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Dragon Life - Chapter 20


Chapter 20


Four servant girls + α. However KnightS are included.





Chapter 20


Four servant girls + α. However KnightS are included.





As planned, today I was supposed to go with Madeleine and the girls to play in the castle town, just us four.




How did this happen.

Since I didn't have clothes other than my uniform, I was the first to arrive, wearing dark red colored clothes.

It seems that when I eat town girls I can always change into their clothes. I wonder if it's because I ate them after all? Although I still don't understand the point of it very well, it is fine because it is convenient. I'm very grateful because I'm not naked when I turn from dragon to human. I wonder if this is also magic. Mmh, too omnipotent.

Ariade has wore a thin shawl over a light blue one-piece. Chiffon is wearing her best dress with a lot of orange frills. Madeleine is also wearing the same thing as chiffon, looking at them like this, they really are twins, aren't theee-..........ey, and then, why are Stefanos and Lance present next to them. Especially Stefanos. Ochre trousers and a dark blue shirt, it's rough-looking, but because it looks like an outfit of someone who won't take anything sincerely in contrast to a knight's uniform, no matter how you look at him he gives off nothing but the image of a suspicious oniisan (tn: as a young adult who's older than you). Like he's going to hit on girls on the street. And compared to him, Lance, wearing a stylish coat over a white shirt and gray pants, is a good young man from the city no matter from where you look at him! It's more likely he will be the one getting hit on.

But, why are these two people here?

The four of us were trying to go to the castle town, but we met with them who are on vacation by chance. Or not just by chance? Isn't it too suspicious?

I knew it from before, 'OH!! Isn' this a great chance? Could it be that we are tied by the red string of fate?' Is this the strategy? Isn't it like that, Stefanos. And, the other party is Chiffon? (tn: Stephanos didn't actually said that, this is just a dragon girl's imagination, i think xD.)

- I won't give her to you! I absolutely won't give Chiffon to you! Is she someone who should be given out?!

While I glared at him fixedly, he directed an evil-like prideful smile at me.

’’To escort princesses, isn't it something inherent to a Knight?’’

’’... I'm sorry. But I did try to stop him.’’

An apologetic Lance says.

We know so it is okay. Lance's always working hard. And thank you for coming with us as a lookout.

’’Hey hey, Vito-chan! I think that it may be fate or something to be able to meet Sir Stefanos!’’

’’Fa-, fate?’’

Oy, wait up Chiffon. Don't jump to conclusions!

But, him who shrewdly overheard our secret talk, Stefanos surrounds her waist standing next to the Chiffon while grinning. It's not her shoulder but her waist so it is downright erotic. (tn: I'm guessings that's from her japanese girl's mind PoV, lol. I'd call that sensual, not erotic, but yes, seeing as japanese see a casual kiss on the cheek as something really intimate...)

’’Isn't it so, Little Chiffon. Won't you try going on a date with me?’’


Chiffon's face became red with a PON sound.

’’Stefan ...!’’

’’Oh, I'm scared. Don't glare at me with that face. You'll ruin your beautiful face, Lance.’’

That's what I want to say. Please don't go grinning away with such a precious beautiful face. Because it'll be cooler if you kept quiet. Probably.

’’Sir Stefanos, I wonder if I may also go with you. Or would I bother you?’’

Madeleine was, from before, showing a behaviour like she was thinking about something, does this mean she likes Stefanos?

’’Ain't it fine? It's perfectly OK to admire the flowers grow.’’

Don't go grinning around, you worst-kind-of-perverted womanizer! In my mind Stefanos' stokes met a Big Crash.

(tn: it's a big crash for me too, I wanted a reverse harem here;n;don't steal the spotlight, Stefanos!)

Even though I believed we could have a precious fun time with just us four. Ariade also heaved a sigh at being caught by this terrible trouble maker. As I was depressed Madeleine whispers to my ear.

’’How could we even shop leisurely if we are with Stefanos? We'll meet with you later so you can have fun, ok!’’

Such a kind child...! Is it possible she had come forward and said she wanted to tag along as well for that sake? To think first about her friends and even sacrificing herself, it makes you wish she was emulated by someone.

’’Let me go with you as well.’’

’’No, Sir Lance should go with Vito and Ariade for me. If even you tag along it will surely develop into a fight and we will not be able to do any shopping. And the role to protect a younger sister lays in the elder sister. It's fine, I'm accustomed to dealing with men. Especially so with people such as those guys.’’

I was told she was working from the time she was a 12-year-old in the First Knight Corps dormitory, for her to say that dealing with the men on the street is her forte. How brave.

’’Changing the subject, I put a mark on the locations of the shops that I recommend.’’

I had in my hands a map of the castle town that I had been given which was folded in four. Madeleine said 'thank you' and hurried to the place were they'll meet Stefanos.

When opening the map, it was full of circle marks throughoutit.This, I wonder if the plan was to go around all these later today.

’’Did Madeleine do all these?’’

’’Yeah, she said those are the shops she recommends.’’

’’She really did mark a lot... She was really looking forward to this.’’

When my thoughts swim towards Madeleine who was so looking forward to today and all these circle marks, somehow I become sad. Even if Stefanos hadn't come, would we be able to visit all these circled locations if it was just the four of us.

’’...I'm really sorry.’’

I pat Lance's slightly high shoulder in silence.










’’Wait, Vito, surely you are not going to buy that.’’

’’What? Is it wrong?’’

’’No matter how you look at it those are men clothes! Girls don't wear things like trousers.’’

I was robbed of the pants that were in my hands, and they were returned to their original location. Ah, my pants... Pants are great. Whatever shape they have they are fine. Pants are so versatile. Always wearing one-piece type skirts like this, my lower half feels insecure. At least I want to wear some shorts underneath. I always wore them in my time as a student. However my older brother would boo me with a ’’I won't forgive you for wearing shorts or the like under your skirt!’’ Hm? Could it be my brother was a pervert... Th-there's no way.

’’I'll choose something for you, so sit still over there.’’

When I was trying to look for pants again, I was forced to sit on a chair with a tired sigh.

Here seems to be Ariade's favourite taylor. There's everyday clothes aligned all over the place, elegant clothes such as dresses are nowhere to be seen. It seems that's the specialty of other shops. Apparently Ariade had gone to a small party previously, and already owns a few dresses. I want to see the fully dressed up Ariade. She should look really pretty, right? Won't she wear them for me.

As expected the clothes Ariade brought to spruce me up were all skirts. Feeling depressed while saying 'Are pants wrong...', I had to choose from the things that were brought over with much trouble for me.

’’How is it? I think this yellow shade is good. It's a color that's in vogue now, and you almost didn't wear bright colors before, right? And such a flashy color, the time to use it is now.’’

’’Then by all means, you should have it.’’

’’I'm fine. Because we are choosing clothes for you this time, so go on, choose?’’

I was intercepted when I wanted to say, 'I want to see the one you are wearing'.

In terms of color, yellow, blue, purple, white and green, there were five kinds. Again it seems the women of this world do not wear clothes other than one-piece types that have the upper and down parts connected. The form also is similar, they are just slightly different. There seems to be many variations in ribbons and frills, lace or the over color for the one-piece types. Hm, that said, I don't care either way so I'm doubting about what should I choose. I want to refrain from colors so flashy and close to the primary colors such as yellow and purple. Blue or something simmilar may be good because they are sober colors, but I thought it looks too alike to the uniform that we employees are always wearing. Then there is no meaning in buying this. Then I'm troubled over chosing between green and white. I thought it may be better to refrain from white because it gets dirty soon.

Green was left after the elimination method.

Green, reminds me very much of the captain.

Even then, if you say this color is a different color, then it is different, because these clothes are of a heavy dark green.

I think it's good that the color is inconspicuous, but also it feels like there are a lot of laces and frills.

’’Aren't there a little too many frills?’’

’’It is like that. Because the others have even more frills.’’

Now's fashion seems to be for thing to be decorated lavishly with frills and lace. The youg ladies at the castle always wear amazing dresses. Could they be said to be princesses' dresses, such as the rococo style. I had a friend who had such a hobby.

I have a bitter memory about when she almost caught me for a photo session. I told you I don't suit that style.

’’Yeah, it suits you.’’

’’Eeh really?’’

’’Doesn't it, Sir Lance?’’

Why talk to Lance with such a timing?

Lance's had been hanging around the store in a restless when he was talked to. Isn't it because of that. This is the type of shop for women only which usually men won't enter. Even when we told him to wait for us outside, he came in together with us.

’’O, Oh, it does suit you beautifully.’’

Isn't he feeling forced to say that? But I'll choose this one because this is troublesome. Also it's price is affordable.

When I was going to take it off, Ariade said 'Anyhow, let's return,' so it turned out that I went back while wearing it. The clothes I was wearing before were put in the bag where the clothes I had bought were supposed to go, and it became such that Lance was carrying it for me.

He's a gentleman!

I want to prepare a drink with just a small part of Lance and make a certain someone drink it. (tn: it says 'to decoct the dirt under his nail' lol. the dirt under the nail: something negligible, or a small part of something'... if kept literal it sounds horrid, lol)











Since things like stalls also exist here, Ariade halted when walking. I also got in mood and looked into it, there were a lot of hair ornaments of different colors lined up. I wonder if all these are handmade, amazing. How are they made.

’’Oh, cute.’’

’’Miss, what do you think about something like this?’’

’’I wonder if it's not a little too flashy?’’

’’There's no such thing. I'm sure it would look good on your blonde hair!’’

In my case, I glued my eyes to one of the hair ornaments. It has a red stone embeded in a white artificial flower, it's much smaller than the palm of my hand, so it looks cute. (tn: let's recall that Vito is a white dragon with red eyes, in case someone doesn't remember. fitting ornament, right?)

When I was looking fixedly at it and thinking 'I have seen this somewhere before,' Lance picked up the hair ornament.

’’This please’’

So he said.

And he held the hairpin that he just bought out to me with a Madame Killer smile.


’’It's a minimal atonement for today. Won't you let me give you a present?’’

I said, 'Well then, to Ariade too', however.

’’I'll be fine. Since it will be a shame (because it has already been bought), shouldn't you just receive it?’’ (tn: unsure about this~ せっかく is a troublesome word >_>and the author used it a lot this chapter.)

She said with an unusually big smile. ...Isn't she plotting something? Is it my imagination? I feel bad because it was bought for me, but since it would be a waste otherwise I decided to accept it.

’’Thank you.’’

Ah, it looks similar to the sun orb in our national flag! (tn: the red circle in japan's flag is the sun, because, NiHon means Sun-Origin =>country of the rising sun.) Thinking I had seen this somewhere, what, so it was the national flag. I couldn't remember because the image of a pickled plum in a bowl of white rice was too strong. No, hold on. Looking closely, aren't these my colors (tn: i noticed before u did!), this is also similar to the cuteness of South. It's similar as well to the white of that slightly feeble-like WHITE. ···How nostalgic. (tn: I'm guessing she's talking about her animal friends, otherwise i have no idea wth this is about.)

’’How nice, if it's not much trouble, should you wear it now?’’

Now? But it won't do to untie the hair which is put together into two. If you do such a thing then my exploded-lion-like hair will be exposed. It's too embarrasing!

’’But my hair is damaged...’’

’’If it's just that then I'll comb it for you since I have a comb.’’

I was screaming in my heart, I apologize to the town girl whose appearance I'm borrowing but this hair of mine doesn't surrender to any comb!' but when Ariade forcibly started combing through the hair tied in two, I was surprised that the hair that was so stiff was left flowing freely like swaying in the breeze.

’’This comb holds a little magical power. I wonder if it's what is called a 'magic tool'. My mother told me so once.’’


So such useful things exist. When she finished combing, she placed thenhair ornament from before in my hair, above the right ear, at my temple's level.

’’...does it look good?’’


’’It does.’’

It may be flattery but it makes me happy, Lance.

There is also a feeling of embarrasment because I was never careful to be girly until now, but there is also a slightly fresh and happy feeling. But thinking that it's bad that in the end only I get one, I also bought a piece for Chiffon and Madeleine. I was going to buy them myself, however Lance paid in my place. Lance's stocks are having a sudden rise within my heart.

But I hope I don't go BALD because of future struggles.

It sincerely causes me to worry.



Translator's Lair~

ufufufufufufufufufu... goooo for it Lance! come give some romance to our little dragon!! yay! i'll forgive you for having dirt under your nails!! hahahhaha.

on another thought... our captain is getting ntr'd by his own platoon member;n;

about the rising sun thing, this is when looking from China. China is written in kanji and in chinese as 'central country'. then from this central land towards the east, in the dirextion where the sun rises there's some islands (japan)... so it's like the sun actually rises from there, and voila. also, if you haven't paid attention the sun is sort of reddish when just rising in the horizon.

I think some other oriental country has a simmilarly literal name in japanese and chinese, like 'southern country' or 'western country' or the like. is it korea? probably not, but i don't remember.

also, leaving another online japanese dictionary. this one's jp-jp. this one has the Tsume no aka (dirt of the nail) explanation, lol爪の垢/

I didn't manage to finish this before midnight in the end... blame the sekkaku and the Dreadnought <_<¤



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