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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 9


Chapter 9 - Precious Treasure

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In the hall there were only two men. Yang family's second son Yang Yuntian sat on the side, while in the center sat an immortal-like and dignified middle aged man.

This was Yang family founder's eldest son, Long Chen's first uncle Yang Qingxuan.

Long Chen stepped into the hall, and his gaze met Yang Qingxuan.

’’This Yang Qingxuan seems to be good natured, but from his eyes there is a mysterious roving light. Obviously he is a very high level cultivation expert, higher by at least a level when compared to Yang Yuntian who is beside him.’’

Long Chen had raised his cultivation level, so his insight had also increased.

Yang Qingxuan looked towards Long Chen and said:’’You should be Yang Chen. Since young you have spent your time outside. I myself have only seen you several times, but I never thought that you have grown up so quickly.’’

’’Yang Qingxuan did not scold me from the moment I stepped in, looks like there is going to be a show.’’

Long Chen thought to himself, his motto in life is that a man can submit or stand tall as is required. By keeping a contingency plan one will never be afraid of not making a comeback. And now he has hit Yang Yuntian's son, he is definitely in the wrong, so he just followed the rules and bowed towards the both of them, saying: ’’Your nephew...... Yang Chen pays his greetings to First Uncle &Second Uncle.’’

He had already promised his father to change his surname, but right now he still did not have the strength to declare it open in front of the Yang Family, so he can only use this plan because it's convenient.

’’Indeed you have reached the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, but looking at your vitality, I think you must have learned a school of body enhancing technique. All these years you have been secretly working hard and by doing so you have such an achievement now. Catching up to Ling Qing and Ling Yue in the future is a highly possible thing.

Long Chen did not dare to disagree.

’’This fellow did not mention anything about beating people up, and chatted with me like it was a normal conversation. But as for this Yang Yuntian, the way he looks at me one can tell that he wants to kill me.’’

At this point, Yang Yuntian growled: ’’Big brother!’’

Listening to Yang Yuntian's reminder, Yang Qingxuan smiled and said: ’’You are indeed a good seedling, but beating up your own family's brothers, it just isn't right. I even heard that you have dealt a critical blow......’’

Long Chen hurriedly said: ’’First Uncle, during a fight, punches and kicks have no eyes. With my ability it's simply impossible to control my attack strength at will. So when I hurt him earlier, it was actually not my intention to do so.’’

Being interrupted by Long Chen, Yang Yuntian simply did not speak anymore. At this point Yang Yuntian coldly said: ’’It was not your intention? How come I have heard that you wanted to beat Yang Zhan to death? With such a vicious personality at such a young age, in the future it would be even worse. If today I do not give you a reminder, won't you create an even larger mess in the future?’’

Yang Yuntian stood up immediately and started walking towards Long Chen one step at time. A thick layer of cultivation started pressuring Long Chen's body, almost crushing him to the floor.

Long Chen did not say a word, and silently endured.

He knew, if today Yang Yuntian wanted to kill him, it would only take but a single strike.

At this point, there came a woman's voice from outside of the door.

’’Second Brother, let me handle him, I will definitely account to you.

Only then did Long Chen heave a sigh of relief, but he still had some lingering fear.

He knew who the person behind him was, it was Yang Xueqing.

The way Yang Xueqing has treated him all these years was known to everyone. If Long Chen were to land into her hands, he will definitely not have a good time.

Yang Yuntian thinking of this point, laughingly said: ’’Third Sister do not hesitate to take him away. However between the younger generation, a fight is just a small issue so Third Sister can just show him the correct path and that'll be fine.’’

After saying this he left.

Yang Qingxuan saw that it had nothing much to do with himself anymore, so he also smiled and left. But before he left, he went beside Yang Xueqing's ear and whispered: ’’Not even five days, and he has actually skipped levels and learned [Falling Star Fist]. With his talent, father will definitely appreciate him so you had better play it by ear on this matter......’’

Yang Xueqing was shocked for a few moments. After Yang Qingxuan left, only then did she walk to Long Chen's side.

Long Chen had also heard Yang Qingxuan's whispering from earlier. He was very curious about Yang Xueqing's stunned expression, but unfortunately this woman was still wearing an icy look on her face.

’’That's right, today after beating Yang Zhan to this state, it's still not enough for her to view me differently.’’

Long Chen's heart was still filled with determination, so he nonchalantly said: ’’To kill or to slaughter is entirely up to you, but if you are not killing me then hurry up and talk, I do not have so much time to stay here with no purpose.’’

[TL Note: ’’To kill or to slaughter is entirely up to you’’ (idiom) = whatever you want to do to me just go ahead (even killing)]

Yang Xueqing frowned and said coldly: ’’With only such a small achievement, your tone of voice has changed quite a bit. It's the same as that useless trash, a short lived genius. Only both father and son would think of themselves as an important figure, what a laughingstock!’’

Long Chen's eyes flashed with a murderous intent.

He could not endure it any longer.

’’If there is nothing else I will take my leave.’’

After saying this, he walked past Yang Xueqing, and as he arrived at the door, Yang Xueqing suddenly said: ’’In one month's time, I will marry the Bai Family's third child Bai Zhanxiong. As for you, I do not wish for you to remain in Poplar Town for another day. If you remain then don't blame me for not recognising our ties.’’

Listening to that, Long Chen was not one bit surprised.

However no matter how resilient he had made himself to be, at this point in his heart he was in agony. There is no pair of mother and son under the sky, with such a scenario like this one from today.

Long Chen looked back at her and coldly said:’’Don't blame me when the time comes that I did not tell you, the elegant gentleman Bai Zhanxiong that he appears to be on the surface, is actually a rotten thing. I have once seen him use his own strength to forcefully kidnap a few girls under sixteen years of age, and then sell them to an unknown person......’’

After saying this secret which he had kept inside him for all this time, Long Chen originally thought that she would appreciate it but he found Yang Xueqing's gaze to be even colder. Once Long Chen had finished speaking, she immediately retaliated verbally by coldly saying: ’’Yang Chen, as you now have the ability to defeat Yang Zhan, it did make me look at you in a better light, I still thought from today onwards you can discard your bad habits and turn over a new leaf. I was happy for you from the bottom of my heart but you now have actually disappointed me greatly.’’

’’I know you do not wish for me to remarry, but you don't have to resort to slandering Brother Bai's reputation by creating such a laughable offence. Me and Brother Bai are childhood sweethearts. If not for your father, I would have long ago become his woman. Also my understanding of him is stronger than yours by tens of thousands of times. You wish to confuse me with your hilarious lie?’’

Long Chen was stunned, looking at the woman in front of him who was filled with disappointment and disdain;he gradually clenched his fist and felt a rush of blood to his brain. In his heart a ferocious beast was roaring insanely!

Long Chen stared at her unwaveringly, and started talking, one word at a time: ’’Oh, really? Your own son's advice, has no weight on it's own?’’

Yang Xueqing kept quiet for a while, and then said: ’’The deeds that you have done over these past few years, not cultivating, bullying men and conquering women, every incident you've done I know them like the back of my hand. I've been disappointed by you since more than ten years now. Your Long family's people are unworthy of trust so why should I believe you?’’

Long Chen only felt that his chest was about to explode. His eyes turned bloodshot, and stared impassively at Yang Xueqing, suddenly, he laughed crazily and said: ’’Yang Xueqing, saying that is easy, but as a mother, have you ever once taken responsibility for that role? I, without my father and mother, have had no one to teach me, that's why I only have this dog-like character today, and you blame me for it? You say that I am a scum since I was born, a hopeless lecher that no one can save, but I will tell you right now, although I have harmed a few people before, but I've never harmed a single good person! But your Brother Bai Zhanxiong is different......’’

Taking in a deep breath, Long Chen then blandly said: ’’Your disappointment towards me, has also made me extremely disappointed with you. But if you wish to get married, with me Long Chen around, it will not be easy! Did you hear that right? Long Chen!’’

Yang Xueqing's face was expressionless as ever as she threw a bag with some stuff in it at Long Chen's feet.

’’In my heart you have never had the surname Yang, take this 50 pieces of spirit jade. Poplar Town can no longer accommodate you anymore.

Speaking any more is just meaningless. Although Long Chen always liked accepting small advantages from others, but this time he did not even look at the spirit jade, he turned around and walked away.

Dashing out of the Yang family residence, he howled madly and started hitting wildly at some huge rocks until he was too tired and simply sat on the floor.

He looked towards the direction of the Yang family residence, this grand estate was right now across his eyes. He was feeling as if this colossal mountain was crushing his heart.

Long Chen gradually tightened his fist, and then murderous aura started emitting strongly from his body.

’’Father, I do not know if she is worth it, I only know that Bai Zhanxiong is not a good guy. No matter how she treats me, I will stop her. Also, I cannot let her look down on me, and all the more I cannot let her look down on you!’’

He was tightening his fist all the way until his fingernails started bleeding.

’’Father, no one is going to stand in my way of becoming stronger. The words between us, today I have finally understood completely. To be above the rest, to want to have everyone respect and flatter you, then one needs to get infinitely stronger, all the way until the top of the world!’’

’’To all the people that have been looking down on me until now, thank you, if not for you I would still foolishly believe that cultivation was the most boring thing ever. Everyone has something they desire, so next let me reward you by showing you a whirlwind of a surprise!’’

’’The family intra-competition in half a month's time, and that broken marriage in a month's time, because of my, Long Chen's existence, I will definitely give all of you a major major major surprise!’’

After a round of venting his anger, the night came shortly.

Long Chen sat on the roof of his own apartment, looking at the vast light of the night.

’’Yang Xueqing wants me to leave Poplar Town, but father wants me to get the [Seal of the Dragons] so how can I just leave like that? But with my current strength, if she were to attack me, how could I even block it? Or should I leave Poplar Town and hide for a period of time, and wait until the competition starts before I return?’’

Long Chen went into deep thought for a moment, and his eyebrows which were frowning then loosened. He thought: ’’Why stay in Poplar Town? Why don't I just go out and slay some Demonic Beasts, this way maybe my progress will be fast, and I also have a chance at obtaining earthly treasures!’’

Thinking of that, he had already made up his mind to go out for a period of time. But right now his stomach was grumbling, so he jumped off the roof, and went towards the Rising Sun Inn.

It was almost midnight, but the Rising Sun Inn was still a clamorous and noisy place.

Long Chen quietly neared the inn, and suddenly heard someone say: ’’Big news, you guys don't know yet but something big has happened in the Yang family!’’

’’What big news, hurry up and say it!’’

’’You guys do not know, but I heard this morning that Yang family's Yang Zhan and Third Mother's son Yang Chen had a match and young master Yang Zhan was stripped of his clothes in front of everyone, and when he went back he actually committed suicide!’’

’’Is this true?’’

’’How can it be fake? The news just broke out;right now Yang family is out searching for Yang Chen!’’

After hearing this, Long Chen hurriedly left.

’’I originally thought that at most he would just be unable to look at other people in the eye anymore. But I never thought that this fellow wouldn't even be able to endure it, and would instead commit suicide immediately. He's such trash. However he normally did not even treat me like a human being. And the contrast today was so great that his heart couldn't take it, so I guess it's quite logical after all.’’

’’Now Yang Zhan is dead so all the more I cannot stay in Poplar Town, right now I must leave immediately!’’

In the past he was fraternizing in Poplar Town, so he was very familiar with it. After travelling through some underground tunnels, he had quickly gotten out of town before the Yang Family could find him.

After walking for a long time, only then did he turn his head to look at Poplar Town.

’’Yang Zhan is dead so in the future when I return for the intra-family competition, I'm afraid that it will be dangerous. However since I already heard that the Yang family's founder loves talent as much as his life, if I were to display some extraordinary talent I might still have a chance! Just based on today's [Falling Star Fist], he would probably have most likely been astonished.

But after leaving Poplar Town, where could he go?’’

’’East of the Poplar Town is the Big Desolate Mountain, it's a haven for both poisonous insects and demonic beasts. The earthly treasures there are not few either......’’

Just as he was about to go to the Big Desolate Mountain, at this time, suddenly there was someone behind who came chasing after him.

His face drained of color, and hurriedly hid himself.

After seeing who got here, only then did he give a sigh of relief. After which he started laughing happily.

The person who came was the younger man of the two young men who were standing behind Yang Ling Yue earlier in the morning. His name was Bai Shixun;the younger son of that Bai Zhanxiong person.

His memories of being bullied by Bai Shixun in the Emerald Jade House had all come to surface in Long Chen's mind.

’’What exactly is this Bai Shixun chasing after?’’

Long Chen originally thought that Bai Shixun was chasing after him, but after looking closely, he saw that Bai Shixun was actually chasing after a bright floating object. Since that bright object was hovering in the air, it was obviously a treasure!


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