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Dragon Life - Chapter 51


The foreign-born Sacred Beast wants to be healed.


[Please don't laugh like that, master, it's improper.]

The one bursting out laughing in front of me right now is this Caspe De Kingdom's top one person in charge, Mister Maurice This-and-that Caspe De. As usual, I won't remember such a long-winded name.

’’I didn't think that when Welslefernir came back, he'd bring all the Sacred Beasts along? Are you the Town Musicians of Bremen?!!!’’1

His sand colored hair carelessly cut and carelessly arrenged, and his disordered attire probably indicates that he's not someone to care too much about his personal appearance, but still I was surprised that his eyes are of the same rainbow color as Ruff's. He doesn't appear to be human, but I can't stop looking at them since they're so pretty. And what's more, they seem to change according to his emotions;they were yellow when we first met, but they are orange now as he laughs pleasantly.

[I have already told you that I am called Ruff, I am asking you to please quit it with that name that lets out your Chuunibyou side.2Besides, the Town Musicians of Bremen are a donkey, a dog, a cat and a chicken. They are totally different.]

’’Isn't it fine?! It's fun so let it be!’’

Nevertheless he's someone who laughs quite heartily.

’’Chooneebyo-oh... Brehmen?’’

And the Captain's next to me for some reason, but, this. It's not like I think that his pronunciation is a bit cute, not at all, but perhaps they just are difficult to pronounce for him.3

’’Chuunibyou refers to some difficult people, and the Town Musicians of Bremen is a tale about a group of old animals that don't form a music band in the end.’’

’’Is that so?’’

Hah?! How come I know all this, I wonder?

’’You-, you know 'Nihongo'?’’4

Mr. Maurice seemed very interested;his eyes went wide and changed to green. I'm amazed that the color of his eyes can change instantaneously.

’’'Nihongo'? Do you mean Japanese?’’5

Hah?! How come I could say it with the correct pronunciation, I wonder?

As I was bewildered, Mr. Maurice gave me a sidelong glance, and then laughed in amusement.

’’Hmm, maybe you are one of the rare Sacred Beasts that are foreign-born?’’


It's the first time I hear such a name.

’’It refers to the people that die in a different world and get summoned to this one, entering the body of a Sacred Beast. Ruff too, although he looks like this, apparently he was someone who died in a country called ’’Frans’’ and woke up as a Sacred Beast in this world.’’6

[The memories I have from before are practically non-existent, however.]

What, isn't that similar to my case?

’’There are different kinds of Sacred Beasts?’’

[Generally they are born out of parents like Whitey or Prince Christophe, but we, the foreign-born Sacred Beasts, are born by appearing suddenly out of nowhere. Therefore, we have no parents. As one would expect I don't exactly know for what purpose we were born, but I believe that this world's Underlying Principle ought to be what causes it.]7

The Underlying Principle, it gives me a bad feeling. That mysterious voice that resounded within my head that one time. I wonder if that was this world's Underlying Principle that Ruff mentions.

’’But why do you know those Japanese words? If you were born in France, they are not related to you, are they.’’

’’Because the ancestor of our clan is some guy who came from a country called Nihon. I wonder how many hundreds of years ago it was, in the era when magic was still under development, it is said that the Saviour-sama was summoned and apparently he married the Princess-san that was our ancestor. I think that Nihongo is one of the remnants of that?’’8

Wha-, what?! It's the first time I hear of this! Wait, in that case then perhaps that convenient transfer mechanism was made for the purpose of meeting with the princess?!

’’Well, in the end their love was unsuccesful, however.’’

Huh? What does that mean?

’’The tale of the Hero's tragic love in Caspe De Kingdom is a famous story though!? You don't know of it, Miss Vito?!’’

Why are you excited about that, Oh Christophe Boy.

’’Although they were married temporarily, the Hero ended up returning to his original world.’’

And why are you taking over, Captain.

’’Just wh~y would he go back? I can't think of a reason to return to his former world while leaving behind a beauty-san;really.’’

’’If he went back, then how can it be said that he was actually your ancestor?’’

’’It seems that he didn't know that Princess-san was with child. No one knows whether Princess-san kept silent on purpose or if she discovered the fact after the Hero had left. Surely, only God knows.’’

'Although it was thanks to that,' Mr. Maurice says, ' that books with various interpretations appeared on the market, it was made into plays, and it became a famous story.'

The Hero of Alvina Kingdom is the ancestor of Caspe De Kingdom. It's an outrageous connection.

Even so, he's a very friendly person. He should be in the same station as that Majesty, but I'm taken aback at how different his personality is. Nonetheless, depending on the people who rule them the countries will be different as well, is what I was thinking, but perhaps Mr. Maurice guessed it because he laughed.

’’That's actually my selling point. Reigning from the top in all stiffness like a certain someone from some other place only puts the citizens under oppression. In my country the motto is freedom, and it's perfectly fine to be a little loose. I also prepared stuff like a suggestion box for the citizens.’’

’’Are you Tokugawa Yoshimune?’’

’’Oh, you hold a stylish intellectuality for getting that reference!’’

Stylish intellectuality and the suggestion box practically define Tokugawa Yoshimune. And then compassion to all living beings means Tsunayoshi.[10] Well, if Ruff's story is true, then in the end I died in that Nihon and ended up either possessing an Earth Dragon, or perhaps it was a transmigration. Although, I have no idea of how I died because I have no memories of that. But I believe that the daydream-like things I saw that time on the battlefield were surely memories of my time as a human.

For some reason, I'm feeling very nostalgic when talking with this person. I want to talk with him more, is the feeling I'm getting.

[That's why I'm asking you not to go that frequently into downtown. The market that is close to the border is another matter, because we don't know when anything may happen.]

’’At that time you will protect me, won't you? I believe in you, partner.’’

When a smile so smug that there could have been a sparkling sound effect attached to it was aimed at Ruff, he sighed in an exasperated manner. I wonder if this mood is usual for them

’’Let's drop that talk. We should be talking about the aforementioned uproar.’’

Suddenly, the color of his eyes turned to blue.

Uh oh. It seemed like the talk had diverged, but apparently he remembered. In the first place we forgot to mention that the reason we were brought here was because Whitey had gone rampant in the city.

’’Did you do something? Vito’’

What is it, Captain, with those parental eyes? ...Well, there is no alternative.

’’It was not me who did it.’’

Mr. Maurice made a thoughtful expression and let out a little sigh when we recounted the details of the uproar.

’’It's not like I don't understand your feelings, but I'd just like you to stop only rampaging around in the city. The local people are scared, not to mention the merchants, and I'm fearing that they won't engage in business because of this.’’

Whitey was shrinking into himself as he said [I'm sorry...], but I'll forgive him since he's cute. Mr. Maurice too is smiling wrily at his abandoned dog appearance.

’’Even so, you are a Sable-toothed Tiger, huh.’’

[Let's send him back before it becomes a problem.]

Send him back?

[A request came from the Northern Country. It said that they wished for us to contact them immediately if we discovered a Sable-toothed Tiger.]

’’I see...’’

Whitey, who became even more scared, curled his tail and hid behind Rau. Maybe since she doesn't understand what Mr. Maurice and Ruff are talking about, Rau inquires about it while remaining vigilant.

[The nobles of that country are good customers. It is a good idea to settle these matters amicably. And a lot of people in the city have already seen him.]

'What to do~', ponders Mr. Maurice as his eyes gradually turn purple.

’’Let me think for a moment.’’


’’I know what you want to say, but I don't want to do something like sending him there while he looks that scared.’’

[...So no matter how much time passes you are still an idiot.]

’’What's wrong with being an idiot? It's probably good to live being stupidly honestly, you know. You could be a bit gentler too, you're a waste as a human being, scratch that;as a beast.’’

'Gahahaha!' As he said that with a laugh, Ruff ended up sulking at Mr. Maurice.

’’And, Lutoria, Alvina Kingdom's... No, the petition of that tyrant from Tiruzoto, I understand it. A reply will be sent in a letter without delay. You have come a long way, huh.’’

Apparently they had talked about it already. The Captain saluted at his words. I don't know what they talked about as we barged in in the middle of their talk while riding on Ruff, but it surely was about the alliance.

’’Since you said that you came over by flying, your tiredness surely has accumulated. It'd be good if you could stay for a while, we'll prepare you rooms in the castle.’’

Do they have fluffy mattresses?

We have been sleeping on the ground for a long time so I'm yearning for a mattress.

[Vitooo ー ー ー!!!]

Hm? Th-, this lovely voice is!!

My squeaksqueak radar was signaling backwards. When turning around very rapidly, a white lump was desperately running on the floor towards me.

Reflexively I spread my arms and got down to my knees, and the white lump, Saus, jumped into his arms.


[Vitoo!!! For real!? It's Vito!? Woow!]

These lovely squeaks are Saus's, without a doubt. Fluffyfluffyfluffyfluffyfluffy. This is bad. I can't stop the cuddling, it won't stop. I'm being healed! Healing, banzai!!

He buried his small face in my chest;squeaking repeatedly as he shivered with a slight brrrr. The reason why there are so many onomatopoeias here is because there no words that can properly describe this lovely creature!9

[I wanted to see yoooou! I was so loooonely!]

’’Yes, I wanted to see you too...!’’

[Listen, listen! Rau got caught, you know! And Whitey disappeared! I was left all alone! And got scared! And while I was criying! I met a girl! Then I've met Vito again!]

’’Yes, yes.’’

Emotions and nostalgia that can not be expressed in words overflow from my heart. I had thought, that perhaps because of my selfish feelings, I hadn't let Saus accompany me back then since I may have thought he was an annoyance. I also thought that he may hate me already. But Saus is still the cute rabbit I knew.

Hugging him with all my might while being careful not to crush him, in his white fur that smells of the sun...White fur? Eh? Looking closely his fur is mostly tawny-colored.

’’Saus, your fur is light brown...’’

[? It's the shedding seeeason, we turn light brown when we become proper adults!]

What. Was that a thing for rabbits?! That the white and cute Saus became brown... Well that's it! No objection!

Hm-mm-mm, as I was immersing myself in the healing, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. As I turned around the Captain was by my side, kneeling too, and staring at Saus.

’’A rabbit?’’

’’Yes, he's my friend.’’

I tell him that we used to live together in Vizannu Mountains in the past, but his line of sight is glued to Saus.

’’...Can I hug him, too?’’

The Captain was blushing a little. I was stunned for a moment, but saying, 'Go ahead,' I presented Saus to him. He slowly reached out with his hands and lifted him, petting his head. Maybe the petting felt nice, because Saus naturally rubbed himself against the Captain's hands while squeaking.

W H A T' S W I T H S U C H A C U T E C O M B I N A T I O N.

And I can't believe I didn't know that the Captain liked cute things! I knew that he liked Dragons, but there's a heaven-and-earth difference between burly Dragons and sweet rabbits.

’’Now, now, Lizelotte.10 What happened? You suddenly started running... Oh my?’’

After I was befuddled for a while, a girl appeared from the direction Saus came running earlier. Her petite body was wrapped in a dress of light, warm colors, and her sand colored hair reached her waist, flowing smoothly behind her. Her gentle tone of voice has the fleeting feel of a small flower that would break right away when touched.

Anyway, 'Lizelotte'... Was she actually refering to Saus? She seemed perplexed at the fact that the Captain was holding Saus.

’’Such good timing, let me introduce you. This is my sister, Rosa.’’11

’’I-, I'm Rosa.’’

How to put it, she's is a refined girl who has a sweetness and elegance that I don't.

For a friend I'd take Chiffon, for a girlfriend I'd take Maribelle, for a mistress I'd take Ariade, and this girl would be my wife, I guess. ...As usual I'm thinking like an old man. And Maribelle's a boy, right? No wait, in the first place there's the problem that I can't continue this argument on the premise that I am a man... Ugh, my thoughts derailed.

Anyway, she's a beautiful child. That's my first impression of her.

’’Rosa seems to be a big fan of Lutoria. Since your motto has even reached this country, and we heard that you formed a contract with that Earth Dragon, she was declaring with gusto, 'I knew that person was special!' If you do not mind, plese get along with her.’’

’’Bro-, brother...!!’’

Rosa lowered her red face in embarrasment.

’’I am honored.’’

The Captain looked puzzled for a bit, but then he said that with a smile, and Miss Rosa's cheeks became much redder while she avoided his gaze.

I wonder why, she's cute. Even though Saus and Whitey are here too, I am exceedingly happy to be surrounded by such lovely things.

...That's how it's supposed to be, but I'm getting a somewhat complicated feeling.


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Translator's Lair~☆

adasadsaksdashdbas i'm dying, that was so cute x3 've been healed too! usual, thanks to Chrouya, @apto117 and @yuumin (from Eigo to Nihongo server) and Mana (from the Translator's Corner server) for their help in deciphering some sentences! (^-^ ) the thing with Tsuu (the stylish intelectuality) would have been impossible for this kung-fu rookie without some help;_;

Speaking of Tokugawa Yoshimune, he was the central character of the period drama Abarenbou Shogun, which's theme song was said to be xxx's ringtone for her parents in ch. 34.


  1. Town Musicians of Bremen: An European folk tale, later retold by the Brothers Grimm. It involves a group of 4 farm animals: a donkey, a rooster, a dog and a cat. ...Vito ought to be the cat here? XD

  2. Chuunibyou: ’’Syndrome of the 2nd year of middle school’’ XD take a look at this urban dictionary definition if you're bored :3 
  3. pronunciation: when the terms Town Musicians of Bremen &Chuunibyou are spoken by Maurice and Ruff they are written in katakana and kanji - as a Japanese person would write them. When Captain repeats them, they are written in a different alphabet, hiragana - how a child would write them, perhaps. So Vito's original sentence is: 'I don't really think that his hiragana words are a little cute, not at all.' but i changed it so you could read it without coming to fetch this note.
  4. nihongo: 'Japanese' in Japanese XD though it's written in katakana (it should be in kanji), so perhaps Maurice doesn't pronounce it properly or doesn't know how to write it.
  5. Nihongo: now it's written in proper kanji, perhaps to indicate that her pronunciation and intonation are adequate for the word, or that she recognizes its written form in her head.
  6. Frans = France. please hang on XD the raw says Furansu in hiragana, when it should be written as FURANSU (in katakana) to actually say France in Japanese (the pronunciation between hiragana and katakana is the same, only the writting looks different so i went with Frans XD)
  7. outlander: the actual term used is 'foreign country + person' (異邦者) so this should be translated as 'foreigner,' but... in that world there are several countries so i thought that may sound a little confusing.
  8. Underlying Principle: the kanji used is 理 り (n) reason;principle;logic;general principle (as opposed to individual concrete phenomenon);(in neo-Confucianism) the underlying principles of the cosmos. <- I decided to go with this last definition, as it is closer to what may be implied here;that some consciousness may be controling things in that world, acting as a general underlying principle. ...this is all my own speculations though, i haven't read ahead so no idea if this is right or wrong.
  9. onomatopeias: all of the words in itallics in the previous sentences were onomatopoeias that are hard to translate into English while desiring that the sentence keeps making sense X'D
  10. Lizelotte: リーデロッテ. (i didn't go with Liselotte because that's generally リーゼロッテ, with a '' instead of a デ. I'm open to other suggestions, if you ever read this army of notes! xD)
  11. Rosa: ローザ


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