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Dragon Life - Chapter 35


Chapter 35

There's no time to think. My reason.

A voice is shouting my name.

Looking up at the sky, I can see that along that great vibration in the air, golden arrows are raining down. They are fewer than before, but just by standing here at least one should hit me. They are fewer than before, but just by standing here at least one should hit me. Imagining how they will go through my body, gouging out my vowels and bathing the ground with a splash of my blood, and then disappearing like sand like they were never there, I'm horror-struck.

I can feel the approaching danger of this situation with the whole of my body, however my mind has gone blank, and it's totally like I am suffering from temporary paralysis as I can't escape, I can't move even a finger;I can't do anything but stare up at that and receive the blow.

The looming arrows of light.

By remembering the bright-red scene that was burned in my mind a bit earlier, I feel dismayed.

It's hopeless already.

At this distance it's too late to do anything. Even trying to escape, even if I try to return to my Dragon form, I won't make it in time. If I were to change my skin into scales, it would still be easily penetrated by such a dangerous weapon falling down from such a height. Oh, if only I could use any type of magic at this time.

For some reason, I was calmly contemplating on how my life was going to end so abruptly. The inside of my head is cruelly clear, and I'm not really experiencing anything like my life flashing before my eyes. (1)

As this seems like self-mutilation, I made a wry smile.

And, it was at that moment.

Tap, something pushed on my shoulder, and I collapsed backwards, falling on my back.

In that instant, a large arrow of light got stuck on the ground just by my side. Had I fallen just a bit out of this place, and I would have definitely become a victim to the arrows of light.

As I stared fixedly at the stuck arrow of light in surprise, from the surroundings I can hear the sound of the continuously falling arrows, the sound of people being pierced through, and shrieks and screams.

But more than that, the loudest sound was, the dull sound as if something was being torn apart, as if it was being pierced through, from right in front, of this fallen me.

... I can, hear a voice. It was a painful, low groaning voice.

Slowly raising my line of sight, I look up at him. That color I grew accustomed to, that single long braid was, falling on my shoulder.

’’Cap, tai....n?’’

I wonder, when did he come close to me. If it was him, he could have escaped aboard the Fire Drake, because, actually, the other Knight's who were fighting had become aware of the attack, and had escaped to the rear, evading this attack.

Nevertheless, why, is the Captain here.

What is this? Red drops of shining glitter, are drifting down. Heck, what are they.

When I became aware of the identity of the sparkles, my breath stopped for a moment, and I became terrified.

The Captain's abdomen had been, admirably penetrated by a dazzling arrow. That arrow was the thing that was stuck beside me. In that state of being fixed to the ground, the arrow was glittering wet with blood. And, as if to say that its mission was accomplished it begins to disappear, and I hurry to use both hands to receive and support the Captain's body which seems about to fall down. Because of the spurts of blood from the battle from earlier his bangs were stuck to his forehead, so I can see his dark pupils at point-blank range.

It was his usual kind visage, unlike the one he sported a while ago.

’’I'm, glad.’’

Blood overflows from his open mouth, and falls on my face. Warm, bright red blood, which just now had been wandering about through his body. Every time he coughs heavily, my cheeks and clothes become stained with bright red dense blots.

What, is this? What happened? ...blood. A bright red, vivid hue. ... Oh, isn't it a waste? Spilled, like this, a waste. ...Very, wasteful. -No, no... no. It's not like that. It's not like that. Not that kind of thing. It's not like I want to think of such a thing. Nevertheless, I don't know what to do.

The large, brilliant arrow that remained stuck to his abdomen, end up disappearing smoothly as sand, and as if the cork had disappeared from the gaping hole in his abdomen vivid blood pours out. Ironically, as the Captain's body loses its support and falls forward, I couldn't gather the strength to catch him;his body overlaps with mine and we flop down to the ground in that manner. His eyelids are closed, and even if I shake him, or whatever I do, those eyes can't see anymore.

Still red blood continues to wet the ground.


Not believing this sight, I desperately tried to somehow squeeze my voice out from my dried up throat. But, what comes out is just air, I couldn't form words. From my head my complexion grows worst, and there's a terrible buzzing in my ears. My head hurts. My body is trembling, I'm cold. But, the Captain's temperature in my arms, is even colder.

My fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault.

- My fault!!! Even though if I hadn't stood dumbfounded in a place like this, if I had been able to react to the attack when I noticed it, things wouldn't have come to this...!

What are you ’’glad’’ for? Why did you protect me? Why did you laugh, with such a happy face...? Although it was painful, though it was excruciating. So much blood is overflowing, you got a hole in your body, a way to save you, I don't have any. Even though you may end up dying, why.

I'm, such a fool. An idiot, stupid blockhead. Being protected by the person I don't wish to lose the most, behaving carelessly and being the only one without a single injury on them.

What's with this!?

I desperately press down on the wound with both hands to stop the blood, but it comes overflowing out from the gap between my fingers.

’’I, don't... want this.’’

If this is a dream wake up...! !

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why.

He will die? He will end up dying? Really?

That's right, if it's Lord Cleric...! But, that person is at the castle, no matter how much effort I do to fly over there I won't make it in time! Then, maybe Madeleine, someone, ...anybody, but who. Who, could possibly help us...?

His body which is missing its vigor is heavy, and as I stare at his complexion which goes losing its vitality, foul thoughts invade my mind.

...In that case.

If I'm about to lose him, then I better eat him here and now.

Can you, really, do such a thing?

I mean, he will die. Then by my hands, in his last moments.

Do you, really, want to eat him?

...I don't, want to. There's no way, I could want to eat him. But, I don't know.

Because, what should I do, I don't know.

Again, that sensation which cuts off my consciousness assaults me.

My sight and awareness become hazy, and I can no longer hear anything. If I surrender to this sensation like this, will I see that daydream again, and without waking up this time, I wonder if I can return to live that human life thinking that this all is a dream,

Such a sweet temptation.

...That's right, I should run away , and forget it all.

If losing someone is so painful, and the me who could do nothing feels only regret, if I can do nothing but watch on, I think, I should be allowed to avert my eyes from reality, right?

But, ...such a thing, it's too convenient for me.

Then, what do I do?



Something resounded within my head. A voice that's not a man's nor a woman's proclaims its existence by talk to me within my head, forcibly retaining my consciousness that was about to be disconnected.


’’Wha, what's this, ...’’

I felt sick. Wondering if finally the next step from my dreams is to hear auditory hallucinations, I was greatly perplexed and frantically tried to shake it off. I don't have the time to be having these hallucinations now, yet that voice didn't stop speaking to me at all.



Repeating these words. A certain word that I've heard repeatedly. It echoes many, many times, many dozens of times, many hundreds of times, like it is trying to brainwash me.

What has become of my head? It's painful.

’’Even so, I think it's good for you to know this.’’ (3)

This time, Lord Cleric's words suddenly echo within my head.

Like a drop of clear water forming a ripple within the turbid, muddy chaos, they spread gently to every corner of my mind.

At the same time that voice that was making noise up till now disappears, and all of a sudden I feel at ease as if I was set free.

’’The, contract's ...method.’’

I don't know what's happening to me, but I feel like, I have perceived a single light of hope.

Did perchance Lord Cleric know that things would turn out this way, and thus he taught me that back then? Because he had done his so-called reading of the future, so he somehow had the need to teach it to me.

What a person.

Irritating, and hateful.

If you knew this was gonna happen then I'd certainly have been glad if you had told me that instead. Because maybe then things wouldn't have come to this!

But, ...those things don't matter now. Even if I curse Lord Cleric time won't turn back.

If it can save the Captain, anything will do.

I mean, I don't want to lose him.

I don't want him to die.

Let alone covering for me then dying? What's with that. This is not an exaggerated legend! I don't have a need for that!

I, I don't want to lose him...! I won't let him die, definitely...!

That time, I swore, that no matter what happens, no matter how many times he faces danger, I definitely won't let him die. If these feeling I have for him are what is called love, I'll resign myself to accept it. But, he's someone dear to me to the point, that the words 'I like you,' 'I love you,' 'you're precious to me,' are not enough to convey it.

I absolutely, don't want him to die. So.

I ask you, please, don't die.

For that sake, I have the resolution to do anything.


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