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Dragon Life - Chapter 21.1


Chapter 21

Continued - However love talks are included. What to do in front of a storm.





(This idiotic dots are because there's a large space in the original, but wordpress doesn't like them and just swallows them up, unless i put all these dots...)





We rejoined the 3 people from before after some time.

Entering a close-by place simmilar to a coffee shop, we six found a place to sit. In this world there also are places like family restaurants.

’’Vito-chan looks awesomely cute!’’

’’Ariade choose it for me.’’

’’You have good taste. Will you go shopping with me next time?’’

’’Yeah, that's fine by me.’’

It seems Chiffon's group also bought around in the shops, so a conversation about that rose up.

And me? I did not keep up with their talk because of course I don't know about fashion. Stuff like 'yellow is a fashionable color right now', or 'after all lemon slices are good for beauty', and 'eh, are lemon slices really that good?' I heard that in fact vitamin C actually never enters the skin... But I have no idea if it does penetrates the skin or not, because I've never cared for my skin.

And also: 'that fortune teller often guesses right', or 'there's a cool attendant in that shop from somewhere'. The content is the kind that could be heard from high school girls or Office Ladies' talk (tn: abbreviated OL in japanese xD). Moreover, since there they switched to talking about girls' favourite: love talks, I became even more unable to keep up anymore. Since the time I was human I have not had a boyfriend, surely I live in a boyfriend-less chronological age. What's wrong with a lonely life. (tn: not sure about wth she means about chronological age).

’’Little sister, I heard there's a girl from the Third Knight Corps dating someone from the Knight Corps, but, is it true?’’

’’About Irene? Well yes, It's not wrong altogether, it's a mutual affection, however... they aren't really together. It's tantalizing to watch such things.’’

While completely forgetting that Lance and Stefanos are here, flowers are blooming in the conversation between Chiffon and the girls.

Lance, standing from his seat in silence, forcibly tried to make Stefanos stand.

’’Stefan, this is not a talk that we should listen to.’’

'Read the atmosphere', is what his eyes were saying.

’’Okay, okay. I've told you not to glare at me like that.’’ As expected, Stefanos stood up and apparently the both of them left to look for another seat. Confirming that with my eyes, I join the conversation.

’’Madeleine, are you OK? Did he do something weird to you?’’

’’Are you talking about Sir Stefanos?... Well he did... As soon as he had the chance his hand would come circle my waist.’’

What did you say!

’’It was alright, though. Because whenever that happened I would pinch the back of his hand.’’

Well done, Madeleine. I would have liked to watch those moments by all means.

’’Chiffon, how did it go?’’

’’As expected, Sir Stefanos was really cool! And besides he's kind.’’

Hey Chiffon, that image is surely temporary. A temporary appearance in order to hunt. I want to scream in my heart, 'I won't be fooled!', but I can't. Even if the other party is him, just by looking at Chiffons face it can be seen at a glance that this is love. Not wanting to talk bad about the person she likes, well, this is a case where in the end I can't do anything other than to remain silent.

’’Hey, hey, Don't Vito-chan and Ariade-chan have someone they like? Or someone that catches your attention!’’



Ariade and I, who did not expect that the talk would come in our direction, answered in disordered voices. Someone that catches my attention? Is that 'to LIKE'? As in 'LOVE'? Although if it's people I LIKE then there's a lot of people, but unfortunately it seems my Dragon self won't feel (romantic) love towards human beings. I'm sure it's probably because my appetite is winning against the feelings love. (tn: C-Captain! the ship is in danger! the whole fleet is in danger! someone tell this dragon that inter-species love is a must in fantasy worlds!!) (tn2: ehem, so 'like' and 'love were written in katakana, using the english ’’pronuntiation’’, RAIKU and RABU. I put them in mayusc. to mark the difference. also, the 'romantic' word was input by me, to clarify a little.)

Human beings are food for me to live, but at the same they are also my friends. Even the fact that I'm mantaining such strange relationships is probably solely because I, as a dragon, have a human's memories. When talking about having feelings of guilt about eating a human, I do have some. And also, I'm not really going to eat the mouth-watering Ariade and Madeleine, since I became friends with them and I'm afraid of losing them.

Well, Captain's an exception. That person can not be helped. (tn: lol, my ship is so hopeless.)

Anyway I'm a selfish creature, I should fix my attitude.

Even so, since in the first place there has been no situation were I would experience falling in love, I don't know what should I answer in return to Chiffon's question.

’’... I don't have any interest in men.’’

’’Ehh? Is that so? Well then, how about Vito-chan?’’

Being stared at by those expectant and sparkling pupils, I was left stuck from words.

’’It was for a short while but you stayed in the Fourth Knight Corps dormitory by a little bit. Was there no one on your mind? Well, you know! Like Sir Lance!’’

’’There wasn't, probably.’’

I think they are cool, but it is from an objective point of view rather than as members of the opposite se*, that is. And also there is, how should I say it, the feeling of a predator wanting to devour them. In the culinary sense.

But that's it.

’’Even after you received that hair ornament as a gift?’’

Why are you saying that now, Ariade. Isn't that somehow a smiling face that you are making. From a little while ago I don't know what you are thinking...

’’Eh!? Really!?’’

’’...Chiffon and you also received something.’’

As I handed the matching hair ornaments to the two of them, they became overtly disappointed. Why?

’’So not interesting. ...Talking about that, I wonder if Vito did not get close to Sir Lutoria?’’

Why did the conversation turn that way! Love talks are scary! You want to drag me down! (tn: what the heck with this sentence? xD that is just my wild guess.) I really don't know what the inside of a girl's skull is made of!

While becoming flustered, I ran away by throwing the conversation towards Madeleine's direction.

’’Ma, Madeleine, what about you? Is there anyone on your mind?’’

’’There is. A boyfriend.’’


It's a shocking confession. At this even Ariade was surprised. Because so far not a single word had been said about this... So it's like that, she has a boyfriend... This feeling is kinda like when you discover that your daughter has a boyfriend.

’’He's someone from the First Knight Corps, though it could be said that he tickles my maternal instincts, anyway he is somebody that you want to take care of. ...His elder brother opposses but... next time I'll be introduced!’’

Madeleine's cheeks become tinted as she talks of her boyfriend. She's praising her beloved so much to make the listeners embarrassed. Oh, so you'd make that kind of face when you fall in love, it's too cute.

Just try thinking about it. Madeleine's cute looking face's cheeks are tinted red and invaded by embarrassment*, and making upturned eyes, me, me likes her! Or even let's try to confess to her. Any man will be defeated hands down. I was also beaten hands down.

’’Your brother in law really likes you a lot, sister.’’

’’You are going too far. Recently he even comes to disturbs us when we are alone together. I'm sick of him already. I wonder if he won't get a girlfriend soon and mature already.’’

Is he a sis-con? (tn: because, sister-in-law.) That feeling, I know it... That is to say, that. In the end my brother seems to be a pervert.

I want to return to being human but when I think of my pervert of a brother I would like to refrain from it.

’’Oh, that's right, what do you think of that brother-in-law? His face is fairly good, and he's popular, too. However I think his personality should be fine if you have patience.’’

That's why, why do you involve me! Why drag me down! (Tn: again with that phrase... just guessing~)




- - - - - - - - ~☆

Translator 's Depression:

*after 45 minutes of searching, I found why a nikanda kao (wrinkled face) as vito says about maddy is supposed to be cute:


これではにかんだ顔表現したことある (with this I've represented a 'wrinkled face'). it's a face 'wrinkled' with lines of embarrassment. seriously, what the hell! xD thank you nanashi-san (Japanese for no-name) from somewhere-in-japan who made that representation, it's the only one I found. to begin with, the verb nikamu is a goddarned local dialect from some random area, to say 'to become shiwashiwa'... then shiwashiwa, is wrinkled xD as if submerged in water for a long time. and I was like... wut? how did she bcome like dat like wth went wrong n where's deh cuteness in thaaaaaaarghh.

Σ(`^´)/~┴┴ ┴┴ ┴┴

and then such a random word just had to become popular and get a random urban meaning. so nanashi-san, u my hero. arigatou gozaimashita.

i went and wrote it as cheeks invaded by embarrassment, because, really, if I wrote:

/her face was full of embarrassment lines/

I would still go ahead and imagine wrinkles (expression lines).

also, I'm gonna try and standarize the way honorifics are translated.

Vito usually refers to the knights as -San, but that doesn't fit the way she thinks of them, while chiffon refers to them as -sama, which is way too formal. not to mention a pain to translate, but awkward to leave as is. so... unless is Vito's head, all knights shall be referred to as Sir. pretty simple, huh? xD

about the -chans, those are horrible too. I avoid them when I can xD but I'm opting for leaving them there if I can't replace them with some form of endearment or... ignore them xD in Spanish we do have a way to translate that... (by adding -Ito/ita to the end of a name.) I guess adding a -y is the way to translating in English? Madeleine →maddy, Chiffon →.... Vito →vitty? Ariade... okno. not doing that.

...uhm, yes, part 2 shall come. i need my beauty sleep. not that it works, but it keeps the brain going. let's hope such a word doesn't pop up again, especially cause there's a ponytail coming... ohohohohohoho.


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