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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1147


Chapter 1147

This was a thing which Jiang Chen had to consider . Additionally, after the refinement of the lotus heart, Han Yan's cultivation would certainly improve by leaps and bounds . By then, he would have the ability to protect himself even without Jiang Chen's help . Besides, Jiang Chen was the one in the spotlight instead of Han Yan . To put in bluntly, there were less only a few of them who knew Han Yan and even fewer who knew about his broken arm .

’’Alright, in that case, I'll wait for two more days . As soon as brother Han Yan comes out from his seclusion, we will set out for Skycloud Pavilion . ’’

Fu Hui said with a smile, then left the courtyard to avoid disturbing Han Yan's seclusion . As the Young Master of the Prefecture, he was always busy with day-to-day affairs .

Inside the room, Han Yan was in the most critical stage . The Regenerative Lotus' heart was working out its wonders . His broken arm was re-growing bit by bit .

Han Yan's forehead was beaded with sweat and the same went to his clothes . Re-growing the broken arm was destined to be an extremely difficult and painful process as bones and flesh had to grow bit by bit . That kind of pain was akin to tearing one's soul . If this suffering happened to a normal cultivator, he would certainly succumb to it . Only people with great perseverance like Han Yan could take on such pain .

At this time, the physique of the Ancient divine Devil played a great role .

Han Yan persevered with all his might as the medicinal power of the lotus heart was surging inside of him . At this rate of speed, it would take two days tops . He believed that once his arm was regrown, his cultivation would surely increase by leaps and bounds, reaching a very terrifying degree that Jiang Chen wouldn't even dare estimate . Even after he had seen the real Regenerative Lotus for the first time, he was still clueless about its true effects .

Two days later, late at night .

Some movements were finally detected from Han Yan's room, starling both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who had been waiting impatiently for two days .

’’Ah Yan has succeeded . ’’

Big Yellow had a look of excitement and wanted to rush into Han Yan's room but was caught by Jiang Chen on the tail .

’’Don't go over there . Ah Yan's arm has just grown out and now is the other critical period of his advancement . You will interrupt him very easily if you barge into his room right now . ’’ Said Jiang Chen impolitely .

Big Yellow stuck out his tongue and settled down . Then, both of them stared unblinkingly at Han Yan's door .

In the room, Han Yan opened his eyes, two rays of dark devil light shot out, shaking the void around . He raised his newly-grown hand and revealed a faint smile at the corner of his mouth .

There were some things that you would only know how precious it was when you lost it . No one could possibly understand Han Yan's Yan's current mood . If it wasn't because of the many things he had experienced that molded his persistent heart, he was afraid that he would be overly excited right now .

*Buzz...* *Buzz...*

It wasn't over after the rebirth of his broken arm . The benefits that he got from the heart of the Regenerative Lotus was far from simply regrowing his arm . Because he had been focusing all of his attention on regrowing his arm, he failed to realise how much energy had been packed inside his body .

What he wanted to do right now was to use his Ancient divine Devil bloodline to control this energy while breaking through to the higher realms .


That was the sound of breaking through a bottleneck . In just two minutes time, he had already broken through to half-step Earth Immortal realm into the early Earth Immortal realm .

But it was still far from over as it was just the beginning . Not even one percent of the energy in his body was consumed and the lotus heart hadn't even been fully refined yet .

*Hu...* *Hu...*

The entire room was filled with a terrifying energy, like the stormy waves on the ocean . If it wasn't for Big Yellow's formation, this kind of movement would immediately draw the attention of the experts from Skycloud Pavilion .

Ten minutes later, Han Yan made another breakthrough, hitting the mid Earth Immortal realm, but that wasn't the end yet . He continued advancing towards the late Earth Immortal realm .

Han Yan was trying hard to hold the excitement in his heart . His Ancient divine Devil bloodline was bloodline was being circulated faster and faster . He would digest every single benefit he received .


Another sound of a breakthrough was heard . The mark of the late Earth Immortal realm was hit . At this point in time, Han Yan had already made three advancements in a row, but it still wasn't the end . Instead, the potential inside of him was being stimulated maximally . At this moment, his meridians were constantly widening, his Qi Sea was continuously being magnified and his bloodline was being stimulated unceasingly . He was now in a state that he couldn't enter even if he had ten thousand years of time . It was like an endless advancement .

half-step Heaven Immortal realm!

That was right . After half an hour of hard work, Han Yan had already reached the half-step Heaven Immortal realm, the fourth advancement . If such a heaven defying advancement was spread out to the public, he was afraid that no one would ever believe it and many would be astounded .

’’For God's Sake! It seems like he has just made four advancements right? He's already a half-step Heaven Immortal expert now, shouldn't he be stopping now?’’ Big Yellow murmured .

’’I don't think so . It seems like he won't stop until he reaches the true Heaven Immortal realm . ’’

Jiang Chen too was speechless . After four advancements in a row and reaching the half-step Heaven Immortal realm, Han Yan had no intention of stopping from advancing further .

’’Dammit! That divine herb is too heaven defying . ’’

Big Yellow licked his tongue, apparently longing to have a taste of a taste of it .

’’Given Ah Yan's strength, he won't be able to refine the entire lotus heart fully and the medicinal power will be preserved in his body for very long time . Because of the lotus heart, his advancement has become so rapid . He has now become a first class genius in the Immortal World . ’’

Jiang Chen smiled, feeling happy for Han Yan to have such an achievement .


Finally, Han Yan's Qi started to slow down after breaking through to the early Heaven Immortal realm, the fifth advancement .

Seeing what happened, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow breathed a sigh of relief . If Han Yan continued on with his advancement, the two of them wouldn't be able to bear it anymore . They had never witnessed such a rapid advancement . They had no idea how much this would shock other people .

Inside the room, Han Yan could feel his current strength and the tremendous changes inside his body . The Qi waves of his Ancient divine Devil bloodline drifted out . He could clearly feel the flow of the air around him, like he could casually control it to make himself hover in the air at his will . This was the advantage of being a Heaven Immortal expert .

’’Amazing! Truly amazing! The lotus heart sure has unimaginable effects . I've improved so much with just refining half of it and even my arm has grown back . The remaining half of its energy is going to have boundless effects on my body in the future . ’’

Han Yan's eyes were glittering with vigour and delight .


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