm, they were strong enough to fight a late divine Immortal opponent . They were also one of Jiang Chen's most important source of strength at the present time .

Apart from them, Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying's cultivation had also improved by leaps and bounds, from early Heaven Immortal realm to the peak of late Heaven Immortal realm . Such speed really exhilarated them, Yan Qingcheng in particular . Her eyes were brimming with infatuation as she looked at Jiang Chen .

To the two girls, it was an incredibly lucky thing for them to meet Jiang Chen in a place like Evil Abyss . There was no question about it . If it wasn't for Jiang Chen, they weren't sure what they would be facing right now . They would've probably been tortured and humiliated instead of achieving their current cultivation base .

Lu Sheng and the others were also very excited . Although they hadn't gotten anything from Jiang Chen yet, they were convinced by every one of their result . To those who wanted to survive well in Evil Abyss, there was nothing that they would anticipate more other than getting stronger .

So currently, all of them were filled with anticipation . As Jiang Chen had stated clearly, as long as they worked hard for him and contributed for the city, they naturally wouldn't be excluded from the reward-giving moment .


Just as this moment, a thunderous roar sounded from the prefecture . Then all of a sudden, a golden pillar shot up to the sky . Big Yellow emerged in the sky . The current Big current Big Yellow looked extremely divine and the illusion of a dragon-horse could be observed from his appearance .

’’Good, Big Yellow has already advanced to the early divine Immortal realm, which drastically increases our overall strength . ’’

Jiang Chen couldn't help feeling delighted upon seeing Big Yellow's successful breakthrough to the early divine Immortal realm . He knew Big Yellow's terror very well . Despite being merely an early divine Immortal divine beast, if Big Yellow unleashed his divine power, it was a piece of cake for him to kill a mid divine Immortal opponent . Plus, he was also capable of fighting even a late divine Immortal opponent .

’’It's so divine . Sure enough, this dog isn't as simple as he looks . In reality, his body possesses some very powerful bloodline . ’’

’’Our forces are getting stronger and stronger . With our present strength, we are enough to sweep across the entire outer region unhindered . ’’

............... .

Big Yellow's advancement had brought the crowd's morale to a new level . As every one of them on the scene were strong cultivators, they could naturally discern Big Yellow's terrifying power . They had defended the prefecture alongside Big Yellow back when the three city lords came to attack them . So they knew very well how scary this dog was .

Lu Sheng and the others had an even deeper impression of Big Yellow . Although they hadn't fought with Big Yellow yet, this dog was able to hold them for two days using only a grand formation . The memory of this was still as recent as yesterday's .

After two consecutive advancement, the Qi radiating from Big Yellow shivered the soul of those mid of those mid divine Immortal allies . They were afraid that none of them would have the courage to engage in a fight with Big Yellow .

Big Yellow flew one round to show off himself, then came to Jiang Chen's side .

’’Well done . ’’

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow's head and praised .

’’Tell me, when is the war starting?’’

Big Yellow's Qi fluctuated . He was losing control over his surging impulses .

’’Master, three days have already passed, but not a single city lord has come to surrender . What should we do now?’’ asked Lu Sheng .

’’What are the responses of those cities?’’ asked Jiang Chen .

As the present situation was within his calculation, there was nothing he should be surprised about .

’’Master, your name and Fragrant Sky City had already been spread out, but many cities have been forming alliances, seemingly in preparation to fight master . However, there were also a few of them that didn't do anything . They didn't join the others nor increased their defences as they have already concluded that master won't dare to launch a large-scale invasion in the outer region . ’’

Lu Sheng briefly explained the status in the outer region . He wasn't idle during these past three days and he didn't dare to show any sign of neglect to the task given by Jiang Chen . Although no one came to surrender to them, he managed to gather intelligence from those cities .

’’What the f*ck! How dare they for not putting us in their eyes? That's unforgivable . Tell Master Dog which cities are they from? Master Dog will personally launch a massacre in those cities, leaving no survivors,’’ said Big Yellow angrily .


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