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Dragon Life - Chapter 49



the crowd, with a ‘Please walk a little slower!’, the Christophe boy pulled my hand, and I stopped in a hurry.


someone else?”

aid to say that I feel a

the yells of people , like an explosion.

p that guy!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Translator’s Lair~☆

Wow. Omg. i seriously wasn’t expecting a reunion like this! :c i mean like, we all suspected either Saus or Whitey would be a sacred beast, butbutbutbut!! i’m thrilled so i hope to get next chapter out soon!

On another note, thanks to all the people who helped me in this chapter! i forgot to copy their names, but there were a lot of people! thank you!

And, remember to head to Watermelon Helmets to read a better translation of chapter 20! :D many things may be off with my translation, so if you want to get a better view of those chapters, you know where to go ^^

on to the notes!

  1. . –Vito, what XD well, wild guess~ 私の何の常識が寒いと言っているんだよ。 ↩
  2. wild guess #2! 前開きの布生地を重ねており、双方とも腰巻だけで止めている. i stalked down a japanese person and asked them and the gist of the thing seems to be there though, so it shouldn’t be off by that much XD ↩
  3. wild guess too! but kinda has the gist of it, same as note #2. 男の方は限りなく腰に近いところで、女の方は胸下で巻き、背中で可愛らしく結んでいた。 ↩
  4. …wild guess! xD 反発するものは容赦しません! ↩
  5. her wording is bad –i think this mainly aimed at the fact that Rau uses the male pronoun ‘ore’to refer to herself. ↩
  6. ‘‘makes reference to this line: [Because I'm sure we'll meet again, someday.] –back in chapter 5. That line is a quote from . ↩


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