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Dragon Life - Chapter 29


Chapter 29

Together with Lord Cleric. The Japanese from three hundred years ago. Reason of summoning.

I had completely forgotten about Timo's message.

But in order to meet Lord Cleric, formalities have to be made. When I was worrying over what to do, a summon arrived from the person himself at a timing that is so good that it gives me a bad feeling.

And also I feel intimidated by going into that strange room again. The feeling of your clothes not getting wet when you enter is not good.

At the time the sun sank, I visited Lord Cleric's room. Standing in the center of the room as always, I really want to know what happened to his hair. No matter when you look at it his face is pure white as if devoid of any flowing blood. He is beautiful, but in some respects he directs a cold smile to greet me.

’’You properly came over.’’

’’...It was you the one who called for me though.’’

I approached him reluctantly because he was beckoning me with his hand with a 'come, come.' Two meters, this is the limit distance. If I get closer than this the danger signal in my brain becomes red. By the way, it's yellow now. As I was showing my wariness, he says 'it can't be helped then,' and laughs.

’’Apparently the castle is buzzing with talks about you. I hadn't thought you'd reveal your identity yourself huh, ooh, I'm not trying to say that it's bad. But I just thought that it was unusual for you to do so. It was, right? Yes, it was. ’’

As usual, concluded on his own. As I asked him, 'what do you mean unusual,' a meaningful smile came about on his face.

’’Because the 'you from when you lived as a human' seemed to have lived by the principle of being as inconspicuous as possible, hehehe.’’

’’...How, do you know that...!’’

I feel like my heart has been gripped by an eagle's claws. (1) Involuntarily I raised my voice.

I did not say anything to Lord Cleric. Nothing about my matters as a Dragon, let alone about my human memories, I've only told Timo about it. Why does he know of them. Even though I only have vague memories of it that I can barely recall, ...then, how does he know?

’’Ah, this won't do, it seems to be a habit of mine to make others wary of me. Even though all I do is say the truth. Don't you think so? But apparently it startled you, I'm sorry to frighten you. ...Perhaps your human memories are very unclear?’’

I was not able to say a word. I feel so uncomfortable as if he saw through everything, through every part of me.

As expected I shouldn't have come to meet him!

Lord Cleric, not waiting for my words, continues to speak alone.

’’I shall take that as confirmation. Is that so, if so it's not strange that you are in confusion, but I agree. (2) I was thinking you were very strange. About how you can go on living as a Dragon while carrying human memories. I'm sure it is because your human memories are faint, because if not, by now you would have surely gone crazy and died.’’

’’Cra, zy?’’

’’That's right. It's usually not possible for the memories of two different organisms to mingle together. If that really happened, you would go insane as a result of not knowing what to believe in due to being full of contradictions in your thoughts and in your morals. So your presence was very strange.’’

Certainly there are a lot of contradictions in me. I've also been thinking and worrying about it. But without doubt it is not something that troubles me enough to go mad. It is, because my human memories are vague? Is he saying that if they weren't vague and I had a sense of self as a Dragon, by now I'd be dead after going mad?

I can't believe it, I can't think about it. I don't even want to think about it.

’’So I think, that when you recall all of your human memories, it would be good to think that that will be the 'end' of you.’’

I feel that I have been given the death penalty.

I wonder if he's saying that it will be the end of my life, or it'll be an ending in a different meaning. I don't understand.

Meeting with Lord Cleric is always like this. I feel sick by all the things I don't know about.

’’It's fine. Please do not get troubled over it so seriously. You are an irregular existence for me so no matter what happens it won't be strange. Well, I guess thee are what are known as cheats and templates, so won't you manage somehow or another? (3) It's like that, right? yeah, I'm sure it'll be like that.’’

This Lord Cleric sure can speak as if he knows writing slang. (4) And he excessively sends his best throw as always. His sweetly smiling face is too mischievous.

’’Those are, things that happen in stories, but in reality... they don't, right? In the first place why does Lord Cleric know such vocabulary?’’

’’By becoming a medium for knowledge, if anything happens I can know something about it. This time the knowledge is related to you, what I'd like to say, but I was taught before.’’

What do you mean, before.

’’Besides smoke doesn't appear where there has been no fire. Furthermore summoning magic was practiced before in this country. Amongst those people there were those that contributed to this country with their knowledge, as well as heroes who helped us in wars. And there were also people who had a family, and people who lived normally in peace and returned to their original world. I'm sure that those people wrote stories in your world. And amongst the summoned ones there were those who became tied to the royal family and those who became Knights. That kind of stories, didn't they exist in your world?

There are. In particular, I remember that my brother was very fond of them. To the point of speaking of his delusion stories. (5)

But this is shady somehow. Yet, it seems to be true that summoning magic was practiced here, and what Lord Cleric is saying is not necessarily a lie. But there's no way I'll believe such a thing so easily. Because there are no people who can prove that anymore.

’’That's right, you definitely were Japanese. In the past, the hero who was accompanied by a pink Earth Dragon was a Japanese youth. He ended up returning to his original world after leading us to victory in war. He was a very brave and interesting person.’’

To say it happened 300 years ago, while making a face as is this is something that happened just the other day, really makes you think 'this person has actually lived so long.' He's beautiful, but as I realize that his cold expression gives a little way to a calm smile, it also makes you think 'this person does give of the presence of a Great Cleric.' (5.5)

Even so, I haven't said anything yet he sure keeps on chattering. He's the chattering living history. (6)

’’That person, he taught me.’’

’’Yeah, and he, though he lead us to victory in war because he was the Earth Dragon's Contractor, he was actually a very appropriate and well-qualified person.’’

To be summoned, to contract the country's Sacred Beast, to bravely save said country and then to return to their own world, it's the template for some kind of hero. And to know those words, then he couldn't be just a random person. I know them because I learned them as second-hand knowledge from my brother, but any ordinary person wouldn't know them, right?

... Wait a minute. The fact that he returned to his original world, then what happened to his contracted Earth Dragon?

’’What happened to that Earth Dragon?’’

’’It went together with the youth after taking on the form of a cat.’’ (7)

It's not Hachiko the Faithful Dog but the Faithful Pink Dragon. (8) It left the world it lived in behind in order to be together with that human?

If returning magic exists, then maybe it'd be possible to go home to my human world. But I don't know from where I am, and I'm Dragon now. Even if I think I wish to, I can't return, can I?

’’Hehehe, by chance, are you interested in the summoning magic? That's right, perhaps you might have been dropped in this world after getting involved in something. It's very strange that you have only human memories, it hadn't happened in the past. However, though it hurts my heart very much to say this, it's a pity, but there is no solution to this.’’

It troubles me that you say it smiling so radiantly. And it doesn't look like you are feeling hurt at all.

’’That summoning magic, if it has been done 300 years ago, I don't think it'd be too rare for it to be practiced even now, but,’’

I wonder if it was some kind of fad. But to be summoned with such a bang bang because of a fad is also something troublesome.

’’I've said it had been practiced frequently before, but that doesn't mean everyone can do it. A certain book is needed.’’

’’Are you saying that because that book is lost, summoning magic itself has become obsolete? That it was lost... isn't that a grave matter?’’

Though I don't know of the extent of that book's power, if it fell in the hands of people who'd misuse it, the continent could fall into chaos by summoning a lot of people and tricking them, couldn't it?

’’That's right, but the ones who know how to use it are just me and very few people. And besides the book disappeared when that hero returned to his original world, so maybe by chance that person took it with him when he left.’’

That doesn't seem improbable at all. If the book was taken away by the hero then summoning magic can't be used anymore.

For the sake of what did that person take the book with him, there is no reason for me to know.

But, I found a connection.

As for my world, I only have this world, but I was feeling I was part of both the world of my human memories and this other world, yet I didn't know from which I was originally, nor if my memories were real. But if you say that Japanese people, the same as me, have been summoned, then I can't avoid thinking that my human memories may be from that same world.

Little by little, I feel that the answer is coming into view.

I had given up since no matter how much I troubled over it I'd reach no answer, yet something is coming into view now, little by little. I want to know, but I'm also a little scared.

And, I'm puzzled.

At that time, I heard the voice of a dignified lovely girl from behind.

’’Lord Cleric, your time to be cleansed is approaching.’’

’’Oh, it is that time already?’’

I wonder since when was she behind me, or was she back there all along, the one who is standing in the back is a girl who has the same hair color as Lord Cleric. And wearing a simple costume made of one piece cloth with little exposure, yet wearing a lot of hair ornaments, bracelets and the like. At first glance she may look like a dancer, but from her neat feeling she seems more like a Miko rather than a Cleric. (8.5)

’’She is my successor and current caretaker. Because I cannot move from here, she is the one who takes care of most things for me.’’

’’N, nice to meet you, Lady Vito. My name is Leiya.’’ (9)

Without noticing, I was fascinated by that smile, so pure and innocent that it is as if it has never known the filth from the outside world.

As I was in that state Lord Cleric softly whispers near my ear.

’’Leiya has never been out of this castle. On top of that it was decided she'd be my successor as soon as she was born;since you seem to be of the same age, won't you get along with her for me?’’

What Lord Clerics says to me sounds like what a caring relative would say about a sheltered daughter. As I was thinking, 'this sure is the forecast of a cataclysm,' he mutters, ’’how crueel.’’ Can he foresee everything?

The girl approaches me in a trot, and says while her cheeks become dyed in red.

’’U, uhm, that rumor, I have heard of it. I have even heard about this from Lord Cleric. ...I, I respect you! Please shake my hand!’’


What's with this child.

She comes my way asking for a handshake in high spirits, as if she had met a great star. (10) Her hand is as white as snow. Since I couldn't let her feelings down, as she was filled with glistening expectations, I gave her a small handshake, and she smiled with a 'ehehe.' What's this, so cute. If Maribelle is of a gorgeous cuteness, and Chiffon's cuteness is of a naive purity, then hers is a charming cuteness. I was enlightened that there are many types of cuteness.

Even so, I'm worried about if Lord Cleric hasn't said any half-truths.

’’Leiya, please go ahead to make the preparations. I still have something to talk about here.’’

’’Y- yes!’’

She seems to have the ditz attribute. She left the room while tumbling on her clothes.

It was cute how she bashfully looked back intermittently with her head lowered.

’’When she said 'to be cleansed,' what did she mean?’’

’’It is something like strengthening the wedges that tie me here. As the power of the wedges has weakened lately it seems I might die.’’

’’... No way.’’

Even though he's so lively and healthy.

’’Originally it is as if I'm dead.’’

’’If you were dead, it wouldn't be possible for us to be speaking like this, would it?’’

’’Using forbidden magic I'm getting only an eternally youthful body. It's like I'm dead. If not there would be no way for a common human being to live for more than a thousand years, right? Hehehe, did I surprise you?’’

’’...Well that's that but’’

’’And in this world, the only ones who have used that are me and a witch, and someone else who, perhaps, will be the culprit of the incident that will occur in the near future of this world.’’

Another one? I wonder if Lord Cleric read something about the future.

’’Speaking of witch, hehehe, I had totally forgotten, but did Timotea Norris say something?’’

It's a name that I've never heard, but I wonder if maybe he refers to Timo. She had also muttered 'Timotea', and she had even forgotten her own name so such a thing... could be possible.

’’Since it's like that I believe you already know of it.’’ (Vito)

’’No way. Well, just the generalities of it. I'm asking you because I am not omniscient.’’

He's still going on with that. Apparently it hurt his feelings a great extent to be told that he is not omniscient. Though you are a Cleric you heart is so naaarrooow!

’’She said that there might be other enemies, and that eventually something that entraps the whole continent in chaos will ocurr.’’

’’Hmm, was as I thought.’’

If you thought so then don't ask me in the first place. I'd like to say that, but strangely Lord Cleric looks like he's troubled over something with a meek look on. With his silver eyes closed, looking at him like this there's no way that he doesn't look like a doll. Beautiful to the point you won't believe he's human, and somehow an ephemeral atmosphere drifts around... If only he didn't have this personality.

’’That time will arrive soon, huh.. ’’

He was chatting so vigorously without listening to anyone but like it was a lie, he suddenly shut up. Anyway, I don't know if he doesn't have someone to talk to, but I think he does talk too much.

And yet, since he is in the habit to only give me vague answers, I feel like I'm always trying to grab air. If he became a war prisoner, he seems like he'd easily tell on on his allies' weaknesses. Totally like an Italian soldier. (11)

Something that will plunge the whole continent into chaos, is it? I wonder if it will be something like the outbreak of a great war that will engulf the continent.

Lord Cleric was pondering for a while, but returned to his usual dubious expression when he muttered in a small voice, ’’Well, isn't it fine?’’ And though I say we're separated by 2 meters, but he pulled his naked feet out of the fountain and places them on the floor. He walk as it is for a few steps, and as I was perplexed he grabbed my arm. (12)


It's unfair because I was convinced that he could not move from that location. I am surprised. Can he move only a little away from there? Such a mistake.

And he laughs with a complacent smile.

’’Well then, for the end I shall teach you how to make a contract.’’

’’I do not need it! ...And weren't you running out of time?’’

What is this person saying so out of the blue!

Lord Cleric is laughing as if the me who gave an immediate reply was funny. However I'm extremely serious.

’’The time is still all right, even so, I think it's good for you to know this.’’

’’But, that is irrelevant to me -’’

’’Do you really think so? From the bottom of your heart, do you really think so?’’

If you say that then it becomes a lie. There is no way that I haven't thought about the contract. My real intention is to try not to think about it.

Lord Cleric's face comes sliding closer. (13) I am being reflected on those silver pupils. Not the appearance of my human self, but just the figure of a village girl.

’’If there are in you any thoughts similar to wanting to protect this country even a little, it will be gratifying for us. Is that right? That's right. There is no way we won't feel delighted about that.’’

The danger signal is flashing within my brain.

And even though he is like a small child, his grasp on my arm is strong like an adult male's. No, it's not that kind of thing. No matter how much I struggle to resist that force, with a start I notice that I can't move.

His face comes even closer. (14)

’’I understand.... If I only have to listen then I'll listen.’’

But I'll absolutely not do it!!

’’Such an earnest conclusion.’’

I just sigh towards Lord Cleric who smiles candidly.

Really, talking to Lord Cleric is mentally tiring.

I was walking down the hallway after slipping out of that strange room earlier. It's really helpful that there's no one around since it's night time. Is a relief from being targeted by sneaky and secret talks due to this invitation.






The reason Lord Cleric specified this time frame to visit, I wonder if it was because there are fewer people. Surprisingly he also has a kind side, as I discovered myself thinking that I confusedly shake my head in a hurry.

Nonono, there is no way that's true, let's quickly return to Maribelle's place.

In the first place that person likes to tease others, and only talks like a one-way traffic street, and loves to be a bother for o ...Eh?

To my head, a big impact.

Suddenly, everything before my eyes went black.


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