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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1228


Chapter 1228

A great number of the demonic devils were charging forward fearlessly as if they couldn't feel any sense of danger, while the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda eradicated everything in its path . Despite the mass number of demonic devils, they weren't considered enough to feed the appetite of the pagoda . In this short period of time, the benefits brought by the pagoda helped Jiang Chen form 1000 dragon marks, enhancing his combat strength even more .

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had turned into a moving mountain, crushing everything in its path . No matter how many the demonic devils were, it wasn't enough to overwhelm the mountainous pagoda . Big bulks of demonic devils were constantly being devoured by the pagoda . Although these demonic devils had low cultivation, they were still a massive number . By now, at least a thousand demonic devils were killed by the pagoda . This was an incomparably large number, because the blood and Qi essence of a thousand Heaven Immortal demonic devils had helped to almost finish the condensation of the sixteenth level .


Such massive casualties was surely an irrecoverable loss to the tribe . The demonic devils at the back finally understood the situation and many of them began to retreat . Despite their ferocious nature, they weren't idiots . They knew that they could avoid such senseless death .

*Swoosh...* *Swoosh...* *Swoosh...*

This movement finally alarmed the higher ups of the tribe . At least a dozen powerful Qi flew out from the centre of the castle . These demonic devils were larger and sturdier . Their cultivation was the most terrifying part as they were all divine Immortal experts . The most powerful among them was on par with the one Jiang Chen encountered in the valley . A late divine Immortal expert .

’’Son of a b*tch! What's that thing? How dare he come here and start a massacre! He's courting death!’’

When the chief of the tribe saw the dramatic decrease in his troops, he went mad and locked on Jiang Chen's position with his eyes and murderous Qi .

’’A thing that looks like a human and a beast? It should be some kind of secret art practiced by humans . This human is so arrogant and bold to attack our tribe while being only a Heaven Immortal . Leader, allow me to behead him and bring his head back to you . ’’

An early divine Immortal demonic devil unleashed its Qi . As soon as it finished speaking, it lunged forward . It would never put a Heaven Immortal expert in its eyes, because a Heaven Immortal expert was no different than a lowly insect that could be crushed to death casually .

’’Get lost!’’

It clamoured loudly . The demonic devils which were engaged in the intense fight quickly made way for it . Each and every one of them gritted their teeth, wanting to devour Jiang Chen very badly . However, they had already anticipated Jiang Chen's end . They knew that once the divine Immortal higher up took action against this intruder, he would die without a doubt .

’’This pagoda seems very magical . I'm I'm going to have it . ’’

When the demonic devil saw the hovering pagoda, its eyes were filled with greed . It grabbed the pagoda with its large black palm .

’’The condensation of the sixteenth level will be complete after killing you!’’ Jiang Chen shouted .

He grabbed the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and hurled it at the demonic devil . With his current combat strength, he could instantly kill an early divine Immortal opponent . Besides, the skills and means that he had could greatly suppress these devils .

This was just what he wanted to happen . Presently, the pagoda has already reached the last step in condensing the sixteenth level . If it could devour an early divine Immortal demonic devil, the condensation of the sixteenth level would be completed .

*Hong Long...*

The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda let out rumbling roars . The roar of a dragon could be heard from the pagoda itself, as if there were 10 000 true dragons hiding inside of it, filling the entire pagoda with the aura of divine dragons .

’’Not good . ’’

When the conceited demonic devil was about to come into contact with the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, its facial expression changed dramatically . Not only could it feel the power of this pagoda, but more importantly, it could also feel a dragon's aura and the purest Yang energy under the heavens . The devil was instantly suppressed, restricting it from using all of its power .

Even if the early divine Immortal demonic devil was in its peak state, it would be impossible for it to resist Jiang Chen's Ancestral Chen's Ancestral Dragon Pagoda .


Everything was already too late when the devil sensed the danger . The speed of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda was too fast . It pounded severely on the demonic devil's body . Despite being at the early divine Immortal realm, the demonic devil still faced the same end as its Heaven Immortal juniors . Its huge body was smashed to pieces on the spot .

*Hu...* *Hu...*

Gale howled . The corpse of the demonic devil was completely devoured by the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda . Instantly, the sixteenth level brightened up . That was the indication of a massive energy . The instant the energy of the early divine Immortal demonic devil was absorbed, the sixteenth level was fully condensed . The light radiating from it was dazzling .

’’What? What kind of treasure is that? How can it be so powerful?’’

’’I can feel a sense of sacred Qi within the pagoda . Additionally, the Purest Yang Qi could severely suppress us . However, the fact that this brat can kill an early divine Immortal opponent while being only a mid Heaven Immortal is truly mystical . ’’

’’Chief, although this pagoda could suppress our power, it is without a doubt a rare treasure . Since this brat brought us a gift, we should never refuse it . ’’


Those divine Immortal experts were shocked . They had never thought that a puny Heaven Immortal expert to carry such a powerful pagoda and had the ability to kill a divine Immortal expert . Apart from all of these, he had also killed at least killed at least a thousand of their forces, creating a major loss to their entire tribe .

If they were able to get their hands on this blood-red pagoda, they might be able to recover all of their losses .

’’Let me test his strength . ’’

A mid divine Immortal demonic devil volunteered . He took a leap forth and arrived before Jiang Chen . However, the moment it struck out its palm to get the pagoda, it vanished . It was recalled by Jiang Chen . Since the sixteenth level had already been fully condensed, he didn't need it anymore .

’’Mid divine Immortal demonic devil... just the right time to test my combat strength . ’’

Jiang Chen would never decline any challenge . Given his present strength, it was more than enough to handle any mid divine Immortal expert, let alone a mid divine Immortal demonic devil .


His Heavenly Saint Sword let out a deafening howl, as the Qi of the sword soared up to the sky . Under his control, the sword turned into a blood-red dragon and slashed at the mid divine Immortal demonic devil .

This was a sword strike clad with the Purest Yang Qi and the circulation of the dragon transformation skill . The degree of suppression on the devil was unimaginable . Furthermore, the surface of the sword was now enshrouded with terrifying flames . Whether it was the True Thunderfire or the True Dragon Flame, both of them were the greatest enemy of the demonic devils . Therefore, it was the demonic devils' misfortune for encountering Jiang Chen today .


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