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Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1135


Chapter 1135

The Chance Had Finally Come

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Now that they have arrived at the top of the mountain, Jiang Chen had to stay cautious . He couldn't afford the slightest bit of carelessness . With his control, he slowly moved towards where the Qi of those experts came from . The current Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had already become a tiny unnoticeable sand that had completely integrated itself with the void .

At the centre of the summit was a pillar formed entirely from glacier . It was crystal clear and transparent, like a fascinating pure crystal . This place was the coldest of all the mountains, and the Regenerative Lotus grew at the top of this pillar .

It was a full-bloom snowy lotus the size of a palm . Its body also seemed transparent . It radiated brilliant illumination and Qi that could intoxicate people . It was an unparalleled herb and a true treasure . No one could stay indifferent in front of this herb .

Standing around the Regenerative Lotus were eight guards in eight different directions . If one looked closely, the eight of them weren't standing on the ground . They were hovering in the air, at the exact same height of the Regenerative Lotus . This was one of the tightest security ever .

The eight of them were staring at the Regenerative Lotus with greedy pair of eyes, but none of them was bold enough to steal it .

’’The eight of us sure are lucky . Although none of us is able to consume it, the Qi exuded from it is highly beneficial to our cultivation . ’’ An elder spoke .

’’That's right . The Regenerative Lotus is an unparalleled and invaluable herb . I can feel a significant improvement in my Qi and blood after staying close to this precious herb these past few days . ’’ Another man spoke .

When Jiang Chen saw how tight the security was, he couldn't help but knit his brows .

’’Dammit! Why are these old men so serious about their duty?’’

It gave Jiang Chen the urge to spurt out blood . The guarding style of these eight experts was like trying to stick their bodies to the lotus . Even if Jiang Chen could get close to the Regenerative Lotus, he wouldn't have a chance of stealing it . The moment he tried to do that, he would immediately aroused their attention as all eight of them had enshrouded the lotus with their Qi .

’’If these bastards continue to be on guard like this, we won't have a chance to steal it . In the end, we will have to give it up . ’’

Big Yellow shook his head . Judging from the current scene, there was no way that they could succeed .

’’Little Chen, I think we shouldn't take such a risk . It's still not too late to pull back now . ’’

Said Han Yan, feeling somewhat apologetic in his heart because Jiang Chen had decided to do this mostly because of his sake . He would regret it even in his death if any accident happened to Jiang Chen .

’’There is no bow that can shoot backwards backwards . We'll wait and see . If this situation continues until daybreak, we will retreat . ’’

Resoluteness was seen in his eyes . He wasn't a man who would give up easily . He believed that there would always be a flaw for him to take advantage of, but this unfavourable condition didn't change until the light appeared, he wasn't foolish enough to risk his life for this .

In this way, Jiang Chen and the others had waited for another three hours . Although it was already in the middle of the night, these experts still hadn't shown any kind of loophole for them . Big Yellow and Han Yan were getting impatient . They restlessly paced inside the pagoda .

Jiang Chen however seemed composed . It was a kind of composure that would never be affected even if the sky falls down, it was a demeanour that a true superior being should have .

’’The most precious part of the Regenerative Lotus is its heart . I heard that it can bring back the dead with its heaven defying effect . Aside from the lotus heart, there are still many other precious parts . Given the good job that I have done, the patriarch of Yun Family will surely reward me with some parts of the lotus . At that time, the chances of me breaking through to the half-step Immortal King will be greatly increased . ’’

An elder of Yun Family spoke . His eyes were staring at the Regenerative Lotus . Judging from his tone, it sounded as if the Regenerative Lotus Regenerative Lotus had already become Yun Family's .

’’You sure are shameless . How dare you make such indiscreet declaration? In my opinion, the Regenerative Lotus will definitely be acquired by Huangfu Family . After that, I'm going to get a portion of that benefit . ’’

An elder from Huangfu Family retorted . Huangfu Family and Yun Family had been competing and fighting against each other . Though the experts of both families had been given the same duty, it didn't help reduce the arguments between the two . If it wasn't for the Regenerative Lotus, they would've surely engaged in constant battles .

’’Stop arguing, you two . Our sect master has prepared well for this coming grand ceremony and he's going to get the grand prize . But if my sect master has a good mood at that time, he may give you all a piece of leaf of the lotus . ’’

An elder from the Profound Sun Sect said while stroking his beard .

’’Haha! Your overconfidence sure is making me laugh . Both of your patriarch and sect master have grown old . Only my pavilion master is truly the strong one . He has already reached the half-step Immortal King realm at such a young age, surpassing his previous master's record, which will surely decide victory and defeat at this ceremony . ’’ The elder from Skycloud Pavilion laughed loudly .

’’Humph! That Tian Muyun isn't as impressive as you said . ’’

Someone snorted coldly . It was quite worrying thinking about this Tian Muyun . As the sect master and patriarchs of the other three the other three major powers belonged to the old generation like Ouyang He, it made Tian Muyun the youngest one . This made the situation a whole lot worse than what they thought because this meant that Tian Muyun was a genius . Anyone should know that a true genius could never be judged by common sense . Besides, Tian Muyun had already surpassed his previous master, Ouyang He and had taken over the position of pavilion master after the passing of his master . Additionally, no one knew how much he had improved within these past two years .

More importantly, the overlords of the three major powers knew each other very well . After years of fights and clashes, they had gained a clear understanding of each other's means and trump cards, but neither of them knew Tian Muyun's skills well . They were clueless about how powerful his means and ace cards were . This was without a doubt, a disadvantage for them .

’’Gentlemen, we have already guarded the Regenerative Lotus for quite some time and it's meaningless to continue guarding it so tightly now . Who in One-Line-Sky will have the guts to steal the Regenerative Lotus? Plus, we have already obtained some benefits by absorbing its Qi during these past few days . Since today is the final day of our guarding, we should retreat so that our patriarchs won't notice the decrease in its Qi and blame us for it . ’’

At this time, the elder of Huangfu Family suggested .

Listening to this, Jiang Chen, who was about to give up on this theft, perked up .


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