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Dragon Life - Chapter 15.5


Extra Chapter: POV Lutoria

’’There's No Time to Think. Go By Instinct’’ Captain's POV.

I have never see a living being with such sublime beauty before.

From just one glance my heart was beating violently, large quantities of blood racing throughout my body. From my head to toe I was overwhelmed with a feeling of warmth, gradually filling my body.

I was completely captivated by its appearance.

Folding its wings about three times its size, it bends it neck back in a leisurely manner.

Each scale has a bright white sheen, and when it moves the scales overlaps, glittering brightly in the sunlight. Its neck has a smooth curve, but its body limbs were tones and its frame strong. Sharp long nails adorn its hands that are somewhat smaller than its feet. Its four horns that from its feet and head had a purity reminiscent of a unicorn. I wonder if it tears people apart with those sharp teeth I can see in its peach colored mouth, and when I imagine its mouth stained in blood, fear ran through my body and spine.

Red borders its eyes, and is surrounded white eye-lash like things. Its eyes itself were like jewels made of blood, its color a bright and vivid scarlet.

―――A creature of legend. ’’Earth dragon’’.

Even among the multitude of dragon species, there is one species that is exceedingly rare.

That is the ’’Earth dragon’’.

It lives deep in the mountains and it is rarely seen near human habits, with a particularly violent temper is also known to eat people who see it.

But Earth Dragons have also been known to save the kingdom generation by generation, and is also revered as legend.

And when this legendary being, no, when this mysterious creature appeared before me, I couldn't suppress my curiosity.

It ecosystem――what's its body structure like――how does it breathe fire――question after question pops up and the creature's presence itself overwhelms me, leaving me unable to think properly.

It's not just me, either.

It's happening to everyone who came with me as well.

It lowers its head towards us. As it slowly moved towards us I was completely captured by its red eyes, unable to move.

Someone who noticed what was going on and called out my name, but by then it was a tad too late.

―――A widely opened mouth reveals four sharp fangs. And that mouth, moving towards me, moves swiftly and bites


Finally realizing the dragon's intent, I lifted my left arm to guard my head, and a sharp pain ran through my arm. I tried to pull my arm out of its mouth but one of its fangs had pierced my hand, and another two had completely crushed my arm below the elbow, making it impossible to pull out.


Ah, so it was Adolf who cried out. I can hear the screams of his men from behind him.

I had forgotten about them.

Since the opponent is an Earth Dragon, we probably can't defeat it by normal methods. And I can't exactly move because of my left arm is completely stuck.

――― 一What's going to happen. I'm probably going to be eaten. ・・・That, might be okay. I've managed to meet a being that is beautiful and deeply resonates with my being*. Even though it was only for a moment, it had enough impact to last me a lifetime. Ah, but if it is possible...

While I was dazedly thinking, my arm is sharply pulled and I am simultaneously lifted into the air.



’’Captain Lu!?’’

With a loud woosh and strong winds, my feet were instantly off of the ground.

Honestly, I don't remember much after that.



―――If its possible,

’’I want you.’’

*TN: He said that her presence 'deeply disturbs his heart' but it's generally meant in a good way?? And I have no idea how to make that positive, or to fit that into that sentence.


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