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Dragon Life - Chapter 30


Chapter 30

Abduction incident breaks out during a vivid dream. My connections to others.

IMPORTANT t/n: i'll be using oniichan/niichan (older brother) &neechan (older sister) in this part, because a difference is needed. Note that adding an 'o' as a prefix adds a connotation of respect. And, i'll use capital letters to replace the ***s that the author used, so you can tell the difference easily, since it took me a while, and it's more difficult without kanjis xD

※ warning of reference to the author. (author's note)(1)

Second, DREAM.(2)

’’A trip to another world seems to happen when the hero falls into a dangerous situation.’’ (A person)

’’That's the trigger?’’ (B person)

’’Certainly I wanted to do some practice right now, so for the time being I wanted to try jumping out from the window, but ... as expected, is it impossible?’’

’’It's impossible.’’

’’Well then, I wonder if it would work if I took the pattern of the easiest way out, being run over by a large truck. (3) Yes, I feel that it will work if I go with this.’’

’’So you have a death wish?! And you want to go to a different world that badly?’’

’’I'm telling you I want to go! If I go to another world I'll get a mysterious power for free and will be unconditionally popular with the cute girls, right?! Or if I shouldered the important task of saving the world, my mediocre self will go raising the surroundings' trust &love, while facing conflicts and being called 'how reckless!'... Ah, other worlds are amazing! Please take me to you!!’’

’’That's just running away. It's merely taking refuge in a convenient world, you know.’’

’’Ermm. You cut straight through my dream... such a COOL fellow.’’

’’But well, as long as you yourself are satisfied by your escape, I think that's fine.’’


’’I think there 's no need to overdoing it and facing the things you hate. If you hate something then it's fine to run away from it. It's not necessary to achieve victory.’’

’’Ah, you are like that. The forgiving hypocrite type, are you?’’

’’Hypocrite? ...Maybe. But even if that was a lie, as long as I can save someone by that I think it's be fine. Overdoing things and thrusting at reality, rather than making those people unhappy, it'd be best for them to happily soak in the lukewarm water of a dream. Because then both the person himself, and the people watching at them, will let out a sigh at feeling relieved.’’

’’It's rare for you to agree, do you have a fever?’’

’’How rude. I'm properly answering to Oniichan's embarrassing delusive stories, but since you said that I'll eat all the pudding.’’

’’*B*! Are you purposely eating my pudding again?!’’

’’Don't cry so pudding-like.’’

’’'-Like', what do you mean '-like'! Pudding's the food that moistens the everyday life for me!’’

’’Okay okay, it's half-eaten but I'll return it to you.’’

’’It, it's half-eaten? Well, surely this is the commonly known as an indirect ki-...’’

’’In the end, Oniichan, you are no good. *C*, won't you eat instead?’’

’’Eeh, that which was half-eaten by my neechan?’’ (C person)

’’ not cute.’’ (B person)

’’What about neechan, how about cutting those long-winded bangs? And if you switched to contacts you'd look a little cute? Your face's similar to mine.’’ (C person)

’’What about you, *C*, you're in middle school so stop it with the blond hair please. It's a violation of school rules. And you're a narcissist.’’ (B person)

’’I'm not being told off because my marks are good. I'm also totally wondering why we get along so badly though we are older sister and younger brother.’’

’’Wasn't all the goodness within my head taken by *C*? So, will you take the pudding? Will you not?’’

’’I will.’’

’’Oh younger brother and sister! I think you're both so cute I can't stand it!!’’ (A person)(4)

’’Oniichan, shut up.’’ ’’Niichan, shuddup.’’ (B - C)



It caught me off guard.

Apparently the back of my head was hit at full force, I feel a dull pain in my head. And my body is so rigid it's creaking all over. (5)

Even so, I had a dream again. I see only strange dreams recently. That I had an older brother and a younger one, that the elder one held onto his own delusive fantasies, that we talked about pudding, it was a dream about doing foolish talks. It might possibly be a recollection from when I was human. But it's strange to have such a distinct dream. Somehow it gave me a nostalgic feeling, but through it I also remembered some freshness. When a name was mentioned I could not hear it as if there was noise, and since the appearances are also vague I can't remember them. Brother, I might have slipped inside someone that could be called a character from the other worlds that you dream of. Please don't think, 'so envious.' Because I'm living a desperate everyday.

It is useless. The human memories I regain are only for a moment, after that they are pushed to the very back as if they had been hidden by clouds.

This absolutely feels as if they were being controlled, like I wasn't allowed to remember any more than this.

Since there's no helping this I decide to look around.

’’Where, is’’

I was surrounded by bars. When I stood up my head grazed the ceiling. Apparently I seem to be trapped in a cage. Also, it has been decorated with ornaments of a bad taste, as if it was a bird cage. I feel just like a bird which is only meant to be exhibited. Probably because of the room, which is of a very luxurious decoration, I'm meant to be a rare ornamental bird. I'm not a thing to be exhibited, however.

’’Oh, did you wake up?’’

Was he in the room? A middle-aged man approaches me. His hair is barely there, but his belly makes me think he has invested a lot of money in it, and on his garments he wears several rings and necklaces. He gives me the feeling of being your typical Lord Noble who only works to enrich himself. Behind the middle-aged man there are several people wearing hoods, they stood there like they were standing guard. It's really like they are dressed for executing a black magic ritual. No way I am a sacrifice? Yeah there's no way. ...right?

’’You didn't wake up after two days so we thought you were dead.’’

Was I fainted for two days, no wonder my body is creaking. Why would I sleep so much, the hit was too strong? I wonder if that's the reason I even had that dream.

’’···Who are you?’’

’’My name is Tommaso Sommer, I alone am responsible for the center of Alvina Kingdom. For the King, the Sommer House has a great influence, isn't that awesome?’’

Now that you mention it, I haven't met the King yet. I kinda think it is not necessary for me to meet him though. Certainly he was bed-ridden by some illness, wasn't he? I heard that's the reason for that Prince to be taking command over many things.

Even so, to be the person responsible for the central parts of Alvina Kingdom, is he what is called a 'close aide'? But for such a person to be in charge, what the heck.

’’Our behavior was a little violent on you, but I think you would not talk obediently with otherwise.’’

Yeah, my head is in pain. In quite a pain.

’’Make a contract with me.’’

'You haven't made a contract yet, right?' I don't know where did he hear that but he said so confidently.

...No way, does this mean that the kidnapped and confined me for that. Cut it out. You made me feel such pain for that! (6) No way, what he wants is wealth and fame? ...So people like this also exist. Since recently I have only spent time around my kind friends I completely forgot this type of people existed. In the end this world isn't sweet at all... I'll engrave it in my heart so I won't forget it. (7)

But it's infuriating to use me to obtain wealth and fame. And, as a person of this country, he certainly knows what it pertains to be contracted to the Earth Dragon. Could this be like going to war with hands that have never wielded a sword nor known no bean? (8) He gives me the feeling that he doesn't think about anything other than himself. That said, I'm also someone who doesn't know war, and doesn't think about anything other than myself.

Let's probe him a little.

’’Would you happen to have the resolution to fight for this country's sake?’’


He lets out a bewildered sound, as if he never thought questions would come from my side.

This is no good, is it.

’’Would you happen to have the resolution to head for the frontlines along with me, to murder a multitude of humans, and to become a hero?’’

’’Tha, that's a matter of course!’’

Are you sure? Your voice is trembling though. (9)

’’Then, the resolution to die, do you have it?’’

The man quickly went silent.

He seems to have more or less known about what to do battle is, but 'to die' was out of his expectations.

’’To go to war is to have the resolution to die, you must be prepared to risk your life for the country. People like you, who live an everyday devoid of any inconvenience, and only thinking of wealth and prestige, are unfit to be my partner.’’

Originally, I didn't even have the slightest desire to make a contract with someone.

’’It's a pity, but you fail.’’

’’Wha, what did you say...’’

As I laugh scornfully through my nose, saying 'it won't happen,' his face becomes bright red like a boiled octopus.

I might have been too excited and ended up saying too much. I'm sorry uncle, it's cause my head hurts too much.

Anyway this has followed a standard abduction pattern. So will someone come and help me? Hm? Because it's generally here where the hero comes in to the rescue and from there love blooms, you know. I know. ... I say so but, it may be bad to say this, but such a small cage, I can easily destroy it. Who do you think I am. I don't have the temperament of a heroin who would yearn the hero, waiting while crying.

As I lay my hands on the cage, the man yells.

’’You'd better stop that!! Because a high-voltage current is flowing through it with magic! To escape so easily will be ’’

Before the man stops talking I grab the bars with both hands. The current travels over my whole body with rattling sounds but I change my skin into scales to prevent it from getting inside my body. And by applying all of my strength into them the bars bend effortlessly. Aren't I kinda gallant.

After a 'yo-heave-ho' and exiting from inside the cage, the man opened his eyes really wide until it seemed as if he was wondering 'just like that?,' and opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish. (10)

’’This, you'd better improve it.’’

'It'd be better for you to think more deeply if you want to catch me.' As I voice that with a laugh the man's face goes bright red face and he yells.

’’Ca, catch her!! Absolutely don't let her escape!!’’

Eh, no way.

The men who were concealed in hoods by the side come jumping towards me all at once. However, before they reach me, I noticed that from amongst the several men who were wearing a robe some started to attack their comrades, so I thought they may be having a fall out, but something feels off somehow.

’’Hey you! What are you doing!!’’

I can't understand what's going on either, but as i was thinking ' good if I can escape now' and was looking for the opportunity to do so, suddenly the middle-aged man started shouting.

’’Alright! It's enough, I'll finish her myself!!’’

As he grew impatient he collected his sword which had rolled onto the floor and approached me.

Eh, wait. You mean 'finish' as in 'kill'? Wai, waitwaitwait! You'll lose the chance to make a contract with me! What is this person thinking!

Can't he make a calm decision? The middle aged man wields his sword at me.

... But, the sword was not swung down onto me at all.

Bam, with a thick sound the man collapsed in front of me as if he had used up all of his strength. I was seriously scared because for a moment he directed me a really cold glare. How scary.

Behind the man there was a single person from the hooded ones from earlier, standing with the handle of his sword facing this way. He seems to have done something like striking him with the back of the sword without actually cutting him down.

And that person comes walking here tramping down on the man without any hesitation. It seems this person was your boss once, is it all right to do that?


The face that came out as he removed the hood on his way here, was a very familiar face.


The Captain does not stop in front of me, as if he wanted to bump into me;he hugs me tightly. So strongly that I can't breath. A fast beat, perceived even through his clothes, is transmitted. He seems to be a little out of breath, was it because he was engaging this men earlier? The sigh he takes by my ear feels a little ticklish.

’’Don't do dangerous things... I was worried.’’

’’About the electric current? I'm okay.’’

’’About that as well.’’

Uhm, I wonder what other thing I did could have been dangerous. I can't think of anything. Other than that there is only quarreling with the middle-aged man and bending the bars.

But wait, for him to appear from behind the middle-aged man, and in this get-up, could it be he watched it all? ... So embarrassing.

’’But, I'm glad.’’

The Captain laughs casually.

I am not! If you were there from the beginning I'd have liked it if you'd say so! Or the like. Surely he was waiting for the correct timing, I guess. I was inside a cage, and with a high-voltage electric current running through it, he wouldn't be able to touch it.

Some time later, the matters in the surrounding seems to have been settled as some of the men have been apprehended. As the others removed their robes, I was surprised yet again to see familiar faces.

’’Could they be Sir Lance and the rest?’’

The Captain nods.

’’Let's leave.’’


Lightly picking me up in his arms, he starts walking. I was surprised because he was an unexpectedly strong man, not to mention that such a sudden thing made me go stiff.

Just a moment please. It's me the one with an expertise in making rescues! In particular, I'm a professional at rescuing Captain! I'm not giving this up! Since until now I have managed on my own somehow, from when I lived on the Vizannu Mountains, and when I lived alone, so now it's the first time I rely on others, from being rescued for the first time, and, how should I say it, to be picked up in someone's arms, it's my first time as well.

Honestly, I was perplexed.

'Please let me down one way or another,' I say in a haste. I wonder if maybe he thinks things are still dangerous.

’’Captain, it's alright already. Who do you think I am?’’

If there's only this much then I'm confident I can show you that I'm able to handle it on my o

’’My important girl.’’




W H A T D I D Y O U S A Y!?

With that my face became totally red as if it was emitting fire. Since I didn't want the Captain to see my embarrassed, bright red face I hid it against his shoulder. My face is hot.

’’... That's unfair.’’

The Captain just giggles softly like always.

Neither a dragon, nor human. I feel happy to be treated like a girl. But, I feel embarrassed.

Anyway does the Captain like me because I'm a Dragon? Right? Tell me that's right!


As I was awkwardly waiting in a room with the Captain, Lance and Stefanos came back, did they settle everything down? The Vice-Captain has gone to make the report about the matters this time. I thought how it was nice that it wasn't the Captain the one to do it, but apparently it's usually the Vice-Captain the one to go. Well, because he has a little reticent side, I guess the one to do it should be the one most suitable for it. (11) (and they're back at the castle.)

The incident this time, since it seemed one of the retainers was making unnatural movements, when they paid attention they noticed I had gone missing, so they assumed I had been caught.

To be missing for two days, if it were a human they wouldn't be able to stand it, I'm glad it was me. ...Though I'm not sure about that. First of all I'm glad that I returned safely. And besides I was trapped for two days, but because the incident ended right after I woke up, I didn't actually get distressed.

And now Chiffon, who appeared from nowhere, is clinging to me. Her breasts are a bother and they should be making the clinging difficult. But let's just say that my chest is a cutting board so everything works just right. That's wrong, my thoughts are becoming like those of a dirty old man like again. By the way Ariade's here too.

’’Vito-chan, uwaah, where had you gooone...!’’

I made her cry again.

It seems I did not notice anything since I was soundly asleep while staying inside a dream. I'm sorry.

’’We were worried. You have an unexpectedly delicate side so we were wondering if you weren't troubled over something again.’’

’’S, sorry.’’

I'm really sorry. I can't do anything other than to apologize.

At that moment, someone opened the door at full force.

’’Vito !! Just how much do you plan on making me worry - !!’’

The one that suddenly entered the room like a torrent was Maribelle. She walks to my side with long strides, and glares at me with up-turned eyes. Somehow, her pupils look clouded to me. Was she worried about me? But, was it because she noticed Lance's present in the room, with an 'Ah!' her expression suddenly becomes a tranquil one. Maidens in love are always healthy.

’’A, anyway. If anything happens then say it properly!’’

'As if I had the chance, imprisoned as I was,' I said, but I was replied with an 'as if I could have known that!' Like that.

I was fine because that man talked to me the moment I woke up, but if it had been someone who would use coercive methods, by now some unspeakable thing may have happened to me, and certainly it wouldn't have been rare for me to be sold off to some other land. I'm really glad it was a talkative person.

’’Lady Maribelle noticed quickly that Miss Vito had gone missing.’’

At being smiled at by Lance, Maribelle's face blushes. I see. Certainly for now I'm only a freeloader in Maribelle's room. Probably as she noticed that I didn't return when it became late, she told this to the nearby Vice-Captain.

’’So it was like that... Thank you, Maribelle.’’

’’H, hmph. Not that I care.’’

Her face is red. Is she not used to compliments, she looks away shyly when I thank her. Since that's so cute I really want to meddle with her. ...As I was thinking that now I could understand Stefanos' feelings of wanting to meddle with cute girls, from nearby I heard a hearty laughter that was as if it couldn't be contained anymore.

’’This guy, 's so funny! 'Cause she just burst opened the thick prison bars with her bare hands! I can't help but laugh!’’

The one holding his sides from laughing without reservation was Stefanos. I want to kick him flying.

I want you to stop that. That's not something to laugh at. I was desperate to get out. What I mean is if you were watching then I'd have loved it for you to stop it immediately. Otherwise there's no meaning in having come to help me!

Lance was troubled over this at first, but, did he give up? He said 'sorry' to me while looking perplexed.

’’You did such a dangerous thing!?’’

While I was sulking at Stefanos's attitude, Ariade's eyes go wide open and she takes a hold of my shoulders. I was surprised because it was so sudden.

’’Eh, oh, I'm not human you know. For me, bars can be easily ...’’

’’That has nothing to do with it! It's because you are a girl!’’

I ended up being rebuked by Ariade.

’’But I think that, isn't it useless for you to expect me to be human girl?’’

When I say human, is a human girl from this world. Everyone compared to me can use elegant words, and I don't know a thing about trends and fashion. And I, I want to wear pants! I want to complain about that. But if I said that kinda thing then Ariade will get end up getting angry at me again so I kept silent.

’’Then I'll teach you. And you, you have a side which is a little crude. I'll take the chance to fix you. Because I'll lend you clothes and things that will make you even cuter.’’

’’Wait a second please. Vito is now living in my room, so I'll teach her!’’

With a squishy sound, I notice that my arm has been taken a hold of by Maribelle as she lashed out to Ariade.

’’Oh, but I think the size of the clothes you have won't fit her.’’

’’Ggh, then I'll go buy some!’’

I was thinking they had been getting along after so much trouble, but this is kind of the friendship between cats and dogs, or like they get along well enough to be quarreling? Although I'm not sure whether that's good or bad.

’’Stop it you twooo...!’’

Yeah, quit it please. Chiffon's tears have finally stopped and you'll make her cry again. Don't fight over meee! Yeah, this feels good after all.

At the two's quarrel, Stefanos is laughing even more, Lance is making a bitter smile, and Chiffon is desperately trying to stop the quarrel.

If I wasn't here, I would not be able to see this side of them, would I?

At thinking that, somehow I thought it was funnny, and it naturally made me smile.


At my call, the Captain, who was nearby, directs his line of sight towards me.

’’I'm wondering if it's alright for me to think that I'm very cherished.’’

The fact that there exists someone who would be worried about me makes me so happy that my heart warms up.

Am I allowed to believe that, although I am a Dragon, so different from their human selves, some kind of connection that can not be seen between them and I has been made?

Captain, while stroking my head, makes his usual gentle smile.

’’You are very cherished.’’

Somehow, I wanted to cry from joy.

As I wipe away the tears that gathered at the corner of my eyes, I become flustered because even more tears keep coming, so I use both hands to hide my face.

Ho, how weird. Although I'm not someone who is easily brought to tears. (12)

Suddenly, while I was all flustered about these uncontained tears, both of my hands are teared away from my face. In that manner something comes in contact with my face with a soft sound, and goes gradually stealing my tears.

The Captain placed his hand at the back of my head and brought me closer to him;without minding that his uniform gets wet, he had hugged me to his chest as if I had fallen forwards.

Really, he's too gentle.

I'm thankful that I'm not moaning. I'm not sobbing either, only, quiet tears keep coming out from my pupils. If I also moaned it would be so disgraceful. I don't want to show such an undignified figure to others.

This is my pride.

How many times has he seen my weak side already. I don't want to show him this any longer.

And everyone's here as well.

Did Ariade and Maribelle end their quarrel already? I can hear both the calm voice and the high-pitched voice.

Somehow I thought that was amusing, so I laugh with tears in my eyes, yet, I heard something being whispered to me in a sigh which only I could hear.

’’Vito, you are very cherished;I love you.’’


My tears receded.

in the end, since I was kinda afraid, I could not face him at all.

Translator's Lair~

(1) METAhatsugen again xD and there's actually at least one other chapter ahead which contains a warning from the very author. (and i'm looking forwards to it!)

(2) this was a little confusing to translate the first time, but since this is the second time i see it then i know what this is about. this sentence is just two words: Futatsu, YUME. (ふたつ、ユメ。)so it could mean 'two, dreams' 'dream, two'... well, now i know she'll name her dreams like that, so i'll go with 'second, DREAM'. and i have to go back and change the first one to 'first, DREAM.' yay. oh i love going back to correct things. no, really, i do (not).

(3) Puhahahahahha Truck-san is recognized even within novels to be a fool-proof gateout to other worlds. hahaahah... Erm, i mean, the actual note is this: 王道パターン (Oo-Dou-PATTERN),the pattern of the 'royal road', which is the 'easiest way to achieve one's goal.' viva yahoo answers for giving me an answer in english for a change!

(4) me ni iretemo itakunai - 目にいれても痛くない - literally 'even if it enters my eyes it won't hurt'. and you won't feel something which you love, or is very very cute will bother you if it enters or pokes your eye, right? xD so it's something which is so cute or lovely that you'd forgive it even if it enters your eye... i didn't invent that, don't ask me~ kotozawa (japanese)

(5)それに体中が軋む. (and my whole body is creaking). Yeah... I added rigid.

(6) not sure~こんなに頭が痛い思いをしてそれか!

(7) 肝に銘じよう。 - to engrave something in one's liver xD it means, if I understood correctly, that when something makes your heart stop, to make sure you won't ever forget it. It's written as 'kimo ni meizuru.' (強く心に留め、けっして忘れないようにすること。「肝に銘ずる」と書く。) weblio

(8) no idea if it's a saying or something. I'm guessing that 'known no bean', may mean that they've not even farmed before, so it's a person who knows nothing in practice. 剣も持った事のない、まめも知らない手で、戦争に行けると言うのか

(9) but your voice is turning inside out, literally xD just a wild guess~声が裏返っているけど.

(10) wild guess sentence!! xD 男は目をこれでもかと言うぐらいにかっと見開いて口を金魚みたいにぱくぱくとさせていた。(at this rate I'm gonna change the site's name to Wild Guess Translations, lol.)

(11) lost this note, I'll update it later, maybe xD it was just an idiom - the right person at the right place.

(12) 私こんなに涙腺弱くないんだけど。- 'though my lacrimal glands are not this weak' xD


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