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Dragon Life - Chapter 39


Chapter 39 Stories of old are fairytales. Basil seems delicious.

’’Demons? What is this talk about fairytale-like stuff. There's no way we would believe such nonsense.’’

’’Yeah. That's a normal reaction. That's why We have passed this down in Our Family, not revealing this to others easily. Since even if We told others they wouldn't believe it.’’

Things like demons are but fictional beings that are only heard of as the villains in fairy tales. That's what Rau answered me when I asked her once before.

The Prince is also dumbfounded at his sudden spouting of child-like excuses. While the Prince was like that His Majesty of Tiruzoto Kingdom threw something towards him.

It is a small, old book.

’’It's a book that has been passed down in Our Family. You'll understand when you read it.’’

’’Heck, what are you trying to say?’’

If that's true, then I can't understand how a book that is related to the royals of Tiruzoto Kingdom would be treated so crudely. (1)

’’The Great Me has already read it to the point of getting tired of it. (2) We don't particularly mind to part with it.’’ (3)

The Prince hesitated, and exchanged glances in between His Majesty and the book, but he opened the suspicious book slowly when prompted. It seemed to be in a deteriorated state because of its outwards appearance, but the inside was as if it was brand new. I felt a sign of magic, so magic might have been cast over it.

When I looked over at it from above in worry, there were paragraphs and illustrations spread in the book. Unfortunately I didn't understand what was written in it because I could not read the characters, yet the Prince was flipping easily through it, and when he reached the last of it he muttered, ’’no way, this’’ in a small voice.

What could be written in there?

I wonder if he was satisfied with the Prince's reaction, as His Majesty laughed while grinning.

’’We said so, didn't We, this is why We aren't unwilling to spare any means to protect Our Kingdom. Not only the Unicorns, but it was also so with the war against you. We have come to this point because it is necessary to have power and a strong army for the calamity that is to come.’’

The Prince was brooding. It could also be seen as if he was lost in thought.

’’Our side's army is many times larger than yours. From the beginning, we have continued to expand our military power in order to protect Our Country only, without caring for the other countries' circumstances. But by the power of that Earth Dragon in the previous battle, it will be painful if our military power is cut down any more than this. Moreover there is no time left, waging war around so carelessly won't do. This is the limit. Surrender, is what We really want to say, yet you won't be saying that so simply, right? So let's cooperate;let's help each other. This should not be bad for your side at all, right? ’’

He's saying that instead of waging war, let's hold hands to face off against something kinda come out of a fairy tale. Probably, he's saying that we should form an alliance.

I wonder what the hell was written in that little book, the Prince is weakly shaking his head from side to side.

’’...I don't believe you. Isn't it that you are actually trying to trick us again?’’ (Prince)

’’By no means. Although it depends on you to believe in it or not. Well, because the Great Me expressly traveled here in person, it'd be good if you believed me a little.’’ (3)

’’In that case! Say so from the beginning !!’’

’’Did you believe me with that?’’

His Majesty drops the nasty smile, and glares expressionlessly at the Prince.

’’That is...’’

’’Would you all believe it just because We are telling you so? Nay, there is no way it'd be so. Absolutely. Even now you're certainly half convinced;half in doubt. 'Such a ridiculous existence should not exist. Didn't His Majesty from Tiruzoto Kingdom become touched in the head?' or the like.’’

Was it a lucky guess I wonder, the Prince made bitter face while falling silent.

’’Furthermore hundreds of years ago, it appears that someone from Our Family made this proposal to Alvina Kingdom. However it wasn't accepted. The ones who did not trust us, were you from the start. ... it will be easy to crush your country if We decide to do so. Do not forget that We are doing a concession.’’

The Prince is hanging his head down without saying anything.

Saying, 'it's time,' His Majesty from Tiruzoto Kingdom straddles the Unicorn, and the Unicorn spreads its large wings with a neigh.

’’It is fine for you to gather and talk it over as you please. This Great me is someone who is in a very busy position, so We will be taking Our leave. We're waiting for your favorable reply.’’

Causing the wind to roll about, His Majesty Hector of Tiruzoto Kingdom went away like a storm.

To cooperate, or to surrender. Or will we be destroyed this time? Whichever it is, our relationship with this major power is inseparable.

The Prince is standing rock still, staring at a book in his hand.


His gait is still wobbly, but when the worried Captain walks up to the Prince who remains standing rock still and with a pale, anxiously complexion, without a word, the book is handed over to him.

[What is written in it?]

There is no way I wouldn't be interested in it.

Then the Captain opens the first section, and began to read so that I would also understand it.

’’ 'Once ' ’’

Once, somewhere in the world, as if advocating to the theory of the earth being plane, the continent of this world became flat.

Without becoming spherical, from the edges that would undoubtedly exist water flowed downwards like a waterfall, pouring down unto the nucleus in the center.

The nucleus was using the water flowing down from the continent as its driving force, and was causing many new continents to fly up in the air. Around the nucleus, there existed several continents.

Those continents gradually became connected into roundness, becoming a single sphere. The sphere became an individual world, a single continent that in the present is the one we named as Baltoria Continent.

’’...It's a legend.’’


’’They appear often in children's picture books. They tell the way in which the world was formed, however whether they are true or not, no one knows. ... However this beginning, it's the first time I hear it.’’

Yet evil things appeared and began destroying the world.

Troubled by this, We sealed them in an especially large world, and kept them under surveillance so that they would not come to the surface and destroy the world.

But the evil existences will save up their power and come out to the surface again.

Until then, Our watch will keep this world existing. What we can do is up to here. What is left is to continue watching over them, through the flow of time. (4)

Somehow that negligent ending bothers me though. In short, there was a being which didn't seem to be a Creator-like existence , which built the world, sealed the evil creatures than appeared suddenly, and that will someday come out and attack the continent. (5)

Yeah, it's puzzling somehow. 'Isn't this just some random literary tale,' I sealed away such hilarious idea somewhere in my mind and sent it to oblivion. Because for the others, this is a serious problem.

[This means, that these evil things are devils?]

’’I wonder if that is the case.’’

It seems the Captain doesn't understand it clearly. Me neither. We won't understand if we are suddenly told about the origins of this world.

[But it's just a folk tale, we don't know if this is real or not, do we?]

Most stories of such kind were made by the people of ancient times, something that has been handed down to modern times while being dramatized. Whether such a thing is actually real, we have no way to confirm it.

’’There is an incredibly powerful magic casted into that book. Moreover, it is at the level that it is impossible for it to be casted by a human.’’

The Prince who had kept silent until now speaks up.

’’It is only a guess, but that book seems to be quite old. At least, some thousands years old at its lowest. Moreover, in the calendar it states when they will appear―― it'll be soon.’’

To me the writing looks like nothing but as earthworm wriggling about, but if the Prince says so then it is probably like that. It's a mystery why this little book that contains both a genesis and a prophecy was only transmitted to Tiruzoto Kingdom.

As the Prince fell into a brooding state again, the Captain approached him and grabbed his arm.

’’LeBlanche, you don't look good. Return to the castle.’’

’’...Lutoria, if that's the case then you are the same.’’

Please let me say that as well.

[Wherever it is it will be fine so the both of you, please quickly go back to a place with a roof. You will catch a cold.]

Both of them are as pale as sick people, each wouldn't be outdone by the other.

The Prince laughs with a 'that's right,' and took the book back before returning to the castle.

The Captain had a seemingly very reluctant face, but he went back to his room.

Somehow, I'm terribly tired.

From the kingdom to the continent, from the continent to the world, my head seems all confounded by the exceedingly large scale of it all.


A few days passed since then, and Madeleine and Chiffon came to visit me to the place I was taking a nap at. It's not like I was indulging in inactivity you know. It's 'cause I can't loiter around inside the castle in this form. So I can't help but behave quietly. And, in a sense the situation seems to be grave at the moment. Mainly for the Prince.

I'm glad that the nostalgic marshmallow melons have appeared. (6)

Although I was worried that they would be scared at seeing this form for the first time, Madeleine was the same as always. But Chiffon was hiding behind Madeleine, maybe she was a little reluctant. It's a little sad, but I persuaded myself that it was still better than if she were running away.

’’I'm sorry that I left you behind during this time.’’

[There was no helping it. Since it was a state of emergency.]

’’And, thank you. We won thanks to you.’’

I do not remember doing something to be grateful for, but I decided to obediently accept it. I acted for my own sake, it's just that it ended up being something people would feel appreciation as a result. It is no use casually denying it or stopping her.

’’Vito, -chan!’’

Suddenly Chiffon comes out from behind Madeleine;she has brought both of her hands towards herself to her ample bosom, and has come to stare up at me with clouded eyes. Her shoulders are faintly trembling.

[If you're scared, it's fine not to overdo it.]

’’That', that's not it...! I'm fine, mon!’’ (7)

She approached timidly, reaching out with her hand. It was done very slowly but I remained still.

When the small palm touches my scales, they are stroked gently. And, 'ehehe,' laughing happily, this time she vigorously came over to hug me.

Too cute. I want to rub my cheek against her. But, I don't want her to fear me so I decided to resist.

’’Uhm, you know? Ariade-chan was also saying she wanted to come and see you! But the inside of the castle is a mess right now, and it seems she's busy with work.’’

[Chiffon, is your job all right?]

’’I entrusted it to my sister!’’

’’In truth it was to the Morante House, right?’’

To use the power of the Morante House is dreadful! Madeleine and then Chiffon, these children are twins indeed.

’’That child that shares your room was also going all fidgety, you know. She wants to see you, but it seems like she can't gather her resolution.It also looks like she has her own problems so perhaps that also has something to do with it.’’

This is about Maribelle, right? I met her when she came along with the Vice-Captain. Since she left at once without even talking with me, I want to see her if possible. After all, she may be convinced that separated as if we were fighting and splitting up, so maybe she is worried about this. (6.5) Even so, I wonder what problem does she have? I wonder if it's related to the Vice-Captain's injury.

We talked about some silly stuff and what not and after the two return to the castle, the Prince who crossed with them but didn't meet them, arrives while bringing something yellow in his arms. By his side was Miss Leiya, whom I met at Lord Cleric's place. Perhaps it was because of the difference in the length of their legs, but it was cute that she was desperately chasing after him like a baby chick.

And the Prince? He was sporting his usual appearance of a Prince riding on a white horse.

But somehow his complexion wasn't too good.

’’...I, have decided to accept the alliance.’’

He's probably not very happy. But I had thought the Prince would surely accept. Because, no matter what is the motive, he's a person that is willing to brave any danger as long as it is even a little related to the peace of the kingdom. However the conditions for declining are terrible. Does he dislike being Tiruzoto's Majesty's yes-man so much? Although their relationship seemed to be quite bad.

’’Well, those guys were so annoying I couldn't win them over. Saying, 'do you intend to betray the history of the country up to now!' or, 'If the King knew of this he would be enraged!', so annoying. It took me three days to persuade them.’’

They should be those uncles. As I say to him, 'thank you for your hard work,' he heaves a big sigh. But he adds that Lord Orlando supported him and saved him. It's that dandy uncle lord. He also saved me back then.

Yet, there is something that has been bothering me since earlier, so I couldn't help myself.

[That, what is it?]

When I peer at that which is being embraced by the Prince, it moves and squirms about. At first I thought it was something like a yellow muffler, but, apparently, it's a living creature.

’’Basil the Basilisk. It calms down when being embraced.’’

What's with such a vapid face.(8) And also, such an appetizing name. ...That's not it. So this is a Basilisk? It's the first time I see one.

Its body is covered with yellow feathers. It moves its eyes around, and its neck is calmly moving up, down, left and right. The red crest on its head sways. From time to time, it cries out wildly with a 'koke' sound.

I have seen this before. But I can't remember when. I also feel that it wasn't yellow but white, if I remember correctly.

Basil the Basilisk is surveying its surroundings restlessly, but, it seems it opened its eyes wide open when they stopped on my figure.

[Who are you oh is that so!? You want to eat me don't you! May look tasty but not tasty! You may eat me but you won't want to eat me!]

Retract the head had peered surprise to basilisk of basil began screaming suddenly.

[Sorry for being a flightless dragon that's right! Bashil is jealous that's how it its!]

’’Hey, calm down, Basil.’’

Although the Prince is desperately coaxing it to calm down its wings are flapping about in a rampage. Its violent momentum appears as if he will come charging over here at any moment.

For the time being I decided to introduce myself since it asked me who I was.

[Uhm, I'm Vito. You are?]

[Bashil is Bashil isn't it that's right! You are a good Dragon aren't you Bashil will accept you! Come on let's become friends let's do so!] (9)

And 'koke', with a single squeal it suddenly became quiet. What's with this creature.

’’Basil-chan, perhaps you are feeling hungry?’’

Leiya was stroking Basil's head, who had become completely quiet in the Prince's arms. Its pupils that had been opened into a wide circle at losing its temper had narrowed down.

’’It was just fed earlier, though?’’

Was it really fed? (10)

[...No, it just got surprised because of me.]

When I said that they both made a puzzled face while tilting their necks, but once they understood that I can even speak with animals they said, 'I see' while nodding their heads in consent.

Although I think that, for the time being, I do classify as an animal too when looking at it from a human's point of view.

Do I really resemble a Dragon that little? Hey? Even when I'm in my Dragon form? ...I got a little depressed.

By the way, when I asked why even Miss Leiya was here, it seems Miss Leiya is also in charge of looking after Basil. It seems to be a secret that she has ended up laughing at how similar Basil and Lord Cleric actually are. (12) I felt a chill but it's probably my imagination.


As I was seeing the Prince and the others off, sudden laughter came falling down from above. When I looked up, the Captain was there, looking down while leaning on the handrail of the balcony.

[How, how long have you been there...!]

’’Been here all along.’’

[All along?]

The Captain thinks for a bit.

’’...From the time that Madeleine's group came?’’

[Isn't that almost from the beginning! ...I'm asking you, so please don't erase your presence.]

’’I'm sorry, it looked like you were having fun so I thought it'd be bad to interfere.’’

I wonder how come I didn't notice. I thought that my perception was better than that of human beings, yet I feel like it won't work no matter how much I try if my opponent is him. I wonder if this is what they call to be permissive to one's fellows. (11)

[That, and also please don't come down by jumping off.]

Maybe he was brimming with the intent to jump off but, the Captain, who was trying to place his feet on the handrail, retreated begrudgingly like a child that has been admonished for doing a dangerous thing.

Being with him, my heart is always forced into a feeling of suspense is to the point that no matter how many lives I had it wouldn't be enough. The person in question does nothing but laugh.

... Somehow, isn't this situation similar to a certain story?

A scene of a man appearing in the terrace under a woman's balcony and declare his love. Although their families are enemies, they are still deeply in love so they elope, yet they fail in the end, it was such a tragic love story.

However I won't be doing something snobbish like to be declaring my love, nor can I do it because it's too embarrassing. No, it's not like I was thinking of doing it, but somehow I was reminded of that. But for the life of me I can't remember the title of this story. I have forgotten, did I watch it somewhere or read about it? It would be cool if I was to use a metaphor like, 'sadly it has been forgotten beyond my most distant memories,' but it's frustrating so it doesn't sit well with me.

This, just who's memory is it?

While I somehow manage to coax the Captain who is still not in top condition to return to his room, I hear a loud voice in the vicinity of the Dragons' Pen. Today has been kinda hectic all around, hasn't it.

Since it's a high-pitched voice, it should be a girl's. Squinting my eyes to look, it was Maribelle and Lance.

It seems like they are quarreling over something. Though I say that, apparently Maribelle is shouting unilaterally.

What's this, what's this? Could it be a lovers' quarrel?

I continue to watch them out of curiosity. Perhaps Maribelle got tired of shouting because she quieted down and lowered her tearful face. Lance was gently stroking her lowered head.

This, this is...! Go! Sir Lance! Hug her right now! For your honor! (13)

I do not know what happened between the two of them, but Maribelle likes Lance, and Madeleine also said that Maribelle was troubled over something, so it might be this.

Could it be he's two-timing? You can't do that, Sir Lance. You are not like Stefanos, are you, Sir Lance! Oh no, my thoughts are running wild, Sir Lance!

Perhaps my thoughts reached him, Lance's hand he was caressing her with went to her small shoulder, and he gently embraced her. The two of them made an adorable picture.

Alright! Do it! Be a man! is what I was thinking all excitedly, but Maribelle rudely swatted his hand away and ended up taking some distance.


’’Brother Lance, you idiot!’’

Her conspicuously loud voice reached all the way here, and just like that, she ran off.

Lance was standing rock still over there, making a face as if he had received divine punishment over a terrible sin.


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