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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 - Way of the Zenith Crystal Sword

Translated by: Ying

Feng Wutian's attack had provoked the ire of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, causing it to disregard all other attacks and focus all its attention on him.


Of course, this also had to do with the demonic beast underestimating everyone else. In its eyes, only two people were dangerous enough for its attention. One was Chu Yunyao, and the other was Feng Wutian, which it was now attacking. As long as it took care of these two people, the rest would then be minced meat in a second!


Seeing the black smoke of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast that was like a powerful current headed towards him, Feng Wutian did not dare linger. The flaming wings on his back became even more intense, and reddish flames blazed in his eyes.


’’You bastard. Do you think I won't kill you?’’


Feng Wutian quickly formed a seal, and it was astonishingly much more complex than Long Chen's own dragon seal. Hissing flames rapidly twisted around Feng Wutian, and there was even the cry of a godly bird being produced from within.


’’Vermillion Bird Law. Fire Spirit Seal!’’


Having formed the seal, what pounced towards the Heart Corrosive Beast's demonic beast's black smoke was a surge of flames!


These flames transformed into a blazing godly bird and then crashed into the black smoke with a rumble, and even more concentrated black smoke was ignited, soaring towards the sky.


Not far away, one of the experts sighed in admiration, ’’This spirit seal of Feng Wutian's was utilised quite aptly. It can even somewhat block this attack of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. Look, the beast is done for!’’

Liu Lan was also looking at Feng Wutian with excitement. Her beautiful eyes were sparkling, full of pride.

’’Oh right, what about that kid, Long Chen...’’

She scanned the crowd, but Liu Lan did not see Long Chen. Her expression, which had initially been that of pride, instantly became cold.


’’As expected, he's disappointed me. He was probably killed by Feng Wutian the moment they entered the Sky Martial Realm... I guess I wasted my effort on him.’’


Nobody could hear what Liu Lan was thinking.

At this point, the attack of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast had been somewhat blocked by Feng Wutian, and all the experts of the perfect mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm struck at the demonic beast with powerful attacks.


Numerous wounds appeared on the body of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, but this was not enough to truly injure it. At most, all it did was cause it to become even more furious.


As expected, besides Feng Wutian and Chu Yunyao, nobody present was able to deal with the Heart Corrosive demonic beast. The beast had just attacked Feng Wutian and also endured the attacks of others, yet it did not turn back. However, the fury it was feeling had reached the limit!


Though Feng Wutian had withstood the attack of the demonic beast, it knew that if it were to do it again, Feng Wutian would surely die.


As long as Feng Wutian died, it could then focus on Chu Yunyao. Hence, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast steeled itself and endured the pain from its injuries and charged madly towards Feng Wutian!


It vented all its anger on Feng Wutian, but all of a sudden, there was a mighty bloodlust aimed at it from behind it.

The Heart Corrosive demonic beast finally realised that it had underestimated Chu Yunyao!

Even Long Chen's eyes widened at the attack.


’’This is definitely an intermediate profound grade battle technique.’’


Not everyone was able to use a technique that was one rank higher. In addition, the higher the grade of the battle technique, the more difficult it was to use. There were only a few freaks, such as Long Chen, who were able to do so.

Somewhere else, Liu Lan's eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

’’The Great Elder used to be part of the Green Emperor Hall. It looks like Chu Yunyao has already learnt the first move of the Way of the Zenith Crystal Sword. Seems like this competition was especially created for Chu Yunyao, since the Zenith Crystal Sword is practically made just for her... But I'm sure Wutian will shock all of you!’’


At this point, Chu Yunyao had run behind the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, shimmering with mist around her. She looked like the white jade sword in her hands, sparkling and indescribably beautiful.


However, if one were to deny her formidability because of this, you were dead wrong!


Meanwhile, a whirlwind was crazily surrounding her sword, and within this whirlwind concealed multiple tiny blades. All of these were virtual images, but their sharpness did not lose out to any real blades. They might even be countless times sharper than real blades!

The hundreds, or even thousands of blades rapidly revolved around the white jaded sword, and while Chu Yunyao chased up to the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, she yelled delicately and raised her sword with a rumble. Numerous blades turned into light glinting of these blades and charged straight for the beast!


At this moment, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast was preparing to kill Feng Wutian.

Chu Yunyao had grasped this timing well. Even Long Chen, who was looking on from a distance, sighed in admiration.

’’This girl really is really quite amazing.’’


’’Tsk, that's nothing much. Back then, when I displayed those moves, you'd have been so scared you'd have pissed your pants in terror!’’

Lingxi pursed her lips after seeing Long Chen praise Chu Yunyao, unhappy.


Long Chen's eyes were now fixated on the battlefield and did not bother with her. When Chu Yunyao sent out that move, even the weather seemed to be affected!

The glints off blades headed straight for the Heart Corrosive Demonic Beast.


’’Way of the Zenith Crystal Sword! Jade Crystal Sword!’’


The Heart Corrosive demonic beast let out an earth-shattering howl as it was slashed into by these blades. Its efforts were all on destroying Feng Wutian, and once more, it opened its mouth and black smoke that was even darker and denser than before, heading towards Feng Wutian!

At this moment, Chu Yunyao took this chance and suddenly landed a fatal strike!


Numerous wounds appeared on the body of the demonic beast, while the deepest cut had pierced through its skull!


Such a bad injury caused the Heart Corrosive demonic beast to let out a whine, and its huge body collapsed to the ground.

Though this did not immediately kill it, but the Heart Corrosive demonic beast had now lost its ability to fight. It could only wait to be slaughtered.


As long as Chu Yunyao dealt one more blow, no matter how light, it would definitely die.


Meanwhile, Chu Yunyao was preparing for her next move, but the direction was towards Feng Wutian!

At this scene, everyone cried out in alarm.


Previously, while trying to deal with Feng Wutian, the Heart Corrosive demonic beast had been killed by Chu Yunyao, but that last ’’Heart Corrosion’’ attack had been meant for Feng Wutian.


Feng Wutian was now busy dealing with ’’Heart Corrosive Demon’’, but never did he expect that Chu Yunyao would be so sly as to attack him at this critical moment!


Feng Wutian, who had been dealing with ’’Heart Corrosive Demon’’, found it difficult to withstand the attack of the Pure Hearted Sword Shadow and paled. The black smoke, which was named the Heart Corrosive Demon, pounced onto Feng Wutian at this moment!


’’Brother Wutian!’’


Feng Wutian had been awe-inspiring just moments before, but he had been struck head on by the smoke, and it did not look to be good. Liu Ling was instantly scared witless and she glared at Chu Yunyao with hatred, eyes filling with tears as she struck towards Chu Yunyao.


’’Evil woman, you deserve to die!’’


Everyone in the Green Sun Hall held her back. Without Feng Wutian around, nobody had the guts to deal with Chu Yunyao!


Chu Yunyao looked indifferent as she stood by the side of the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, sweeping her gaze towards everyone present. Her icy gaze and her looks, with the visual effect of her being beside a beast, caused everyone to fall silent out of fear.


Other cultivators who were at the Perfect Mastery Stage at the Human Dan Realm knew that this was the time to vie for the Zenith Crystal Sword, but seeing Feng Wutian in this state, nobody dared to make a move.


Long Chen was also very surprised by this outcome, and he took the time to measure up this young girl. ’’She's such a beautiful girl, yet her methods and her heart are a little too much. Just as expected, she's not my type.’’


At Liu Lan's side, everyone was glancing at each other, silent.


Liu Lan's eyes were fixed on this young girl, and could only sigh in resignation.


’’The people that the Green Emperor Hall groom are truly first class in both their temperament and strength. Guess it was impossible for us to get the Zenith Crystal Sword after all.’’


She glanced towards Feng Wutian, who was still surrounded by the black smoke, and her brows furrowed. ’’Now that he's affected by the Heart Corrosive Demon, he won't receive any injuries but might temporarily lose his consciousness. I hope nothing bad comes out of this...’’


Just as she thought this, Chu Yunyao was right about to retrieve the Zenith Crystal Sword, but the smoke around Feng Wutian suddenly dissipated, a thin layer around him. Long Chen found that Feng Wutian's eyes were slightly smoky and there was a fiendish aura emanating from his body!


’’Has he been possessed?’’


Long Chen had been planning to show himself, but upon seeing Feng Wutian in this state, he decided to wait a little longer and see what would happen.


’’After being possessed, Feng Wutian's seems to have gotten much stronger.’’


Everyone here could see that.


Chu Yunyao was no different. She had been planning to retrieve the Zenith Crystal Sword but noticed Feng Wutian's cold gaze on her.


’’This guy has been affected by Heart Corrosive Demon and is difficult to deal with. If I fight with him like this, someone else will definitely benefit, but if I retreat first, he'll make a move against others, which would have nothing to do with me. Now that he's possessed, he wouldn't take the sword, so I don't have to worry.’’


At this thought, Chu Yunyao tactfully looked innocent and harmless and slowly backed away from the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.

Feng Wutian's eyes were not on her. Rather, it was on the Heart Corrosive demonic beast.


Seeing the pitiful state of the demonic beast, the blackness in Feng Wutian's eyes became even more concentrated, as if the person who was injured was he himself. He roared, and as if he had turned into the Heart Corrosive demonic beast, he bellowed and pounced towards everyone, bloodlust evident in his eyes!


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