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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 18


Chapter 18 - [Seal of the Dragons]

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Half a month ago, everyone knew that he was in the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. In half a month he had broken through two levels. This kind of talent has never been seen before in the history of Poplar Town. And if this was the case, if the Yang family founder would not try his best to save Long Chen's life, then it would be very strange indeed.

Long Chen absolutely believed that his performance today had shocked the hearts of everyone. So what will happen next is he will be the talk of Poplar Town!

This time breaking through to the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had been surprisingly smooth. Everything had progressed naturally and it had been even easier than going through to the fourth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. The herbal energy from the 2 stalks of Enchanted Hill Ginseng had been completely absorbed by Long Chen. And after only a short minute, that extremely thick and long fifth Dragon Vein, had been broken through!

A dragon's cry that could shake the earth was heard!

Under the nurturing from the Enchanted Hill Ginseng, his injuries have almost properly been healed. At this point Long Chen stood up abruptly, and everyone had suddenly realised that he right now possessed an intense aura. His eyes were showing an even more lively expression. If he were to compete against Yang Lingyue again, victory would be easy!

’’This fellow......He really is going against the heavens......’’

Chen Liu who had bullied Long Chen back in the past, quietly hid behind the crowd. His two legs could not stop quivering......

The people, who had once laughed at Long Chen and had given him the cold shoulder, were all swallowing their saliva now, their faces turning pale.

Looking at Long Chen who had broken through to the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, the Yang family founder's face was impassive, but deep down inside he was extremely gratified.

Among the crowd, Long Chen had noticed that Yang Lingqing's gaze was extremely confused.

Long Chen originally thought that the matter was over. He looked at the Yang family founder and just when he was about to obtain the [Seal of the Dragons], at this point, a few members of the Bai family had actually walked up the stage. In their eyes, there was a menacing look.

The Yang family founder was shocked and said: ’’Sirs, what is the matter?’’

Bai Zhanxiong looked at Long Chen with an obvious killing intent. He walked forward and respectfully said to the Yang family founder: ’’Uncle Yang, your nephew does not want to disturb the intra-family competition but there is one issue that we must ask him in order to find out the truth.’’

When their gazes fell on Long Chen, he had already known something was wrong.

’’Earlier when Lingxi attacked, the sword was revealed, and Bai Shiji had seen the Lingxi sword before, so naturally the description was the same. These 3 people from the Bai family, probably already know I was the one who castrated Bai Shiji!’’

At this moment, the Yang family founder looked over, his eyes filled with suspicion.

Right now, Bai Zhanxiong looked at Long Chen coldly and said: ’’Everyone, my younger son half a month ago has met with an accident;I suppose most of you know a little about it. The attacker was so vicious that I cannot wait to cut him into thousands of pieces!’’

’’According to Bai Shiji, when he was chasing after a black steel sword. He had unexpectedly met with a masked man who had snatched it away from him, hence ending up in this state. So what I want to say is, earlier the sword which has saved Long Chen, was exactly the same one that my son had described!’’

’’You rascal, that masked man, that was you!’’

’’Such a young age but you are already this vicious, what is your true intention!’’

Bai Zhanxiong's interrogation had directed everyone's gaze towards Long Chen.

The Bai Shiji matter had long since been the talk of Poplar Town. But because the Bai family was the number one superpower in Poplar Town, naturally people only dared to discuss behind closed doors not right in the open.

However they knew that this young man's, Bai Shiji's, life had been ruined.

Long Chen silently exclaimed: ’’If I were to be found out, the Yang family founder might not want to have any disputes with the Bai family and who knows, he might even give up on me. Anyway the opposition does not have any proof, so I shall deny till the point that I die!’’

So he raised his head and coldly said: ’’I don't even know what you are talking about. Whatever has happened to your son, what does it have to do with me? Also, the weapons under the sky do not differ by so much, so how can you judge that this sword of mine is the same as your son's?’’

Looking at Long Chen who was actually not admitting even if he were to die, Bai Zhanxiong was extremely furious, so he coldly said: ’’While there may be many weapons that look similar, however the number of swords that have the length of 70 cm, are jet black throughout, have a width of two fingers and have the aspect of a rusted steel sword, is not that many. So do you still want to deny it?’’

Long Chen said indifferently: ’’You have seen that sword earlier, so of course you can describe it so well now. You are a reputable figure in Poplar Town, yet you want to frame a nobody such as myself, what is exactly happening?’’

Looking at their debate which may never end, the Yang family founder stepped in and said: ’’Chen Er, do you dare to guarantee that you have never done a thing like this?’’

Long Chen nodded his head saying: ’’Indeed, I haven't. Even today I don't know what has happened to his son. Could it be someone broke his hands and legs, or has pierced his dantian?’’

Lying in front of the Yang family founder, that requires some guts too. Earlier his performance was commendable, and the Yang family founder was a person who loved talent. So although Bai Zhanxiong had stepped forth, the Yang family founder was still hesitant to hand over the juicy meat, that he had just attained, and let the Bai family do whatever they wish with it, hence that question to Long Chen earlier.

Long Chen too had guessed his intentions, which enabled him to lie blatantly.

After receiving Long Chen's confirmation, the Yang family founder said to Bai Zhanxiong: ’’Zhan Er, this matter must be investigated thoroughly. You cannot rashly make a judgment, why don't you first go back today and tell this to your father. Brother Bai and I are brothers in life and death. Brother Bai will naturally trust me, I will also account to him. As for anything else, there is not much left to be said.’’

Right now it was the Yang family intra-family competition, so the face of the Yang family founder was the greatest. Poplar Town's power was split between both families and the situation was complicated, and the Bai family was also preparing for a wedding with the Yang family. Each and every event had caused Bai Zhanxiong to frown, so he could only say: ’’Since Uncle Yang has already said so I, your nephew, will obey. From the rise of the Yang family, my father has always given enough assistance. Uncle Yang and my father are like actual brothers, so with Uncle Yang's decisional abilities, I am reassured......’’

Walking away, he gave Long Chen another cold stare, and left while thinking: ’’Yang family......Ha ha, this little scum. Today I will let you off temporarily, but all of you, no matter who, your days are soon to be over. The real overlord of Poplar Town, can only be us the Bai family!’’

Bai Zhanxiong walked down the stage, but Bai Shiji had remained. He sent Long Chen a cruel laugh, and then asked the Yang family founder: ’’Grandfather Yang, in that demonic beast hunting competition, will he be participating?’’

The Yang family founder's gaze had concentrated, but he did not reply, as he knew this fellow in front of him was giving him a warning. If Long Chen were to join the demonic beast hunting competition, naturally there won't be a good ending for him.

Shortly after, Bai Shiji walked up to Long Chen and coldly said: ’’A while later there will be a demonic beast hunting competition. You had better not participate, if not your little life will most likely be gone.’’

Then he exerted the aura of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm fully.

’’Trying to scare me into submission huh......’’

This Bai Shiji's eyes were full of provocation. Long Chen laughed coldly, because he already knows that his next opponent will most likely have to be him.

After the Bai family had left, the other factions had also left quickly. This Yang family's intra-family competition had finally ended.

However the events that had happened were a hot topic in town.

The Yang family founder's expression was hard to read.

’’Follow me.’’

Saying just this, the Yang family founder walked in front and led Long Chen who followed behind quietly. As for the rest of the people, they could be sent away, one of which was Yang Lingqing.

’’Such a huge commotion, and it was all caused by you. What kind of a person are you exactly......’’

Long Chen's performance today was like a sweeping tornado. The news travelled even into the ears of the maids and the servants. And all of the people who had mistreated him before, at this moment, were feeling fear in their hearts.

Along the way, those gazes had actually been filled with fear and respect.

Long Chen laughed, this is exactly the kind of life he wanted.

Arriving in front of the Yang family founder's hut, which was beside the Martial Techniques Hall, he saw that the Yang family founder was seated down cross-legged, and was looking at him.

’’First I'll ask you something. That matter about Bai Zhanxiong's son, was it done by you?’’

Long Chen nodded his head.

This was within the expectations of the Yang family founder. He carefully looked at Long Chen and after a long while he exhaled loudly and said: ’’You little rascal, last time you did not have any spirit, but your performance today has actually made me very surprised. You wished to borrow my love for talented people, to block off Yuntian and Zhanxiong. It was indeed a clever move, but at the same time it was extremely risky. But still you gambled correctly, so you managed to survive.’’

His own thoughts had been seen through by the Yang family founder, but Long Chen was not surprised, he only said: ’’To protect my own life, I could only have done this. I hope grandfather does not take it to heart.’’

In his heart he was deeply aware of the fact that even though he did not have much affection for this old fellow but the other party was the number one of the Yang family, the overlord of the Yang family, so he could offend anyone but not him.

The Yang family founder fell into silence for a while and then said: ’’With my temper from before, if you had used me like that, I would've definitely not let you lead a good life. However now there is an even more pressing matter, if you were to do well in this, I will naturally not be too nitpicky with you about this previous matter. You must know, there aren't too many people in Poplar Town who would dare make use of me.’’

’’May I know the task which has to be completed?’’

The Yang family founder casted a flickering gaze towards him and sighed. After a while he said: ’’Let me tell you about the history of Poplar Town. 30 years ago, Poplar Town did not have the Yang family, only the Bai family. At that point, I was only a martial cultivator with a decent amount of talent. Also at the time I knew the Bai family's current owner, we had travelled around the world together, and had established a very strong friendship. In the end when we returned to Poplar Town, I established the Yang family and continued my bloodline.

’’As for today, my ties with Brother Bai are still very good, not to mention the fact that Qing Er and Zhan Er are about to get married, with us being the matchmaker. But there has still been something which has been troubling me.’’

Long Chen hurriedly asked: ’’May I know what it is? Could it have anything to with the demonic beast hunting competition?’’

The Yang family founder nodded his head and said: ’’The Bai and Yang families' ties are close, allied together to fight others. But since that notice from 10 days ago, everything has changed. And you, you little rascal have actually castrated Bai Zhanxiong's younger son, which has added yet another layer of snow on the frost. If I did not protect you it would've still been fine, but now that I have done so, the ties have worsened yet again. I'm afraid Qing Er's marriage will most likely not happen anymore.’’

After saying this, the Yang family founder frowned.

So this marriage was actually arranged by this old fellow. Long Chen was cursing the Yang family founder in his heart a hundred times over. As for the ties between the Bai family and the Yang family, he wasn't very clear. But from what he could make out from the Yang family founder, the ties seemed to have been pretty good.

’’The marriage may not happen anymore? That is great, I don't have to waste any more energy. Why don't I worsen the ties between the two families even more? But I'm afraid the first one the Yang family founder would kill is me if I did this......’’

Long Chen pursed his lips and said: ’’Grandfather, the demonic beast hunting competition that you were talking about, what exactly is it?’’

The Yang family founder looked at Long Chen with a fiery gaze and said: ’’Our Poplar Town is governed under the jurisdiction of the Yuanling City. Ten days ago they have issued a decree that Poplar Town's younger generation must enter the Big Barren Mountain and proceed with the demonic beast hunting competition. From the two families' younger generation, the side that obtains the most demonic beast energy cores can have the rights to rule Poplar Town for 20 years. As for the next mandate after these 20 years pass, the ruling over Poplar Town will once again be determined by the demonic beast hunting competition where the younger generations of the Yang and Bai families will compete once again.

’’For a long period of time, Poplar Town has been in a state without a mayor. The towns near us, all of them already have a designated mayor, and now it's Poplar Town's turn to have a decision. The rights to rule Poplar Town for 20 years has a very important meaning for any family here. So this time, although Brother Bai and I are like brothers, I cannot let this go so easily.

The Yang family founder sighed once again and said: ’’The time for the demonic beast hunting competition is on the tenth of august. Qing Er's wedding day will be on the evening of the same day, so this time the younger generation may not have much time to attend the wedding dinner. As for the demonic beast hunting competition itself, Yuanling City will naturally send someone to supervise, so people like us are unable to enter the Big Barren Mountain.’’

After listening to so much, Long Chen already knew what he had to do.

’’What grandfather wants me to do is collaborate with the Yang family younger generation during the demonic beast hunting competition and obtain more demonic beast energy cores, right?’’

The Yang family founder nodded his head and said: ’’From the Bai family younger generation, Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen are both in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, and they have two cultivators in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm as well, but for my Yang family we only have Ling Yue and Yang Wu who can take on this role. Your performance today was not bad. Being able to learn the [Falling Star Fist] in three days, and you also being able to use it at this stage was a great feat. With your help the demonic beast hunting competition will have actually have a chance if you are present.’’

’’Participating in the demonic beast hunting competition is okay, the Bai family's and the Yang family's relationship has always been well. They wouldn't try to kill our family. However you yourself have to be wary of the Bai family's younger generation. When you enter the Big Barren Mountain you will have to hunt the Demonic Beasts on your own, and not clash with any of the Bai family's younger generation. This way our chances of obtaining more demonic cores will be higher than the Bai family's.’’

Long Chen nodded his head and understood the Yang family founder's meaning, which was to let him work alone, and be the dark horse of the Yang family. It could be considered as a wish coming from the Yang family founder.

However, when the time comes will it be the same as the Yang family founder said? Can Long Chen avoid Bai Shiji?

Long Chen nodded his head and said: ’’Your grandson will obey grandfather's wishes.’’

The Yang family founder laughed loudly and said: ’’You work hard for the Yang family and I will naturally treat you well. As for the matter concerning Yuntian, I will help you solve it. Also, the [Seal of the Dragons], should belong to you so you had better practice it properly these few days and try to have a breakthrough in the next 14 days.’’

He then took the [Seal of the Dragons] that he had been dreaming of from the Yang family founder's hands.

Looking at the flamboyant calligraphy of the words, Long Chen was extremely moved.

’’With this [Seal of the Dragons], my strength will once again rise explosively! Also, father has told me that this [Seal of the Dragons] scroll was not so simple. I too want to have a look to see exactly what secret there is inside of it, and to see what kind of existence I will be when I become a Dragon Warrior!’’

At this point, the Yang family founder took yet another bag of items and said: ’’This is 500 pieces of spirit jade, take it away. If you are able to completely refine it, I think it will be able to help you achieve the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. However cultivation cannot be rushed, you have just entered the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm so these next few days you must first familiarise yourself with the [Seal of the Dragons]. You can go back and rest now.’’

Only then did Long Chen retreat.

’’In half a month's time, there will be the demonic beast hunting competition and the marriage. These two's schedules have overlapped, so what should I do? ......Forget it, first I should just practice the [Seal of the Dragons] and see how much I can increase my strength until then!’’


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