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Doomsday Wonderland - Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Everything in the Supermarket is Free on Doomsday

Translator: Pluto Editor: Tehrn

It was too hot.

Unless one could experience it himself, the heat was totally beyond imagination. Just as her sweat appeared, it immediately evaporated, then, it was followed by the next bout of hot perspiration. She felt as if her entire body system was struggling to keep her alive, just like an old dog on its deathbed, rapidly panting amidst the blistering hot air.

Comparatively, Luther looked much stronger. Even though he was carrying Marcie, he was definitely doing better than Lin Sanjiu. He noticed it himself, he asked loudly, ’’Hey... You... body becoming stronger?’’

’’What?’’ Lin Sanjiu raised her voice and shouted. The engine sounds around them were too loud. Luther was just on the other side of the car, but she had difficulty hearing him.

’’I said...’’ Luther went around the car and walked toward her. Marcie was taller than him, so while he carried her on his back, her feet were dragging on the ground. ’’Have you experienced your body becoming stronger?’’

She had only said a single word just now, yet Lin Sanjiu could feel that her tongue was totally dry. It was so dry that she could feel the dryness in her larynx. She did not dare to open her mouth again. She only shook her head, hinting to Luther that they should quickly continue walking. Luther's face showed his surprise, he wanted to say something... but how was this a good time for idle chatter? He quickly nodded his head as they continued traversing through the queue of cars which were spewing hot air.

Lin Sanjiu had to wipe her eyes every few steps. She was sweating too much, her sweat had just entered her eye. The hot stingy sensation was unbearable. She couldn't refrain from doubting herself. Was there a time limit to the effectiveness of her Heat Resistance Adaptation? Otherwise, what could explain why she didn't feel as hot when they started, yet she was perspiring so profusely right now?

If this went on, could she even reach the supermarket before dying from dehydration?

The two of them looked around in silence. There was a median barrier in the center of the road which separated the two direction flow of the traffic. However, in times of crisis, there were only that many people who could still abide by the traffic code. Currently, the cars were tangled in a messy disarray. Some of the cars were in the right direction, while there were others that were trap against the traffic...

If they had to climb over that barrier, it will not only take a toll on their body, and carrying Marcie was also a problem. Furthermore, they had to continue walking through that burning hot car queue again. That will definitely kill them.

Without even discussing, both of them walked towards the end of the queue.

The person who drove the Land Rover was a skinny woman;when the both of them walked passed, Lin Sanjiu noticed that the driver had fallen over in the car. The driver had sunken eyes and was already unconscious she was probably already dehydrated and was succumbing to the confusion due to it. She must have crashed her car in that state.

As for the tiny car whose hood had been ruined, it was certain that the air-conditioner in the car was probably unusable now. Miraculously, thanks to the cool air that was retained, the fat middle-aged man in the car was still alive. Ever since the two of them left their car, he had been eyeing them closely.

When Lin Sanjiu walked past the side of his car, the fat man suddenly faced her direction and rapped on his car window quite a few times.

Honestly speaking, Lin Sanjiu was not a hard-hearted person. However, she felt like she was melting;she did not even know how long she could last. There was no way she could even squeeze an ounce of compassion, so she just looked at the fat man with a frown.

Behind a sheet of glass, the fat man's voice was muffled and unclear: ’’Outside... hot... can we still walk?’’

Lin Sanjiu could roughly guess what he meant. She shook her head indicating that he could not. After that, she continued forward. The hot exhaust that was spewing from the car made the bad situation even more insufferable. She really could not stand not moving away.

As he saw her leaving, the fat man became angry. He pulled open his car door, ’’I am talking to you. Stop right there! Aren't you walking just fine, I ’’ Before he could finish his sentence, he abruptly burst into an ear-piercing scream.

That soul-numbing scream was filled with agony, it was even louder than the engines. Lin Sanjiu turned her head quickly. She noticed that a series of blisters have appeared on parts of the fat man's skin which was directly exposed to the exhaust outside.

The scarlet red blisters on his skin burst open. They were all over his face and hands;it was as if he was scalded by hot boiling water. It was a ghastly sight seeing the blisters burst and revealed patches of damaged skin. His painful screams continued. Lin Sanjiu could not take it any longer. She held on to Luther to stabilize herself. She lifted her leg and kicked the man back into his own car. After that, she slammed the door.

All of a suddenly, the painful screams quietened. Seeing that the fat man's burns were not worsening, Lin Sanjiu panted then exchanged a panicked look with Luther.

The effectiveness of her ability did not decline after all. The truth was that the external temperature had already reached a terrifying level it was at the level that a mixture of heated exhaust and the surrounding air was sufficient to cause burns to a normal person...

’’Stop thinking about it. Let's go!’’ Even the talkative Luther was speaking sparingly.

The two of them walked hurriedly out from the car queue. After they left the hundreds or thousands of running engines, they finally felt a little better. They crossed the road and walked onto the sidewalk which was lined with trees. They did not dare to delay and headed quickly in the direction of the shopping mall.

The leaves on the trees have already lost their green hue. The black, dried, and shrunken leaves were all on the ground under the trees. Every now and then, Lin Sanjiu would see a few motionless people lying on the ground. Every inch of their skin was covered with burns, their body no longer showed any signs of breathing.

No matter how strong she was, this was the first time that Lin Sanjiu saw that many dead people. Feeling somewhat fearful and nauseous, she tried swallowing her own saliva a few times, but her mouth was dry;there was not even a hint of moisture.

’’Let's drink that last can of cola!’’ Luther's hoarse voice came from behind her.

Lin Sanjiu considered for a moment before taking the can of cola out. Even though the cola may not be that hydrating, there was more than enough food and water in the supermarket. She saw no point suffering outside and torturing themselves any further. In the past, she could never finish a can of cola in one go, but now she even felt the amount was simply too little. Without caring about the taste, they shared the hot cola and finished the can.

After they had thrown the can away, they walked for a while before the front door of the shopping mall finally gradually appeared clearer and clearer to them.

The fountain which previously never stopped was now so dry that it had cracked open. It was as though no water had ever flowed through it. Nevertheless, the few bodies in the fountain which were facing downwards proved that the fountain was once their last ray of hope. Dead corpses with burnt skins littered the ground creating a grisly scene.

Lin Sanjiu lowered her head, carefully avoiding the corpses on the ground, leaping ahead as she advanced. When she occasionally look up, she found that Luther, though carrying Marcie, had managed to walk ahead of her somehow.

Just as she wondered how he could walk that quickly, she immediately got her answer. As if it didn't bother him, Luther stepped on the back of a body which appeared to belong to a young mother. He strutted forward into the shopping mall as if he was walking on normal ground.

Lin Sanjiu hurried over, and manage to chase after him. She hit his arm angrily, ’’Can't you have more respect for the dead?’’ A single sentence made her throat so dry that it hurt.

Luther was startled by her. He looked slightly perplexed for a moment before he reacted, ’’Oh, oh! That... I'm sorry. I must have seen too many dead bodies. I'm probably somewhat desensitized to that.’’ He looked a little sorry as showed one of his buckteeth. ’’In the beginning, I was like you.’’

Seeing that he looked sorry, Lin Sanjiu did not say anything more even though she felt uncomfortable. She changed the subject: ’’We just have to walk over there, where there is an escalator going down!’’

Luther nodded. Next, he scanned the shopping mall and sighed lightly: ’’This is a really beautiful place...’’ Without stopping, he followed behind Lin Sanjiu as they headed for the supermarket.

It was reported that the shopping mall was designed by a famous French architect. It was five stories high. There was a hollow in the center of the mall, and a dense foliage of tropical plants was planted there. Probably due to a stratified structural design, the tropical trees grew up till the position of the 5th story lift. Walking here was as if they were strolling through a primitive forest.

But, this was not the time to admire all that. Lin Sanjiu took a quick glance of the tropical forest, sensing that something was wrong but she could not tell what it was at the moment. She shook her head and rushed down the escalator.

Yet, when they saw the supermarket, both of them could not help gasping.

The situation was worse than what Lin Sanjiu had anticipated. She knew that she would not be the only one that thought of the supermarket. But the situation here was definitely beyond her expectation.

As the temperature soared last night, the supermarket was obviously still operating. It was filled with people. Naturally, all the people were dead now. Their motionless, speechless corpses laid on the floor. The seemingly ’’frozen’’ scene captured the chaos that ensued last night. There were empty bottles everywhere. Bottles of mineral water, beverages... There were dried up patches of splashed fruit juice all over the beige floor. The beverage section looked ransacked as the last few bottles of water lay haphazardly on the shelves. Many of the dead bodies on the ground, hugged on tightly to bottles of beverages covered in blood and body fluids.

The most shocking thing was that the death of a cashier was clearly not due to dehydration. There was a deep dent at the back of her head. The cash register in front of her was opened wide, and it was empty inside.

Luther clicked his tongue twice, disapprovingly. ’’The robber must be feeling stupid right now!’’

’’That's if he is still alive.’’ Lin Sanjiu was extremely thirsty. She grabbed a bottle of water from one of the corpses that was at the entrance. She drank half the bottle noisily without caring about any taboo, then passed the bottle to Luther.

Even though the supermarket was filled with dead bodies and was in a mess, but at least the food and water left behind should still be sufficient to sustain the three of them. Luther was already feeling very tired after carrying Marcie for the whole journey. He placed her on the floor mumbling, ’’She doesn't even have a real flesh and blood, why is she so heavy...’’

Lin Sanjiu rested at a cashier counter with no dead bodies. Hearing that, she asked inquisitively, ’’I wanted to ask earlier... Marcie was around just now, so it wasn't convenient. When the duoluozhong commented that she was made of false flesh and blood, what does that mean?’’

’’She is one of my personalities that had taken corporal form, in some sense, she is an independent human being,’’ Luther explained and drank from the bottle at the same time. ’’But, the degree of her 'realness' is controlled by the strength of my ability... My ability isn't that great right now, so many aspects of Marcie are not that... umm, lifelike.’’

Lin Sanjiu nodded and did not pursue the topic further. After both of them had enough water, they rested for a while. Following which, they felt the uncomfortable hunger pangs from their empty stomachs.

’’Let's take a look at the food section?’’ Lin Sanjiu suggested.

’’Wait,’’ Luther stopped her. He looked around and asked, ’’Is there anything around here that we can hold and use as a weapon?’’


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