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Dragon-Blooded War God - Chapter 10


Chapter 10 - Desolate Beast Domain

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’’That flash of light, it must be some godly weapon or device. From the expression on Bai Shixun's face it obviously looks like he has found a treasure.’’

Bai Shixun followed that flash of light and ran wildly after it. Long Chen after leaving Poplar Town, had just followed along from behind. Because of the Enlightenment stage of the [Celestial Core Technique], and him being under this vast sea of starlight, his power was enhanced even more. He wasn't consuming any Qi and was able to steadily follow Bai Shixun.

The flash of light was hovering in the air but the more it travelled the dimmer it became. Long Chen could faintly see that it was a sword and that it was slightly swaying. A sword flying on its own, he had never seen or even heard of such a thing before. Therefore, he was all the more sure that it was a treasure.

Although it started to sway, it still continued to persevere for another hour, to a place that was a large distance from Poplar Town. Long Chen at this point, did not have to worry about Yang Yun Tian chasing after him.

’’This fellow's nerves are really too big, he actually dares to distance himself so far away from Poplar Town.’’

In the process of following behind him, Long Chen had used a black cloth to cover his appearance. Now it normally would be very hard to realise that he was Long Chen, so his goal was achieved with this.

’’With all his might, he can only have a speed like that, and now he is even panting. This Bai Shixun, similar to me, is at most only at the third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. But, unlike him, I have [Falling Star Fist] and the [Celestial Core Technique].’’

After rushing into a forest, that sword then started becoming unsteady. After a moment it went down at a great speed, piercing the ground.

Bai Shixun finally rushed into the forest, and seeing that the sword was right in front of his eyes, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. He was squatting there and panting like a dying dog, however after looking at that blade, his eyes started flashing fiercely.

’’This treasure sword can fly on its own, it is definitely some kind of super treasure. If I am able to obtain it, even if I would have to sacrifice my family, I would still be on the winning side!’’

Thinking of his beautiful future, Bai Shixun laughed heartily. However he suddenly found a masked man standing across from him. His face turned pale, and said in a frightened voice: ’’You......Who are you? What do you want?’’

Since Bai Shixun was just an ordinary third level of the Dragon Pulse Realm practitioner, Long Chen's speed was faster than his by a few times. In the eyes of Bai Shixun, Long Chen's body had moved in an instant, disappearing in front of him, and then in a heartbeat, landing a blow on him and smashing him to the floor. That enormous strength had immediately broken a few of his teeth.

Looking at the masked man standing coldly in front of him, Bai Shixun began to cry.

’’Senior, I......I have only accidentally chanced upon this sword. If you want it, then you can have it......But can you not kill me, please do not kill me......I'm willing to even be your slave......’’

Long Chen laughed and said: ’’Is what you say true? Because, after I have obtained this treasure sword, there will inevitably be some rumour that will be leaked out, so killing you is still the best option for me.’’

Bai Shixun wailed for a moment and then said: ’’Do not kill me, se.....senior, I have never seen your facial features. And I don't recognise you, so how can rumours be leaked?’’

’’That's also true.’’

Long Chen smiled, and then lifted Bai Shixun's neck up. Clicking his tongue while looking at him he said: ’’You have such fine skin and delicate flesh, looks like your father must also be good looking. However the thing I cannot stand the most is looking at other guys who are more handsome than me, so......’’

Hearing Long Chen's speech, Bai Shixun at this point was panicking. He struggled and said: ’’Senior, please do not disfigure me, if you want anything, my father can give it all to you...... My grandfather is Poplar Town's Bai Family's founder, recognise him right, so please spare me!’’

’’Nonsense, why would I disfigure you?’’

Long Chen's voice grew sinister by the moment. He secretly reached for a dagger, and in a breath pierced it into his opponent's crotch, after which he twisted. Bai Shixun then screamed a wretched howl, gave a look of despair towards Long Chen and then fainted due to the pain.

Long Chen then threw him on the ground.

’’I did not disfigure you, I only just didn't let you stay a man. Bai Shixun, if it wasn't for me being quick witted, I'm afraid I would be the one today who wasn't a man. A debt for a debt, this is simply karma......’’

He turned around and then looked at the sword.

This was a sword which was black all over. What was different from regular swords is that the sword blade was extremely narrow, only about two fingers broad. The length was about 70 centimetres, and the body was made out of a variant of steel. At this point it was stained with spots looking like it could break at any moment.

Long Chen smiled bitterly: ’’After chasing for so long, to think that it is only a useless sword.’’

He walked over to it and while looking at the sword hilt, he reached out his hand and then gripped it.

Suddenly there seemed to be a girl's surprised scream everywhere. That sword started transmitting a strength which Long Chen could not resist against, and it simply pulled him up. He opened his eyes in shock, and then momentarily turned green with fear because this sword had once again flown up in the air, only this time he was being dragged across the sky.

This time the steel sword's flying speed was ten times faster than before, it was also much higher. The trees below very soon became small dots. Long Chen was staring tongue tied, and started screaming.

’’If I were to fall down, my body would definitely be broken into pieces!’’

Thinking up to this point, he hurriedly used two hands to grip the sword tightly. He was gripping it so much that his whole body clung onto it tightly. He was desperately holding on to the steel sword and not letting it go, but that steel sword was actually carelessly flying around. It seemed like it wanted to fling Long Chen off.

’’This steel sword actually has a consciousness, it is indeed a precious treasure, but if I were to be flung down I would die in a hit, and would have no chance to enjoy this fortune either.’’

One human and one sword were speeding across the sky.

Long Chen desperately clung onto the sword. Although the sword's attempts to fling him were innumerable, but it still did not succeed in throwing him off. And for the sake of his life, Long Chen even used the strength he had when taking milk as a baby.

[TL Note: (Idiom) ’’Using the strength he had when taking milk as a baby’’ means using all the strength he had.]

Suddenly, from the blade once again came an angry voice of a female.

’’You lecher, you actually embraced me and are not letting me go. Hurry up and let me go, if not you will not have a good time!’’

Long Chen was shocked for a moment, because this voice obviously came from the sword. He was unexpectedly being scolded as a lecher by a sword. Long Chen had a moment of impulse to vomit blood.

This sword, is a female?

’’Did you hear that? Hurry and let go, if not I really will not forgive you.’’

Once again came the voice, and the swaying of the steel sword had increased.

Long Chen hurriedly said: ’’Mi.....Miss, I too want to let go, but you are flying so high up, won't I die horribly once I let go?’’

With that said, only then did the sword stop shaking, and she said in a daze: ’’Is that so? Oh, I am sorry I forgot, I will go down right away, but you must promise to let me go once we go down, that...... It's improper for men and women to touch each other's hands.’’

Long Chen thought to himself: ’’I know it is improper for men and women to touch each other's hands, but you girl are just a sword, what kind of advantage can I take from you?’’

However he said hurriedly: ’’That is only natural, a lady's body is worth a thousand taels of gold, I have offended you carelessly, so I am really sorry.’’

’’No you did not, I did not think of that point earlier, so it can be considered as my fault too, alright let us go down now.’’

Long Chen really wanted to vomit blood and die at this point, this girl had flown for half a day. And only at this point thought that if Long Chen were to release his grip he would fall to his death. What kind of realm must one enter to be this muddle headed?

After landing safely Long Chen observed his surroundings. He realised that this was a desolate mountain range. Rocks and dried up trees could be seen everywhere, it was a wasteland. From afar came the howls of wild beasts, it would make people tremble in fear.

With a crack, Long Chen had crushed a skull into pieces. Only then did he realise that the surroundings had been littered with beasts and human bones. These remains were not few, and momentarily Long Chen felt a rising fear stirring from the inside.

’’Mi......Miss, what do you think, this place wouldn't happen to be the......Desolate Beast Domain right......’’

The Desolate Beast Domain, was the deepest part of the Big Barren Mountain, this was the place where one lives after nine deaths. Long Chen had heard many myths of people adventuring here. The people who died here, were too many to count. He himself did not know, if he would be one of them soon.

[TL Note: (Idiom) ’’One lives after nine deaths’’ means out of ten times he would die nine times and live only once. (Basically, 10% chance of living.)]

He looked towards the sword that was next to him. At this moment, a female voice yet again was sent out from the steel sword.

’’Ah, I'm sorry;I perceive a lot of demonic beasts here with an aura that is much greater than yours. By bringing you here, you will definitely die soon, what should we do? What should we do?’’

The missy panicked and twirled around.

Long Chen was speechless.

After a moment, he said: ’’Hey, let's do the same as earlier, let's fly back from the path we came from and won't that be settled?’’

This time the steel sword did not reply.

Long Chen hurriedly said: ’’Hey, miss, what happened to you? Not saying a word?’’

After saying this he grabbed the sword.

The steel sword hurriedly said: ’’That......I'm really sorry, I......I never thought that it would turn out this way. I was hastily trying to fling you earlier, and I didn't notice that this place actually had a large restriction. I can fly in here through the sky, but I am unable to fly out now......’’


After finishing her speech, she began to weep loudly.

Long Chen took in a deep breath. If not for his supreme effort of controlling his impulse, right now he would have gone to bang his head and die.’’

’’To think that I Lingxi will actually die in such a damned place......I, if I knew earlier, I would not have touched this sword in the first place......waaaa......Mother......Father......I am scared......I don't wanna die......’’

’’You had better keep quiet!’’

Long Chen promptly held the sword, crouched down and then hid under a huge granite rock because he had faintly felt that a danger was approaching.

Within this Desolate Beast Domain, this steel sword had made such a loud commotion, akin to asking for its death.

Being frightened by Long Chen, she temporarily stopped her tears from flowing. After sensing that dangerous aura, she too did not dare to cry again, behaving well under the grip of Long Chen's hands, and did not dare to say anything like it is improper for men and women to touch each other's hands.

Long Chen's heart started beating furiously. He was feeling such a fear that he did not dare to emit another sound, and shrunk under the huge granite rock. His ears sticking to the ground while hearing the movements.

Heavy footsteps, came closer at every second.

Long Chen's heart had already jumped into his throat. He realised that he could not control himself from shuddering. It can be clearly seen how dangerous this was.

Holding his breath and slowing down his heartbeat, he tried his best to remain in the state of near death, but at this moment, cold sweat had already soaked through his robes.

What he was most afraid of was the silly girl clutched in his arms, making a sudden noise. But he could not give her any warning because if he made any noise he would probably turn into a corpse right after.

Due to the sound of heavy footsteps, the rough breathing noises, the trace of putrid smell which hung in the air, and the smell of saliva, Long Chen felt goosebumps all over. The strongest expert he had met until today, never gave him such a feeling before.


A growling sound, came ringing from the other side of the granite rock. The growling sound made Long Chen's hair stand on end. At this point if he made the slightest bit of carelessness, he would definitely die.

Fortunately, he put up a good effort and he heard the footsteps gradually walking away, until the point where they could no longer be heard. Only then did Long Chen dare to breathe. At this point, his cold sweat had already soaked his hair wet, from that it can be seen how frightened he was earlier.

’’The thing that just passed......was a Moon Devouring Demonic Wolf. With your strength, in one gulp you would be swallowed......’’

The steel sword in his arms seemed to be relieved.

Long Chen stood up and said: ’’No matter what, I must leave here in half a month's time. Regarding that you will just go with me, if you have any good ideas or methods, just tell me. Oh right, your name is Lingxi? I am Long Chen!’’


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