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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 105


Chapter 105 - A Lesson!

Translated by: Ying

The moment Feng Wutian bloodlust was apparent, that powerful aura put pressure on Long Chen's body. The imposing aura of one at the peak of the Human Dan Realm was something that really could not be ignored!

In Long Chen's eyes, Feng Wutian was now like a huge mountain peak that was pushing him down. Long Chen tensed his body and was able to resist the pressure being placed on him.

Long Chen was rather annoyed to be pushed around by Feng Wutian like this, but he was well aware that he was not a match.

’’This Feng Wutian really is looking down on me. Though I'm not a match for you, it's a simple task for me to escape. However, if I just escape like this, you'll just complain a lot in front of that old man!’’

Though Long Chen wasn't an opponent for Feng Wutian, the gap between them was not that big. Feng Wutian also had to take into consideration the Green Sun Hall team, and he could not simply abandon the rest and try to take Long Chen's life alone.


Long Chen was confident about this and relaxed.

At this point, Feng Wutian was already behind him, less than ten metres away.

’’You killed Huang Feiyang. Today, I guess I'm seeking revenge on his behalf...’’

At these words, Feng Wutian clenched his fist and a powerful undulation formed around his fist.

’’I don't even need to use any battle techniques to deal with a little brat like you who just entered the Human Dan Realm,!’’

Feng Wutian looked at him disdainfully, and like a tornado, headed towards Long Chen. That surging force seemed to possess an earth-shattering strength!

’’Is that so?’’

With just a look, Long Chen could tell that to withstand this attack, not only would he need to do the Dragon Soul Transformation, he would also need to use the Seal of the High Profound Dragon. This consumed a lot of mental and physical power, and with a step back, Long Chen used the fastest speed he could muster and exhibited the Nine Heavens Roving Dragon Step. While Feng Wutian was moving, he 'roamed' away from the attack through Feng Wutian's side!


Long Chen did not transform and was able to accomplish this. The main reasons were that Feng Wutian believed that he had only just entered the Human Dan Realm, so he used lesser strength. On top of that, Long Chen had almost gained the Thunder Flame Physique. The rise in the sturdiness of his body resulted in a bonus in his speed and agility. Hence, though Feng Wutian was strong, Long Chen was still able to dodge the attack!

Seeing Feng Wutian about to kill off that distasteful guy, Long Chen, everyone from the Green Sun Hall was filled with feelings of anticipation.

This was especially so for Liu Ling. Just as she was about to see her hero, Feng Wutian, elegantly eliminating Long Chen, Long Chen slipped away from the side in a flash and rushed towards her!

’’How is this possible? His speed is even faster than mine!’’

At this thought, a look of incredulity appeared on her face.

As for the others, they were similar stunned at Long Chen being able to dodge Feng Wutian's attack.

However, what they did not expect was at the moment Long Chen avoided the attack, he charged towards Liu Ling at an even faster speed!

The distance between the two were originally not that far apart, and Long Chen's actions were a huge surprise.

Liu Ling was not able to react in time and, in a short moment, Long Chen appeared before her, slightly red eyes seeming to be teasing as he looked at her!

’’You bastard!’’

Liu Ling cursed, aiming to attack Long Chen. In her eyes, though Long Chen's speed was faster than the average person at the initial mastery stage at the Human Dan Realm, his attacks must be lacking in might!

In her hurry, she shouted loudly in a feminine way and clenched her fist nervously, aiming for Long Chen!

The attack from someone at the initial mastery stage would have beaten him half to bad if Long Chen encountered this. However, after fusing with 9 Thunder Flame Crystals, he was not the least bit afraid of this level of attack from Liu Ling!

Besides, Liu Ling was a young girl and had not gained any life or death experiences. In terms of battle experience, she was definitely lacking. At least, from what Long Chen could see, she basically had none!

Hence, in that short amount of time, Long Chen struck out with his fist, the faint red real Qi at his dantian gushing, accompanying it the power of flames and lightning, jolting Liu Ling's fist!

The two fists slammed to each other, and what was shocking was how Long Chen, who was supposed to be defeated, was entirely fine. Liu Ling, however, yelled in pain and on the verge of tears.

In Long Chen's real Qi, the force from the lightning and flames smashed into her fist, causing her tender little fist to become slightly charred!

Where would she ever have experienced such pain? She immediately began to wail, tears covering her face.


At this moment, Long Chen suddenly leapt behind her, hands turning into claws as he gripped the back of Liu Ling's pale throat, throwing her backwards!

’’You bastard! Are you looking to die?’’

Feng Wutian turned back, face turning crimson in his anger at the sight. A spectacular attack was aimed at Long Chen!

The other seven were also furious as they attacked Long Chen from all sides!

’’This brat only just entered the Human Dan Realm and was actually able to evade Feng Wutian's attack. He even managed to sneak an attack on Miss Liu Ling?’’

In the hearts of everyone present, they all felt unbelievably shocked. They had originally believed that Long Chen was a coward who had come from the countryside, but now, they all had a different perception of him!

’’He even dared to sneak an attack on the Chief Elder's daughter! This Long Chen is really looking to die!’’

Everyone had gone all out to attack Long Chen, but unexpectedly, he was not the least bit afraid. Amidst Liu Ling's shrieks, he picked her up and lifted her high, blocking the attacks.

Feng Wutian was momentarily shocked and quickly stopped his attack. Taking advantage of this, Long Chen quickly retreated and coldly spoke, ’’If you want her dead, then attack me! Stand right there! If anyone moves, I'll kill this little doll in front of you!’’

Hearing Long Chen's vicious words, feeling his firm grip on her neck and the pain on several parts of her body, Liu Ling was so terrified that she began to tremble.

She had never met with such a terrifying situation before, face as pale as could be while she wailed, ’’No! No, don't kill me! Brother Wutian, quick, save me! Wah...’’

The Feng Wutian who she thought was invincible was now spitting fire. He glared at Long Chen and yet did not dare move, and could only roar, ’’Long Chen! Liu Ling is the daughter of the Chief Elder. If you touch even a hair on her head, he will definitely chop you into a million pieces! If you still have some common sense, let her go! You're looking to die like this!’’

’’Is that so?’’

Long Chen laughed coldly. ’’Do you think I'm an idiot? Weren't you already planning on killing me? I'm going to die either way, so why shouldn't I find someone else to go down with me?’’

Seeing the little girl trembling in fear, Feng Wutian could do nothing. Only then did Long Chen heave a sigh of relief.

In this time, he had seized Liu Ling and retreated around 30 metres!

’’This little girl has quite a strong backing. I should not go too far.’’

At this thought, Long Chen did not joke around any longer and, under the gazes of everyone present, Long Chen suddenly pressed Liu Ling to his knee, spreading his palm and raising it high!

’’You little bitch! You actually dared to spread rumours and slander me! I'll make sure you get it today!’’

In front of Feng Wutian, Long Chen's palm mercilessly landed on Liu Ling's buttocks. A clear 'pak' sound resounded in the air, and Liu Ling gave a miserable shriek that was enough to shake the heavens. Her originally dainty and pale features were now full of blood...

On such pale buttocks, a handprint would probably stay there for a long period of time!

At this point, Feng Wutian eyes were huge in his anger.

’’Ling'er! Long Chen, die!’’

Long Chen ruthlessly continued the beating until he was content, provoking Feng Wutian as he smiled. ’’I'm beating your girl. I'm pretty sure you don't feel good about this, do you?’’

He did not care for Feng Wutian's expression that had turned black, and threw Liu Ling with all his strength towards Feng Wutian!

Feng Wutian had planned to kill Long Chen, but seeing Liu Ling's body flying towards him, how could he not try to be careful and catch her?

At the moment he caught her, Long Chen laughed brightly, and with explosive speed, fled into the distance!


By the time Feng Wutian put down Liu Ling, Long Chen was long gone!

As for the others, they chased him for a period of time. However, since Feng Wutian had not moved from where he was standing, they could only return. His gloomy face kept them quiet out of fear.

At this moment, Liu Ling who felt her buttocks burning had begun to wail loudly. Feng Wutian tried to console her to no avail, flustered at the situation.


’’What are you still standing there for? Brother Wutian, aren't you going to kill him?!’’


Facing the questions from the little beauty whose face was filled with tears, Feng Wutian revealed a bitter expression. ’’Ling'er, that bastard runs too quickly, and we still need to find the Zenith Crystal Sword...’’

’’You scoundrel! You- go away! All you think about is the Zenith Crystal Sword and not me! I was bullied by him so much and you still aren't killing him. Feng Wutian, you- you're not a man!’’

’’Enough!’’ Feng Wutian's face was ashen as he exclaimed, ’’Ling'er, I promise the next time I see him, I'll capture and let you chop him up! Don't make a fuss now!’’

’’Woo woo... But it hurts, it hurts!’’


Having fled far out of sight till they could not follow him, Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly spoke, ’’Little Xi, find some concealed area. I want to try fusing with the tenth Thunder Flame Crystal!’’

’’You bastard, did you only just remember that I'm here? Weren't you very impressive just now?’’ Lingxi spoke behind gritted teeth, voice transmitting from the Lingxi Sword.

Long Chen immediately realised that the method he had bullied Liu Ling was what had made her angry. He quickly tried to flatter her, ’’Darling, don't get it wrong! I was merely teaching her lesson. Don't you find her behaviour irksome? That's why I was so ruthless!’’

’’What does that have to do with me? It's not like I'm related to you in any way!’’


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