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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1235


Chapter 1235


*Pu Chi!*

There was no resistance, under Jiang Chen's fierce bombardment all resistance were futile . The dragon sword was too sharp . None of the energy was able to stop it . The targeted city lord's glabella was penetrated by the Heavenly Saint Sword . Blood spewed out uncontrollably from it . This resulted in a mid divine Immortal expert's unnatural death .


The other two city lords exclaimed immediately when they saw the situation . They widened their eyes, they couldn't believe what they saw . They were very confident in their strength . Being the high and mighty mid divine Immortal experts, they had never feared anything, but today, a mid Heaven Immortal genius had opened their eyes completely .

The death of their companion was like a wet blanket to them, making them aware of the current situation;at the same time, it also told them how foolish it was to attack Fragrant Sky City .

Escape . That was right . Escape was the only thing they could think of right now, because nothing was more valuable than life . It didn't matter if they lose a city . In Evil Abyss, life was priceless and it couldn't be brought back if it was gone .

Even though it's still a two versus one battle, after witnessing Jiang Chen's ferociousness, they immediately decided to run . They weren't idiots . They could naturally notice the difference between them and Jiang Chen . If they continued fighting, they would undoubtedly end up like the previous city lord .


The roars of the frenzied dragons were deafening . It was impossible to escape the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal . The only way for them to leave was to break past the attacks of the combat dragons . Aside from the difficulty of doing so, Jiang Chen had never given any of them the chance to flee .


The Heavenly Saint Sword howled once more, appearing before one of them in a blink . That person scrambled to defend . There was no way that he could be a match for Jiang Chen and every defence they used was fragile and vulnerable before the Heavenly Saint Sword .

*Pu Chi!*

Similarly, it was the sword that took his life . It penetrated through the chest of the city lord with such destructive power that it instantly destroyed all the vital force of the man .


The combat dragons hadn't completely disappeared . The remainder of them entered the Heavenly Saint Sword . In a flash, the tip of the sword was just an inch away from the last city lord's throat . It would only take a slight push to take his life .

’’Don't, don't kill me . ’’

The remaining city lord panicked . He didn't want to die . Despite already knowing the norm in Evil Abyss, he still begged for mercy and wanted a chance to live . It was basically impossible for him to escape from this youth even if he he was at his peak .

’’I can choose not to kill you . Let go of your divine sense and become my slave from now on,’’ said Jiang Chen .


The city lord exclaimed . His face turned pale instantly . This indicated that Jiang Chen wanted to plant a seed in his Sea of Consciousness . From then on, he would become a slave that would only serve one master . Every thought in his mind would be known by his master, and his master's single will could take his life .

To a mid divine Immortal expert, it was incomparably cruel as he would lose all of his freedom from that point onwards . But given his current situation, this was the only chance for him to stay alive .

’’I don't want to give you too much time . If you are unwilling to, you can die now,’’ said Jiang Chen in a cold tone .

He would never be polite to people like this . The Heavenly Saint Sword was glimmering with sword light, ready to kill its target at any time .

The city lord gritted his teeth . In order to live, he was left with no other choice .

’’I'll comply . ’’

After that the city lord opened up his Sea of Consciousness . Jiang Chen created a seed made of divine sense and planted it in his opponent's mind, gaining full control of him .

’’Master . ’’

The city lord didn't dare show any sign of neglect and stubbornness because Jiang Chen was Chen was clearly aware of everything running in his mind .

’’Very good . What's your name?’’ Jiang Chen asked .

This man was one of the city lords in the outer region . Thus, he must have a better understanding of the situation in the outer region . Having someone like him as a follower would benefit Jiang Chen greatly in his future plans in the Evil Abyss .

’’Master, my name is Lu Sheng . ’’ Lu Sheng spoke out his name straightforwardly .

Jiang Chen had killed the other two mid divine Immortal experts with astounding means and turned the one who surrendered to his slave . This scene shocked the experts of both sides . The irreversible situation was instantly turned around by Jiang Chen, from defeat to victory .

’’My God! Young Master Jiang has just left for two days . How could he become so powerful all of a sudden? He was able to kill mid divine Immortal experts without relying on the two Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bulls . ’’

Huang Ying was completely influenced by Jiang Chen . His timely appearance made her see hope again .

’’He's too scary . It seems like we should follow City Lord wholeheartedly from now on . ’’

’’Agreed . I can already imagine the Evil Abyss becoming chaotic because of City Lord, the outer region in particular . The remaining city lords in this region won't be able to have a good night's sleep . ’’

Chen Hui and Li Si were both completely overwhelmed by Jiang overwhelmed by Jiang Chen . Before this, they still had complaints about Jiang Chen, but now, they had brushed off all their complaints and decided to follow their master, just like a loyal soldier to his country .

On the other side, those early divine Immortal experts who came with their city lords to attack Fragrant Sky City seemed incomparably awkward . Apart from awkwardness, their eyes were also brimming with fear . They found it hard to accept everything that happened just now, it was just too different from what they had imagined . It was something that they hadn't even dreamt about at night .

’’Lu Sheng, I will leave these people to you . After you are done, see me at the prefecture . ’’

Jiang Chen left after issuing a command, then he flew towards the prefecture . He had already turned back to his human form . Judging from his appearance, it was very hard to link him to the killing demon .

After Jiang Chen left, the city lord immediately displayed the dignity he used to have . Although he was a slave of Jiang Chen now, he was still the high and mighty city lord in front of these people and there were a some of them who were his subordinates .

’’Listen up, people . I, Lu Sheng, have already surrendered to master . All of you will be given the chance to do so too . Anyone who refuses will die immediately,’’ said Lu Sheng sternly .


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