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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1229


Chapter 1229

All of a sudden, the mighty demonic devil felt a surge of tremendous pressure . In a split second, it drew out a demonic weapon to block the Heavenly Saint Sword .

*Hong Long... . . *

The impact was earth-shattering . It tore everything apart, creating endless waves of winds that carried inexhaustible Qi of destruction . Due to the effect of the suppression, the demonic devil wasn't able to exert its most powerful combat power . It was sent flying away by Jiang Chen's strike . It was totally no match for him .


That mid divine Immortal demonic devil spurted out a mouthful of blood . The demonic weapon in its hand was trembling and blood was trickling down its palm . It was defeated with just a single strike .

However, this demonic devil was after all a powerful mid divine Immortal expert, unlike any ordinary early divine Immortal demonic devil . Despite its injuries, it was still intact because it hadn't received a lethal attack, but the scene was still shocking . It had put every demonic devil including the chief of the tribe into a shocked state . No one was able to imagine that a mid Heaven Immortal human could have such a powerful combat strength and could even injure an opponent who was many levels higher than him .

’’How could this human brat be this powerful? Isn't his power a little too excessive?’’

’’F*ck! Is this bastard truly a mid Heavenly Immortal human? As demonic devils of Evil Clan, the strength of our physique gave us a huge advantage over humans . Although this brat has the means to suppress our ability, the fact that he could defeat a mid divine Immortal devil with only a mid Heaven Immortal strength is unbelievable . ’’

’’This brat is a heaven defying one . He has to be someone sent by the Evil Lord . The Evil Lord has given us lots of trouble since his arrival . If this brat is able to grow further, he will pose a serious threat to our clan . Today, we have to get rid of him together . ’’

............ .

Every demonic devil was astounded . The group of devils which were rushing forward finally settled down and retreated . They weren't fools . Before this, they only knew an intruder had broken into their territory . Given their ferocious nature, they would naturally lunged forward to eliminate the enemy . The death of thousands of their kind told them that every one of them would die regardless of how many there were if they still pushed forward .

Those divine Immortal experts were ready to act, especially the few mid divine Immortal experts . They were ready to take down this abnormal human with their joint force .

’’Back down, all of you . ’’

The leader of the tribe extended his hand to halt the devils which were about to strike . Its eyes were as cold as a a blade, fixing at Jiang Chen . He had never put Jiang Chen in his eyes from the very beginning . In his eyes, a mid Heaven Immortal human was similar to an ant and didn't require him to personally act, but the previous eye-opening scene changed his view of Jiang Chen . Only a late divine Immortal expert like him would be able to take down this genius who could defeat a mid divine Immortal demonic devil .

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of a cold smirk when he saw the chief volunteering himself to fight him . Without saying a world, he turned and fled . The shockwave created here had been huge . So he needed to get to another battlefield as soon as possible . After all, this was the territory of the Evil Clan, which was unsuitable for a large-scale battle . This was the reason why he had launched a massive attack at the tribe . The only purpose was to attract the chief of the tribe to come out . He would be facing bad luck if the leader didn't emerge after all the shockwave .

’’Humph! You dare to flee after massacring so many of my devils?’’

The chief harrumphed coldly when he saw Jiang Chen fleeing away . Without hesitation, he turned into a black light and chased after Jiang Chen . Jiang Chen's action had made his resoluteness to kill Jiang Chen firmer . In his point of view, Jiang Chen fled Chen fled away because he was afraid of him, otherwise, he wouldn't have fled .

’’Come on . ’’

Jiang Chen casted his dragon wings and flew at an extremely quick speed, disappearing in the sky in a blink . The chief followed quickly and vanished .

’’Should we go after him as well?’’ One of the mid divine Immortal demonic devil asked .

’’No, that brat is virtually dead once the chief engaged him in a fight . Judging on how heaven defying he was, he was probably a follower of the Evil Lord . We should guard our tribe in case another human comes to attack us . ’’

Another demonic devil spoke . Apart from having high confidence in their chief's ability, they had also already concluded Jiang Chen's death . After all, Jiang Chen was the one who fled .

In a land of wilderness thousands of miles away .

Jiang Chen came to a halt and turned to face the chief . This deserted land was far away from the previous battlefield and was well suited for battle . As such, Jiang Chen had nothing else to worry about .

’’Why aren't you running anymore?’’ The chief stopped and asked coldly .

’’If you flee now, perhaps you still have a chance . ’’ Jiang Chen shrugged and mocked .

After listening to this, the leader of the demonic devil was stunned, but burst out into a laugh right after that . ’’Haha......human brat, is your mind already fried? You have killed so many killed so many of my devils, but I will still give you a chance . Kowtow before me immediately and I assure you to have a quick and pleasant death . ’’

’’You must not know that you aren't the first who said this to me . And all of those who said this word ended up dead . There was no exception . Perhaps I won't kill you because you are useful to me . ’’

Said Jiang Chen plainly . What he said was extremely arrogant, but those words were the truth . Anyone who had said this line to him was no longer alive .

’’Courting death!’’

The chief wasted no time . He promptly unleashed a monstrous Qi and struck out a large black devil cloud and smashed against Jiang Chen like a solid mountain . This was an incomparably fierce attack and was a full-fledged attack of a late divine Immortal expert . The energy contained inside of it was so huge that it could overturn mountains and seas . Any ordinary expert wouldn't be able to withstand it . Even a mid divine Immortal expert would be severely wounded by this attack .

*Hong Long......*

Jiang Chen was fearless . He launched his palm, striking out the powerful and huge True Dragon Palm that was enshrouded with flames . As the dark cloud came in contact with the flames, its Qi shrunk by half and its size was reduced slightly as if it had encountered its natural enemy .


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