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Dragon Life - Chapter 28.1


Chapter 28 - part 1

T/N: warning! purring dragon ahead. purring kitties are now outdated.

Chapter 28 - part 1

Thank you, is the only thing I won't say.

The next day, we decided to head towards the Dragon Building during Maribelle's lunch break.

By the way, was I that tired? I slept until noon. Because of my original job as well as the state of the current circunstances, it was a while since I slept this soundly;it is refreshing to be able to face not the sunrise but noon, how relieving. I heard that every creature has different sleeping times. The fact that that emperor, Napoleon, slept 3 hours a day, compared to the prominent Einstein with his Theory of Relativity who slept 10 hours a day, is a famous story.

I guess I'm closer to Einstein, huh. I long for the life of a Dragon indulging in inactivity.

’’Hold on a little!’’

As I'm leaving behind Maribelle, whose feet barely advance in our way towards the Dragon Building, suddenly she runs over and stops me by getting a hold of my arm.

Her upturned eyes are cute.

’’We are doing this stealthily but you are standing out. See now, don't you want to meet with Reina quickly?’’

’’Well that's true but...’’

’’Then let's go.’’

Confirming that Maribelle is reluctantly following after me, I start walking again.

The guard who is near the entrance goes pale as soon as he sees my face. Surely they are being scrupulous of the rumors even over here. We weren't friendly enough with each other to exchange greetings upon meeting, but it's lonely that he shows me that kind of attitude so openly. Furthermore, he cowered even more at being glared at by Maribelle.


’’I hate people who get controled by rumors all around.’’

’’Are you in the place to be saying that?’’

’’...You are so noisy.’’

But, thank you. When I say so Maribelle turns away, as if embarrased. Truly, she's a honest person, yet somehow not honest at all. (1)

We were arriving to the small room of the Dragon we intended to meet, but she was standing still in place, has she not made her decision yet? However, a brief moment later she stepped forward as if her heart made a choice.

When looking into the small room, Reina was lying sprawled in the ground and staring in our direction.

’’Reina ...?’’

Her whisper in a small voice seems to have reached Reina's ears, as she raised the neck that had been lowered to gaze at Maribelle.

’’It's me, it's Maribelle. Though it's posible you don't remember because it's been too many years already. ...We used to play together, I wonder if you remember?’’

My hearts is pounding as I watch on.

It had been watching her attentively for a while, but Reina did not show any reaction. I wonder if she did not remember in the end. Discouraged, Maribelle hid her face. (2)

’’Is that so, There's no way you would-’’

[Maribelle, Maribelle, so long, glad.]

Reina's face came closer and she nuzzled her cheek against Maribelle's, and she rang her throat with a krrr krrr.

Apparently she does remember somehow. She might have been a little perplexed since it was said that they haven't met for several years. The last time they met she had the figure of a little girl, and it seems it has been a long time since they met like that. (3) Watching her rubbing her cheek happily, even I get in a happy mood.

’’Re, Reina?’’

’’It seems Reina does remember Maribelle.’’

’’You can tell?’’

’’Because I'm a Dragon.’’

’’Now that you say so, that's right.’’

I think so, but as expected I'm not very Dragon-like, am I?

Maribelle is also happily patting and hugging Reina's head. Surely if Stefanos sees this, Ihe will say, 'This's the 3rd woman I see who's not afraid when seeing a Dragon!' (4), I guess, or something like that. That reminds me, why was it that Maribelle wanted to work in the Fourth Knight Corps dormitory? Was it because her father the Vice-Captain is there after all? Or because she wanted to stay a little closer to the person she likes? Or because she wanted to meet Reina? Or perhaps... it was all of them. I can't help but think so when looking at Maribelle now, right in front of me. She has a high pride and has a side which is hard to approach, but I think she's actually a really kind girl.

She also has a side which is at the mercy of rumors, I have a feeling that that is similar to me. So I wonder if that's why such a sense of intimacy sprung forth.

’’Reina, I'm sorry for stopping to visit so suddenly. From now on I'll come to see you! Together with Vito as well!’’

’’Eh, me too?’’

’’That's obvious! It'll be suspicious is a girl enters the Dragon Building alone.’’

...Was the previous me suspicious, I wonder. I came here quite often.

’’Your answer is?’’


Saying, 'don't give me such a dispirited answer,' she got angry at me.

’’We'll come again, alright?’’


Maribelle kisses Reina's cheek. It's embarrassing to watch, but I feel envious. (5) This the bond between a human and a dragon, is it? It's gentler and deeper than I thought, though you may cut it, it won't be cut off so easily. (6)

Translator's Lair~

(1) The Tsun-gene is perfected in this one.

(2) Maribelle hid her face. -With her hands, I assume. 落胆してマリベルは顔を伏せてしまった。

(3) The whole sentence is a Wild Guess~ :D 最後に会ったの?は小さな女の子の姿だし、当時のマリベルと一致するまで時間がかかったようだ。

(4) I'm bad at adapting Stefanos' way of speaking ._.||| ドラゴンを見て驚かない女を見たのは3人目だぜ <- he always adds 'da ze' at the end of his sentences. go to hell, da ze, Stefanos. i'll replace that 'da ze' for an exclamation sign for the mean-permanently-time. :3 sorry if the sentence didn't come out as funny as it was supposed to be... not that it was THAT funny.

(5) Vito, stop walking down that path. bishies are the law. in the off-chance multiple bishies can't be acquired, at least choose Captain. He is The Supreme Law, I tell you.

(6) A Wild Guess appeared! 切ってもなかなか切れるようなものではないんだろう。

There's like, 3/5 of the chapter pending. i said i'd give an update today, so here it goes! i blame Jon Snow and my babysitting my nephews for the lack of progress. I did try to get more out, but heck, kid movies are so addictive you can't just stop watching them. damn. #mybloodismadeofprocrastination

No promises on when i'll get the next part out, but it will be on sunday at it latest :3


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