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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1145


Chapter 1145

Big Yellow licked his tongue, staring at the lotus heart . If it was in the past, he was afraid that he would go straight up and have a bite of it . But he knew the importance of the lotus heart to Han Yan . His brother's lost arm must be regrown as soon as possible, or else, it would have a bad effect on his cultivation .

’’Little Chen, thank you . ’’

Han Yan received the lotus heart and expressed his thanks to Jiang Chen . He knew that it might sound somewhat strange to say this to his brother, but there was no other way that he could express his gratitude to Jiang Chen . There was nothing much needed to be said between brothers . He would never forget this precious friendship .

He understood that the lotus heart was also incomparably important to Jiang Chen . If Jiang Chen refined it, it would naturally bring Jiang Chen immeasurable benefits, but that didn't make Jiang Chen hesitate to give it to him . He knew from the very beginning that Jiang Chen had taken such a huge risk largely because of him .

’’Brothers don't have to be so polite to each other . Take it and refine it . With your current cultivation, I'm afraid that you will need a longer time to completely refine the lotus heart and regrow your arm . ’’

Jiang Chen patted Han Yan's shoulder . He understood his brother's present mood, so he didn't talk much about it, otherwise, it would make his brother feel pressured .

Han Yan smiled . Without saying another word, he took the lotus heart to another room . As he turned, the corner of his eyes seemed slightly moist . He couldn't help but sigh in his heart .

It's a great blessing to have a brother like Jiang Chen .

After Han Yan went off, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow also began refining the other parts of the lotus . Jiang Chen didn't have much demand from it . He would be contented as long as the remaining lotus parts could push his cultivation to the late Earth Immortal realm . The cultivation path had always been a gradual process . As such, a cultivator should never pay too much attention in advancing .

The Regenerative Lotus was a divine herb and a natural treasure . So there was no mental burden in refining it . Such an herb would only bring people benefits and no disadvantages . Even if the lotus could make one advance in a row, it wouldn't cause instability to one's foundation .

*Hong!* *Hong!*

Before Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could start to refine the remaining lotus parts, they heard the burst of two powerful Qi .

’’The two bulls have made their advancement so quickly . ’’

Big Yellow shook his head . Such advancement was indeed too quick . Jiang Chen had just given them the lotus leaves moments ago . Now, the two bulls had already advanced to the half-step divine Immortal realm . . Fortunately, the burst of Qi that was unleashed by them was contained inside the formation of Big Yellow . Or else, it would certainly draw some unnecessary attention .

’’It is only normal given that both Ah Da and Ah Er are already at the peak of Heaven Immortal realm, leaving them only a step away from the half-step divine Immortal realm . With the help of the lotus leaf, it is only logical for them to instantly breakthrough the bottleneck . But this also indicates the scariness of the lotus . ’’

Jiang Chen smiled and didn't seem very surprised . Ah Da and Ah Er were after all peak Heaven Immortal experts and the medicinal effect of the lotus leaf was beyond any ordinary herbs .

Now that both of them had made their advancement, it would undoubtedly be a good thing for Jiang Chen, his trump card had just grown stronger .

Casting Ah Da and Ah Er aside, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow took five leaves each and started their refinement .

*Hong Long......*

As soon as the leaves entered Jiang Chen's body, he felt an extremely strong wave of energy rushing into his Qi Sea . That energy was combined with the medicinal power . It was pure and intense . He then quickly circulated the dragon transformation skill to convert them into new dragon marks . The medicinal energy on the other hand had been channelled to his four limbs and viscera . He could feel that it was quenching all the needs of his cells, a perfect nourishment perfect nourishment to his body .

’’Such powerful medicinal energy . It's worthy of being called the unparalleled divine herb . These five lotus leaves are enough to push my cultivation to the peak of late Earth Immortal realm . Additionally, my physical endurance will also be enhanced . ’’

Jiang Chen was delighted . It sure was worthwhile to take such a risk . Obtaining such a divine herb had always been a dream for any cultivator .

On the other hand, a layer of golden light was formed on Big Yellow's body . Apparently, some changes began to take place inside of his body after consuming the leaves .

Inside the room where Han Yan was at, he was still sitting cross-legged on a hassock with the lotus heart drifting in front of his face . Then, he seemed somewhat emotional as he looked at this severed arm . The Regenerative Lotus had given him great hope and anticipation .

But he was a man who had experienced numerous events, had resolute disposition and grown accustomed to life-and-death . He quickly readjusted his emotional condition and began the refinement .

Han Yan's way of refinement was very straightforward . It could also be described as savage . He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the lotus heart into his belly .


The moment a massive amount of energy entered his body, it exploded like a tidal wave, rushing to every part of his body violently .

’’Damn! How can the energy be this powerful!’’

Han Yan couldn't help but swear after finding swear after finding himself a little negligent, the energy of the lotus heart was beyond his imagination . He felt uncontrollable as the energy was raging inside his body .

Fortunately, he possessed the Ancient divine Devil Bloodline . A powerful bloodline which couldn't be compared to any ordinary person . So very quickly, he was able to suppress the energy .

The bloodline of the Ancient divine Devil was akin to a divine body . It could play a great role when it came to critical situation, just like now . If it was an ordinary expert, getting this much energy after swallowing the lotus heart directly, he was afraid that person's body would explode to death . Ultimately, the energy in the lotus heart was not only not beneficial but also harmful to ordinary people .

In the following time, the three brothers was wholly focused on cultivation and begun refining the lotus frantically, totally ignoring everything else . This was going to be a slow process that couldn't be rush . According to Jiang Chen's calculation, it would take at least three days' time to finish the whole refinement .

As for the grand ceremony on One-Line Mountain, it went on as Jiang Chen anticipated . After the Regenerative Lotus was stolen, the Eight Immortal experts had lost their passion to fight . The final result was inconclusive just like before, neither victory nor defeat was determined, but their performance was even worse than the previous matches . As such, many spectators were greatly disappointed by it .


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