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Dragon Emperor, Martial God - Chapter 22


CHAPTER 22 - The Beauty changes her mind

Editor: JetonS

<<What do you mean by ’’apologizing furiously ’’? >>.

Tang Meng stared dumbfoundedly at Lingyun, who was very calm, wondering if he was going to apologize seriously. He had heard of sincere apologies from vicious people who learned their lessons, but he had never heard of fierce apologies before.

But Tang Meng saw Lingyun grabbing his chopsticks without thinking too much about it, and eating more than half of the six or seven dishes he had ordered, while it seemed that he had not even moved the sticks.

About ten minutes later, Ning Lingyu gently dropped her chopsticks, wiped her mouth carefully with a napkin and drank a glass of water. Then she smiled softly to his brother.

<<Brother, I'm full >>, even Lingyun dropped his chopsticks, he not only was just full, he was sated.

<<Yeah? Well, let's go then >>, Lingyun took a towel, wiped his mouth and stood up.

Since the sister knew Li Lei, he didn't need to talk to Tang Meng, he just needed to ask Lingyu instead.

Tang Meng had not yet finished eating when the two left;he quickly lifted his gaze and said, <<Lingyun, what are you going to do this afternoon? I have something for you. >>

Lingyun looked at him with a dumb expression: <<I'm goin' to go to the lesson of course, what else would I do? >>

’’To less..... WHAAAT?!’’, Tang Meng could not believe in what he just heard, was he really Lingyun ? Did he even know where to go for a lesson? If he was going to class for real, did he even understand what the teacher would say ?

<<Brother, are you sure you want to go to the class this afternoon? >>, Ning Lingyu was happy, her brother finally started to attend classes, it was great news.

Raising his hand and giving a pat on Ning Lingyu's nose, he joked: <<Of course, I'll go to class and do some homework >>.

Then he turned to Tang Meng and said: <<If you really have something for me, in the afternoon, after school, come find me >>.

Lingyun looked out, because of the presence of his sister, Tang Meng had intentionally omitted many information.

After having said that, he gently patted his sister's shoulder and walked out the door without looking back.

While they were leaving listlessly the dining hall, they met Cao Shanshan and, by her expression, one could clearly see all the envy and anger she was feeling towards Ning Lingyun.

Tang Meng watched the two leaving until they were gone when he suddenly remembered, stood up and shouted, <<Disgusting fat man, come back here and gimme my money back NOOOW!!! >>

Unfortunately, Lingyun did not hear, but even if he did, he would not return the money.

Ning Lingyu let her brother rest his hand on her shoulder, it was a sweet and natural sensation, without shyness, enjoying the sense of security which was emanating from it.

<<Brother, Tang Meng seems to have stepped aside, but do not let him deceive you: he's a big boy, but actually a very smart kid, do not make him suffer. >>

<<He is not going to suffer >>, Lingyun nodded slightly.

<<So, are you going to keep the thousand dollars? Don't they belong to Cao Shanshan? >>.

He didn't answer, and Ning Lingyu clearly understood the answer from his brother's gaze.

Lingyun chuckled, raising his hand he stroked Ning Lingyu's head, who said, becoming serious, <<Brother, you are my reference point >>

He smiled sweetly.

Once they reached the door of the dormitory, Ning Lingyu stopped, pushed with both hands Lingyun and said <<Go! And put the dirty clothes to wash, I'll wait here. >>

Lingyun smiled: <<Couldn't you give me a hand? >>

Ning Lingyu said nothing, but her face said it all: nothing to do, she did not want.

Lingyun had no choice but to run up the stairs and throw all crumpled clothes in the hamper.

<<Brother, if you are really going to study, I can give you a hand! >>

To Ning Lingyu it was a matter of principle: with only two months of study, Lingyun could not attend college classes, unless he worked hard for real and if that was the case she wanted to help him, of course.

Lingyun nodded politely, smiled and said: <<As long as it does not become a nuisance, that's okay >>

Looking at the slender figure of Ning Lingyu, Lingyun mysteriously smiled.

He finally began to feel a sense of belonging to this world.

He went back to the dormitory.


Class 63, ending level class.

<<I'm starving...... >>, Zhang Ling was enjoying a steaming bowl of boiled fish, but only in her imagination, she was drooling.

<<Hey, do not yell, I get annoyed! >>, Cao Shanshan became angry, she did not tolerate even Zhang Ling, scolding her all the time.

<<But I'm hungry... Ugh it's all fault of that horrible Lingyun, I must be hungry for this story! >>,

Zhang Ling was frustrated and angry.

<<I have a sweet in the backpack, take it if you want! >>, Cao Shanshan glanced at her best friend, who understood she had just gained the permission to eat it.

<<Oh, really? >>, Zhang Ling eyes shone.

She took Cao Shanshan's backpack and opened the sweet's package.

<<Zhang Ling? I've heard Lingyun said that he will beat you up >>, said Cao Shanshan.

<<Lingyun? What? >>, Zhang Ling struggled to swallow the sweet, almost choking and rolling her eyes..... She immediately picked up the bottle and took a sip before answering.

<<Hey! I'm your friend, OK? Lingyun treats me badly and you still remain indifferent? >>, the angry Shanshan tried to snatch the cake from Zhang Ling's hands.

<<A gentleman uses words, not violence...... >>.

Zhang Ling quickly moved her right hand and carefully watching Cao Shanshan, she said: <<Shanshan, I think you are not right...... >>.

<<What?! I am not right? What's that? >>, Cao Shanshan asked shocked.

Zhang Ling looked around to see if there were still some students in the classroom, then she lowered her voice and said: <<Shanshan, frankly, don't you think that you could have overreacted a bit today? >>, Cao Shanshan remained stupefied!

Yes, today went this way, why did I get angry so easily?

Zhang Ling continued, pointing her finger: <<If we really have to say it, Lingyun was eating very politely, you were the one who went to his table, no? >>.

Cao Shanshan was confused.

<<When you took out the money in front of Tang Meng, and Lingyun came from the other table to pick them up pushing Tang Meng, did you get angry? >>.


<<In addition, why do you give so much attention to people who provoke others like Lingyun ? You got angry today but, in the end, what is the point? My friend, people do not make trouble to someone like you, right? Why did you got angry? >>.

Cao Shanshan tried to remember and, actually, Lingyun did not say a word, he only took one thousand yuan and just kept eating.

<<Yes but... But it's because he took those thousand yuan... I-I wanted to give them to Tang Meng, not to him...... >>, said Cao Shanshan, in a low voice, now more confused than before.

Zhang Ling nodded sympathetically: <<I admit it, Lingyun's approach was a little cheeky but, apart from the thousand yuan, was there the need to get upset so much? >>.

<<Also, despite Lingyun being very arrogant, there must have been a reason behind his actions,>>Tang Meng said nothing there, <<what did he said to you then? >>

Cao Shanshan did not know what to say.

<<Ok, and finally what did Lingyun do? >>

<<But ...... But ...... >>

Cao Shanshan wanted to say something, <<... I pulled it back so much but in fact the problem was that Lingyun did not deign me more than a look >>.

Zhang Ling smiled finishing the last piece of cake, looking at the changes of expression of Cao Shanshan, she ventured: <<Shanshan, you look somewhat different, are you sure that everything is ok?...... May it be that you have feelings for the fat boy? >>.

Cao Shanshan suddenly blushed! She covered Zhang Ling's mouth, as she looked around in concern and sighed with relief after realizing that no one heard.

<<Has that sweet driven you mad?! What should I feel? Do not see romance where there is none, I just want a good dinner, f*k Lingyun! >>.

<<Ok ok ok, if you despise him so much I'm not going to say anything else, I was just blabbing! >>, Zhang Ling pulled her hand away from Cao Shanshan's grip, still agitated.

<<But ...... >>, Cao Shanshan thought about the phrase that he told her ’’pretty, high the right, nice tits’’, she could not get angry, she could not hate him, but it seemed that no one else heard that phrase but her.

<<But he said he did not know who you are, right? >>, Zhang Ling is a good friend.

<<Actually, it's quite easy to understand: Lingyun likes you, it's quite clear I'd say. And even if you say that he'd not look attractive even for a pig, Lingyun is already aware of this. Since we know that it's impossible to have you, no one dares to confess his feelings and prefers not to recognize you, better hide the pain than confess, do you understand? Keep some self-esteem. Many guys do that, don't you know? >>.

Cao Shanshan had no idea, actually yes, it was plausible.

After speaking with Zhang Ling, she pondered, who knew she was able to give so many advises?

But being still angry, Shanshan replied, <<But you said that he is spreading rumors about me, he wants to get my attention with such an arrogance! >>.

Zhang Ling laughed: <<I'm older than you, I'll help you find the right words to make you look fine >>

Cao Shanshan became desperate.

She made a long pause and said, <<You see, today I'm making any sort of trouble, will I be able to do something right at the end? >>.

Zhang Ling did not look at her, but she looked up at the ceiling of the class, saying things like: «Today the weather is good, mostly sunny»and stuff like these.

«What happens to me? What a mess am I doing? », asked Cao Shanshan.

«Shanshan, there's something you don't know», Zhang Ling suddenly bowed her head, her mouth near to Cao Shanshan's ear, and whispered, «Lingyun has always annoyed Tang Meng, not only you, I tell you this one ...... ».

Zhang Ling said that everything began before Cao Shenshen started to eat at the canteen:

Lingyun started beating the bully Tang Meng.

«Seriously? Are you saying that Tang Meng was repeatedly beaten? ».

«Yes, now you can understand why Lingyun was quite strange this morning, his eyes, his face, his bearing, his manner of speech, his respect towards other people, it's just incredible but it's also great good news! ».

«Just think, and... how Ning Lingyu behaved with Lingyun before? Like today? ».

«Shanshan, I'll be honest, except the fact that Lingyun still looks like a pig, I suspect that he's not the same person! »


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