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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1232


Chapter 1232

Time is Running Out

At this point, the Five Elemental Tisura Formation wouldn't be able to hold for too long . Big Yellow, Ah Da, Ah Er, Chen Hui and Li Si had all tried their best to support the grand formation by channelling their energy into it . Even Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying and many experts in the prefecture had joined them . Although they had limited strength, every one of them wanted to contribute as much as they could . If the grand formation was broken, they would surely end up pretty bad .

Both Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying knew those three city lords more than any one of them . Some said birds of a feather flock together . Those who befriended the Lascivious Young Master wouldn't be very different from him . Given their beautiful appearance, the consequences of falling into their hands wouldn't be very much different from Lascivious Young Master's grip .

Outside the grand formation, at least a dozen of divine Immortal experts were constantly launching their attacks under the lead of the three divine Immortal city lords . Their attack power could never be underestimated .

As a matter of fact, Big Yellow and the others were having difficulties sustaining the grand formation while the three city lords were also feeling depressed . Each and every one of them began to curse as they had been attacking the formation for more than a day and not even a crack was seen on the barrier . Such a situation certainly dealt them a significant blow to their morale .

’’Motherf*cker! What kind of formation is this? How could it be this solid? I couldn't see any capable experts inside the formation except for that dog, which was only a late Heaven Immortal expert . Despite the insuperable gap in power, this dog is actually able to support this formation for so long . It seems like the one who deployed this formation must be some extraordinary being . ’’

’’Why hasn't Jiang Chen appeared yet? Brother Lascivious died because of him . Could he be too scared to come out?’’

’’Don't care that much . He won't be able to hide for long . Today, we must break this formation . They are losing their ability to sustain it . If words about today's incident is spread out, it will deal a huge blow to the prestige of the outer region . ’’

The three city lords gritted their teeth . After making clear of Jiang Chen's actual situation, they advanced to Fragrant Sky City . Initially, they all thought that seizing control of the city was merely a simple task . None of them had expected to face such a massive obstacle . They had already spent a day attacking with all their might, but their enemy's grand formation was yet to be broken, let alone killing anyone inside .

By this time, both sides were giving out their best, especially those three city lords . They were constantly yelling at their men to increase their force of attack, because to them, it was already a great disgrace not being able to break a formation after such a long period of time .

The incident about Fragrant Sky City had stirred up numerous experts across the outer outer region . Perhaps, there were some other cities that were paying attention to this matter in the dark . Such a situation made them lose their face . If they didn't break the grand formation as soon as possible and kill everyone inside, they would later become the object of ridicule, a laughing stock, and even be bullied by the others when they returned .

The Evil Abyss has always been a cruel world . The weak would always be bullied and the strong would have the authority all the time . Every strong expert would have to step on other people's shoulder or corpse in order stay at the top .

*Hong Long......*

Resplendent attacks drifted over the sky . Every attack would leave cracks on the grand formation, making Big Yellow extremely busy in repairing those damages . However, the frequency of the attacks were starting to exceed his repairing speed, causing more cracks to appear on the formation . It seemed like they wouldn't be able to hold on for long .

’’What should we do now? The grand formation won't be able to last long . I wonder when Young Master Jiang will be back . ’’ Huang Ying said with concern .

’’Don't worry . Big Brother Jiang will definitely be back . ’’

Said Yan Qingcheng with an irreplaceable confidence she had for Jiang Chen .

’’Big Yellow, how long can we continue to hold?’’

Chen Hui asked while gritting his teeth . Holding the Five Elemental Tisura Grand Formation was just too taxing . A large portion of his energy had already been consumed .

’’We can still last for another two another two hours . ’’

Said Big Yellow . He didn't want to lie to them . Two hours was the absolute limit for what he could do now . If he was replaced by an expert who had no knowledge in formation, that expert would only be able to hold it for ten minutes, let alone two hours .

’’Two hours? Will the City Lord be back before that time? If he can't all of us will be finished . ’’

Said Li Si worriedly . The attacks from the other side were too overwhelming, leaving him no sign of hope .

’’Shut your mouth, you two bastards! Little Chen will be back before that time . ’’

Big Yellow said impatiently . Obviously, the two of them were the ones who were scared of death . This could be observed when they chose to submit to Jiang Chen . However, Big Yellow wasn't afraid that these two would betray them . Despite their greed and fear for dying, they were also beings with intelligence . They should have already seen the situation clearly . Those three city lords weren't going to let any of them live . Even if they choose to surrender now, they would only face one outcome - death .

Moreover, Chen Hui and Li Si were completely frightened by Jiang Chen . Before they could confirm if Jiang Chen was able to return, they wouldn't dare to do anything that was unfavourable to Jiang Chen, or else they would die very badly .

Having no other choices, the two of them could only continue to instil their energy into the grand formation, assisting Big Yellow assisting Big Yellow to hold the grand formation .

There was nothing to be said about Ah Da and Ah Er . After being edified by Jiang Chen, the only mission in their lives was to serve Jiang Chen . They would use their lives to complete the task given by Jiang Chen if they had to . This was the difference between them and Chen Hui and Li Si .

One hour passed . Innumerable cracks had become visible on the Grand Formation, seemingly about to break at any time, but with Big Yellow's brilliant skill, the formation could still hold . This scene made the three city lords even more depressed . While they were astonished by Big Yellow's terrifying skill, they also had the urge to shred him to pieces right away .

’’Son of a b*tch! That dog is truly a strong one . Everyone, give out all your best . This formation is already reaching its end . ’’

One of the city lords was shouting while launching aggressive attacks .

*Hong Long......*

The Heaven and Earth trembled . The winds and clouds changed colour . The entire sky above Fragrant Sky City was encompassed by a colourful energy and the Qi of death .

On the other side, Jiang Chen had increased his speed to the maximum . By circulating the Great divination Art, he had already predicted some of the situations in Fragrant Sky City . In the pagoda, the demonic chief's wounds had already been fully healed . As such, what he needed to do now was to get back to Fragrant Sky City as soon as possible .


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