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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 23


Chapter 23 - Killing Intent

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Hearing this voice, Long Chen immediately knew who it came from.

Yang Xueqing.

After hearing Yang Xueqing's voice, Bai Shiji was stumped for a while. He then viciously looked at Long Chen, while the [Dark Heavenly Finger] technique that he was condensing earlier started to diminish.

As for Long Chen, he also did not use the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon].

’’Aunt, we are here......’’

After hearing Yang Xueqing's voice, Yang Lingqing who cried like a little girl earlier, heaved a sigh of relief, and joyfully called out.

At first Yang Xueqing had only seen Bai Shiji, and had a look of concern for Bai Shiji. But after hearing Yang Lingqing's voice, she then suddenly saw that the person Bai Shiji was confronting was actually Long Chen. So her gentle gaze was immediately replaced by an icy cold one.

Long Chen laughed grimly, he had to prostrate himself in admiration at this woman's skill in changing her expression. However what was more pitiful was the fact that she had a gentle gaze for another person's son, while when looking at her own son she used an ice-cold gaze.

Long Chen did not bother to understand this complex feeling he had. He also did not wish to look at Yang Xueqing while she was looking at Bai Shiji in a caring way. So when Yang Xueqing had appeared, he pretended that nothing had happened and began to walk away.


Yang Xueqing's icy cold voice rang beside his ears.

Long Chen turned around and asked: ’’May I know why is this wife of the Bai family looking for me? Could it be because I have beaten two wastes from the Bai family? Indeed, the two wastes were beaten by me. So may I ask, what are you going to do to me now?

Long Chen's speech had made Yang Lingqing, who was somewhat excited at the arrival of Yang Xueqing earlier, get deflated like a balloon. She looked at Long Chen blankly, then she looked at Yang Xueqing's grim expression, because no matter how hard she tried, Lingqing simply could not make out the situation.

Long Chen's voice had a hint of insult in it, and this made it hard to breathe for Yang Xueqing. In front of everyone, Long Chen did not give her any face. She had become even angrier, especially because of the nonchalant look he had plastered on his face.

[TL Note: (Idiom) ’’Give someone face’’ means to show respect to someone.]

But she knew this;right now her reputation wasn't that excellent due to the news of her remarrying, so if she would do anything to Long Chen now, it would be difficult to avoid rumours from spreading. And this wasn't any good news for the Yang family or the Bai family.

So Yang Xueqing pretended not to hear any of Long Chen's insults, and just turned around and asked Bai Shiji: ’’Shiji, today's matter, I will first apologise to your Bai family. Also about him saying that he had beaten up members of the Bai family, is that true?’’

Bai Shiji nodded his head and said: ’’He did indeed injure Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong. I was just about to resolve this issue with him, so that he won't stir anymore conflicts in the future, for the good of both of our families, but you had suddenly appeared. Auntie Yang, Shiji trusts you, so you can take him home with you.’’

Looking at this sensible child, Yang Xueqing was very satisfied with him. Besides, Bai Shiji's cultivation was also not lacking. Getting into the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm at the age of twenty, this was no ordinary feat.

So she nodded her head and said: ’’Please send my regards to your father. Today's matter, I will personally go over to apologise. Right now I will take my leave first.’’

’’Auntie Yang please take care.’’

Long Chen looking at these two who were showing off this pretense, started feeling disgusted.

With Yang Xueqing's sudden appearance, the matter was over just like that. But as for Bai Shiji's strength and the pressure he had, together with the threat of the [Dark Heavenly Finger], Long Chen had committed them all in his heart clearly!

’’If I don't have a plan to counter this [Dark Heavenly Finger] during the demonic beast hunting competition, and I were to meet him, and at that time there are few people around, I will definitely die!’’

Yang Xueqing's and Bai Shiji's affectionate attitude towards one another had made Long Chen furious, suddenly he thought of something.

’’The demonic beast hunting competition and their marriage is on the same day, if I were to kill Bai Shiji, then the Bai family will have to hold a funeral instead. It would be funny if the marriage would continue nonetheless!’’

The two big events;the demonic beast hunting competition and the marriage, had also caused Long Chen to be at a loss for the past 3 days on how to handle things, since he wanted to create havoc at their wedding and stop them from getting married. But it was obvious that his strength right now was still lacking. Not to mention the Bai family wanting to deal with him, even the Yang family would want to dispose of him for throwing so much face.

That time, Long Chen had seen Bai Zhanxiong kidnapping the courtesans from the Emerald Jade House with his own eyes. He followed him from behind only to realise that Bai Zhanxiong had used these girls to make a trade with a group of people with a red dot between their eyebrows.

Last time he had told Yang Xueqing, but Yang Xueqing did not believe him.

Long Chen had always felt that these Bai family members were a little strange, and if Yang Xueqing were to marry over to them, the result would be unclear.

But right now, he had finally thought of a plan to salvage the situation.

Looking on coldly at Yang Xueqing and Bai Shiji who were conversing, he thought: ’’The only way, would be to kill Bai Shiji. After castrating one of his sons and killing the other, would they still have a chance to get married?’’

And the best chance to kill Bai Shiji was of course during the demonic beast hunting competition. However to achieve this goal, Long Chen still needed to have a very huge breakthrough. But he had just obtained the Dream Spirit Grass, which was a crucial ingredient to that end.

After making plans in his mind, Long Chen did not bother to continue watching. Seeing that Long Chen had actually left first, Yang Lingqing hurriedly followed after him.

At this point, Yang Xueqing and Bai Shiji had just finished talking.

Despite her gentle looking nature, she was actually raging deep within. With so many onlookers, she too could not persist. But she knew that because of the way that Long Chen had humiliated her, she would definitely not give Long Chen a good time when she gets back to the Yang family residence.

’’I helped you hold Bai Shiji back, which can be considered as saving your life, but you actually do not know how to repay my kindness, and even make me lose face. You have really disappointed me deeply!’’

’’Your strength isn't much but your arrogance is sky high, thinking that you can beat anyone, how can you even think that Bai Shiji is someone you can defeat......’’

Looking at the icy cold expression of Yang Xueqing, the crowd did not dare go near her. Walking out of the cultivator's market, she actually saw Yang Lingqing standing there waiting for her, so after giving her another look, she blandly asked: ’’Where is he?’’

Yang Lingqing started to get nervous and said: ’’Chen......Big brother as he walked out earlier, he saw someone so he told me to go back first, and then he chased after him. So I don't know either......’’

’’Chasing someone?’’

Yang Xueqing was stunned, and then she sneered: ’’It was just an excuse. He was just afraid of me scolding him, and actually used this little kiddy method. The Long family trickery is indeed first rate......’’

Yang Lingqing bit her lips, not saying a word.

She did actually see Long Chen chasing after someone. When that person had seen them, the man had even escaped immediately, but now according to Yang Xueqing it had been just a lie......

She wanted to argue back, but thinking of the relationship between Long Chen and Yang Xueqing, it was more sensible not to say anything.

After walking for a few steps, Yang Xueqing suddenly asked: ’’Xiao Qing Er, can you tell me about today's matter?’’

Hearing this Yang Lingqing thought she had a chance to justify Long Chen's actions so she honestly told Yang Xueqing everything that had just happened. She expected Yang Xueqing who had an icy cold expression before to faintly praise Long Chen now. But instead after Yang Xueqing finished listening, her face was still expressionless as she said: ’’Oh? Being able to defeat two cultivators in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, huh? Even so, if he had to fight against a seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator, wouldn't he be powerless to fight back?’’

Yang Lingqing watched as Yang Xueqing's silhouette walked away, she then pouted her lips. Now she suddenly understood why earlier Long Chen in front of Bai Shiji, did not want to retreat even half a step, not even under that immense pressure......

After dashing through a few streets, Long Chen abruptly grabbed the nape of the man who was running in front of him and shattered the knife that the man had tried to use in a sneak attack against him. He then slammed him towards a latrine, where a stench had immediately infiltrated the air. Long Chen's enormous strength had pushed the man to the wall. The man had a face filled with fear, not being able to even move an inch.

Earlier when Long Chen walked out of the cultivator's market, he had brushed shoulders with this guy, and saw that he was carrying a knife.

At first Long Chen did not think much of it, but he suddenly remembered that the people who tried to assassinate him had also used a knife like this, and they were also in the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. The figure in front of him was similar to those people, so he tried to feel out the guy. He never thought that once he would start to chase him, this guy because of his guilty conscience, would turn around and run. Only at this point did Long Chen confirm that this guy was indeed the assassin that escaped.

After chasing for a short period of time, Long Chen managed to corner the guy in this place. He growled softly: ’’I will not speak any rubbish with you, tell me who solicited my murder, if not, die.’’

Long Chen suddenly had become so strong, so this murderer had long ago given up hope. But after hearing that he actually had a chance to reverse the situation, he hurriedly said: ’’If I say it, can you not kill me then?’’

Long Chen nodded his head saying: ’’But you must leave Poplar Town.’’

This was in line with the assassin's thoughts, so he blandly stated: ’’Very simple, Bai family, Bai Zhanxiong.’’

Long Chen had two surprises, one was that this guy had actually plainly stated out the truth, and the second was that his answer was Bai Zhanxiong.

’’He only wants to marry my mother, so why would he risk killing me just like that?’’

Long Chen could not figure it out no matter how he tried.

At this point the murderer said: ’’I have not deceived you, earlier when I told you, it was because I also harbour hatred towards him. He agreed to let my daughter go after I succeeded, but now she has already been killed by him! I have merely remained in Poplar Town until now to find a chance to seek revenge!’’

Long Chen looked at this man who had bloodshot eyes while speaking of Bai Zhanxiong. He felt that he wasn't lying, and right now the actual culprit that solicited his murder was not that important anymore. If it was Bai Zhanxiong, then it's just right, because Long Chen had wanted to deal with him either way.

Releasing his hands, Long Chen looked at him and laughed: ’’You wanted to claim my life, and today you have ended up in my hands, but I have already promised not to kill you, so just go ahead and eat this pile of shit!’’

After saying this, before the murderer could react, Long Chen had already pushed him into the pile of shit. The dirty water splashed around and the sound of plop could be heard. Long Chen hurriedly avoided and thought: ’’So close, lucky I was fast enough......’’

The sun had begun to set in the west.

’’Xiao Xi, lets go to the Big Barren Mountain.’’

Lingxi was stumped, and asked: ’’Why? Are you afraid of your mother beating you? You don't need to be afraid, as long as I have refined this Dream Spirit Grass, I can protect you. I won't let that woman hurt you any longer.’’

Long Chen smiled and said: ’’What does a girl like you know, I am not afraid of her, but there are many people in the Yang residence. So if you are going to refine the Dream Spirit Grass and check and see what secrets there are in the [Seal of the Dragons], it will be rather inconvenient in the Yang family residence.

’’So this was the case, then let's go, finally there is something yummy to eat......’’

Lingxi's voice although feeble, had a hint of joy and happiness in it.

’’To eat?’’


’’En! You don't know, but after I became like this, I've never had anything to eat since then. Earlier I found myself some spirit medicine, and the flavour wasn't bad......’’

Long Chen after hearing this girl talking about it happily, actually felt bad on the inside. Not being able to eat and only being able to use spirit medicine to recreate the flavour of food, to a girl who had been brought up in fortune, he knew how difficult that was.

’’Xiao Xi......’’


’’There will come a day, when I will let you be able to eat really well.’’

’’Really? I am a voracious eater, so if you want to feed me it's not gonna be easy. I am a big eater, this Dream Spirit Grass is not even enough as a bite for me, so you must work harder!’’

’’Yes! Your servant accepts your orders!’’


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