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Dragon Life - Chapter 36.2


Chapter 36 - Part 2

It would be nice to go rampaging in rage.

But my head was frozen over. What is the most efficient action to take, or what to do to annihilate the enemy, that's all I can think about.

Up until now, I have mercilessly attacked enemies which had been running wildly, spitting a breath which holds ten times, hundreds of times of the might of fire, crushing, biting, slicing them with my wings and tail, and making a roar that resounds in the sky several times. (1)

Not fearing the threat that is the suddenly appeared me, there were many people who were striving to flee. (2) There were also those who boldly came to challenge me. The people from Alvina Kingdom were bewildered upon seeing an Earth Dragon which wielded black, although I also felt that their morale was gradually rising.

Someone who could stop me, there wasn't anyone.

Kill one person and it becomes a sin, kill many people and you become a hero. Someone said this once. It might, not necessarily be a mistake. By making so many sacrifices, there's no one who could remain sane, so there's no way to accept it other than to revere a hero and justify these deeds. But, I don't have in me such regret and guilt. The human me who feels such things, ended up recessing to the back. (3)

Doing the contract that I said I hated to that extent, annihilating a large number of humans. Even if this is what Lord Cleric and the voice that echoed within my head's prediction, I don't care about that, this is what I have decided on my own.

While it's strange, I'm calm.

I have already decided on my resolution.

If that is the case, won't you end up sticking to Alvina Kingdom until the end?

When I laugh in a pleasant manner my pointy fangs drenched in blood appear, and I let out a warped smile.

It's funny, so funny, I can't help it.

But no matter how many enemies I confront, their number is not reduced and this has no end. As expected it seems a great power as Tiruzoto Kingdom can't be dealt with by ordinary means.

To stop this war, even temporarily, somehow or other I must act on the enemy general. (4) And attack of the Unicorns hasn't reached us once since then. Since the second attack was on a smaller scale, it's possible that it has a considerable consumption of physical strength. Then if I'm going to act on them I have no choice but to do it now, I think as I fly high in the sky, aiming towards Tiruzoto Kingdom's command headquarter. Occasionally things such as arrows and magic come rushing towards me, but to me those are small attacks on the level of lightly brushing me.

I won't fear anymore.

As if I had the time to be minding such things, first I have to think about what to do now. (4)

As I fly, I discover something like a big camp, without even hesitating I approach it while increasing my speed and descend while nearing a conspicuously big tent. A fuzz starts at my sudden appearance, the surroundings fall in a confusion state. Although I've received more attacks until now, they don't hurt nor do they itch. My black scales can't be ripped apart by such a thing.

’’Your Majesty! Please escape!’’

Hearing that voice in front and turning in that direction, I discovered would the one who evidently is the most prominent character. This man should be the number one important person of Tiruzoto Kingdom if he is being called Majesty.

Short hair of dark, purplish blue, and golden pupils. He looks younger than I thought. He has a plainer image compared to Prince LeBlanche, but as for his pupils which carry a radiance not unlike an Unicorn's, I feel that a deep darkness burns within them. Possessing a sharp glint, they are eyes so sharp that they seem capable of killing with just a glare.

I have only one image of royals inside me, I thought they were humans worthy of beings tyrant who show off their power. He's not a wise ruler, caring of his country, nor a popular friendly person like the Prince. His tight air gives off a bad vibe and is within the kinds of people you absolutely don't want to approach. (4.5) But now's not the time to be hesitant.

As if I was talking directly to his brain I bumped my thoughts into him.

[Are you the King of Tiruzoto Kingdom?] (5)

When I addressed him, he made a surprised look for a moment but immediately reverted to being expressionless. I felt eeriness from his countenance which displayed the quality of possessing an air of composure. (6)

The enemy soldiers that surrounded me say were holding their weapons and were set to charge at me at any moment, however a strange silence was drifting about.

He hasn't answered anything to my question and is just standing tock still. Being positive that I had reached him I continued.

[Please withdraw your troops. Otherwise I'll wipe out each of you with fire right here. This is a warning.]

It might also be possible to end this by the mean of killing this man. But it's no good to just use force. Nothing will be solved by simply inviting chaos.

The man was looking up at me expressionlessly.

[I'll say it again. There won't be a second time. Now, please withdraw your troops.]

My words appear to have been heard by everyone around us, as a man who looked like a servant by his side yells, 'How rude!' and raises his bow, attempting to release an arrow at me.

However the man across my eyes stopped him with his hand.

’’...All right.’’

He walks a few steps and comes up in front of me. It's a distance at which I can bite his head if I stretch my neck a little.

’’Your Majesty!?’’

’’You fall back.’’

’’Ho, however...!!’’

’’I am telling you to fall back.’’

At being glared at the servant man fell back grudgingly. His face was as pale as though he was a frog being stared down by a snake.

The man looked up at me ominously, and laughs with a wide grin.

’’This time, I'll retreat out of consideration to you. I didn't think, you'd come marching here by yourself. Besides it seems that because of such a great power unintentionally we also ended up bearing a considerable serious damage. ’’ (7)

'I didn't think you'd overwork the Unicorns this much.' (8) Such angry words ended up gushing forth. I confirmed that they are being exploited.

’’That power is something that was undeniably offered up to us. One day... We will show you we will obtain you too.’’

[I'm no one's possession.]

At the growl I give his smile becomes even deeper, and his eyes of golden color narrow.

’’I wonder if that's true? From the moment in which you formed a contract you became your contractor's possession. Then, We will obtain the both of you.’’

What a Gianizm.(9) He's so self-centered he's even more selfish than me. I don't even want to think about how such a person can be the ruler of a kingdom. I do not want to not talk to this man. I spread my wings and raise some wind in order to fly away from this place.

[Withdraw. That's all I will tell you.]

When the last to speak much, fly into the sky to float the body in the air.

’’Let's meet again. Oh Black Earth Dragon which harbors the taboo colour in its body.’’

I could hear his eerie laughter from above the ground.

Translator's Lair~

The notes are strong in this one!

(1) wild guess! This whole sentence has things I'm unsure about~ XD well, the general meaning is there though. 逃げ惑う敵に容赦なく襲い掛かり、今までの数十倍、数百倍の威力のある火を吐いて、潰して、噛んで、翼や尾で薙ぎ払い、何度も空に向かって咆哮を轟かせた。

(2) people fleeing: why are they fleeing if they don't fear her? Maybe a mistake? Oh well. Here's the sentence:


(3) recede down? Recede back? Sink down? 'oku ni hikkonde shimatteiru.'奥に引っ込んでしまっている。

(4) wild guess~ そんなものに臆している暇なんてあるのなら、今をどうするか考えるのが先だ。

(4.5) tight - it's a long explanation, reduced it to tight xD ’’to blindstitch the inside of a fold with (equally spaced) threadings (i.e. pulling shoe lacing tight). まつっている

(5) she says, are you the majesty of tiruzoto K. and that sounds odd in English xD Majesty = heika (陛下)

(6) -taru: to show/reveal/display the requirements or qualifications. ―たる weblio in jp.

(7) the serious damage and the large power, I think he refers to the unicorns' power and attacks which damaged even their side, not vito's charge at them, but I'm not sure. By the way, it was never confirmed how many unicorns were on scene, whether it was one or many.

(8) guess what... wild guess!! XDユニコーンも思ったより働いてはくれなかったしな

(9) Gianizm - o.o no idea what this is. Apparently, it's a doctrine by a guy named Gian, and an album by Nightmare xD.


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