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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 38


Chapter 38 - Opposing Forces Like Water and Fire

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Saying which, Long Chen pressed his fingers tightly onto the throat of Bai Shiji. He even used all of his strength doing so. Bai Shiji, who originally had been severely injured, could not breathe smoothly anymore at this point and his eyes widened. Groggily looking at Long Chen, he suddenly shuddered and another mouthful of blackened blood was expelled. With a frightened expression clearly appearing on his face, his whole body had constantly quivered in terror too.

Seeing Bai Shiji act like this, and along with the frosty look on Long Chen, the Bai Family were frightened and immediately withdrawn.

Seeing that his own son was actually in such a miserable state, Bai Zhanxiong's eyes had almost spewed flames. He gave Long Chen a death stare and demanded: ’’You had better stop! If Shiji were to die, your Yang Family will all die a horrible death! You too will die miserably, because I will torture you to death!’’

Despite this fiery gaze from Bai Zhanxiong, Long Chen was completely fearless of him and he did not loosen his grip on Bai Shiji at all.

’’No matter what happens, it will only lead to death. Why would I be afraid of you then? In the worst case scenario, I just have to kill myself. What will you be able to do to me then? However, this injury on your son, Bai Shiji, doesn't seem like it could be dragged on any further. If left unattended, perhaps in less than half an hour time, he will already be dead......’’

Long Chen said all of this nonchalantly, but seeing the miserable state that Bai Shiji was in, Bai Family members were all extremely anxious. The two great future hopes of the family had were both in the hands of Long Chen. Even if it was the Bai Family's Master, he refrained from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vase.

[TL Note: To not act against an evildoer to prevent harm from befalling the innocent, similar to not shooting a criminal because of a hostage.

What Long Chen said was extremely right, if these four were to die, even if they could exterminate the Yang Family, Bai Family would not have a next generation anymore. The strongest apart from the four of them, was a youth in the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. He would be completely unable to continue the legacy of the Bai family and replace Bai Zhanxiong and the rest.

At this point, seeing that the Bai Family members were finally frightened by him, Long Chen smirked as he dragged Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen towards Founder Yang.

Bai Zhanxiong was blocking the way between then, Long Chen raised his head and coldly glared at him saying: ’’Move!’’

Bai Zhanxiong naturally would not move, and seeing Long Chen holding both Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen as hostages, he too wanted to follow suit and capture the Yang Family members. However, as he turned around, the Yang Family members had already knew very well what he was up to!

Although they had been poisoned with the Nightmare Flower and if they were to greatly circulate their Qi, the Yang Family members will surely die. However, they could at least achieve a one-time attack. At this moment, Founder Yang suddenly laughed loudly and gave Long Chen an admiring look as he said: ’’Boy, nicely done! However we won't be your burden. If the Bai Family would dare to touch us, I will let them taste the might of the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] from a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator! I want to see how many of these Bai Family members could withstand such a blow!’’

Founder Yang had finally awoken from his delusions about the brotherhood and he viciously gave Bai Family's Master a death glare and hissed: ’’Bai Sheng, I, Yang Cangqiong, might be truly useless. As I have truly understood the word 'vicious' only today with your help. Let me tell you that if you wish to eradicate my Yang Family without paying a price, that will be impossible!’’

Bai Zhanxiong could no longer kidnap the Yang Family members and Bai Shiji and the rest was still in Long Chen's hands. As such, he did not know whether to move forward or retreat, being stuck in an awkward dilemma.

Seeing Long Chen's hands had already left a mark on Bai Shiji's throat, while Bai Shiji had already started to foam, he sent murderous stare towards Long Chen and then let him pass.

Only then did Long Chen stand in front of the Yang Family who had gathered together. Currently, the Bai Family members had stood together as well, apart from the Bai Family's Master standing at the front, the other experts of the Bai Family and the eldest son Bai Zhanlong also gave Long Chen death stares.

This Bai Shichen was Bai Zhanlong's son and had always been his pride, but seeing his own son in such a wretched state, and not knowing if there was any cure for him, his murderous intent towards Long Chen had not been one bit inferior to Bai Zhanxiong's!

Both families confronted the other, with Long Chen holding the talented youth duo of the Bai Family standing at the forefront. The Yang Family members watched on, thinking that the most insignificant member of the family had gone on and become one of the pillars of support for them. For that instant, they felt like they had stepped into a dream.

Yang Xueqing too was extremely moved, in fact she did not know what to say as she stared at Long Chen's back blankly. Although she had very much wanted to step forward and apologise and beg for his forgiveness but the current situation did not allow for this.

However, at this point, Long Chen turned and glanced at her.

The truth was that Long Chen harboured only hatred for Yang Xueqing. Everything that he had done was only to prove himself to her. At this point Bai Shiji had already been defeated by him and Bai Zhanxiong too had been forced back miserably. Everything Long Chen did was only to show it to this woman!

When he turned around and gazed at her, he was planning to flaunt to her and let Yang Xueqing realize who was the real trash. Seeing Yang Xueqing eyes brimming with tears, Long Chen was stumped. Withdrawing his smug expression, he rigidly turned his head away.

He suddenly felt that, at this moment, that woman was so frail. Although Long Chen had always steeled his heart, at this instant, he unexpectedly felt sorry for her.

He felt that he would be able to exert a boundless fighting spirit with the woman behind him looking on. Thus, he turned his sharp and icy gaze once again towards the Bai Family's members.

At this moment, Yang Yuntian who was beside Yang Xueqing, had also stared blankly at Long Chen. He was conflicted between his son's death and the fact that Long Chen had just saved the Yang Family members. These conflicting emotions constantly fought within his heart.

Founder Yang stood by Long Chen's side and looked at the Bai Family's Master and said: ’’Bai Sheng, you are also an intelligent man. Your Bai Family could have completely wiped out my Yang Family effortlessly today. It's just too bad that the younger generation from your Bai Family were too disappointing. With this result now, it is impossible for you to annihilate my Yang Family. Unless you want to forsake the future of the Bai Family, and watch on as these youngsters die!’’

If they were to fight to the death, even if the Yang Family were to perish completely, the Bai Family would also not be left with much people.

Although the Bai Family members were all unwilling, the conclusion had already been fixed. No matter how unwilling they were, they still had to give in as they were unable to change this outcome.

Long Chen coldly said: ’’If you still have brains, you should bring out the antidote! Our Yang Family can afford to wait, but it seems that Bai Shiji isn't able to wait any longer. From what I see, he shouldn't be able to hold on for more than a minute......’’

Bai Shiji was in a precarious situation. If they didn't start treating him immediately, they wouldn't be able to save his life.

Although Bai Zhanxiong was unwilling, especially because of Long Chen's performance, it made him to recall his indignation back in the past. However, he too could tell that his son's life was at stake right now. Hence, he became flustered and said: ’’Father, we had failed today......’’

Bai Family's Master coldly looked at Founder Yang. His heart was extremely unsatisfied with this outcome.

After crafting such a long and meticulous plan, only to find that it was totally ruined by a nobody! How could he accept this?!

Bai Zhanxiong also knew that today's mishap was due to Long Chen. He regretted as he thought, ’’When I had sent some people to assassinate him, I found his existence was troublesome as I thought he could only affect Yang Xueqing's feelings for me. But I didn't know that in the end, my whole plan would be ruined by him!’’

He whispered to the Bai Family's Master: ’’Father after this, second Uncle will be free. After inviting some of his Crimson Blood Sacred Sect's friends to help out, the Yang Family would still be annihilated! We just have to bear for ten days after today's defeat and win over them. However if we continue, we won't be able to gain Shiji's life back!’’

What was whispered between Bai Zhanxiong and the Bai Family's master was repeated to Long Chen by Lingxi.

Long Chen frowned as he knew what they meant from their words. He understood that even after the Yang Family escaped this hurdle, their days won't be peaceful in the future. Also, he didn't know how strong the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect that Bai Zhanxiong had mentioned was.

At this point, the Bai Family's Master swayed.

He also understood that he had completely lost today so he casually waved his hand before he said dejectedly at the Founder Yang: ’’I can give you the antidote but you better not play any tricks. If any of my grandsons have any problems, the outcome will be a fight to the death!’’

The Yang Family was supposed to be the victim today, but they weren't hurt at all. They got what they wanted to achieve and left safely from the place. After today's fight, they naturally would head back and once they recovered, the fight would begin again.

Founder Yang was unwilling for any other misfortunes so he said, ’’I will promise that they will be fine after you hand over the antidote.’’

The Bai Family's Master took out a bottle from his sleeve. It was the antidote to the Nightmare Flower. It was made from boiling the stem of the Nightmare Flower.

The Bai Family wasn't poisoned today as they had previously taken the antidote already.

The Nightmare Flower was considered to be a Spirit Medicine. As long as the stem and flower petal was consumed together, it would definitely aid in an increase in their power.

’’How about this? You give the antidote to us and we'll release two of them. After we have recovered, we will release the other two.’’ Founder Yang said blandly.

The Bai Family's Master snorted in disdain at how cautious Founder Yang was. He directly tossed the antidote to the hand of Founder Yang before coldly saying, ’’Yang Cangqiong, after so many years, you are still such a gutless person. I have lost today but I don't have any more thoughts to toy with you. However, after today you must be careful when you walk out of the Bai Family's door, because we will be like water and flames from now on!’’

Founder Yang allowed Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue to release Bai Shidong and Bai Zhixing. These two brats immediately ran towards their father as they wept endlessly.

Founder Yang only cared to open the medicine bottle. After he sniffed the contents inside, he confirmed it was really the scent from the stem portion of the Nightmare Flower.

’’Father, let me try it first!’’ Yang Xueqing suddenly exclaimed.

’’This Bai Family has a lot of schemes. We shouldn't believe in them so easily. You are the strongest person on our side, so if you were to fall for their scheme, we will be finished!’’

Founder Yong smiled and said, ’’It doesn't matter. Father has let you down today and humiliated you.’’

After he said that, he directly consumed a dose of the antidote and gave the bottle to Yang Qingxuan. He sat down and circulated his Qi. His body's vigorous power burst forth again in less than half a minute's time, and a pair of eagle's eyes abruptly opened. When Long Chen saw them, his heart had slightly palpitated.

’’The antidote really works! Use it quickly!’’

The rest of the Yang Family quickly took the antidote. After half a minute, they too had recovered their strength. The Yang Family's overall strength was slowly returning back to the same level as their opponents.

Founder Yang indicated to Long Chen. ’’Just let them have these kids back! There are still opportunities to capture them again. I knew that you were stronger than them from the instant you stepped into the room.’’

Long Chen had previously wanted to kill Bai Shiji. More importantly, he had wanted to prove himself to Yang Xueqing. However, after such a big incident, he no longer felt the need to prove anything.

As for Bai Shiji, he was definitely not his match. Now he wasn't a match, and never will he be, so Long Chen was not interested in his life or death at all.

He casually tossed the bodies and they flew towards the Bai Family.

The Bai family immediately caught them. After looking at the current state of the two young talents of the Bai Family, they grieved. The Bai Family looked at Long Chen as though they were staring at a dead person already.

Bai Zhanxiong handed over his son that was beaten to death to the person behind him. He gazed at Long Chen;his eyes filled with killing intent and said, ’’You....You'll definitely not live beyond ten days. You should enjoy as much of your last days while you can.’’

’’I can also certainly assure you that your grandson won't live beyond today.’’

Long Chen nonchalantly replied.


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