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Dragon Life - Chapter 24


Chapter 24

T/N: Warning: people with heart problems might feel excessive palpitations when reading this chapter. Oh, and healthy people might feel them too.

Things you SHOULD know:

1) バカップル - BAKAPPURU - short for Baka Couple (バカ-カップル). It means love birds;sickeningly sweet and soppy couple. (...riajuu should explode? Somehow that came to mind...)

2) the Prince speaks using 'omae' when talking to others (to say 'You'). That is offensive now but was formerly honorific. It is used to refer to someone who is your equal or inferior. Hence if a lowlife calls you omae it's an insult xD but if a Prince uses it, it is just normal;he's at the top of the social ranks of this world, after all. So I translated it as 'you'. Yay for useless note! :D he also speaks casually, so it just fits;it's not like he's meaning to insult anyone.

Also, more bloodplay (?) ahead.

Chapter 24

The place where I belong.The respective expectations. Gears that do not engage.


What is this world for me?


It's kind of the mysterious world into which I accidentally happened to wander. Even if the memories of my human world are fuzzy enough to wonder if they are just delusions, at least I think this isn't a dream because it hurts if I pinch my cheek.


Why I am living as a dragon?


By accident. By chance. I do not know what happened for things to become like this, but now that it's happened it can't be helped. Whether I am a human who went inside a Dragon, or whether in my previous life I was a human being of a different world. The answer is not within my brain so that answer has been dropped.


What will I do if I can return to my former world as a human?


I won't know until it happens. So I won't think about it now. ... What's wrong with me as a human? The me who is not a Dragon, is it still me? I've no idea.


What are humans to me?


They are the food I need to live. They are my important food, and they are also my friends. It ... is inconsistent, but that is the answer.


What to do if a war breaks out?


Doesn't matter. ...I said so, but it does make me a little anxious. So even if by not wanting to lose those important to me I'll surely end up getting involved, I don't want to regret anything.


What is the Captain to me?


A delicious human on a par with the finest ingredients. And, someone I don't want to lose.

After returning to my human figure, I rush over to the Captain's side. He had been supported by the Prince earlier, but now he just sat on the ground without support. The Unicorn's ability to stop time has probably disappeared, because the other Knights were standing up on their own despite their injuries.

I'm also worried about the Unicorn who flew towards her child, but now the Captain is my first priority. To think that once again I'm heading towards the Captain in a straight line regardless of there being other wounded men, I am truly not thinking of something other than the Captain.

’’Captain, are you alive?’’

The bleeding at his shoulder seems fierce but the wound is not as bad as I thought. When I lifted his bangs with my hand because I couldn't see his complexion very well, dark eyes appeared.

It surprised me.

In spite of everything, the Captain was laughing.

What's with that face. Even though I had been worried.

The Captain gently grabbed the hand that had scooped up his bangs. My grabbed hand smoothly slid down to his cheek. Because he held my palm as if to place a kiss to it and nestled up to me like a cat, I froze up with a clicking sound. Ignoring that, the Captain surrounded my hip with his arm, rested his head on the nape of my neck and giggled.

His terribly unruly bright green hair that is being subdued feels ticklish when in contact with the nape of my neck.

On top of that, he released a big sigh on my neck, making me become lost and unable to understand what's going on, so I still could not get out from my petrified state.

Huh? What does this mean? I, I was worrying about the Captain's injuries. If possible, I was even thinking something like 'please let me lick some of that blood off again because it would be a waste.' Since he's larger than me, I can't move if he holds me. Wh- What on earth should I do?

Despite me becoming flustered and flailing my arms around at the unexpected reaction, the Captain murmured next to my ear in a sigh.

’’ I found it.’’

What did you find?

...Ah, that's right. That's what he meant. Since I submerged myself in my anger I totally forgot. That I became a Dragon in front of the eyes of the Captain and the rest.

What do I do?

Although I had made my resolution, I feel lonely when I think I won't be able to stay at the castle anymore. I haven't said a proper farewell to Chiffon and the girls and because I escaped in secret they must be worried about now. And if I escape to another country I'll have to look for another work, right? But I think that jobs with such excellent working conditions don't really exist. It can't be helped because I'm reaping what I sowed. Or I also have the option of returning to living as a Dragon. Just to look for a place seems difficult, but it is also an option.

Thinking about it after having calmed down, I want to hug my head while saying 'What have I done.'

But everyone would have died if I hadn't done that. I'd have hated that. So I should not regret it.

For now I will try to escape from between the Captain's arms. But it was impossible.

Why! Why won't he release me!!

There's many reasons and apologies I must tell to everyone, but contrary to releasing me, the Captains is still nestling up to me like a cat, trapping me between his arms with great strength.

I'm sure, the thing called 'hug' must be like this. Even if I have no experience in romance I can tell this is one mighty embrace.

There is no woman whose chest won't throb when receiving such a hug. Though I'm in a passionate embrace like the ones that express love with the whole body as seen in dramas, only now I've decided to agree to it.

I mean, ...the coziness feels too good. I ended up thinking, 'I want to stay in his arms forever', 'I want to feel this warmth forever', and 'It would be great if time was stopped now.'

To stop thinking and to feel the other person with your whole body.

Giving up, I instinctively stretched my arms towards his back.

It's not the time to be immersing ourselves in a dreamy mood. I must apologize!!

I decided to say what I had to while remaining in that position because it couldn't be helped. (T/N: how convenient xD) My voice was a little broken.

’’Captain, as well as Your Highness, and everyone. ... There is no excuse for me to have remained silent until now. As you can see I am not human, and, I believe I can't return to the castle anymore.’’

'Ah, but please stop doing things like subjugations. Because I'm moving to a place as far away as possible, I won't cause you trouble'. After I said that, everyone's different facial expressions turned into gaping befuddled faces as they stared at me.

Is it so hard to believe that I'm a Dragon? I still don't believe it myself, but I think there's no need to get surprised to that extent. As for the Vice-Captain, he just keeps gaping.

’’Vito, why?’’

Finally a gap was created between the Captain's body and mine. With this I can breathe properly.

’’Why, you say... because, I'm a flesh-eating Dragon? Captain, I, have eaten your left arm, and have been thinking of eating you whole, tell you my real intentions, I'm thinking of eating you a little even now.’’

’’Yeah, you were eating as if it was delicious. Also, Vito, if you want to eat me, you should do so.’’

What is such a dazzling smile! And I'm close to his face! Our foreheads are touching! It makes me sigh! HoldonCaptain areyousane no matter how you look at us now we're a Bakappuru arewenot Captain! ...Is me the one that needs to calm down?

In the first place the Captain is odd. He was like that from before, but why can he say something like 'it's fine to eat me' so naturally. Saying 'eating it as if it was delicious' as if it was another person's problem. A normal person absolutely wouldn't say that. Just how much does he love Dragons, because it's impossible to like something so much to allow oneself to be eaten. Not to mention, why isn't he surprised at knowing that the servant that stayed by his side for a while is a Dragon? He adapts too quickly. I'm puzzled by his reaction which is one step ahead of me.

’’If I eat you you will die.’’

’’That's right.’’

’’... So, I'm telling you you will die.’’


You don't get it, Captain!! Isn't it the end if you die?!

’’I mean, if with that Vito will feel happy, I'll also be happy.’’

Because I'm happy?!?! I won't be feeling anything like happiness if you die!! ... And I became tired of retorting to you already!! (T/N: it says 'to tsukkomu' xD)

’’If you say so! The blood of your wound is making me anxious from earlier, I will suck it all! Like a vampire! Because I rampaged my stomach became a little empty!’’

’’Please help yourself?’’

The Captain, simply, laughed softly with his usual smile. I'm getting annoyed at being treated so lightly while I myself am so agitated. (T/N: this sentence was a pain in the armaggedon for me.)

Hey, Dragons have guts! I received permission from the Captain and I'm really a little hungry after rampaging with reckless abandon. The timing is perfect. At the same I was also troubled and tired of retorting to the Captain. Just don't go back on your words at this time.

Timidly approaching my face to his shoulder, I search for the wound by trailing with my mouth. Although the clothes wet with blood were in the way it could not be helped, I found the wound through the gap in the slightly torn clothes, but maybe because it was a cut wound I couldn't suck it properly, so I decided to lick it. I prayed that I would not tear his flesh with my teeth by mistake, yet I said to myself 'Well it's not like I'm in Dragon form anyway and I have everything under control over here so it's fine.' Probably.

Dragging my tongue, as the warm blood that has entered my mouth is of the finest quality, a rarely acquired sensation spreads through my body from my throat.

It's alright, I won't runaway like before.

The Captain kept on hugging me with that pleasant-feeling warmth, while stroking my head. The same as that time, as if I'm being caressed, a gentle, warm heat is transmitted towards me.

Am I not a mammal but a bloodal? (T/N: fail at translating a joke: she says she is not a 乳飲子 - milk drinking child - Chichi-in-ko, but a 血飲子 - blood drinking child - Chi-in-ko. It's basically because chichi - milk/breast sounds similar to chi - blood.)

But it calms me down, and it gives a similar warmth.

Hey wait, me. Isn't the Captain wounded. What are you doing drinking blood from someone wounded! Ain't you useless! And to be licking the blood is too perverted! And certainly I'm doing it in front of everyone! It's too embarrassing!! (T/N: bloodplay xD bondage is a kink of the past now.)

I may have lost my sanity at being misled by the temptation of the blood in front of my eyes. When I separated my face from the wound in a panic, I was surprised by meeting the Captain's face laughing gently at point-blank range.

’’Is it fine, already?’’

’’It is that, Captain is an injured person. You'll really die if I continue to take anymore.’’

While whispering 'So?', the hand that was stroking my head moves as if drifting and wipes the blood attached to my lips. And thinking about the blood that got attached to his fingers, he licked it.

’’...It tastes of iron.’’

My head feels like it's going to explode.

What's this person doing!? 'Don't you have cream over there?' 'Huh? Where where?' 'Look, here!' 'Oh it's true! Ah, don't eat it!!' Isn't this just like a Bakappuru!! (T/N: bloodplay's gonna be real popular after dis xD)

The Captain giggles as he watched my face that became downright red. He has done nothing but laugh from a while ago. The feeling that I'm being teased is mortifying.

’’...Please release me soon.’’

’’Don't wanna.’’

’’Please don't say things a child throwing a tantrum would...’’

I'm at my limit already. Read the atmosphere! The atmosphere! And look around! It is not full of dumbfounded faces around!!

’’Lutoria, I know how you feel, but how about you release her? I also want to hear her story.’’

The Prince, who found it difficult to keep on watching, spoke for my sake. Thank you Prince. Now that I think about it I was being watched just now, ... too embarrassing. We- Well the me who did those things is also me after all. Let's just say it couldn't be helped because I lost to the temptation due to hunger.(T/N: Wild guess for the last two sentences~) ... By the way, when he said 'I know how you feel', what did he mean? It is surely because the Captain likes Dragons? It's that, right? There's no other reason, right? Right?

Being told so by the Prince the Captain reluctantly let me go. I was able to stand up and joyfully head in the Prince's and the others' direction, but my body began trembling at the presence of some arms surrounding me at the waist from behind. This time he buried his head in my hair when holding me from behind. He did it excessively naturally so I didn't have the time to resist.

’’Ca, Captain?’’


’’No ..., it's nothing.’’

No way did I ever think of him being such a se*ual harassing demon. I decided to ignore it all altogether since if I reacted to every little thing I'll never be able to talk to the Prince.

The Prince was smiling wryly when I looked at him. He laughed! This disappointing Prince!!

’’I must say my thanks to you. ... It is inexcusable, but you saved us.’’

’’It is me the one who ended up doing something inexcusable, I behaved too excessively. Because there were several people who intended to retreat however... I killed almost all of them.’’

There might have been some innocent people, but I killed them without hesitation. Such side of myself, was a little scary. I wonder if I'm strange, but those people also had a family, and friens. They had people who will mourn their deaths. Even if I thought so, I still

killed them. From the bottom of my heart I was telling myself the excuse that I did it because I was angry, even if it would have been enough if I just drove them off by threatening them.

I'm a failure as a human.

’’Had you not taken care of them they would have taken care of us, please don't worry about it. Besides I vaguely suspected things might come to this.’’

’’... If that was the case. Why did you not bring the Fire Drakes?’’

The Prince's face frowns. If he knew this was going to happen, by bringing even one Fire Drake, or by bringing more people, he might have been able to avoid this situation.

While suspecting this he still did not do anything? Is it because he believed in the other party with foolish sincerity? I truly can't understand what the Prince is thinking.

’’In the first place, for the Prince of the whole country to go receive a messenger? Who let you do s

such a dangerous thing!’’

’’My retainers have kept silent for me... but as you say this was a mistake of my own jusgement. I'm sorry.’’

’’Please do not apologize to me who am a mere servant.’’

I'll be trouble if you apologize to me so obediently. And besides there should be others to whom he should apologize.

Smiling wryly and saying 'That's right,' the Prince faces the wounded Knights.

’’I'm sorry. Because of my erroneous judgment I involved you in such a thing. Forgive me.’’

A single Knight walked forward to the apologetic Prince.

’’Prince, please raise your head. It is our role to follow you, no matter how dangerous. We have always been aware of the danger. And thus there is no need to apologize for such a thing.’’

To say things clearly, it is the First Knight Corps' Captain. I forgot his name. Only because of his pure white short hair which burns the eyes and his matching skin is that I'm able to remember that he is the First Knight Corps' Captain. At those words, every Knight nods, or adds something. The Prince is a little too serious, with a strong sense of justice, and above all he is naively honest to a fault. At the time of the subjugation he had said he wanted to go too, he's probably a person who will feel regretful if he doesn't act on his own. As he is apologizing for 'such a thing', this might have happened many times. When thinking that, I sympathize with the Knights that always get involved. But, that may be what's good about the Prince. He is someone who thinks of his friends, and is considerate of others.

The Prince turns around to me.

’’You really helped us. About the previous matter with the Punitive Corps, surely... I wouldn't have thought that it was you who was the Earth Dragon.’’

I'm sorry that I'm just a lass. (T/N: the MT translated it as such: 'It was bad in the puss.' Don't know whether to laugh or cry xD)

’’It's fine already. Please do not mind me.’’

’’But -’’

The Prince's words vacillate. I could guess what he didn't say just by thinking of it a little.

Although the mood was good, his gaze was cunning. I mean, the gazes of the Knights have been painful for a while now. There are curious gazes and looks of expectation. You are large adults, don't direct such gazes towards such a tiny lass.

I said to the Prince with a sigh.

’’...Making a contract, is it?’’

’’That is···’’

’’Certainly for you all I might be the ’’Legendary Earth Dragon.’’ To make a contract and to lead you to victory in war might be my role according to you. But, it is me the one that decides my life. By descending to a human settlement and living intermingled with humans, it would be a lie to say I don't feel affection for this country. But... please do not place such expectations in a mere young girl. Please don't push them onto me. They are too heavy.’’

As I clearly stated so, the Prince became silent.

The other people made confused looks as well, but did not say anything. I don't know what they say amongst themselves about what kind of existence the Earth Dragon is, nor do I know if there's some kind of belief regarding this. And they are also accepting that I'm crushing that. I mean, it's too heavy. I'm a little afraid that if I don't reject them clearly, I may be coaxed in the future. Since there's a little room for me to end up being dragged along, it's best if I state the things I want to say.

...But maybe I said too much. After all they are thinking for their country's sake. Yet I don't feel even a little remorseful to break that for my own interests.


The Captain whispered by my ear in a voice only I could hear. It's a bad voice for the heart. (T/N: I just remembered he was there all along xD)

’’If it's heavy, it's fine not to carry it. All of it, entrust it to me.’’

’’... You'll be crushed by it if you do that.’’

’’I won't be. I'll be fine if you just, stay here.’’

I twist my neck and look backwards. The Captain's face was close enough to induce a sigh.

’’'Here' means, where.’’


Tightly, he hugs me even more intently with his long arms. His warmth is transmitted through my back. Though his shoulder is certainly hurt he is not showing any indication of pain, on the contrary he was smiling.

Probably because I had to look up to him, his black pupils were clearly visible under his long bangs. If all of me ended up being sucked in by his eyes, how comfortable would that be. Without any worry, without any thought, to be dyed by his pure color. How happy would I be.

’’... Really, only you. Only you'd say that to me.’’

Unlike the Prince and the others, he doesn't have expectations of me, saying that it's fine for me to just be there. As a Knight of the country is that fine? But for me, how happy does that make me?

’’I'm sorry for saying terrible things the other day.’’

’’Yeah, I do not care.’’


’’Really. So, stay here.’’

If he looks at me with those eyes I can't refuse. I cannot shake him off. It's like being stared at by an abandoned puppy, his dark eyes are adorable. Not only that. That he didn't reject me when learning that I was a Dragon, his slightly hoarse tone of voice as he whispers from those cherry colored lips, and the embrace that gives off a strong but gentle warmth, everything, surely, I like him.

I heaved a small sigh.

’’...I understand. I'll remain in the castle for a while.’’

Saying that, the Captain makes a delighted expression.

Clearly, the Prince's face was shining.

As expected should I have quit after all? I thought so but, just for now I want to be immersed in this warmth.

I can allow myself as much.

Translator's lair:

Should I call 911? I think I'm dying of moe-overdose. Yup. I think I'll call them...

Also, please somebody kill that captain. It is impossible to be so cute, this guy needs to die, even I can feel the coziness he emits towards Vito. I wanna kidnap him or something and yeah... the 1D and 3D line is becoming blurry for me... he's dangerous. Subjugate him, please. You don't know how hard it was not to fill the chapter with comments...(though I did input a lot in the end, I wanted to write so many more xD) I mean, this guy is like made of moe or something. He made me fangirl the whole chapter. Yup, 'to fangirl' is a verb. Officially since just now.

Next chapter is not as ... mmm... heart-throb inducing? as this one, so that one will have to wait a bit. Your DL need should have been satiated for a bit. I think. This isn't considered a cliffhanger, right? Doesn't look like one to me...

Random thing;did you know that the word 'apology' comes from the name of greek god Apollo? I found out not too long ago;each of Plato's works were dedicated in some way or another to a greek god, sometimes it was expressed in the title or within the work. The Apology is thus attributed to have been dedicated to Apollo. Odd huh? I really wonder what relation does 'apologize' has to Apollo, god of the Sun, a more spiritual Sun than Helios. Male ideal, male beauty, poetry and music... erm... perfection. Really, such a weird connection. xD


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